Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


19. The Fight

Brook's Pov

Later on that after noon me and Zayn went back to his place. We hadn't talked probably since we argued, I was sat on the bed quietly Zayn popped his head around the corner of the door, 'I am going now doll' he said, I sighed and looked down at my hands 'Ok' I said quietly, he sighed and walked over to me and crouched down in front of me at the end of the bed. 'I will be ok doll try not to worry' he said, I looked up into his dark brown eyes 'how can I not worry, your about to go and get into a fight with a psychopath' I said, he sighed and lifted up my chin he kissed me softly, 'I need to go, but don't move from here' he said, I nodded and he walked away.

I sighed and called tom, 'Hey, where are you?' I asked, 'I am sorry Brook, I can't come anymore' he said, I was shocked. 'why?' he asked, 'something came up' he said, 'fine' I said and hung up the phone in anger. I sighed, there was only one other person I could call now, and I knew Zayn wouldn't like it. I pulled out my phone, 'Hey Logan?' I asked, 'hey Brook what is it?' he asked, 'I need a favour' I said, 'what is it?' he asked, 'can you give me a ride?' I asked, 'where too?' he asked, 'to the old storage warehouse' I said, 'why?' he asked, 'Zayn is having a fight there and he won't take me with him, but I need to be there... please Logan' I begged, he sighed into the phone 'ok, I will come and pick you up now' he said, I smiled into the phone, 'thank you Logan' I said.

I hung up the phone, and ran down stairs to get my shoes on, I grabbed a bag and put my phone into it... and a first aid kit, I wasn't going to risk it. I heard a knock at the door, I ran over there and opened it. 'Lola?' I said, she looked up and me and smiled 'what are you doing here?' I asked, 'has Zayn already left?' she asked, 'yeah' I said, going to close the door but she stopped it with her foot. 'I am only asking because I care about him' she said, 'care about him? your the reason that he can't trust people, you are the reason he won't see his family, your the reason everything has gone wrong in his life, you can't care about him' I yelled, she smirked 'well sorry to disappoint but after all this, you know that he will always compare you to me, and you know that you won't compare' she said, I wanted to hit her but then there was a voice that yelled my name 'BROOK!' it was Logan, I looked past Lola, and he was stood there. 'is everything ok?' he asked, 'it's fine, Lola was just leaving' I said, she smiled 'yeah, tell Zayn thanks for the other night' she said before walking away.

'What was all that about' he asked, 'nothing' I said, 'can we just go?' I asked, he nodded. I closed the door and followed him to his car. We sat there silently in the car; 'why is it so important to go to this?' he asked, 'I just need to be there, I need him to be ok' I said, 'and you really think that you being here is going to help' he said, 'I don't know, but if he gets hurt and I don't know about it, then... I don't know what I will do' I said, he put his hand on my leg and rubbed it soothingly, 'I think I get it' he said, I smiled at him.

When we arrived at the warehouse, it had old cars parked in front of it. People were forever going inside, I sighed and stepped out of the car, and walked inside the warehouse with Logan tracing behind. Inside was filled with young girls that were on the arms of 30 year old men, how did Zayn get involved with these people. I sighed and walked around, I saw Zayn go into a room with tom, I am guessing that was his prep area, I looked and saw another an that had a cigarette in his hand and boxing gloves thrown over his shoulder. 'Stay here I will be right back' I said to Logan , he grabbed my wrist 'are you sure your going to be ok' he asked, I nodded and proceeded to walk forward.

I turned down the dark corridor, and walked to the door at the end, I opened it and inside was a tall boy brown eyes, and his hair was flicked the side, I recognised him. 'Josh?' I asked, 'Brook? What are you doing here?' he asked, 'I came to see Andy?' I said cautiously, 'ermm... he is in here, does Zayn know your here' he said, I shook my head. After I had talked to josh in the hospital, we actually began to talk frequently, he was nice, but Zayn wouldn't like that so, we thought lets not tell him, it makes a change me keeping secrets. I looked down to the man that was sat in the chair, he was in his late 20's he had a small bit off hair, rather large biceps, and was tall. 'Well, hello sweetheart' he said, he stood up and walked over to me, 'Josh please leave me and this young girl alone would you' he said, Josh looked at me a worried expression covered his face, and I nodded for him to leave

