Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


57. Wednesday

Brook's Pov


I woke up in a familiar place. Zayn's Chest. I smile and push up from him, he groans and pulls me back down. I smile and look up at him 'I need to get up' I tell him, he sighs 'Just five more minutes' he tells me. I chuckle, 'I don't know?...' I whisper, 'Persuade me' I told him, he rolled over so I was underneath him and smirk. 'What if I do this?' he whispered and kissed down my neck, and put his hands up my shirt. I smirk, 'That might work' I whisper.


He kissed me harder, and made his way to my lips and rolled his hips to mine. I smile, and move so I am on top of him. I run my hands over his bare chest and kiss down his abs, and down to the hem of his pants. He let out a small frustrated moan. I smile, and then kiss back up him. He runs his hands along me, and I realise how much I have missed his touch. I smile and meet his eyes, and kiss his lips softly. I grin he attacks my neck with loads of kisses. I laugh and roll off him, as he moves down and rubs his hands on my thighs, I smile and he showers me with Kisses.


I laugh as he falls next to me, 'Did that persuade you?' he asked, I laugh and kiss him softly. 'Yeah it did' I laugh. He wrapped his arms around me, I laughed and let him kiss nuzzle into the back of my neck. I laugh and smile to myself, I have missed this. 'What are we doing today?' he asked, 'Well I am booking our tickets to California and you are going out with my mother and my sister' he smiled, I turned to face him. 'What?' I asked, 'They want to get to know you more, and well.. I want you to get to know them' he smiled and intertwined our fingertips.


'Well what will I be doing with them?' I asked, 'Shopping, Mum and Doniya want to help you get clothes for California' he smiled. I sigh 'Well I better get ready then' I told him. He sighed and let go of me, I rolled out of bed. I grabbed some leggings and a baggy shirt, Zayn's beanie and jumper and walked down stairs. Zayn was now in the kitchen on the laptop. 'How is Wednesday?' he asked me, 'What?' I asked,going behind him and resting my chin on his shoulder, 'Wednesday for our flight to California?' he asked, 'That's three days' I laugh, 'Yeah' he nodded 'Go for it then Malik' I laugh, and kiss his cheek.


'Mum is here' he told me, 'How do you know?' I asked, he pointed to the door. I laughed and opened it, 'Hello' I smile, they both smile and come inside. I take them to Zayn in the kitchen, 'God do you always walk around shirtless?' Doniya complained, I laugh. He stood up and wrapped his arms around, 'Brook doesn't seem to mind' he laughed and kissed my neck, 'Zayn' I chuckle feeling embarrassed because his mum is there. 'Zayn we don't need to see PDA' She continued. I chuckled, and turned 'See you later love' I smile and kissed him softly. 'See you later Doll' he laughed. 'Bye mum, Doniya' He smiles, kissing them both on the cheek.


We walked outside and got in the car. 'So any gossip?' Doniya asked, I shook my head 'No not really' I smile. 'Well what about California that should be nice for you both' Trisha smiled. 'Yeah it should be' I smile. 'Can I ask you a question?' Doniya asked, Go right a head' I smile. 'Why do you love my brother?' she asked, I laugh. 'I just do, you can't help who you love. I mean, he may be... complicated but he is sweet, and can be romantic, and he... is just perfect' I smile, she laugh 'Really?' she asked, I nod. 'What about his fighting does he still do it?' Trisha asked, I gulp 'No... He stopped, I didn't like it when he did it, and I asked if he would stop and he did' I told her, 'Your good for Zayn' she smiled, I nodded 'I hope so' I smile.


We got to the shops and walked around for a while. We bought so many clothes, and stuff they were all suitable for warm weather. We walked to the next shop, Victoria's Secret. 'Seriously?' I asked laughing, 'Yeah, you have to get something for Zayn' Doniya laughed, 'Don't you think its a bit weird, buying lingerie for your sons and brothers, girlfriend' I asked. 'No of course not... We are all friends here' Trisha smiled, I laughed and rolled my eyes. 'Lets go then' Doniya smiles pulling me over to the shop.


We walk inside and I see all of the underwear. 'What colours does he like?' Trisha asked, I laughed 'I don't know!.. Anything sexy' I laugh, 'What about Pink with black ribbon?' Doniya suggested. I laughed and nodded 'Why not?' I laughed. I grabbed the bag, 'We should get plain black as well add some spice' she laughed, I grabbed it and put it into my bag. We paid and left.


The day was pretty much done by now. I smiled and we got in the car and drove back. They came inside for a drink. 'Zayn We are home!' I called, he came out from the living room. 'Hey Doll' he smiled, and walked over to us. 'You girls have been busy haven't you' he laughed and looked at all the bags. 'Don't worry, we thought of you too' Doniya smiled, 'What?' he asked confused, we all laughed and Doniya waved the bag in his face. He looked at her and then at me, 'Victoria's Secret? Aren't I a lucky boy' he smiled at me, and bit his lips. 'Save it for later' Trisha laughed.


