Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


47. The Nights Events

Brook's Pov

I put my bag over my shoulder, and tried to run down the street to get to Zayn's house. My vision was blurred and blood was dripping down he side of my face, I ignored it and persevered. I stopped at the side of the road to catch my breath, I panted looking for sight of anyone, no one was around. I soon carry on. I turned a corner and a car came speeding towards me, I was able to move before it could strike, who ever was driving slammed on the breaks. I stopped my heart trying to beat out of my chest, the door of the black car opened. My body froze in shock. The large figure walked towards me, 'Steve?' I tremble, squinting my eyes to try and see past the bright head lights.

He stomped on a cigarette bud, he came closer and invaded my personal space. 'Hello Darling' he whispered blowing smoke into my face, I coughed. 'Where are you of too a such a late hour?' he asked, 'I am going home' I spat in his face, he laughed 'You mean you were going home?' he asked, 'No I don't... I mean I am going home' I told him, he chuckled. I went to walk away but he grabbed the arm that was previously broken by Andy, 'Get off!!' I scream, and fell to my knees, and then to my side causing a bruise to form instantly 'You can scream all you want no one is going to hear darling' he whispered in my ear, he let go of my arm. 'Get in the car and I will take you home, I can have a word with Zayn then' he smiled sickly. I stood up, and brushed my self off, cradling my arm into my body, and wiping away another trickle of blood.

I sat in the car feeling vulnerable, 'Loosen up Darling, I am not going to hurt you... not yet anyway' he grinned, I let a shiver roll down my spine. He drove down the abandoned road. We turned the corner and I could see nothing in sight, no one fighting, no cars, nothing. I unbuckled my sea belt quickly, he auto locked the door. 'Not so fast' he grinned, 'I will wait outside the car, tell lover boy I want a word' he continued. He got out of the car and walked around to open my door, I nodded as a thank you. I walked slowly up the drive, and knocked on the door, Steve lingered behind me in the darkness. The door opened, and an angry Zayn opened the door 'What?!... Brook?' he looked at me, the anger then turned to passion, he engulfed me in a hug wrapping his arms around me. He breathed me in as I did him.

He let go and took my face in his hand, he looked at me. 'Brook, I am so sorry' he whispered, and leaned into kiss me. 'No...' I stated stopping him, 'What?' he asked shocked, 'Steve is down there waiting for you' I whispered scared, 'Don't be afraid... go inside the boys will help you clean up' he instructed, I nodded but stopped 'Zayn, don't do anything stupid' I told him, he didn't answer, 'just go inside' he ordered again. He grabbed my hips and pushed me inside, 'Just wait here, and trust me... I haven't let you down yet have I?' he asked, I stopped I wanted to say ... Yes Zayn you have you always seem to let me down, I ask you something you lie, you make promises and you break them but who cares right?... but now wasn't the time for that, I just nodded.

He left me standing there, I walked into the living room. I sighed and leaned against the door frame, four pairs off eyes met mine. 'Brook?' they all gasped, Harry was by my side and pulled me to the couch. 'What happened?' Harry asked, 'You look rough' Niall stated, we all glared at him 'What she does?' he defended, I rolled my eyes. 'I am fine really, can someone go and keep an eye on Zayn, he is out there with Steve and I think he might...' Louis stopped me, 'Never mind him for now, you are our priority' he told me, 'But Zayn-..' they stopped me again, 'No buts' Harry ordered grabbing my hand soothingly. 'Liam go and get the first aid kit, Niall get a towel, I will go and find a something for your arm, and Harry you stay here with her' Louis instructed. They all nodded and left.

Harry knelt down in front of me, and brought a hand to my cheek. 'You are so strong do you know that?' he asked, 'I don't feel very strong, I mean look at me I look like shit' I forced a chuckle. 'You are strong, I don't know any girl that could put up with what you have... Your strong' he encouraged. 'Well thanks Harry, but I am not as strong as you might think, I am breaking on the inside to be honest with you... I don't know how much longer I can do this... but I don't know if I could live with out Zayn' I whispered, 'You have lived with out him before why can't you now?' Harry whispered, 'I didn't love him before' I confessed. 'I wish you loved me' he told me, 'What?' I stutter, 'Your beautiful but natural, strong but afraid, independent but need looking after... Your perfect' he smiled up at me.

At this moment I am single, 'Harry...' I whisper, leaning closer. 'Yeah?' he asked looking up at me, 'Kiss me' I told him, 'What about Zayn?' he asked, seriously? 'We broke up earlier remember?' I asked softly, bringing my hand to his cheek and brushing a fallen curl to the side. 'You will get back together though' he argued, 'Harry... this is the only chance you will get to kiss me, and the only chance I will get to kiss you... please take it' I whispered begging him. 'Okay... Once and once only... and we keep it between us' he told me, I nodded. I leaned in and closed my eyes, I let Harry take control. He pushed me back further into the couch, a hand on my hip, the other on my cheek. My fingers entangled in his hair. I pulled back for breath, 'That was... Nice' I smiled, 'Yeah... I don't know if I can take that as a once only thing' he smirked, I smiled and laughed.

