Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


64. Tracking

Brook's Pov

I couldn't help but be relieved when Louis friends came and took the bodies away, even though it wasn't till this morning. I sat next to Louis, 'You okay?' he asked me, I nodded 'You sure?...' he asked worried, I smiled 'Just worried is all' I told him. Zayn was currently, tracking where they all were, while Louis looked for some more information. I sighed, 'Can I do anything, I feel useless' I told him, he nodded 'Here go through these, they are all of James's bank statements. James is one of the people who has Niall. If we can find where the last time and place he was. We have his bank account details, so we can see where he is. You need to find out where he is at the minute' he told me, I nodded.

I went through all the statements, and receipts. He was moving fast with Niall. I looked on the laptop screen, with his account. A new withdrawal was made, it was currently processing, it was in Yunnan. A town in China, it was made in a gas station. 'Louis!... Here that's where he is now' I told him, he looked at the screen, he took the computer, vigorously typing. Clicking and typing. He stopped after about five minutes, he picked up his IPad. I looked at him, and he got up maps, and a tracking service. 'You see that red dot' he told me, I nodded 'That's where James is which tells us where Niall is, I managed to hack into the cash machine his credit card was in, and install a chip, which mean we can permantaly track him' he told me, I smiled.

'So now we know where Niall is, we need to find Liam and Harry' I spoke, he shook his head. 'Were not quiet finished with Niall yet' he told me, 'Why what do we need to do?' I asked, 'We need to make sure he is actually with James... because there could be one or more person holding Niall' he told me, 'How do we find that out?' I asked, 'Well we have a bug in each of our phones, meaning we can track each other if we need each other, that's how Zayn found Harry, we don't just bump into each other' he laughed, 'so get the bug, track Niall' I told him, he sighed 'Its not that easy, Niall Bug was always difficult to track, we had to make it that way, a few years ago, he was seriously in trouble, so we had to make him harder to track in case the people that were after him caught on' he told me, 'So, you can't track Niall's phone?' I asked, he shrugged 'We can, but it will be difficult to get the tracking for him up and running' he explained.

'How long could it take to track him?' I asked, he shrugged again 'Any where from 5 minutes to 5 months' he told me, I groaned and threw my head back. 'Why does this have to be so difficult' I moan. 'Hey guys so Liam...' Zayn spoke, walking up to us, sitting next to me, with Laptop in hand. 'Have you had any more look than us?' I asked, he sighed. 'I have had a little bit' he told us, 'Go on' Louis told him. 'I know Liam is in Perth. I know that he was last since in a coffee bar, two miles from the nearest motor way' he told me, 'I called up the coffee bar, they said he was with Two other men, and he looked well' Zayn told us.

'So we know he isn't hurt... hey can you track Liam's bug in his phone?' I asked, 'I didn't even think to' he laughed, pulling the IPad from Louis. Zayn pulled up the app, that I didn't even now existed. I sighed, as Zayn tried to find it. 'Liam's phone might have been dumped' Louis told him, 'Well its worth a try, because if we can find his phone, then we hack his phone and access the camera and microphone so we know where he is' Zayn explained, 'Good Idea, I will try the same with Niall' Louis spoke. Grabbing the laptop.

I thought then, no one has though about Harry. 'What about Harry?' I asked, Zayn tensed beside me. Louis looked at me, 'I suppose you can start looking for him' Louis told me, 'No! Lets focus of the two we have going... Harry can wait... he knows how to protect himself' Zayn growled, I stood up and grabbed my laptop. Louis looked at Zayn wide eyed, as I did. 'What!?' he yelled, 'There is three of them and three of us, Liam has you, Niall has Louis, Harry needs me... You obviously don't care! So someone has too! I am going to find him!' I told him angrily. 'I do care, I would just rather, you not do it' Zayn told me, I groaned 'Get over yourself! I don't care at the minute if you are jealous, out friends are on danger and I am not going to let your petty jealously get in the way' I yelled, 'She is right mate, just cause your jealous doesn't mean we should drop him to the back of the cue' Louis agreed, 'Thank you' I smiled, Zayn nodded in defeat. 'Your right, Go ahead... we can start looking.

I sat back down, I grabbed my IPad, and pulled up the same app that Zayn had up. I looked for Harry's code tracker bug. It was taking to long. I looked for the bank statement, eventually something showed up. Nothing clear, two stops had been made in Alicante. The first was a stop in a bar, the second was a stop in a gas station. I sighed, the IPad was still scanning the tracking app. I looked and noticed the bank account had another one. I looked and click for the further details. 'LOUIS!! QUICK HACK IT AND PUT THE BUG IN THE CREDIT CARD' I yelled, he ran over, and Typed again, and clicked faster. My heart was thudding. I looked at him, and his concentration was impeccable. He stopped and waited until, a box popped up on the screen "ACTION COMPELTE" popped up in bold on the screen.

