Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


45. This isn't right

Brook's Pov

I woke up the next morning, surrounded by the aftermath of last night. There were clothes scattered over the floor, and there was other things on the floor, Zayn was lay asleep next to me. I smiled and moved from his grip, he moaned and pulled me back to him. 'Where do you think you are going?' he whispered in a sexy morning voice in my ear. I smiled and chuckled, 'I think I am going to get breakfast' I smiled, 'Oh really?... well what if I say no' he chuckled against my neck with a warm breath, 'then I eat you' I smiled, he looked at me playfully 'and what way would you eat me?... this can be taken as something else' he smirked. I nudged his arm, 'no Zayn... I am getting food' I smiled.

I pulled back the covers and pulled on Zayn's shirt. I grinned and him as he looked at me sadly, I rolled my eyes, and moved so I was straddling with him, he smiled and sat up wrapping his arms around my waist. I kissed him softly and passionately, and ran my fingers back through his hair. I moaned as he kissed down my neck, I bit my lips. I met his lips again, I pulled back for air. 'Well...' Zayn smirked, 'yes... well now I am going for food' I smiled jumping off him. I quickly moved, 'fucking tease' he murmured. I smiled and skipped down the stairs.

I walked into the kitchen, Niall, Harry, Louis and Liam were all sat around the table. 'Morning boys' I grinned, and walked over to the fridge. They all smiled at me, other than Liam who gave me a lustful look, and Harry who gave a protective one. I reached up to get a bowl, and felt the shirt rise at the back, and as it rose. I felt eyes staring, Niall stood up and leaned against the side 'I hope we get this view every morning' Niall smirked, I looked up at him and shook my head laughing. I sighed and sat at the table with my cereal, I sat in-between Harry and Liam.

I felt a hand brush my thigh, and see Liam with a playful grin. I rolled my eyes, and knock his hand off. I shook my head. Zayn then walked into the kitchen, and stood behind my chair, and kissed my cheek, 'Morning Boys' he smiled, they all mumbled a morning. 'So what are you guys doing today?' I asked, 'Well me and the boys are going to go out and have some guy time' Zayn smiled, '... Oh okay sounds fun' I smiled. 'What are you doing doll?' Zayn whispered, 'going out with Courtney... shopping' I smiled. 'Alright, your kidding me? You don't like her' he told me, 'I do... we have been talking lately... I decided to give her a chance... for Logan' I told him, 'Hmmm... really?' he asked, I nodded 'yes why is it so hard to believe' I asked laughing, 'I just didn't think you would... I mean you are stubborn' he smiled, I laughed 'why would you think that?' I asked, 'how long did it take me to make you fall in love with me' he asked, I rolled my eyes 'you didn't make me' I kissed him softly.

'Eww not at the table' Louis fussed, I rolled my eyes. I stood up 'I need to go and get dressed' I stood up and kissed Zayn once more before he took my place at the table. I walked out of the room, then stopped and turned to go and tell Zayn that I didn't know what time I would be back, but I got to the door, and listened into the conversation. I didn't like what heard.

Zayn's Pov

As soon as she left the room, we started talking about the plan for today. 'So we have to go and meet up with Steve and the others later, and then... I need one of you too stay home tonight, I have to go out' I explained, 'Yeah? Where are you going' Niall asked, 'I ermm... Look don't tell Brook... but I have a fight with Andy.. a re match he wants to try and beat me' I told them, 'Why can't Brook no?' Liam asked me, I sighed 'because the last time I had a fight, she didn't want me to do it... and she almost got hurt when she came to watch, and she isn't one to listen to orders so when I told her to stay she wouldn't listen' I explained, 'Well... what if she finds out?.. I mean you'll come back with bruises and cuts' Harry asked, 'I will tell her... but she can't stop me if I have already done it' I told him, he nodded in agreement.