Liam's Pov

I waited outside the door, to hear what they were talking about. He kissed her, I can use this to my advantage. I walk into the room, and he is knelt in front of her holding one of her hands. 'Here is the first aid kit' I smirked and walked inside.

Zayn's Pov

I sent her inside and walked down the car. 'My boys are on there way' Steve stood there leaning against his car. 'I swear to god if you don't leave now I will make you leave' I spat harshly. 'Now no need to be hasty Zayn... I have just come for a chat' he smiled, 'Well I don't want to chat' I told him, 'No go' I ordered. 'What happened to Brook?' he questioned, 'Your knob of a friend hurt her' I whispered getting angry. 'Well then.... I will have to have words with him, that was completely unexpected... I only sent him to find you' he taunted, then let out a laugh 'Brook always seems to be hurt by you... it always seems to be your fault as well' he smirked.

 I gulped and looked down clenching my fists, 'I hate to say it Zayn, but your no good for her, no matter how in love you want to be, people like us can't fall in love, we can't protect the people we want to... do you want to know the secret' Steve asked, I didn't have to answer before he butted straight back in. 'Here is what you do... You find some cheap tart that just wants to feel "loved" then make her believe it... fuck her and dump her... that's all it could ever be, you were like that before, why can't you go back to it now?' he questioned, I got angrier at him 'I cant go back because then I was a stupid little boy that let you mess with my head and you are not doing the same thing again, I love Brook and I am going to keep fighting for her' I spat back at him, 'well she doesn't seem to be that into you anymore does she, Andy text and told me you two broke up' he teased, 'no... we didn't, we argued' I stated.

I left him standing there, and walked to the door, two other cars then arrived. Andy and Tony stepped out of one, Jake, Daniel and Lola stepped out the third... What is Lola doing here. 'Where are you going to go Zayn?' Steve laughed, They all walked to his side. Then the door behind me opened, and I turned and the boys are all stood there. Brook behind looking broken and fragile and its all my fault.

Brook's Pov

I stood there shocked at what I saw. I looked into Zayn's eyes, and they were dark. I turned around and ran for the kitchen, I pulled open one of the draws, I tore back the tea towels and a small hand gun was there. I tucked it into the back of my pants, so they couldn't see. I walked back to the door, where no one had moved. 'This is your gang?' Liam chuckled deeply, 'Wow... just... its pathetic' Louis joined in with the torment. The group began to walk forward, my breathing became heavier. I felt a hand grab mine, Harry. 'Its okay... but if one of us say run, you don't stop and think you run' he ordered, I nodded.

I looked at them as the brushed through the boys. The boys seemed to always keep me behind them, so I wasn't exposed, 'So you all seem very smitten with that girl' a boy pointed toward me, 'she has a name Jake!' Zayn told him, 'What ever... what's your story with her?' the boy Jake asked, 'Niall dated her, Louis coned her, Liam wants her, I am dating her... problem?' Zayn smirked, was he unclear about what happened before? We did break up. 'No... there is no problem, but if she is so special then... I might take a ride on her' He grinned towards me licking his lips. 'You know Steve, you might want to tell pretty boy here to close his mouth... or I am going to close it for him' Zayn spat.

'We'll see about that' Jake told him. Jake went to hit Zayn, but he avoided the punch. Then everything unfolded in front of me.  Louis was now hitting Jake viciously, Liam had taken it upon him self to deal with Andy, Niall had Daniel pushed against the wall punching his gut, Zayn was squaring up to Steve. Then a hand touched my shoulder, I turn and its Lola. That bitch really gets under your skin. If I fight I don't stand a chance, with my arm. Lola grabs the back of my hair, and pulls me to the floor. 'When will you get it? Zayn will always be mine' she spat, and tugged harshly on my hair. I gasped she had one hand pulling and the other on the floor to lean on. Then everything stopped, 'WOAH!!! Calm down everyone' said a voice, I turned and saw Logan leaning against the door.

'Logan' I manage to smile at him, he looks down and sees Lola, he stomps on her hand and she lets go. I stand up and stand behind him, 'What are you doing here?' I asked, 'Well it looks like a good thing that I came' he smirked, it was silent as he examined the room. 'You could have waited' Logan cursed, 'What?' Niall asked, 'Oh you guys aren't up to date are you' he smirked. 'I guess not' Zayn whispered. 'Well Brook.. your nice, and well I wanted you... but I had to play the innocent because Zayn had you, and I didn't want to get hurt. So when I met Lola, things seemed to fall perfectly into place, her sister falls for me, you become friends with Courtney and well that's my ticket to getting you back' he grinned, I let go of him. 'I wanted you Brook, but you chose Zayn... Life would have been easy with me, but you chose this, so you get what you deserve... and so do the people you involve' he spat.

