Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


1. Terrified

Brook’s Pov

I sighed pulling on my denim shorts; Hannah made me come out of my house. I hadn’t left since... august? Now its November, ever since my mum and dad died, I haven’t been able too, the car crash just devastated me.  I had been living with my brother now, we couldn’t leave this house.

I walked down the cold street and walked into the pub where I was meeting her; I sat down at the booth. I looked around the room; I could see that there was a tall attractive boy about 20 or 21 staring at me. I felt so uncomfortable; he smiled when we saw me look at him. I put my head down and waited for Hannah. She walked in the door and ran over to me, I smiled and hugged her ‘so nice to see you’ she said smiling, ‘yea you too’ I said, we sat down and ordered a drink. We were talking, I had turned so my back was turned away from the boy staring, ‘Why is he staring’ I asked Hannah, ‘who him, oh that’s Zayn, stay away from him, he is bad news’ she said, she explained to me what he was like, she was right I shouldn’t get involved with him now.

Her phone was going off, ‘Hello? Right now? I am on my way’ she said, ‘I am sorry to bail but, my mum needs me home she has been called into work I need to babysit’ she said, I nodded ‘its fine, go’ I said, ‘tomorrow night’ she said, I nodded ‘see you tomorrow’ I said. I took my drink in my hand and phone in the other; I looked up to see Zayn. ‘Hey doll’ he grinned, ‘Hi’ I whispered, he took my phone out of my hand, I didn’t say anything, I am sacred, no I am not... I am terrified. This complete stranger has just walked over to me and his eyes haven’t left me. From what Hannah had told me he was a bad guy, been to Jail, and got into fights... I need to keep away.  ‘You look a bit nervous’ he said smirking, and grabbing my hand and playing with my fingers. I didn’t reply, ‘there is no need to be’ he said smiling, I took a deep breath; then the waiter walked over ‘No trouble Zayn’ he warned, I looked at him with pleading eyes, ‘I am not doing anything, just catching up with a friend’ he said, flashing a smile.  He turned back to me ‘anyway I have to get going, I will see you soon’ he said, letting go of my hand.

I sighed a breath of relief; I got my things and walked home. I got a shower, went and said hello to my brother then went into my room, I got into my bed shorts and vest top. I sat down on my bed, and text Hannah.

Me: HANNAH!! I hate you I wish you hadn’t have left!! Xx

Hannah: Why? What did I miss? Xx

‘Brook!’ my brother yelled, ‘What!’ I yelled back, ‘there is some guy here to see you’ he said, I rose my eyebrows and walked down stairs I got the bottom, and saw Zayn leaning against the wall, my brother looked at me I nodded and he walked off. ‘Hey doll’ he smiled, I stayed silent, I heard him laugh ‘How did you know where I lived?’ I asked, ‘those shorts really make your legs look hot’ he said, walking over to me and grabbing my thigh, I gulped and stepped back ‘what do you want’ I asked, ‘I want to take you out’ he grinned, I shook my head ‘I ... I can’t’ I said, ‘we both know that, that is a lie go and put something pretty on doll’ he said, I sighed and turned around walking up the stairs, I wasn’t going to say no, who knows what he could do. I got out a dress, tight and black, strapless. I sighed and braided my hair and did my makeup I got out some white high heels.

I opened my door, and Zayn was stood there ‘next time you might want to close your door fully’ he smirked, I said nothing ‘you have a nice body... and look good naked’ he said, I sighed and walked to the door. We walked outside, he walked to his car I trailed behind him. A red Audi was in front of me was he loaded? I sat in the passenger seat. My phone kept vibrating, I looked.

Hannah: Come what happened?

Hannah: BROOK!



Send. My phone was ripped from my hands; Zayn looked down at my phone. ‘No more phones for you’ he said putting it in the glove box in front of me ‘SOS? Really, why do you need rescuing?’ he asked, I just looked down at my hands, ‘you don’t speak much do you’ he said, ‘not when I am being forced’ I said to myself, I just shook my head no to him. We got out at a restaurant, I sight and got out. ‘Can I have my phone I need to call my brother’ I said quietly, ‘he can wait I want you to myself, you look stunning’ he smiled, I was so nervous, edgy, scared, petrified, give me a feeling I felt it. He grabbed my hand, but I pulled away and folded my arms, he just laughed. We got a table and sat down; I sighed and ordered a salad. ‘I am just going to the bathroom’ I said standing up, ‘hurry back’ he said, I smiled.

I got into the bathroom, I paced. I am going to have to run for it. I stuck around the front, and said to the waitress, ‘If the boy there asks where I am just say the bathroom please, I can’t stay here’ I said, ‘I get it’ she said smiling, I nodded and smiled. I ran outside and looked left and right, which way did we come from? I guessed left, I walked left and followed the road it had been a good ten or twenty minutes, then wait... My phone! Zayn has got it in the car, I sighed oh my god! I turned around and walked back down the street, I turned in at the restaurant. I walked over to the car and could see Zayn leaning against the car, with a cigarette in hand. He looked up and saw me, he stomped on the fag, and I sighed and slowly approached. He grabbed my wrist harshly, his grip was tight it really hurt.  He threw into the passenger seat; I sat there and looked down at my lap. The car’s engine roared, as Zayn sped off. He grabbed my phone and threw it on my lap.

‘Why did you run?’ he yelled, I stayed silent, ‘WHAT DID I DO! I could just... urg... I don’t get it’ he shouted, he was so scary when he was angry, not that he wasn’t scary before. I sighed; we were both quite for moment. I wonder if I tucked and rolled now, I would die? ‘Why did you run?!’ he said slamming his hands on the steering wheel, making me jump ‘you scared me’ I said quietly, ‘I scared you?’ he said, I nodded. ‘Don’t run doll’ he said laughing, ‘that’s a rule’ he said, I gulped. We drove back to my house.

I sighed; we pulled up on my driveway. Zayn leant over putting on hand on my leg, he rubbed my thigh with his hand, and his hand moved further up my crotch, I coughed, he laughed and kissed my cheek, ‘like I said no need to be nervous’ he said with a grin. We walked up to my door, he turned to face me and put his hands on my waist they travelled down my hips to my bum, pulling me closer so my hands pressed against his chest. I sighed, and didn’t look him in the eyes, I looked down at my feet, and he removes one hand and lifts up my chin. ‘No need to be afraid’ he said, he glares down the front of my dress, perfect view of my cleavage, I now officially hate being short. ‘I will see you soon babe’ he smiled kissing my cheek. Taking his body away from mine, I walked into my house. I sighed and slid down the door. I ran upstairs; I got changed and lay in bed. My phone buzzed, ‘Night beautiful, tomorrow at 7 see you there xxx’ I threw my phone, what have I got myself into. No what has Hannah got me into, It was her idea to go out to that pub, where he was and I was happy staying inside, I hate this, I hate him. I am terrified of him.



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