Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


48. Uneasy Dreams and fantisies

Brook's Pov

Me and Zayn went home that night, we sat upstairs in the silence. I showered and so did Zayn. I lay on the bed waiting for him. Liam's offer was loud in my head, I couldn't help but think... what if I say yes. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that Liam could make me feel good, like ... really good. I just know that if Zayn finds out about Harry, he will go mad. If I sleep with Liam a couple times, it hides the truth but it will cause more lies to be hidden. I run the thought in my mind, 'Yes' I whispered to myself, I am actually going to say yes to this, is there something wrong with me? Yes. Yes there is. I a choosing someone who is trouble and bad news, over my kick ass boyfriend that will make sure we last through anything... Yes there is something very wrong with me.

I was pulled out of thought by Zayn opening the door. An un easy smile came across his face, I sat up straight, and crossed my legs. He walked over and sat in front of me, 'Are we okay?' he whispers. I glance up at him, and his eyes weren't as dark. He looked fearful, fearful of loosing me. I sighed and lifted his chin so his eyes met mine, and I kissed him. 'We are' I told him, he wrapped his arms around me, I sighed. Can I really make this deal with Liam now? Can I break Zayn's heart, he is trying and he loves me, Liam just wants to fuck me then dump me. I mean, why was I even considering this, why am I still considering this.

Zayn kissed me, 'I am not going to loose you again... I am going to learn not to over react' he told me, 'You were right to react this time though Zayn... I was wrong. I should have kissed Louis' I told him. 'Why did you?' he whispered, 'I felt like I was loosing you... I was alone' I confessed, he took my hand. 'I wont make you feel alone again' he whispered. I nodded and leant against him, my lips grazed his neck. He moaned, 'I wanted you too do that... all day' he groaned. I smirked and kissed up his jaw line and then his lips softly.

He pushed me back into the bed, he grinded his hips into mine. I moaned as he made his way down my neck, sucking and biting at me. I smiled and slide down his boxers (as that's all he had on), he lifted up my shirt and tugged on the hem of my shorts, 'Zayn...' I groaned, 'please I just need tonight' he whispered, 'I am not going to stop you, I need this too' I told him. He unclipped my bra, and pulled my panties down, he pushed into me harshly, I wasn't ready but I took him all in. I gasped and moaned against his neck, 'Oh fuck Zayn...' I panted, he rolled his hips smoothly. 'Scream my name doll' he ordered, I couldn't form words. 'Scream!' he yelled, giving one large thrust pushing into me hardly, causing me to orgasm, I ride out my high as he then explodes into me.

I gasp and he falls into bed next to me, we lay there in silence, he wraps his fingers around my hand. Our breathing was all that could be heard, 'Can we start again?' he asked, 'What do you mean?' I reply, 'I mean, me and you... just forget everything that has happened and make it all about me and you?' he whispers, I nodded and turn to him pulling the covers around us. He laughs and his warm hands pull me close to his body. I fall asleep, into a sweet surrender.


I rolled over and looked up into Brown eyes, they weren't the dark brown eyes I were use to though. They were a lighter shade of Brown, they had a certain familiar sparkle. It was then that I examined the facial features, and as I looked I saw a perfect jaw line and pink lips that looked so kissable. Then his hand comes up and touches my arm, I looked and notice its Liam. Everything is telling me to stop him touching me, but in this state of mind, I have no control. I let him roll on top of me, he kisses down my neck causing me to moan, 'Liam....' I whisper, 'Shhh... let me make you feel good' he smirked, I didn't resist.

He thrusted into me and groaned himself. 'Your tight' he moaned, I shivered under his touch. 'Liam!' I yelled as he pushed into me.

-----------------------End Of Dream---------------

Zayn's Pov

I woke up not long later, Brook was unsettled; moaning and groaning. I down at her, and rubbed at me eyes, she moved un easily. A few more moans escaped, 'Liam...' she moaned, Liam? Why is she dreaming about Liam? Is she alright? I try to wake her, but can't. I let her be, but I can't help thinking why is she dreaming about Liam?

------------------Next Day------------------------

Brook's Pov

I woke up, and thought about last night. I had sex with Zayn and then had a dream about Liam? This is wrong. I walked down stairs and go into the kitchen. Louis is sat at the table with Niall, 'Where is Zayn?' I asked, 'he just gone to see when Liam can come home' Niall told me, I nod 'What about Harry?' I ask playing with my fingertips, 'He is in bed still' Louis told me going through his phone. I grabbed a coffee and sat down with them, 'We heard you and Zayn last night when we got back' Niall smirked, I blushed. 'You need to silence yourself' Louis smiled, I rolled my eyes. 'How is your arm?' Niall asked, 'Its alright, it wasn't broken just really badly sprained so I have the bandage for it' I explained, 'and your face' Louis pointed out, I touch the cut on my head 'I think its okay' I told him.

