Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


76. The End.

Zayn's Pov


I sighed and pulled up my tight denim jeans; Liam is making me leave my house. After three months of moping around over Brook's death. I have been told I have to now come outside. After that night with Tina, the realization kicked in. Brook was never going to come back. Its been three months today. I must admit though, things have dramatically settled down. I did a few fights for Steve. Then Steve had a heart attack, he is dead. Everyone is dead.


I walk down the cold street, and into the pub where I am meeting Liam for the first time in two months. I sat down at the booth, and my eyes wandered the room. People barley recognized me now. I heard a cough behind me, and then turned around. Liam. I smiled at him slightly. 'Where have you been Malik? We haven't seen you in two months' he frowned, and settled opposite me. I shrugged, 'I just didn't want to leave' I confessed.


'How are the lads?' I asked him, he nodded. 'Louis is still with that Mia chick... she is up to something though. Niall is good, Harry is good too.. I am good. You?' he asked me, I smiled slightly. I really had missed the company. 'I am good too' I lie through my teeth. The silence that was between us, was unsettling. 'Three months today.' Liam whispered, looking down at the fresh pint that had been passed to him from the waitress. 'I know' I whispered back, he looked up to me.


'Do you still miss her?' he asked me, 'What sort of question is that?' I snap, harsher than intended. 'I don't know, I know you loved her... but you loved Lola, and you moved on rather fast from her' he told me, I clenched my fist under the table. 'That was different, look can we just not talk about this' I asked him, more like begged.


'I need to tell you something' Liam whispered, I looked at I'm through my eyelashes. His tone was strict, serious. 'What is it?' I asked him, 'Its about er.. Tina' he whispered, rubbing the back of his neck. 'What about her?' I asked interested. He looked down and seemed to think carefully before he opened his mouth. His mouth searched for the right words, what was he trying to say to me? 'Liam?' I persist. 'I know... I know... Just.. Don't react badly and cause a scene' he warned, 'Why would I react badly?' I asked him frowning. Was it really that bad?


'Liam you are worrying me... ' I begin, 'Sorry... Look... its good news... but you won't like it... well you will but you will be mad' he whispered, 'Liam... Just tell me' I begged. He opened his mouth, 'Look... just go here okay? … go to this address and you'll understand' he wrote an address down on a napkin. 'No... You come too... You don't want to get into shit with me, so you can take me and face what ever it is you have done' I snapped. He sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do. He had to take me.


We walked in silence to his car. A million thoughts raced through my head. 'Who is it we are going to see?' I asked him, he drove not taking his eyes away from the road. 'The boys will be there' he told me, 'This is about the boys?' I asked in shock, he shook his head 'No... its nothing to do with them... but they are already there' he whispered. I nodded and bit my lip. I ran my hand through my hair, I am nervous.


'Can you promise me one thing?' Liam asked, 'Depends on what it is?' I raise an eyebrow. 'Don't go mad at the person, it was all my idea... and it worked, so... it was for the best' he told me. I nodded slowly, but said, 'I am not going promise anything until I know what is going on' I sighed. I hated not knowing what was going on. I was back to my old ways, I did leave the house, but only to drink. I got into fights again, I got paid for fights again, but I didn't get involved with the people to deeply. I also kept a promise to Brook, I haven't been with another girl, baring one girl, that first night.


'Liam, how much longer?' I asked, wanting to stop all my thoughts. 'Not too much longer, I wouldn't let her go that far' he spoke, 'So its a her?' I asked, he sighed and rolled his eyes but nodded. 'Can you please just tell me, so I can prepare myself' I begged, 'If I tell you, the chances of us making it there are very slim' he honestly told me. 'It can't be that bad' I spoke, he nodded 'I don't know how bad this will get' he spoke. 'Is this why you wanted meet me, so we could go to where ever we are going?' I asked, he nodded. I should have known, this is Liam we are talking about.



