Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


40. The Gang

Brook's Pov

'Ermm... Hello Harry?' I asked confused, he smiled at me. 'Zayn... I need to talk to you' I sighed, I need to come clean. 'Can it wait? I have something's to do' he stated emotionlessly. I sighed and nodded, 'yeah' I whispered sadly. 'Nice to meet you' Harry waved before walking out, Zayn got to the door but turned around 'Bye Doll' he forced a smile, 'I love you' I smiled, 'Yeah, You too' he sighed and walked out. I lay down and fell asleep.

Zayn's Pov

'What's going on with you two?' Harry asked, 'Nothing' I mumbled, 'Oh come on tell me' he nudged, 'she had a miscarriage... and she ermm... Didn't tell me' I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck. 'Your kidding? How many months?' he questioned, 'Two... but I don't know if it was my baby or not?' I sighed, 'Who else could it be?' he asked 'Louis Tomlinson' I rolled my eyes. 'Really, then why did you want me to come here?' he asked, 'Cause, I need everyone... the old gang...' I told him as we got in his car. 'Why is it so important to... why do we need Tomlinson back if he got your girl friend knocked up' he stated, I looked at him 'sorry' he mumbled. 'I need them because Steve has a new "gang" and they are trouble... People are going to get hurt, and Brook could be one of them' I told him.

'Why what are they going to do?' he asked, 'I don't know the full extent all I know for sure is that in two weeks they are doing a robbery on the trade centre... they are going to kill the people once they have took the money' he explained, 'Oh god, so who are we getting?' he asked, 'Everyone from that summer' I told him. When we were younger a year before I left we had a bit of gang ourselves, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne. 'Wait Niall?... he was... in the room with Brook?' I said, 'Oh was that him? My god he hasn't changed has he?' Harry stated, 'if you knew it was him why didn't you stop him! Oh never mind I will get Brook to get him if she knows him' I told him.

'So we are getting Louis out now, we know where Niall is, what ever happened to Liam?' Harry asked, 'You know what, I think he is back in Wolverhampton' I told him. 'When Louis is out, we will go and get him, you can't let Brook know' he told me, I nodded.

We got to the prison where Louis was not much later, we went in to visit him. I saw down next to Harry and we waited for Louis. He came out and sat down with us, 'Harry? Zayn?' he asked sitting down, we smiled at him. 'Look we don't want any trouble so you don't need to worry, I know you didn't really help Lola' I explained, 'what is it you want' he asked, 'We can get you out of here tonight, but only if you help us' I asked, 'What do you want?' he asked again, 'Steve has got together a "Gang" and he is planning a robbery and other shit... and Brook might get hurt' I told him, he nodded thoughtfully, 'So the gang we had from that summer, we are getting back... we can't let him do this, and plus... well... Andy is back, I had a fight with him a while back, and he said he would stop at nothing to get Brook... so I need to protect her, but I know I can't do it on my own, so Louis will you help?' I asked, 'Zayn, I would fucking love to! Getting rid of people who are fucking pricks is my game... I mean I got rid off Lola' he grinned, I smiled 'Cheers Tomlinson, you and Styles will go and get Liam... we found Niall already, he was at the hospital with Brook' I told.

'Is she okay? I mean, what's wrong with her?' he asked panicked, I didn't answer so Harry did for me, 'Did you shag Brook and get her pregnant because she was two months pregnant and she has had a miscarriage, and she kept it all from Zayn' he explained, 'what NO! I didn't even know her two months ago! well I did but not like talked to her' he told us, 'Why hasn't she told you?' he continued, 'I don't know' I sighed.

