Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


68. What If?

Zayn's Pov

I sighed, and walked down the street. This is it. I am back. I can do this. Brook is going to have to deal with this. If I am going to keep her safe this is how its going to be. I called Steve telling him to meet me down at the same place we met the other day, when we took Brook to meet Jake. I smiled to myself.

I saw him as I walked into the building. 'Zayn! Hello... What can I do for you?' Steve asked, clapping his hands, 'Well... I have a proposition for you' I told him, he nodded and walked outside with me. As we walked down the street we started to speak. 'So... Go on, when do we need to say?' he asked me, 'You still need a boxer don't you? For the next season' I asked, he nodded 'Where are you going with this Malik?' he asked.

I pushed him up against the wall. 'I want to fight for you. If I do you leave me and my friends alone.. and Brook' I growled in his face. He smirked, as I let go of his collar, he stumbled a little. 'Well Malik... I don't see why not, its fair enough' he spoke, 'You'll call your gang off on us as well?' I asked, he nodded. 'If you fight for me, then yes' he smiled, 'Then I am fighting for you' I told him, he nodded and smiled. 'A pleasure doing business as always' he grinned walking away. I walked the other way.

I am back. And no one is going to stop me.

Not Even Brook.

Brook's POV

We landed and went straight to the hotel. Liam made sure I was never exposed. Making Jake stand one side of me whilst he stood the other. As we arrived, I made sure to call Zayn. I walked in and told Liam where I was going. 'Okay, but hurry, you need to get changed so we can leave' he told me, I nodded and walked off to the balcony.

'Hey Doll' I heard the other end of the phone. 'Hey, How are things your end?' I asked, he chuckled 'Great. Steve isn't going to be bothering us anymore, he called off his gang too' he told me, I smiled 'That's great but... How?' I asked, 'Never mind that.' he spoke, 'Zayn have you done something stupid?' I asked, he laughed 'You worry to much Doll' he told me, I sighed. 'How is Louis holding up?' I asked, 'He is doing as well as can be expected' he told me, I sighed.

'Brook don't worry this will all be over soon. Steve is done with. Logan has gone, So has Josh, just Dominic left...' He tried to reassure me, 'And William he has Niall' I spoke, 'You leave him to me and Louis' he spoke, I knew he was smirking. There was something different about him, Something that was so familiar, but now felt so different. 'Zayn?... Promise me you'll be safe... and you wont do something stupid' I asked him, 'I promise Doll... and you aswel okay, no playing the hero, if Liam tells you to go you go... No trying to stay...' he told me.

'But what if Har-..' he stopped me, 'I don't care. You do what Liam says, Harry wouldn't want you putting your self in danger for him' he told me, 'but he did for me' I whispered, 'I know that Doll. I know. But I wouldn't forgive myself, neither would Harry. So you do as your told okay' he told me, I rolled my eyes. Sometimes, he sounded like an over bearing dad.

'I need to go' I told him, he sighed 'Alright, stay safe Doll' he told me, 'I will... but if something happens... then know that I love you' I told him, 'Nothing will happen Doll. Don't think like that' he spoke, sounding angry. 'I know, but just incase' I whispered, he sniffled 'Doll, you need to stop this, your ruining my bad boy look' he chuckled. 'I love you Zayn' I smiled, 'I love you too Brook... Bye Doll' he sighed and hung up the phone.

I got dressed. In a tight red dress, and high black heels. Straighten my hair, dark eye make up and bright red lipstick. I walked out of my room, Liam and Jake were in suits. 'You look stunning' Liam told me, I blushed. 'Thank you, you don't look to bad your self' I winked at him and laughed. 'Well come on then, lets get the show on the road' he spoke, I nodded and followed Jake outside.

Liam stood next to me. 'Listen to me tonight alright?' he asked, I nodded. 'I have just been told by Zayn listen to you' I told him, he nodded and we walked further down until we got to a car.

What if I didn't make it out?

What if we were to late and Harry was dead already?

What if Liam got hurt?

What if I never see Zayn again?

What if we loose everything?


1. Go inside, find Dominic.
2.Brook, flirts with him, until Dominic offers her a place to stay for the night.
3.Brook drives with him to the house, Liam and Jake follow.
4.Brook still flirts, and Jake and Liam look for Harry in the basement.
5.When they have found Harry they take him, get Brook.
6. Get rid of Dominic, No matter what the cost.
Niall's Pov
Its cold. Its Dark. I am alone.

'HELLO! YOU LITTLE FUCKERS BETTER LET ME OUT OF HERE!' I shouted. My voice ached from shouting, my wrists burnt from the rope. I was so tired, I didn't sleep. What if I didn't wake up?

I tried to think happy times. Times with the boys. The summers we spent together. The summers I spent with Brook.