I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, I sighed as he came closer. 'What can I do you for doll?' he asked, he called me doll like Zayn did, but when Zayn said it his voice took over and was smooth but rustic, Andy's voice was just rough and sharp and very brittle. I gulped, 'I want to ask you to call off the fight?' I asked, he smiled and laughed at me 'why would I do that... and why would you want me to do that' he asked, stepping closer. I stepped back, until I was against the wall. 'Please' I said, 'why, who are you?' he asked, 'I am Zayn's girlfriend' I said quietly. He laughed and came closer, 'Zayn eh?' he said, I nodded 'Why would a pretty girl like you be with Zayn Malik?' he asked, 'because.... I love him' I whispered, a loud chuckle escaped his mouth. 'You know he will only use you, and then drop you... you would be much better with a real man... like myself' he said, I laughed 'real men don't hit women' I said, he then frowned and pushed me hard against the wall.

His hand were wrapped tightly around my arms, I could feel more bruises emerging on my arms, covering the ones that Zayn had earlier gave me. 'you want to watch that mouth if yours, it can get you into dangerous situations' he said, I smiled 'you want to watch what you do to me, Zayn will hurt you' I said trying to sound threating, trying to make him leave me alone. He laughed 'I am going to kill that boyfriend of yours tonight... then who will protect you?' he said, I grumbled and swallowed hard trying to think of things to say. He put a hand to my neck and traced his fingers along me, I took a deep breath and struggled beneath him, 'stay still' he said, he pushed down on me and bit up my neck, I struggled unable to move. 'get off me!' I cried.

The door opened slowly, 'I came to wish you goo-.' he stopped, 'Zayn!' I said, finally being able to push Andy off. I ran into Zayn's arms, he immediately wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead, I felt protected again. 'You can take now anyway Malik, I am done with her' said Andy. Zayn's arms fell from around me, he walked over to Andy and grabbed him pinning him against the wall, 'You ever touch her again, and I swear to god, I will kill you' he said, I just stared in shock, I have learnt not to get in the way of Zayn. 'Yeah you and who's army' he said, 'I don't need an army' he said, he punched him hard in the face he toppled a little bit, I gasped slightly 'when we get out there, I am going feel even better when I kick your ass' he said, Zayn looked and me and put an arm around my waist, pulling me out the door.

Zayn didn't say a word, 'Brook!' I turned and it was josh, he ran over I let go Zayn and met Josh and hugged him briefly, 'I shouldn't have left you I am so sorry' he said, I let go of him 'no its fine, my own fault' I said, Zayn came over and pulled me behind him, 'I warned you' he spat, 'Zayn' I said stepping in front of him blocking him from getting to Josh. Zayn grabbed me and pulled me over into the room he was in before, 'DO YOU EVER ACTUALLY LISTEN TO ME' he yelled, I quivered. 'I couldn't let you be here alone, I needed to see you' I said, 'YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO ME, YOU CAN GET HURT HERE BY PRICKS LIKE THAT' he shouted in my face.

I stayed silent, 'what is wrong with you?!' he yelled again, 'why can't you just see that I am here because I care' I said, 'yeah and I told you to stay away because I care too, this is no place for someone like you' he said, I looked down. 'What do you mean someone like me' I asked offended, 'someone who can be seen as an easy target' he said, 'but I wouldn't be, your here for me, so is Tom, Logan and Josh' I said, Zayn stopped. 'Logan is here?' he asked, I stayed silent. Zayn stormed over to me, and backed me into a corner, 'you brought Logan?' he asked, 'he gave me a ride' I said timidly, 'You could have asked anyone... but you asked him' he said angrily, 'I had no one else to ask... Tom back out and-.' he stopped me, 'wait Tom?!' he yelled, 'he was going to but then he backed out' I said, he slammed his fists into the wall I flinched. 'and josh?' he asked, 'what?' I asked, 'WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO JOSH!' he yelled, I sighed and shook, 'after the hospital, we started talking... I wanted to see him again... only as friends, he has been a good friend Zayn nothing more... I swear, I love you not him, I only need you' I said, he sighed and pushed of the wall turning around.

It was silent for a few minutes, 'Do you regret it?' he asked, 'regret not telling me' he said quietly, 'yes' I said, 'would you do it again?' he asked, 'probably' I said, he looked at me. I looked into his eyes, and the darkness was still there, but for the first time I saw true emotion hidden behind his eyes. 'The only reason I didn't tell you was because I couldn't deal with you making such a big deal over it, I need friends Zayn' I said, '...do all your friends have to be boys' he said, I smiled at him and walked over and sat next to him.