'I am not being rude or anything but... don't you think its a bit harsh not telling her any of this?' Louis asked, 'No I don't.. I am protecting her, if she knew that we only got back together as a way of fighting and being in gang, then I would loose her, she is already involved enough... she can't get hurt again' I told them, 'Well either way, if you want this to last you have to let her know you have to show her you trust her enough to tell her' Louis continued, 'Sorry I don't take relationship advice' I spat, 'Sorry but I just think its wrong you keeping it from her' Louis protested, 'Well that is not your choice to make is it? Its mine, Tomlinson... You know you have over stepped the mark before, I am pretty sure you will do it again, I mean I should have kicked your arse for what you made Brook do... You made her suck you off as part of a plan!!' I yelled, 'Who says I made her maybe she was more willing than she is letting on' Louis grinned, 'Look your either with me or your not... and your not with me maybe your against me... I mean how can we trust you Tomlinson?' I asked.

'Listen boys just calm down, no one is out to get anyone here, just relax' Harry chimed in, I sat back down and so did Louis. 'Look can we all just agree to keep if from her?' I asked, they all nodded other than Louis. 'Louis?' I spat, he looked up and sighed 'fine but I will be the one to say I told you so' he whispered to himself. It was silent, 'I am the one staying with her tonight' Louis told us, I wasn't going to argue, I don't want him near me.

Brook's Pov

I left the door, with tears brimming in my eyes. I was angry, sad, and overall desperate. I love Zayn so much and every time, I think things get back to normal he has to go and fucking ruin it. I mean, did he not learn the first time he did the fight, he was close to losing me. It has been so long since I have had a day with where it has been just the two of us, no drama, no nothing! I mean, gosh why is he so complicated! I got dressed, I put of some black skinny jeans and a tight shirt, and a hoodie and beanie. I rolled my eyes, and got my phone telling Courtney to come and pick me up.

I walked down stairs, and the boys were just where I left them. They didn't know that I knew so that made it weird. I sighed and pulled my purse from the side. Zayn came over and stood next to me, I just looked down. 'Hey you okay?' he asked, lifting my chin up. I shook his hand away, 'I am fine' I told him, looking away. 'Here' he said handing me some cash, I shook my head 'I am fine, I have enough' I told him, walking out of the kitchen and getting to the hall to pull on my black toms. 'Hey doll, what is up with you?' he asked worried, 'Nothing' I spat walking away from him into the living room.

He walked in after me and closed the door, 'Brook, for god sake tell me what I have done' he begged, 'You haven't done anything' I told him, 'then why are you pissed off with me' he asked, '...Because I am so sick.. of all the bullshit that comes out of your mouth!!' I yelled honestly, before he could talk I exploded. 'You expect me to keep living on, with everything you do... you keep lying to me, and you keep hurting me and you ... keep making me come back to you! Maybe I don't cry about it, but it still hurts, maybe I won't say anything, but I still feel. Everything in this relationship has never been right, I can't ever say a time when we had no drama! Zayn I... I don't want this... I want a normal life' I yelled, he looked down as I fell onto the couch.

' I hope one day you give your heart to someone and they will hold it tight as if it’s their own, that one day you wake up and have something or someone to live for. I hope one day you can go to bed smiling without a worry in the world. I hope one day the battle is over and you’ve won. I hope one day you meet someone who makes you realize how beautiful you truly are. I hope that you realise one day... that person is me, Doll I know I screw up and mess things up, but I can't live with out you' he told me, the horn then beeped outside, 'I better go' I whispered standing up, 'Doll wait' he begged, 'we can talk later Zayn alright?' I told him, he nodded. 'Okay... I love you' he forced a half hearted smile. I looked up at him with sad eyes, I won't say back again... not until he can prove it.

'Then Prove it' I whispered fiddling with the sleeves on my hoody, 'What?' he asked, 'Never mind Zayn... you just... do what you think is best, look out for number one' I sighed and walked out the door with out another word to be said.

I got to the car, and saw a happy Courtney. 'Oh Hey' she smiled, 'Why are you so happy?' I chuckled, '... look' she blushed and flashed her hand to me. I looked wide eyed, 'he proposed?' I asked shocked, 'Yeah, amazing isn't' she grinned, and begun to drive, forced a smile. What is wrong with me why don't I want them to get married, I don't like Logan. I mean he is my best friend, I know him... he wouldn't just jump straight into a marriage, something isn't right here I know it.


Why is Logan really marrying Courtney?

Will Zayn understand why Brook flipped?

Will he do the fight?

Who will Brook go to when she needs comfort?

Will everything work out?

How can they figure things out before its to late?

Will Steve get his way?

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