--------------Flash Back-------------

'Hey princess, you’re late' I spoke, whilst she was putting her keys down. 'Yeah sorry... I wasn’t,feeling well' she sounded so weak, I hated her being sick, 'Princess, are you okay?” I asked running towards her, 'No, babe I don’t want you to get sick too' she coughed, holding up her hands to stop me. I sighed and looked down, hoping she would feel guilty. 'No way Niall, you can’t afford to get sick now' She sighed trying to sound firm although I knew she wouldn't last long at being strict.

'Well if I can’t kiss you until you’re better, we’ll just have to get you better now then' I smiled, taking her hand. 'Babe I already made an appointment at the doctor for the doctors tomorrow' she laughed hoping it would cheer me up a little. 'Well until that happens...' I said leaving the room, leaving her on the couch

I came back with a heap of blankets and a warm jumper of my own. '...I know just what you need' I told her, grabbing her favourite movie from the stand. She smiled the biggest smile she could and then ruined the moment by sneezing. 'Sorry' She groaned grabbing yet another tissue. I laughed at her and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. 'I will look after you Princess...' I whispered.

---------End Of FlashBack------------

What if I didn't get out of here?

What if I died in here?

What if I never see Brook again?

What if I never see the boys again?

What if we loose everything?

Harry's Pov

I am nervous. Why did Zayn even agree to letting Brook do such a stupid thing?! I mean Jake will be there, and I trust him. But I don't think I will trust him with Brook. I mean I know he will try his best, but Dominic is strong. If he could beat me, he could easily beat Jake. I just don't want her doing something stupid for me, which I know she will do.

I know that she will try and play the hero. Zayn will have warned her not too, but when has brook ever listened? The way it will go, is she comes here, Jake jumps in and saves me. Jake get hurt, and can't fight. Brook will have been told to run, but she wont listen, she will come down, see me and think its all going to be okay, then Dominic will come in and we will all be fucked.

I don't mean to think like this but when you have been locked in a room for 24 hours for the passed week, you kind of start thinking like this.

What if I don't get out of here?

What if Brook does something stupid?

What if I can't help her?

What if we loose everything?

Louis's Pov

I look around for Niall more and more. Nothing. Am I going crazy?

Everything is falling apart. But now Zayn's back, maybe it will work. Maybe everything can go back to normal. Zayn has sorted Steve, Logan and Josh gone. Dominic will be done with tonight. Then we can all find Niall and everything will be okay won't it?

I will admit though.

I am worried.

What if we can't find Niall?

What if Brook and Liam get hurt tonight?

What if the plan fails?

What if we loose everything?

Liam's Pov

As we sit in this car, I am starting to wonder if everything is going to be worth it? Brook might end up getting hurt, or worse. Die. Saving Harry would be worth it though, I think. We just have to think about the after effects. If we loose Brook, Zayn goes into melt down. He will bring a different girl every night. He will drink. He forget us. He will No longer be Zayn Malik. Harry would grieve, he would cry he would move on. Louis would cry, Louis would make us laugh, say something like "Brook wouldn't want us to do this. Come on lets party". Niall would take badly, he would lock himself away, he never has been good with death. Especially if its his ex girlfriend, now best friend.

And me? I would stay silent. Grieve on my own, do no one could I was weak. So no one can see I cared. So no one could actually believe Liam Payne has feelings. I would keep away, be there when I needed to be, but stay away when I'm not wanted. I wouldn't cry. Men don't cry. That's what dad always said.

If we loose Harry though?

Brook would Grieve, I would, Zayn would, Niall would, Louis would.  I would do the exact same. Brook would cry and cry, blaming her self, saying "If we had just got there faster", Niall would cry and then say "Harry wouldn't want this", Louis wouldn't do anything, he would miss him too much. Louis wouldn't laugh again. Zayn would grieve but he would make sure we are okay, make sure Brook was okay. And months later we would all be fine.

Maybe Loosing Harry would be better than losing Brook.

Harry is out brother. But Brook has an effect on us all. She has come into our life's and ruined it, but at the same time made it ten times better.  

Bring both back though, I have feeling that would make things more drastic than what they would be if we were to only bring back one.

So the question I am asking myself is

Who do I bring back?

or None?


OOOOO MY GOD... That Liam's Pov was my favourite thing I have ever wrote in dark.


Who will Liam bring back?

Will Niall get out?

Will Zayn make it out of his next fight?

Will Brook get Dominic?

Will Harry get out?

How will this all work?

Is Harry right about what will happen?

Who do you want Liam to save?

Will Louis ever track down Niall or is lost?




I was going to leave the book there to be honest, and make a sequel that would be out in a few months, but I couldn't leave you waiting that long, either tomorrow or the day after you get  BIG UPDATE, MAJOR PLOT TWISTS, ACTION, DRAMA, ROMANCE, EVERYTHING YOU WANT!!






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