I smiled, I looked down at my IPad, it was still scanning and the red dot for the credit card appeared. I sighed, it still didn't have Harry's phone, but at least we had something. 'So now, we know where all the people keeping them are, we are waiting for the scans on there phones to appear then, we will have a good idea. We know Niall is somewhere in or around Yunnan. Liam has been in Perth for the past 45 minutes so he might be permantaly there. Harry is somewhere near Alicante, good parties in Alicante... Knowing Harry he is parting' he joked, I laughed slightly at his joke, but felt sick with worry.


Zayn's IPad rang loudly, 'Liam.' Louis whispered, I smiled. We walked over to Zayn, who was focused on the object. We sat either side of him, 'Where is Liam's phone?' I asked, 'Give me a moment' Zayn spoke, not breaking contact with the screen. We watched intensely. 'Got him' Zayn announced. I smiled, and so did Louis. 'So where is he?' I asked, 'He is with the guy we thought he was with, in Perth' Zayn told us, I took a deep breath. 'So hack into the camera' Louis told him, I nodded encouragingly. 'I am way ahead of you' he told us, grabbing his laptop. He pulled it forward, and showed us he had the camera working, it was just dark, its probably in his pocket. 'The microphone?' I asked, 'Here' he spoke, handing us each head phones. We smiled and listened.

--------------Where Liam is ---------------

No one's Pov

The room is dark. Liam sits there in the corner, watching as the two man sit and play poker. Liam has handcuffs tightly gripped around him. A gag in his mouth. His eyes are dark. The largest of the men turned around, 'How are you doing over there?' he chuckled, Liam struggled as the man grabbed his jaw. The man pulled the gag out of his mouth, 'Get the fuck of me you little shit' Liam growled, tension in his voice. 'Watch it, you better be nice, we are going to be hear for a while' the large man spoke. Pulling Liam's gag back up.


Brook's Pov

We all sat there listening. Anticipation. We heard the conversation. We took the head phones off, and sighed. We closed the laptop screen. 'Well at least we know where Liam is now' I spoke, 'Yeah, we just need to know the exact part' Zayn spoke, 'We can just use the tracking IP address and then find him that way' Louis spoke. We all nodded. 'How about Niall? Found him?' Zayn asked Louis, he shook his head. 'The bug in his phone, was always hard to track, but luckily they haven't thought to take his phone like Liam's kidnappers.' Louis spoke, 'Harry?' Zayn spoke begrudgingly. 'We know that is somewhere near Alicante, but we just don't know exactly where they are still moving' I told him, he nodded.

We all sat there quietly. 'What are we going to do if we can't find them?' I asked, they sighed. Louis put his arms around my shoulder, and Zayn intertwined his fingers with me. 'We will find them' Louis told me, I sighed 'You can't know that for sure' I told him, 'Listen to me, we can do this, we have survived worse... and we are all together, we are a team' Zayn told me, kissing me. Louis smiled, 'yeah, we need a team name' he laughed, Louis always lightened the situation. 'We are not having a team name' I giggled, he sighed 'Fine then, but I am "The Hawk"' he spoke cockily, I laughed. 'That's a super hero' I told him, he smiled 'Your girlfriend called me a superhero' Louis laughed, 'No... I meant..-' he stopped me, 'Let him have this' Zayn laughed.


The familiar noise came again. But this time, it was a phone ringing. I looked over to Louis's phone. I smiled, and Louis jumped up and answered it. 'Hello?' he asked, his face didn't show any emotion. Me and Zayn sat expectant. 'here' Louis spoke handing me the phone, 'Hello?' I asked quietly into the phone. 'Brook.. its me' he spoke, 'harry! Where are you? Are you hurt? Oh  my-..' he stopped me, 'Brook you need to listen... Jake... He is going to help you, I knew him a while back, his is actually a friend, but he was undercover in Steve's gang. Your coming to Spain, to do something with him, but he I going to help you get me back, that's why your going, your going to flirt with Luke he is the one that has me, and then he will take you home and you get all the information you can' he told me, I nodded then spoke 'Okay... but Harry... How are we meant to find you?' I asked, 'Jake has the rest of the information. I have to go, but Brook... if you don't get here in time... its okay... remember I love you' he told me, and then hung up the phone.

I handed Louis back his phone. 'Well?' he asked, I sighed 'We don't need to worry about Harry. I know how to get him... we are sorted' I smiled, 'Well what did he say?' Zayn asked, I shrugged 'Various things, but I know what to do now, so lets focus on getting Niall, we know where Liam is, we know where Harry is, its just Niall.' I told him, he nodded and kissed me, 'We can do this' he smiled.


Where is Niall and what has happened to him?

Will Harry and Liam make it out?

Can Brook, Louis and Zayn get there in time?

Can Jake help Brook?

Will they be able to save the boys?


Sorry if this chapter dragged a bit, just thought you should have some information abut what is going on.

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