'So last night... Logan left, Lola is dead, Jake, Daniel, Steve and Andy got away' Louis told me, 'Logan... I mean, I can't believe it... I thought he was my friend' I sighed sadness swooping over me. 'He went crazy, it happens' they tried to comfort me, 'and Courtney?... Wait! Courtney!' I yelled, I ran up stairs and quickly got dressed. 'Where are you going?' Louis worried, 'Logan might have hurt Courtney... she is alone in the flat!' I yelled, he pulled out his car keys. 'Niall come on!' Louis called, Niall ran out and we got in car.

We hurried to Logan and Courtney's flat. As soon as we got there, I ran to the lift but it was broken. So we ran up all the flights of stairs, the boys followed behind me. I banged on the door, no answer. 'COURTNEY!!' I yelled, I paced, 'Louis break down the door' I told him, he barged at the door a number of times before it came of its hinges. I pushed him out of the way, and ran into the house. Everything was smashed and Courtney was no where to be seen. 'Hello! Courtney!' I called, I heard a faint mumble in the bedroom. I ran into there.

As I peer around the corner, Courtney is sat there chained to the radiator. The handcuffs have dug into her wrists making them cut the top of her wrist lightly. Her hair was messy, and her make up ran down her cheeks. She looked up at me with soft eyes, her lips were dry and chapped. I walked over to her and hugged her tightly, I got Niall to undo her handcuffs (he knew what to do). She thanked him and hugged me back, I pulled back, 'Oh Courtney' I whispered wiping a tear. I helped her up on to the bed, 'Niall get her a drink' I ordered and he ran off. Louis stood and looked around, 'He made a run for it' he whispered angrily. I looked around, all the draws were open and all of his stuff was gone.

Niall handed Courtney a drink, I sighed and asked her 'What happened last night?'. She took a drink, 'He told me, the marriage was just a scam, and that... he didn't love me, then he mentioned Lola was in on it all along... tell me to date him to get at you, he knew and he was part of it all! I yelled at him, and he slapped me, and then got angry and trashed the living room... then he left and came back after 40-35 mins, and started to pack, I tried to call the police, but he dragged me and chained me there all night' she explained, 'I am so sorry' I felt sorry for her, she shook her head and sniffled 'It was my own stupid fault... Sorry, look Brook can I come back with you please... I don't want to be here' she whispered, I nodded and helped her up, 'Louis, Niall. Pack her a bag... she is coming with us' I told them, they nodded and me and Courtney went to the car.

I take advantage of the fact that I have a minute to think. I pull out my phone, I text Liam.

To Liam: Okay, I will do it. Me and You... but compromise... One week and that's all.

What have I just done?

Zayn's Pov

I walked down the long hospital corridor. '259' Liam's room. I walked inside, and he was sat with a very attractive nurse over him. He smirked at me, I smirked back but roll my eyes. He sent her out, and turned to me. 'Hey... What can I do for you?' he smiled, 'When do you get out?' I asked, 'Tomorrow, or the day after' he told me. I nod and sat down on his bed, 'Liam last night, Brook had a dream about you' I confessed, he smirked 'Really? What kind of dream?' he grinned, I clenched my fist and grinded my teeth, 'I don't know.. just... she just moaned your name' I told him, he chuckled 'You want to watch out, she might want me' he laughed, 'Back off' I warned, he held his hand out in defence.

His phone began to vibrate on the table across the room. 'Zayn get that would you?' he asked pointing. I stood up and grabbed it, 'Who is it from?' Liam asked, I opened it and looked at the message.

From Brook: Okay, I will do it. Me and You... but compromise... One week and that's all.

I looked up at Liam who looked at me waiting. 'Liam... what are you doing with Brook?' I asked, he took the phone from me. A smile fell on his face, 'Well I am waiting' I forced, 'Oh we are just... planning something' he smirked, 'You and her one week?' I pressed my hand against his phone, 'yeah, we are planning a surprise... she will defiantly enjoy planning it...' he smirked. Before I could reply the door opened 'Visiting hours are over Mr.Malik... I am going ask you to leave now' the nurse smiled, I nod. 'I am watching you Payne' I warned, he winked 'I won't do anything, she doesn't want me to do' he bit his lip.

I can't help think about what they are planning?



Will she actually do what Liam wants?

Will Zayn find out?

Will Courtney ever be okay?

Where did Logan really go?

Can Zayn cope with all the boys wanting Brook?

How will Zayn and Brook last with everything?

Will Brook or Zayn just walk away?



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