They left not long after. We were sat in the living room, and he held my hand. 'You going to show me what you bought?' he asked, I laughed and tapped him on his nose 'No... not yet' I smile. 'When are you going to, you can't keep me waiting' he smiled, 'I can keep you waiting as long as I want to' I laughed, he groaned. 'Do you like my mum and Sister?' he asked playing with my hair, I nod and smile 'They are nice' I smile, 'They think very highly of you too' he laughed, I chuckle. 'Good, Now I only hope when we find my parents they think the same' I smile.


The day passed and the boys came over later. Zayn, Liam and Louis were in the back garden. Me and Niall sat in the living room, 'Niall?' I asked. He looked up at me, 'Do you remember that first summer when we met?' I asked, 'Yeah I don't think I could have been more embarrassed' he laughed, 'You weren't that bad?' I chuckle, 'Really?' I asked.


------------Flash Back------------


'Come on Brook this will be fun' dad smiled, I rolled my eyes. We pulled up to the house we were staying in. I left every one to settle in and went to look around. I looked around, and go down to the shops. I sigh and buy some sweets and water. I stop and sit on the curb. I heard foot steps behind me, and then heard a bang. I turn and there is was a blonde haired, blue eyed boy. I smile and laugh to myself, 'Hello down there' I smile, he looked up at me with red cheeks. 'Some one knows how to make an entrance' I laughed, he stood up and brushed him self off.


'Sorry' he chuckled, 'I am Niall' he smiled, 'Brook' I told him. 'I haven't seen you around here before' He grins, 'No I am spending the summer' I told him, he nodded 'Well can I walk you home?' he asked, 'Yeah... I would like that' I smile, he smirks back 'Lets go then' he nodded.


----------------End Of Flash back--------------


'Yeah you only fell over' I laughed, 'Okay it wasn't that funny' he laughed, 'Niall It was' I told him, bursting into laughter, Unintentionally. I smile, 'We had some good times didn't we Ni?' I asked, 'Yeah, but I am glad we stuck as friends' he smiled, I nodded and leant my head on his arm, 'Me too... We are best friends' I smile, 'Yeah forever' he smiled, I nod. 'Come lets go and find the others' I smile pulling Niall with me.


We walked outside, and the boys had beers. 'Leaving me out?' Niall chimed as he walked over, Zayn handed him a beer. I went and sat by Zayn, 'Oh Harry gets out on Wednesday' Louis told us, I avoid Zayn's glare, 'Does he? Good' I smile. 'Fucking fantastic' Zayn smiled sarcastically. I gulp nervously. 'Well sad to say we won't be here to see him home' he told them taking another mouth full of his beer. 'Why not?' Liam asked, 'We are going to California that day' he told them.

I stayed silent, I was not getting involved again. Though I would want to see him home and safe, I know I have to respect what Zayn wants. I will just call Harry before we get on the plane, or when we get off... You know just to make sure he is okay. 'Which reminds me... I have to get packing' I smiled and kissed Zayn's cheek. He held my hand, and looked at me as if to say 'Is this because of Harry?' his eyes seemed to say. I sighed and kiss him, 'I am fine' I smiled, he nods and lets me go.


I go upstairs and start to pack up my bags. I heard the door creak open, I looked over and Louis was stood there. 'Hey' he smiled, I smile and turn my back. 'Harry told me' he says, I gulp and turn 'What did he say?' I asked, 'That you slept with him' he told, 'In a hospital... Classy' he mocked, 'If your thinking of telling Zayn, don't bother he already knows, we have talked about it' I told him, 'I wasn't going to, but I saw your face when you found out you couldn't see Harry when he comes out of hospital' he told me, I nod and sigh 'Yeah he is my friend, I wanted to see him better' I told him, 'Well I just hope you know what your doing' he told me, 'What do you mean?' I asked.


'A girl has torn those two apart before, I don't want it to happen again' he smiled, 'What? Who? When?' I asked, '2010 we were all out, and they both liked the same girl and they got into a huge fight and nearly killed each other' he told me, I gasp 'I don't want it to happen again' he warned me, 'I won't let that happened' I told him, 'There is a difference this time, this isn't just a crush, they both love you... I can only imagine what they'll do if forced' he mumbled, 'Louis I won't let that happen' I told him, he nodded 'Okay then, I will trust you... But if you do stir or cause shit, I will tell them to get rid of you and they will listen' he told me.



A sneaky bit of drama there :D


Who was the girl?

Will Harry be okay?

Will Louis really do what was nessacary?

Can Brook and Zayn make it work?

What will happen in California?

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