Harry's Pov


I stood smiling at her, watching her with Niall. She was happily laughing with Louis, as she threw her head back in laughter. There was a feeling in the pit of my stomach, that made it sure that I had missed her. 'Its so great isn't it?' Niall whispered next to me, I nodded and laughed, 'I still think we should have known' I frowned but. kept a smile, 'It was for her safety and ours' He defended, I nodded in agreement.

She wiped her head up and smiled at me, I laughed at her silly faces that she continually pulled. I rolled my eyes, 'We have missed you so much' Louis whispered, and pulled her back into a hug. 'I have missed you too... it get lonely here on my own. I mean Liam visited, only like once every two weeks' she explained. Is was a sad a topic, but I would pay for her to speak again, her her angelic voice that I missed. 'Well we are back now... and your not going to go anywhere again' Louis smiled, and pulled her even closer. Was there something I was missing?


'Louis, tell her about Mia' I blurt out, why did I even do that? Well he was too close considering he has a girlfriend. 'Oh yeah... she is just a girl' he spoke casually, 'Your girlfriend' I corrected, he turned around and widen his eyes at me as if to say “stop”. 'Well yeah... but she is nothing serious' he frowned, 'Two months is pretty serious' I banter back, he sighed 'If you like her so much, you take her' he snapped. 'Guys don't fight... God... Its the first day back, all just smile' she grinned her biggest smile, making us laugh.


Niall walked over to the couch, and wrapped her in a hug. 'God.. how did we cope with out you' he sighed, taking her face in his hands. 'Well.... I don't know but you seem to have done just fine' she laughed. 'I have missed your bad dancing' I called over to her, her playful eyes looked my way, 'I can dance' she laughed, 'Oh you really can't' Niall agreed with me, we laughed as she pouted. 'You guys... I have been gone for months and now you just talk about my dancing? Which is pretty damn good' she laughed, she couldn't be mad, not with such a pretty face. That seemed now impossible to frown.


'Zayn will be here soon' Louis spoke out, after looking at his phone. Then her face was unreadable. Was she alright? Her face was pale like she had seen a ghost yet, she kept a smile. 'He has missed you' Niall reassured, squeezing her hand. 'I am just scared, what if he has moved on... I mean... You haven't seen him in two months... I haven't seen him as me in three... he might have found someone better' She looked down sadly, I walked over and knelt down in front of her. 'He hasn't. He wouldn't. He loves you... he will be so thrilled to see you' I convinced her, she smiled and nodded 'Yeah... I hope so' she smiled.


Zayn's Pov


We pulled up out side a block of flats, they were the posh kind. 'You want to go up first?' Liam asked me, 'Nope' I replied, he sighed. 'Don't get mad' he reminded. I got out of the car, and walked up to the front of the building. Liam came slowly behind me. '217' he told me, I nodded and let him lead me. The walk seemed to take forever. 'You ready?' he asked me, 'I don't know, what to expect' I confessed, he laughed but it wasn't a joke.


I braced myself as he opened the door. He walked in and I followed, my breathing heavy. I stood there, only seeing the boys. 'What is this about Liam?' I snapped, 'Where is she?' Liam asked ignoring my question, 'Bathroom' Harry spoke. 'Who? What is going on?' I almost yell, but keep my temper. 'I thought you said he wouldn't be mad..' Louis commented, 'I don't know what I am not meant to be mad at' I snapped at him.


'Zayn just sit down' Liam ushered me to the couch, 'No Liam. Tell me what the fuck is going on' I shrug him off. 'Its hard to explain' Liam mumbled, 'then let me' I heard a familiar voice. I didn't turn. I couldn't my body was frozen with shock. Everyone else turned. I couldn't look. I wasn't believing this. 'Zayn' she whispered, I couldn't look. Her voice was desperate, I could only imagine her face. 'Liam' I croaked, 'Zayn... just turn around' he told me. I did.


I turned at there she was. Look as beautiful as ever. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. 'We should leave you guys to talk' Louis spoke, they all stood up. 'Did you all know, she wasn't... dead' I whispered, 'No... Only Liam knew' Harry told me. I looked up to Liam. 'I will never forgive you for this' I snapped, and then looked back to her. 'Come one guys, let them catch up' Niall told them all.