---------------Later that Night------------------

Brook's Pov

I couldn't sleep. I sighed and turned on the lamp in my room, I sat up and pulled my knees to my chest. Then the door opened, I looked over and it was Zayn. 'Hey' I smiled, he smiled and sat down at the bed edge of the bed. 'Where did you go before?' I asked, 'Me and Harry went to get Louis out of prison' he explained, 'Really?' I smiled, he nodded 'yeah he is free' he smiled back pleased with himself. 'Zayn... I need to tell you something' I sighed, he looked at me thoughtful 'I think I know' he sighed, 'what?' I asked, 'Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant?' he begged to know, I sighed and looked down at my hands and let a tear roll. 'I was scared, and I didn't know I was until... well today' I cried softly, Zayn put a hand on my back. 'You should of just told me' he kissed my forehead, 'Zayn, I lost our baby' I cried, it finally hit home that I had, had a baby... and lost it.

I turned to him, and sobbed into his chest. 'Doll... its ok' he whispered his voice cracking. 'It was my own fault' I cried, 'eh? Don't blame yourself... you couldn't have stopped it... it was just too much everything got on top of you, its not your fault' he cooed, I took a deep breath 'Maybe this was suppose to happen... we are hardly ready for a baby are we Zayn?' I smiled softly, he nodded 'yeah but, you would be a good mummy' he smiled, I laughed and wiped my tears, 'and you a good daddy' I smiled, he kissed me softly 'Maybe one day... just not now' he sighed, I nodded 'yeah, not now... How many do you want?' I asked, '3' he smiled, 'Me too' I grinned.

Zayn's Pov

She fell back asleep while I left her I found Niall... Niall Horan. 'Hey mate' I smiled, he turned 'I thought it was you, how have you been' he grinned and hugged me. 'Been good mate, I have a proposition for you' I smiled, 'I am listening' he smirked, 'I am getting the old gang from the summer back together... would you be interested' I asked, 'Man... I thought you would never ask' he grinned. 'Why though?' he asked, ' This guy called Steve has put me and Brook through a lot of shit and now he has got together a "Gang" and he is planning a robbery and other shit... and Brook might get hurt' I explained, 'I have to be in then don't I?' he joked, I nodded 'how do you know Brook then?' I asked, 'We met one summer in Ireland and she moved down there for two year, and we dated' he confessed.  I felt a bit jealous all of a sudden, and was very protective. 'Well she is mine now... so don't do anything right?' I commented, 'Easy mate calm down... I won't do anything, unless she wants me too' he grinned, 'Niall seriously, Don't... we have had enough going on that we have had to fight with, it has been a difficult couple of months and well... we don't need more trouble' I warned, 'Calm down mate I won't... I have a girlfriend off my own' he confirmed, 'good cause Brook is mine' I told him sternly. 'Okay... but just remember I went there first' he grinned walking off.

I walked back to Brook's room, stood inside her room was Andy. I stormed in, 'Get the fuck out!' I whispered through gritted teeth. 'Zayn calm down, now I was only saying hello' he grinned, Brook was still asleep. I grabbed him and pulled him outside of her room, 'What are you playing at?' I spat. 'I am not playing anything... I just have unfinished business and Steve needs a bit off help' he grinned, 'yeah he will when I am fucking finished with him' I angrily roared. 'Yeah, quick message... Steve said meet him and his gang around the old warehouse Saturday 8:00 ... Don't be late... Looking forward to seeing your new found gang' he smiled, 'Oh you should be...' I grinned back, 'I have another fight, and need another component I would love to go against you again' he smirked, I wasn't having him think he was better than me 'name a time and a place and I will be there' I told 'next Saturday... 7:00?' he suggest, 'I will make sure its free... your going down again' I told him, he turned 'Oh tell that girl of yours if she ever wants a change then, the offer with me will stand' he smirked and walked away. I walked back inside Brook's room, she was asleep in the same place I left her. I know she will not want me to fight this fight.... But I won't back down.


Will Louis and Harry find Liam?

Will Niall try with Brook to get at Zayn's nerves?

Why is Steve back?

Will Zayn win or Lose this next fight?

Will Brook get involved with the Gang situation?

How will this effect it all?

Is this going to end in tears?




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