Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


14. The First Time

Brook’s Pov

‘Fine today I was out… I went to see a girl called Becca’ he said, ‘who is becca?’ I asked, ‘Last year, I had a fling with her’ he said, ‘and what about her’ I said, ‘you asked for the truth right?’ he said, ‘Zayn just tell me’ I demanded, ‘she says that her kid is mine’ he said, I was wide eyed, ‘what?’ I asked, ‘that’s where I was you, you asked’ he said, I remained silent, ‘you’re a dad’ I said quietly, ‘I don’t know’ he said, ‘how can you not know, either the kid is yours or not’ I said, ‘well I don’t know if it’s mine she has a bit of a reputation’ he said, ‘well you need to find out’ I said, ‘you think I don’t know that… I saw him today’ he said, ‘him? You have a little boy?’ I asked, ‘maybe, his name is Luke’ he said, I sighed, ‘does he look like you?’ I asked, ‘I don’t know, I think he has my eyes’ he said, I sighed again, I stood up and paced, ‘Zayn…’ I said ‘look I know it is a lot to take in, but you asked in the first place’ he said, ‘yeah I know, and I am glad I know’ I said, ‘then what is the problem’ he asked, ‘the problem is you weren’t going to tell me’ I said, ‘I wasn’t going to tell you because I don’t know if he is mine or not’ he said, ‘That’s not the point’ I said, ‘Yes it is, what’s the point in telling you, if there is nothing to worry about’ he asked, getting angry, ‘you need to tell me things like this that how a relationship works Zayn, but all of yours just turn in to train wrecks, I am not surprised Lola left you’ I said, immediately I regretted what I said, I know he is sensitive about that.

His body when stiff, ‘get out of here’ he said, ‘Zayn I…’ he cut me off, ‘GET OUT OF HERE’ he yelled, ‘Get out I don’t want you to get hurt’ he said, I walked out of the room closing the door behind me. Almost instantly there we bangs in Zayn’s room, I could hear him throwing things. I clamped my hand over my mouth to silent my sobs. I sighed and went to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. I looked pale and weak, my eyes were puffy and red. The bangs had stopped from the room, I walked over and carefully opened the door. He pictures were all smashed, the mirror that hung on the wall was now shattered in to thousands of pieces, the bed was a mess, and the bed side table lay in different places in the room. I walked in slowly, Zayn was knelt there on the floor, a small cry escaping his lips, and he held something in his hand. I walked over to him slowly, I knelt down in front of him, and the thing in his hand was a crumpled picture, ‘Zayn…’ I whispered, ‘she was the reason I lost everything’ he whispered, ‘Zayn… I am so sorry’ I said, ‘but your right’ he said, ‘no I am not, after meeting Lola I can see she was just another worthless skank’ I said, ‘but I let her come between me and my family, and now they don’t want to be with me’ he said.

I put my hand at the back of his neck, I lifted his chin up. ‘Zayn… they love you… nothing will change that… and Lola is gone now she is out of our lives, ok?’ I said, ‘but’ I stopped him, ‘no but’s… she’s gone, your family love you and I love…’ I stopped and looked down embarrassed, ‘were you just going to say you love me’ he asked with a smile playing at his lips, I sighed and looked back at him ‘yes, I love you Zayn’ I said, he smiled and dropped the picture, he kissed me softly. Maybe now was the right time? Maybe I could officially say I want to lose it to him? I kissed him back harder. ‘Easy tiger’ he said laughing, ‘Zayn?’ I said, ‘yeah?’ he asked, I put my arms around his neck. ‘I am ready’ I said, he smiled at me ‘are you sure? I don’t to pressure you into it’ he said, I smiled ‘I am sure’ I said smiling, he grinned and picked me up. I laughed as he threw me on the bed, I grinned he smiled leaning down and kissing me, ‘Zayn you have a condom right?’ I asked, ‘yeah don’t worry’ he said, and I smiled, and pulled him back down to kiss me.

He kissed my neck softly, and hit my sweet spot I moaned and grinned, ‘Zayn’ I begged, he laughed ‘I want you’ he said roughly in my ear, ‘you already have me’ I said, he smiled at me and kissed me again, he lifted his shirt of me, and looked at my half naked body. ‘The things I am going to do to you’ Zayn whispered in a hushed voice, I smiled at him, and pulled him forward to meet my lips again, I entangled my fingers in his hair. Zayn moaned as I kissed down his neck, Zayn pulled back and gave me a devilish grin, ‘Take that top of Malik I want to make a man out of you’ I said smiling, I grinned and blushed. Zayn smiled at me again ‘or why don’t I do it for you?’ I said laughing. Zayn sat up in front of me, and I lifted the corner of his shirt up revealing his pelvic bones, my fingers traced those sending shivers up my hand, I slid his hands up my torso, I smiled and Zayn laughed, ‘do I make horny?’ he asked me, he leaned down to my ear, ‘answer my question’ he said, ‘and what if I don’t’ I asked teasing him. He laughed, ‘then you will need to be punished?’ he said, ‘do your worst’ I said.

He took that as opportunity, he took my underwear off me fairly quickly. ‘I like what I see’ he said, ‘Oh do you?’ I asked, ‘very much so’ he said, I smiled at him and kissed him once more, he had taken his bottoms off and underwear, we slid under the covers and got straight to work. ‘Zayn take it slow’ I said, ‘I will go easy’ he said grinning, I smiled. I kissed him once more, before he forced himself into me, I gasped, ‘shhh doll, its ok’ he said, my breathing got heavier as his thrusts got harder, ‘Zayn…’ I panted, ‘it’s ok’ he said out of breath, my nails dug into his back. As we reached our climax, his hands clasped over my hips, ‘Zayn’ I whimpered, ‘I am close’ I said, ‘me too’ he said back, as Zayn’s thrusts harder I screamed at climax, ‘Zayn!’ I cried out, he smiled and then he climaxed himself. He finished and fell limp next to me.

We lay there for a few minutes trying to catch our breath, we were both silent. ‘Thanks doll’ he said, I looked up and him, ‘thank you too’ I said, he smiled at me. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close, I smiled and nuzzled into his neck. ‘I love you’ he said, ‘I love you too’ I whispered.

I lay there in Zayn’s arms, he fell asleep. I could hear his heart beating, I smiled. I need to do something for him, and I know just what I am going to do. I am going to find his family, he needs to see them again, and they need to see him.

Zayn’s Phone begun to ring, I answered it. ‘Hello?’ I asked, ‘tell Zayn that Paul will need paying tomorrow and if he doesn’t then someone has to pay’ he said, ‘who is this’ I asked, ‘just a friend’ he said, ‘a friend? Well why does Zayn owe this Paul money? I asked, ‘because Zayn got his hands dirty and Paul had to clean it up, look just pass the message on sweet cheeks’ he said and hung up the phone, I looked over at a sleeping Zayn? What else has Zayn done? And how else did he get his hands dirty?


Sorry for the short chapter just this was a very important part! AND SORRY FOR ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! Will try and update tomorrow and thank you so much for the comments and things.

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