I looked as the door closed. Then straight back to her, scared she would leave me again if I lost sight of her. She looked so fragile. So scared, was she worried. Of course she was... I was angry... she bound to be. My Brook was back.


Brook's Pov


He just stared at me, until his eyes fell to the ground. I walked closer, sitting on the coffee table in front of him. 'Say something?' I begged him, 'What do you expect me to say?' he whispered, in a shaky tone. 'I thought you were dead Brook!' he yelled, making me jump, 'You had to think that' I told him. 'Why?! Do you know how hard this has been on me. Do you know how much I have cried, how much I have thought about killing myself just to be with you!' he yelled at me, 'Zayn I-..' he stopped me and stood up. 'You know what... I don't know why I am sat here... I shouldn't even be here... maybe things would be better if you were actually dead' he shouted at me, the words struck a fatal blow.


The silence filled everywhere. 'I don't want to do this... I don't want to love and you leave me again... and... I don't want to feel like this again... feel like I have lost you' he whispered and leant against the wall. 'I felt that too. I thought you would just move on, get with another girl, and pull all the same tricks with her...' I whispered in return.


He looked up at me with hurt filled eyes. 'I loved you... so much... I wouldn't do that' he told me, 'You loved me?... You don't now?' I asked, he looked up at me. 'Of course I love you! I have never loved someone so much, it hurts how much I love you!... I just don't understand why you would leave me for so long and not tell me! You get this plan with Liam and before I know it your dead?' he growled.


'It wasn't like that... I knew that if I was out of the picture, people would leave you alone, and you could sort everything. Steve is gone, all the boys are safe, Andy is gone... all of them, if I hadn't of gone it wouldn't have happened like that... things would be worse... and I might of really been dead... Liam got that... so when we were on the flight, we made plans... and I told him that I would do it... disappear' I breathlessly explained.


'But why couldn't I know?' he begged to know the answer, 'You had to believe so everyone else would' I almost cry. 'What did you think was going to happen today?' Zayn asked me, coming forward. 'I don't know what you mean?' I spoke, 'Did you think, I was going to turn up, and just forgive all this shit and that we could move on and be happy?' he asked me, 'No. I knew that wouldn't happen, I just hoped that it would' I whispered. 'I can't just forget this Brook... this is... to big just to brush under the carpet' he frowned and sat back down on the couch.


I sat in front of him. 'What are going to do?' I asked him, 'I don't know.. I don't even know what to say to you' he coughed and looked down at his feet. 'Did you even miss me at all?' he asked, 'Every second, of every minute, of everyday' I told him, touching his hand. My hand tingled, the sensation of touching Zayn after all this time was unreal. 'I think you might of figured one thing out though...' I spoke, 'What?' he asked, looking up meeting my eyes. 'Tina?' I spoke.


He laughed lightly, 'You were her' he smirked to himself, I nodded. 'You were there with Liam, in the street, all the phone calls that was you, and... wait... at the grave yard.. that was-..' I stopped him, 'Yeah... all me... I couldn't bear not to see you, so I went to find you after Liam said you went out' I explained. 'You saw me in that state... wait.. the ring' he whispered. I nodded and pulled out a chain that I had put the ring on.


'You had it all along' he gasped, I nodded and smiled. 'I kept it close, I never let it go' I told him. 'Why don't you wear it?' he asked me. 'I don't wear it because... because I knew that you wouldn't want me when you found all of this out' I explained looking down. 'I never said that' he defended, 'You didn't have to' I replied.


'I can't rush into a marriage after all of this you understand that right?' he spoke, I nodded 'I know... I just... I am so sorry, that I let you down, I am sorry that broke you, I am sorry you cried tears you didn't need to, I am sorry you had to go through all that, I am sorry that you trusted me, and I so sorry that you have a girl in front of you who is still completely and utterly in love you with you, that it hurts so much, and if you walked away from her right now then, she might as well be dead, because she can't last another three months with you... she tried it... it was unbearable' I almost threaten a tear to fall, but they don't.


