Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


50. Unexpected

Brook's Pov

I woke up in my old bed. It felt cold and Hard. I looked over expecting to see Zayn but he wasn't there, I rolled my eyes and got up and stretched out. My brother wasn't here when I got home, I just went straight upstairs. I sighed and walked down stair, my brother was on the couch. I smiled and walked over to him, he was asleep. 'Jack?' I whispered, and shook him gently so he would wake up. He groaned, he stunk of alcohol. 'Jack... get up' I nudged. He sighed and opened his eyes, 'Brook?' he smiled, 'Hey bro' I laughed and hugged him. 'What are you doing back?' he asked, 'Me and Zayn are on a break' I told him, 'I warned you' he spat, 'It's not like that it was a mutual choice... we both agreed we need a bit of time' I told him.

It was then That I could evaluate what the house looked like, there were beer cans on the floor. The curtains were closed, and everything was a lot darker than before. 'Jack what happened to this place' I asked, he looked around 'Ha, things are a bit different now... I kind of have made some new friends' he smiled. 'And that means that the house became a dump because...' I ask, 'Because... they came to stay a few night ago after they got into a fight or something' he explained, 'Well I will help you tidy up, after you get a shower and I will make breakfast... now go you stink' I smiled. He walked off and I began to clean and make breakfast.

He came down soon after. 'There I smell nice now' he smiled. I laughed and pulled him down at the table, 'How have you been?' I asked, 'Alright I suppose, Made some new friends, after I got stabbed' he told me, 'What about your music?' I asked, 'No... I gave that up' he told me, 'Jack!' I slapped his arm, 'You were good at it, why did you stop!' I yelled. 'I made a new hobby... sleeping' he mocked, I nudged him again. Then there was a knock at the door, 'I will get it' Jack jumped up, I nodded and walked over to the sink, to wash up some dishes.

I heard mumbled voices, 'Yeah come on in and meet my sister' I heard Jack say. I sighed and turned, Jack walked in 'Hey Brook this is -...' I cut him off, 'Andy?' I asked, he smiled. 'Nice to meet you Brook' he grinned, 'You cheeky fucker we have already met!' I yelled, 'Brook calm down' Jack yelled, 'Calm down! No... Not until that sick bastard is out of this house' I shout, 'What has he done to you?' Jack asked, 'Where to fucking start!' I yell, 'Why don't I just go, I will catch you later' he smiled at Jack. 'No you fucking won't!' I spat. I pushed Andy towards to the door, Jack stayed put. I closed the front door behind me. 'You stay the fuck away from Jack! You stay away from me! JUST FUCKING GO!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?' I yell, 'I am sorry but I can't do that, me and your brother are friends now, and I am sorry but its staying that way... he has changed since he met us... Don't worry, we not going to hurt him... but if you get in the way, I make no promises about your safety' he grabbed my wrist tightly and dug his nails in, he smiled and strolled off.

I walked back inside, 'Brook what the fuck was that' he asked, 'Nothing, just please stay away from him and his friends' I warned, 'Why what have they done' he asked, 'Messed up shit that is what they have done, trust me on this' I begged, 'Look... I am a grown man, you can't tell me who I am going to be friends with and not, I am going after Andy now... you are welcome to stay, but if you can't accept it then you can go' he told me, and walked out. I stomped upstairs, and lay down on my bed, I looked at my wrist it was bleeding and bruising. At times like these I would call Zayn, or talk to him, or... Zayn. I need him, so much... this "break" thing is going to be difficult. But he wanted a break too, we agreed I can't have him back.

I called Courtney that would give me and excuse to go around there.

Zayn's Pov

I woke up in my bed, and it was half empty. Brook's side was still made up, the pillow that she slept on hadn't moved. It was so weird her not being there. I heard bangs down stairs, there is my cue to get up. I rolled my eyes and got up, I walked down stairs. Liam was leaning on the side laughing, Louis was crying with laughter in the corner, Harry was doubled over in laughter at the table, and Niall was... Niall was in the cupboard.... I mean it literally.... he is in the cupboard, fully, legs, arms, every part of him. 'Should I even ask?' I sighed, 'We were playing dares, and now I am stuck in the cupboard' Niall exclaimed, I rolled my eyes 'and you all just left him there?' I asked, they nod laughing. 'Your all so childish' I told them. 'Oh sorry someone is in a bad mood' Louis mocked, 'No I am not!... I am just ... Missing Brook' I sighed, and sat down.

'Well you let her go' Liam stated, he got out of hospital late last night, they needed the bed. 'I wouldn't have had to if you hadn't have got involved' I spat. 'Why don't you get her back then?' Harry asked, 'I can't... we both agreed a break, and if that is what she wants then ... I have to agree with that' I told them. I sighed and stood up, and yanked Niall out of the cupboard. I sighed and Courtney walked in. 'Morning... Brook is coming over in a bit' she smiled grabbed a bottle of water, 'What?! Here? When?; I panicked, 'In about half an hour' she told me walking out of the room. 'Oh no... I need to shower' I rushed, 'Who would have though we would live to see the day Zayn Malik got dolled up for a girl' Niall laughed, I turned 'You want to go back in that cupboard?' I asked, he gulped and stepped back 'That is what I thought' I spat.