'I have always been afraid of losing the people I love... and sometimes I just wonder if there is anyone who is afraid to lose me?... are you afraid to lose me Zayn?' I asked, he sighed and pulled me into him, and kissed me softly, 'losing you would kill me, I am not going to leave you' he said, 'people always leave Zayn' I said, he smiled at me, 'not me, I promise' he said, I smiled. The door opened and tom walked in, 'Zayn? You ready' he said, I smiled at him and then looked down hiding the sad expression that masked my face, he lifted my chin up 'I will be ok' he reassured, 'I hope your right' I said, he grinned and kissed me. He took my hand, we walked out of the room.

We walked outside and the crowd was cheering Zayn, and other were supporting Andy. I looked through the crowd, and I saw Logan. he smiled, I smiled back. I also saw Steve, he smiled sickly at me; I looked the other way. I kissed Zayn before he stepped into the boxing ring, 'I love you' I whispered, 'I love  you too' he said. I smiled and walked over to Logan, who was now stood with Josh.

Zayn's Pov

We got into the ring, the ref started going through the rules. There was no rules. I looked at Brook, she had a small smile on her lips as she smiled. I have learnt when her smile is fake. The bell rang, and cheers were erupted all around the room, I dodged his first punch, a grin covered my face. I hit him in the left side of his jaw, his face came back up, but he punched my stomach making me arch in pain, but rule one in a fight you keep going no matter the consequences. I came up and blocked a few punches, and threw a few. I looked over to Brook, and she was cradled in Logan's chest, probably in fear. I wasn't looking at Andy, and a punch came to my face, knocking me to the floor. I guess I forgot rule two, never lose concentration. Brook looked but pain and fear combined flashed in her eyes, and she turned back into Logan's chest. Andy knelt down next to me, and grinned 'don't waste your breath on that tramp' he said, anger pumped through me, I rolled over and stood up. I felt blood drip from my lip, I sighed and punched him in the stomach and then in the face causing him to fall back.

The round continued, both of us bruised badly. I looked over to check brook, but again no concentration, I was hit in the side of the face, and I fell. '1,2...3!' The ref yelled, round one too Andy.

Brook's Pov

I hid my face in Logan chest for most of the round, when the bell rand for the end of the round. I was immediately on my way to Zayn's side. I ran over, and hugged him 'oww,... bruised boyfriend' he said, I laughed and let go and kissed him softly. He groaned, his lip was bleeding too.

We walked into his prep room. Tom came in and cleaned him up a bit, and gave him a exercise to unstiffen his arms. I just stood and watched, Zayn stopped and called me over. I slowly walked and stood in front of him, his arms slithered around my waist. I  smiled, 'is it still too late to call off the fight' I said, he nodded and laughed.

Round two was about to begin, I smiled as Zayn went to take his place. I went back to Josh and Logan,  'I need to go my mum wants me to go and see my dad' he said, I nodded 'thank you so much for taking me' I said hugging him tightly, I heard a chorus of ooohh's as Zayn took a fatal blow, I gasped and felt tears grazing my face. Josh put his hands on my back, I was still shocked. I couldn't do this anymore, I ran out of the building.

I was stood outside, I could barely breath. I can't do this, maybe I should have listened to Zayn. Logan ran out, 'hey' he said, I let my tears roll down my cheeks. 'Logan you need to go' I said, he nodded but pulled me to a hug. 'I will look after her don't worry' said Josh from behind me, I smiled at him. Logan got in his car and drove away.

I sat on the fence around the perimeter of the building, 'are you ok?' he asked, 'I just didn't want Zayn to get hurt' I said, 'he is tougher than he looks' he said, 'I know' I said, he smiled, I rested my head on his shoulder. 'Zayn didn't want me and you to be friends?' I said, he laughed 'are you surprised?' he asked, I laughed 'no we didn't actually get of on the right foot' I said, he laughed 'maybe he will get use to it' he said, I shook my head, 'Zayn is to stubborn' I said, he nodded 'Agreed' he said, I smiled.

It then went quiet, 'are you happy?' he asked, 'what do you mean?' I asked back, 'with Zayn... does he make you happy?' he asked. I wasn't sure how to answer that, 'I think so... I mean... I know I love him, and I know that I want to be with him' I said, 'but does he really make you happy? is he the reason that you smile?' he asked, '...yes he does make me smile... he makes me feel... different... a good different' I said, 'you said you love him yeah?' he said, I nodded 'well, to truly love someone... you need to love yourself... and I can see that you don't' he said, I looked down. 'why do you do that?' he asked, 'you always look down, whenever someone says something that is nice' he said, I guess I do, do that a lot.