Zayn took hold of my finger tips. 'You think I am going to let you go again? Do you think I would really be so stupid to let you out of my sight?... I am sorry but that isn't going to happen, now I have you back I am never letting you go' he told me, and took my face in his hand, and pulled into a hug. I pulled back and looked into his brown eyes, 'Zayn ?... Just kiss me... Please' I beg him, he smiles and brushes my blonde hair from my face, 'I will never stop loving you' he whispered at me, and the crashed his lips onto mine.


I pulled back, 'I will never let you go' he whispered again. I ended the kiss, not moving this too fast. I sat down next to him, and he pulled an arm around me, and cradled me close to him. 'I have missed you so much' he whispered, and kissed my neck, 'I have missed you too' I told him. 'I thought you were going to be angrier than you were' I told him, 'I was angry... but... I just couldn't be with you' he smiled at me.


I heard the door open, and saw the boys all walk back in. I smiled at them, and nodded as if they can come in. Zayn turned to face them, I saw that everyone was a little bit tense about the whole situation. 'How about, I go and get changed, we go out?' I suggest, they all nod. Zayn is reluctant to let me go, at fear I won't come back. 'Don't worry... I won't leave again' I whisper to him, he smiled and let me go.


Zayn's Pov


Brook was back. I watched her small fragile figure walk away. I couldn't live with out her. I turned to the boys, 'How are you?' Niall asked sitting down next to me. 'I don't know honestly' I confessed. He looked up at me, and smiled 'Its great to have her back' Niall smiled, I nodded and his enthusiasm. 'Where are we going to go?' Louis asked, 'I don't know' Harry spoke. I looked to see the face that hadn't spoke yet. Liam.


'You not got anything to say?' I snap at him, the boys looked down awkwardly. 'I'm sure brook has explained enough' Liam spoke, 'Well to be honest, I want to here your side of it' I yelled at him, 'Brook was stopping us, from stopping everything else... she needed to disappear for a while' he told me, 'Yeah?... Was it worth it?... Breaking my heart, watching the boys cry, watching harry blame himself... Making me hate Brook for leaving me?!' I shout at him, 'Yeah, It was worth it' he spoke calmly, 'I would do it all again, knowing I could keep all of you safe, knowing I could keep her safe... I would do it in a heartbeat' he spoke.


I rolled my eyes, 'We could have got through all of this shit Liam' I snap, 'It was easier with her out of the way' Liam defended. 'You might of thought that... but... not having her to fight for... made it ten times harder' I growl. 'I am going to go and see if she is ready' Harry spoke, and I rolled my eyes focussing back to Liam. This wasn't over.


Harry's Pov


I walked into her room. I saw her sat at the end of her bed, with her head in her hands, she had already changed clothes. Crying. 'Brook?' I whispered, and rushed to her side. I crouched in front of her. 'What's wrong?' I asked her, grabbing her hand. She looked up at me, 'Everything. I mean... Zayn won't ever forgive me for this. I heard him, he hates me for this... and you... you blamed yourself' she cried, but tried to stop her tears. 'He doesn’t hate you Brook... he is just hurt, and confused... he missed you so much... you didn't see him Brook... and as for me?... Yeah I did blame myself, I thought, I could of stopped you, you know?' I told her.


She sniffled, and I wiped her cheek with my thumb. 'Now come on... smile' I encouraged her, 'You have us back, We have you back, we have everything we need again' I smiled at her. Brook giggled, and it filled the room. 'Come on' I smiled, and stood up and she did too. I kissed her forehead. 'You have no idea how much we have missed you' I whispered, 'I missed you too Harry' she told me, and her words filled my heart.


We walked out of her bedroom, and Liam was stood with a bag of frozen peas on his lip, there was a whole in the wall, Niall was stood there looking nervous, whilst Louis was stood with Zayn telling him to “calm the fuck down”. What did we miss?