Brook's Pov

I got ready and walked down stairs, Steve and Andy were there now. I ignore them, 'I will pick you up at 3' Jack called, I sigh and just go. I can't deal with them right now. I walked over to Zayn's house. I knocked on the door, and Courtney answered. 'Hey' I smiled and walked inside. 'You okay?' Courtney asked. I nod 'You?' I reply, she nods as well. 'I know you didn't come to see me just go and say hey to Zayn' she told me, I smiled at her and thanked her. I walked upstairs.

I knocked on his door, and he opened it. 'Hey' I smiled, 'Hey Doll' he grinned. It was silent for a while, 'So we just going to stand here or you going to invite me in' I asked, he jumped back and opened the door. 'So... How was your night' I asked, 'Alright yours?' he replied, 'Yeah it was alright' I nodded in agreement. I have never felt this uncomfortable around Zayn, even when I didn't want to be with him in the beginning. I sighed, and sat on the edge of the bed, so did he. 'Your morning?' I asked, 'Strange, I found Niall in my cupboard' he laughed, 'Wish I was here to see that' I laughed, Zayn and me stopped laughing as we realised what I just said, 'I didn't mean it like I wanted to move back in I just meant that-..' he stopped me, 'I know' was all he said. 'What about your morning?' he asked, 'Unexpected, to say the least' I told him, he raised an eye brow 'Why?' he asked.

'Jack has got some new friends and well... they are not the best... the house is tip, beer cans every where, it wasn't pretty' I told him, he nodded. 'This is weird isn't it?' I asked, he chuckled 'yeah, just a bit' he nodded. I looked up at him, 'You want to know something?' I asked, he nodded 'This morning when I woke up... It felt really strange you not being there' I sighed with a faint grin, 'You want to know something as well' he asked, I nod 'Last night, I didn't pull any cover from your side of the bed, I wanted to leave everything the way you left it' he smiled. I smiled back, 'do you think it will be easier?' I asked, he sighed 'I hope so, because... You know... I really love you' he told me, with a little chuckle. 'I know I seem to be laughing everything off, but this really sucks, its already killing me, because I miss you' I told him, 'Me too' he stated. 'You don't sound like you missed me?' I asked, 'Just because I don't show it, doesn't mean I don't feel it' he whispered.

I lifted my hand to brush hair from my face. Zayn eyes looked at my wrist, and he pulled my arm close to his face. 'What happened? Did Jack do this?' he asked angrily, 'What? No!' I told pulling my arm away. 'Well what happened? It wasn't there last night' he asked, 'This morning, Andy was at my house, and I had a word with him' I explained, 'What the fuck was he doing at your house' he asked, 'You know Jacks new friends? ... Its Steve's gang' I explained, 'WHAT! Your staying here, your not going back there' He yelled, 'Its fine, I can look after my self' I told him, 'No you don't understand... you are not going back there... it wasn't a question' he spat, 'Zayn, I ma not staying here... They cant do anything when Jack is around' I told him, 'either your staying here or I am staying with you' he told me. 'Neither... Oh I knew this was a bad Idea' I rolled my eyes, and walk towards the door.

'NO BROOK!' he yelled, making me turn. 'I am sorry' he stated, 'Let me give you a ride home' he offered. 'No, Jack is picking me up' I told him. 'Well stay with me then' he suggested, 'Just until he gets here' he smiled. I sighed and walked over to him, he wrapped his arms around me. 'Friends don't do this Zayn' I whispered into his chest, 'were not friends... were just on a break' he smirked. I laughed and let go of him. I sat on the bed, he sat next to me. We lay down, in a comfortable silence. 'You know... I never really felt vulnerable... not until... I fell in love with you' I smiled, he played with my finger tips. 'I have never had a weakness before not until I fell in love with you' he whispered.

My brother picked me up not long after that. I said good bye to Zayn, and it killed me. Again. I sighed and was silent in the car. We got home and didn't do much I sighed, I hated being on my own. I heard my brothers footsteps. He knocked on my door, 'What?' I yell through the door. He opened the door, 'Someone is here to see you' he slurred, oh he is drunk wonderful. I walked downstairs, and looked to the door. 'Josh?' I asked shocked, he stood there with as simple grin on his face, 'Hey Brook' he smiled. I let a grin take my face, I walked over and hugged him tightly. 'Oh Josh! What are you doing here!' I asked, pulling back.

'That call the other night... I knew you weren't alright... so I got the first train home that I could find' he smiled. 'Josh you didn't have too' I smiled, 'Yeh I know, but I wanted too' he smiled and grabbed my hand. I grinned, 'Come on, you can tell me about tonight, because I am staying the night' he laughed, 'Okay, Your amazing Josh did you know that?' I asked, 'I have been told' he laughed.



Will Brook Finally give Josh a chance?
What does Andy want with Brook?
Will Brook and Zayn realise they are meant to be?
What will happen to the boys?
What will happen to Jack?
Can Zayn protect Brook?



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