Josh's Pov

I wish I could freeze this moment... right now... and stay in it forever

Brook's Pov

we walked back inside, the fight finished. I couldn't see Zayn anywhere, I panicked, I ran into the room where he prepped. he wasn't there. Josh went to look else were, I looked around the main area, I then went to look around the back. There was no one in here, other than a single figure stood alone in the middle of the second boxing ring. The lights were dim, I smiled when I saw who it was. 'Zayn' I said quietly. He turned around. Zayn had a black eye, a bruised cheek, a bleeding nose and a cut lip... But he looked so perfect.

Zayn smiled at me, he dropped his boxing gloves, and I ran into the ring, threw my bag and jumped up on him. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and pulled him closer to me, I pressed my forehead against his, and kissed him softly. His arms were tightly around my waist as I was hooked around him, my hands entangled in his hair, I pulled away from his lips. 'I won doll... I won for you' he said, 'you won?' I asked in disbelief, 'yeah, you sound surprised' he said, 'I am last I saw, you were on the floor...  I had to go outside, I couldn't stand to see you like that' I said, he grinned at me and kissed me.

There was foot steps then in the background, and a deep booming voice 'Well done Malik' he said, I jumped from Zayn leaving my hands on his chest, Zayn hand one arm protectively wrapped around my waist. It was Steve, 'you got me my money' he said, 'glad I can help' Zayn said flakily. More foot steps came into the room, behind Steve Lola appeared. 'Hello Zayn' she said, I immediately stiffened. 'Lola?' Zayn asked, she smiled and walked over to us in the ring, Steve stood there watching, observing. Lola, pushed me aside, dispatching me from Zayn's side, she wrapped her arm's around Zayn, pulling him close pressing her body over his. I shook my head in anger, 'thank you for doing that for me' she said, 'you didn't have to, but thank you... it just proves you still love me'  she said, I coughed 'excuse me?' I asked, 'sorry sweetie' she said shooting me a smile.

I have had enough, I am not going to sit here and watch this bitch grind on my boyfriend.

I grabbed the back of her hair pulling her from Zayn she shrieked, 'He doesn't love you... he loves me' I said in her ear, she spun so I know longer had grip of her hair, she pushed my shoulders and slapped me. Zayn stood there in shock, that I started it in the first place. I grabbed her wrist and twisted her arm around her back, pushing her to the ground. I grabbed her hair, but this time all of her false black extensions came out in my hand. She pushed me off and stood up, forcing me to the ground, she kicked my stomach, I stood up ignoring the pain, I grabbed her and flung her across the ring, 'Brook enough' Zayn yelled, I didn't listen, I continue to hit her as she does me. Her long nails, claw down my face leaving visible scratches, blood rolled down my cheeks, I butted her nose, breaking it.

She stopped and stood up, I grabbed her 'you don't go near him in future, you had your chance and you blew it bit time, now just go away and find someone who will be willing to take in a tramp like you' I said,, she scoffed and looked at Zayn for reassurance, he shook his head 'not this time, I have moved on' he said, she gasped and walked away.

Steve Laughed, 'maybe I should place bets on you next time'  he said, 'leave Steve' said Zayn, he nodded and winked at me before walking off. I sighed and turned to Zayn. Josh came in just then, explaining that he had to leave, Zayn was civil with him, what has changed.

Later that night.........

 'you didn't have to do that' Zayn said as we lay on the bed, he was cleaning the wounds on my face. I laughed 'yeah I did' I said, 'no you didn't and since when do you fight' he said, 'since I realised, how much you mean to me... and how much I don't want her to get involved' I said, he smiled and kissed me. I saw up and moved so I was sat on top of him. He grinned at me, 'careful, I am bruised' he said, I laughed 'me too' I said, I laughed leant down to kiss his neck, I sucked hard, he moaned 'do you remember when you said I was yours' I asked, he mumbled a yes, I grinned and looked into his eyes 'well your mine too' I said biting and kissing his neck.

I can't stop thinking though...

Does Zayn actually make me happy?

Did Zayn and Lola meet up the other day?

and why was Josh so... interested and why did Logan really rush off?
















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