Brook's Pov


'Oh my god Liam' I gasped, and ran over to him. Zayn eyes clocking mine, I pulled the peas from his lip, to see it was cut open. 'I'm fine' Liam smiled lightly, pushing my hand away, 'What happened?' I asked, looking at each of the boys. No one answered. 'Someone just tell me, what the fuck happened' I snap, Louis looked over to me. 'Liam made a comment, and Zayn punched him' he told me. 'What was the comment?' I asked, 'I said, did you not notice how much better your doing with him... that he was the reason you always got hurt' Liam confessed.


I walked over to Zayn, 'You know that's not true... I get myself into things like this... its my own fault for falling in love with you' I told him. 'Are we going out' Niall spoke, making us all laugh, he knew how to take the seriousness away. I smiled and looked at Zayn, and grabbed his hand, 'I have been ready for a while' I told him, and smiled.




We walked around the shops, Zayn and Harry were talking. They had got increasingly close, since last time anyway. Niall and Louis were being idiots. I was stood with Liam. Liam has been my only company for the past three months, and even now. (That I have all the boys back) It feels weird not being by his side, I have got close to him he has been the only one, so I had no choice. I laughed with him, and then saw Louis trip and fall over. I found my self hysterically laughing at him.


As the boys went to help him, I felt Zayn's arms around me. 'You okay?' he asked, 'Perfect' I smiled. 'Louis?!' I heard a high pitched voice, I turned and a girl was walking over to him. 'Who's that?' I turn to Zayn, 'Mia. Louis's girlfriend' he told me, I frowned 'Really?' I asked, he just nods.


I looked at her, I didn't like her already. Louis looked uncomfortable around her, Harry smiled at me so did Niall. Then Louis gave me a look that almost said “save me”. I smiled, and dragged Zayn over to them. 'Hi' I smiled, 'Hey' she threw an unpleasant grin. 'Mia this is Brook. Brook this is Mia' Louis introduced. 'Your the famous Brook eh?' she smirked, 'Yeah...' I spoke unsure, 'Louis has told me so much about you... he was rather fond of you... but they all were weren't they' she smirked, 'Excuse me?' I snap, 'Its okay sweetie, I mean they are all very good looking, I am not surprised you got around them' she smirked again.


'I didn't get around them at all' I told her, she needed a slap. 'Well you gave Louis a blow job, you shagged Harry, we know you going to with Liam, Niall you dated, Zayn you dated... so honey its not looking great' she smirked, 'Yeah. I gave you boyfriend a blow job... and I pretty sure it was fucking amazing compared to what you can do' I snap at her, the boys all smirk, even Zayn does. 'I would watch that mouth of yours honey, its gets you in to awful dangerous places' she bitched back.


'look, I don't care if you are Louis's girlfriend, I knew them first so if you think you can just come here, and everyone can play by your rules then think again, because I have just got them back, I am not loosing them again to a bitch like you' I snap at her, 'Louis aren-' I stopped her, 'No... don't involve him... you need to back the fuck off... you met the first time and treat me like that?' I snap. The boys all laugh, 'I will call you later Louis, when this bitch isn't around to interrupt' she snapped and placed a kiss on his cheek.


'I don't like her' I state, 'Really?' Louis mocked. 'You have such bad taste' I frown, 'I don't like her either mate' Niall told him, 'Nope not a chance' Harry joined in. 'See Louis, I know' I smirked at him. 'She is weird right?' Zayn asked, 'I thought that too' I commented, 'she is to be honest, she is always asking about Brook even though she never knew her' Louis told us, 'Why?' I asked, he shrugged as we continued to walk.


'I don't know she was just asking about you, and what happened, and stuff like that' Louis told us, 'Am I the only finding this wired' I asked Liam, he shook his head. 'She came around not long after you left, and then she is asking questions about you... I don't like the sound of this' Zayn spoke, 'No me neither' Liam spoke. 'Louis where did you meet her?' I asked him, 'Er.. I don't actually know, she was there on the day of your funeral I think... yeah she said, someone who knew you wanted her to drop something off or something like that' Louis explained.