That is when I realised, 'Courtney' I whispered, 'Yeah, Courtney' he grinned. I then got a sense of confidence, 'I swear to god if you have harmed her in anyway Logan... and you Lola, you should care about what he did to your sister' I spat, she just shrugged, 'I hate you' I whispered in Logan's face 'What are you going to do, Kill me?' he asked, I then thought about it. If I got the gun out now as a threat, I could kill him. Then if I didn't I could still use it later. 'I could if I wanted to' I told him, 'Okay darling you believe that all you want' he pushed me out of the way, and I fell backwards.

I stood up, and they all continued to fight. Logan and Lola grabbed the back of my hair and dragged me through to the garden, Lola followed like a lost puppy. 'Get off!!!' I yelled, he the me to the floor. Lola stood there, watching. 'What to do with you now?... I will give you a choice... me or Zayn' he whispered, 'Zayn' I told him. 'Wrong answer' he whispered, he pulled out his own gun and shot Lola. I gasped and tears filled my eyes, I have never seen someone get shot before. She fell to the floor and lay there, she wasn't dead though, she had a slight breath. Logan held the gun to me, 'Now I will ask again, me or Zayn... and I hope for you its the right answer' he told me. 'Zayn' I told him, and pulled out my own gun. 'Ohhh this just got interesting' he smiled, 'Lets seen who will pull the trigger first' he teased. 'Don't think I won't' I told him.

I stopped, and saw Logan drop his gun. 'You always have been difficult' he grinned, Liam stepped out of the side. 'Brook go inside' He ordered, what was he doing? He stood in front of my protectively, 'Liam what are you-...' he stopped me, 'Go!' he ordered, then Harry's words repeated in my head. Run. No. I am not going anywhere. 'Awww Liam, do you like Zayn's girl.. I wouldn't that is the kind of thing that drives a man crazy' Logan laughed mentally. I sighed, and stepped around Liam, he pulled me back. 'I am not seeing you get hurt' he told me, 'that is not your choice' I told him back.

I pulled my gun up to Logan, was I really going to do this. There was about a metre between us, I was shaking, 'Do it' Logan teased, he laughed after it. I am sure he has gone mad. Liam stood over my shoulder, 'Don't Brook... You can't un do it once you have' he whispered, 'Shut up!' I yelled at him, Logan laughed and clapped his hands. I took a deep breath, 'You can't do that... you can't kill someone Brook' he whispered, my finger drifted to the trigger. Liam was now at the side of me, 3...2...1... BANG! ... No.

'Liam!!' I cried out loud, why was he such a dick? He jumped in front to save him, I shot Liam. Then loud sirens came, Logan ran, Leaving Lola who had now stopped breathing, she is dead. Zayn and the boys came outside, they avoided Lola's body and blood. I was shaking crying over Liam's body. My hands pushing down on the wound I had gave him, just above his hip. I sob uncontrollably. Liam's eyes open, 'I am ok' he whispered, 'I am so sorry Liam... why are you a dick?' I asked, he laughed 'I am just not letting you kill someone' he laughed, 'I might just have though, look at you' I told him, 'No... this is nothing' he shrugged.

Later that night

We are in the hospital, Liam is in his room. I have just been cleaned up by a nurse and I am sat with Zayn. He looked at me and traced fingers along my thigh, 'I am so sorry' he whispered, I lifted up his chin, 'It's not your fault' I whispered, 'It's always my fault' he whispered to me. I kissed him softly, 'this has made me realise I am not going to lose you' I whispered to him, 'I am not going to keep doing this too you' he told me, 'I am doing it to myself' I replied, he laughed 'Your crazy... But I love you' Zayn whispered, 'I love you too' I smiled, 'Now let me get you home, I need you' Zayn cooed kissing me, 'I need you too, but I just have to go and see Liam, then we can go' I told him, he nodded understandingly.

Liam's POV

Brook came to visit me later that night, she sat on the end of my bed. I sighed and smiled at her, 'I am so sorry, but it is your own fault' she chuckled, 'I know it is' I laughed. 'How can I make it up to you' she asked, 'Well... I saw you and Harry before' I told her, she gulped 'I won't tell Zayn...' I told her, she smiled 'If...' I continued her smile dropped again, 'You be my dirty little secret I will keep your dirty little secret' I whisper, 'just when I think you change, you do this' she spat, 'you can sleep on it' I smiled, see I am a good guy.


Did we like it????

Will Brook agree on Liam's offer?

Will Harry get over his feelings?

Can the gang move on or is this just the start?

Will Logan come back for round two?

Zook? Will it last?

and what happened to Courtney??




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