Zayn had decided that we would all just go back to his house, we packed a few of my clothes up and took them to his house. We were sat down eating pizza at the minute. 'I think that you should dump Mia' Liam told Louis, 'I was going to anyway, too clingy' he told us, making us laugh. Almost on cue, Mia arrived at our front door. 'Nice for you to invite me' she snapped, since when did she get a key to this place?


'We didn't invite you' I told her, 'Well shame I am here now aren't I?' she smirked and sat down beside Louis. I smirked at his desperate face, 'I think Louis had something he wanted to tell you' Zayn piped up, enjoying the show as much as I was. 'Oh yeah, what is it baby?' she asked him, I laughed loudly then covered my mouth.


'Want to tell me what you find so funny?' she asked, my new found confidence suited me. Liam had really brought it out of me, I wasn't going to loose anything this time. So I took this as my chance. 'Depends, you want to tell me why your ever so interested in me? Louis says you've been full of questions' I snapped back at her. Her eyes darted nervously. 'That's what I thought' I smirk at her. 'Look, you want the truth, I know someone who wanted to know all about you.... and I owe them a favour' she snapped.


'I think its about time you leave' Zayn stood up, 'Fine... come on Louis were leaving' she spoke, Louis just shook his head. 'No... Your leaving' he snapped at her, 'Excuse me?' she asked, 'Were over' he told her, 'what?' she asked. 'Take a hint! He is dumping you, now go' I yell at her, 'You want to watch you back, you may have pretended to be dead before... but believe me, next time you won't have to pretend' she snapped at left the house.


The boys all looked at me worried, and I felt a sinking feeling start. 'Who it that she knows?' I asked them, 'I don't know, but we will find out' Harry spoke, 'We aren't going to loose you again' Liam spoke, 'I won't loose you again' Zayn spoke, and took my hand. 'What a first day back... someone already wants me dead' I sighed, but covered it with a gentle laugh. 'Look, no one is getting near you this time, okay? We're stronger now, we all work together, we know who to trust, and who not to trust, people are gone, we have new people, so what … we can take them' Zayn smiled at me.


The other boys left and went to bed, as did me and Zayn.


I lay down in one of his shirts. 'Its weird huh?' I asked, 'What is?' he asked, playing with a strand of my hair. 'Us?... being back here after all of this time?' I spoke, 'Yeah, it is' he spoke. I smiled, 'Will I actually die this time Zayn?' I asked him, he turned me to face him and took my face in his hands, 'I wouldn't let that happen... not again' he smiled, and kissed me softly. 'Can we... you know?' he asked, as I felt him grow hard, a feeling I hadn't forgot. 'You don't even need to ask me Zayn... the answer is always yes' I smiled.


He moved so he was over me, kissing my neck. Just like the time when we meet, and he said I was his. I never thought this is where I would end up, in the arms of Zayn Malik once again. 'If your answer is always yes... then' he stopped, and kissed me softly, 'Brook... Marry me' he continued, I smiled and looked up at him as the moon light from the window made him clear, 'I thought you said you don't wan-..' he stopped me, 'Just say yes' he begged me, 'Yes... I will Marry You' I told him, and kissed him softly.


As we worked in a way only our bodies could, everything seemed perfect again.


I looked into Zayn's eyes, 'Your still so dark' I whispered, as he kissed my neck. 'Dark eh?' he asked me, I nodded in response as his hands worked me.


However, I knew there was something wrong. I knew something was going to happen. Mia was serious, she wanted me dead, and from the sounds of it so did others. This wasn't the end of the story.


I had a feeling this story had only just begun.







OH MY GOD! Well... That's it for now. I can't express how much I LOVE YOU ALL. I know the ending was a bit drab. I wanted to have it with just a few bumps nothing major, so I hope you have all enjoyed dark. I just want to say a huge thank you to you all, please EVERYONE WHO HAD READ DARK, GIVE ONE FINAL COMMENT! :D


SEQUEL?~~~~~Depending how much liked the ending depends on if there is more???


So just want to say a massivee thank you :) I love you all, so yeah... that's dark Zayn done! or is it???


Love to you all :D xx

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