Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


38. Telling the truth?

Brook's Pov

Me and Zayn are finally going to that meal with his parents the one we were meant to go when he got arrested. I was getting dressed, we were going to restaurant. I felt really sick I don't know why? I haven't felt this bad in a long time. I pulled on my tight fit red dress, and black high heels. I walked out of the bath room with my hair in a bun with strands falling down the side, and bright red lipstick. 'Zayn?' I called, he came into the bedroom trying to do his tie, he stopped and his eyes travelled up me. A grin pulled on his lips, 'can you help me?' he smiled gesturing to his tie. I rolled my eyes and walked over to him, I started to do his tie. His hands travelled to my hips, 'are you sure we can't stay in tonight, I want you out of that dress' he smiled, I smiled 'No Zayn...' I whispered and kissed his cheek.

Zayn looked really nice. Black suit the first time I actually saw him in one. I am amazed how fast me and Zayn got back to normal, but that's what you do when you love each other, he had been texting someone all day though I hope his isn't being stupid again but now I have said it he probably is. 'Come on Zayn' I called from down stairs, he came down the stairs and groaned, I smiled and turned 'What?' I laughed, 'are you going to look like that all night?' he grinned, 'why do I not look nice?' I asked walking over to him and putting my hand on his chest. 'Don't' he warned, 'Don't what Zayn' I asked playfully. He kissed me softly, 'No you will mess up the lipstick' I smirked, he groaned again.

We walked out to the cab that was waiting for us, I kept tight hold of Zayn's hand. When we arrived, we were sat at the table waiting for Zayn's parents. 'Think we can sneak of before they get here... bathroom?' he grinned, 'Zayn!' I laughed, 'what we have done it in a hospital why not in a restaurant' he asked half serious half playful. 'Only because your desperate' I whispered and grabbed his hand, pulling him of to the toilets. 'I have really lowered my standards' I laughed, as we walked into the ladies. Luckily no one was in there. Zayn grabbed the out of order sign from behind the door and put it in front. I smirked, 'How are we going to-' before I could finish he grabbed me and pushed against the wall, kissing me hard.

He grabbed my thigh and pulled me closer to him. 'Zayn... easy' I moaned as he kissed down my neck, I didn't want to have sex not here and not tonight, it might make me feel worse, 'I am not taking my dress off or tights' I told him, 'get on your knees then' he demanded in a husky voice, I raised an eyebrow but dropped. He unbuckled his pants, and I was confronted with his member in front of me. I took it in my mouth, 'Brook' Zayn moaned, I sucked harder as he instructed, his hips jerked and he exploded in my mouth, I swallowed and stood up, feeling even worse than before. He kissed me hard and took a deep breath, 'thank you' he whispered, I smiled. I looked in the mirror and sorted our my lipstick.

Zayn came behind me and wrapped his arms around me tightly, 'I want to make you feel good' he moaned in my ear, 'you can ... jus not now' I smiled, 'Okay then later... when we get home, I want to try something new' he grinned, 'What do you mean new?' I asked, 'Well you have sucked me off, I want to do the same for you in return' he smiled, I suddenly felt uncomfortable. 'You are okay with that right?' he asked, I nodded and kissed him quickly 'come on your parents' I smiled. I lied I am not ok with that... I don't know what to do, when he is doing that to me. I don't know if I want him to, but always try new things right?

We walked out and went over to the table, where he parents were now sat. 'Hello' Zayn's mum smiled at us, she stood up and kissed Zayn's cheek and hugged me. We sat down opposite them, 'So how have you been?' I asked, they smiled 'we have been good, what about you two?' Zayn's dad asked, I looed at Zayn so he could respond. I looked down at the plate of food in front of me. It knocked me sick, I picked at the food. 'Are you okay Doll?' Zayn asked, putting a hand on my thigh. I looked up and forced a smile, 'Yeah I am fine' I nodded. He didn't look convinced, 'You sure ok Honey?' his mum asked, I looked up 'yeah I am fine, really don't worry' I reassured. I noticed Zayn looking at his phone every now and again, I managed to catch a glimpse at the screen, who is Harry?

The night dragged with pain in my stomach growing increasingly bad. Luckily the bill came just in time, we paid and all walked outside. 'Lovely seeing you tonight' Zayn's mum smiled, I nodded and hugged her 'yes we need to do it again' I replied. We said good bye and got in a cab back. Zayn put his arm over my shoulder and I leant into him, he kissed my forehead. I sighed and groaned, 'what's wrong?' he asked concerned. I leant over and grabbed my stomach in pain. 'Zayn' I groaned, he put his hand on my back.

I winced in pain, 'can you go to the doctors instead' Zayn told the driver, 'I am fine Zayn its just cramps' I whispered, Zayn put his hand on my thigh, but then pulled it away. 'B-Brook?' he stuttered, 'what?' I asked, looking up at him his hand had crimson on it, 'Your bleeding' he told me, I looked down and I was practically in a pool of my own blood. 'Shit' I whispered, 'you need to hurry up and go to the hospital' Zayn yelled, the car sped up. Zayn was in a panic, I thanked the driver as we got to the hospital.

Zayn helped me out of the car, he rushed us inside. One of the doctors came over to us, 'Sir you will have to stay here' he told Zayn, 'I am not fucking leaving her!' he yelled, 'Zayn.. I will make sure they come and get you' I told him, and held his hand. He leant down and kissed me, 'you better look after her' he told the doctor. I got taken into a room.

They cleaned me up and I ran some tests. They came back in really quickly, 'I am sorry' he told me, 'Why? What's wrong with me?' I asked scared, 'You have had a miscarriage' he sighed, I looked up 'I wasn't pregnant' I told him, 'You were... Two months' he told me. 'Two months?' I asked, 'Yes' he nodded. Three months ago I was... In hospital, that night with Zayn in the hospital. I put my head in my hands, 'You really didn't know?' asked the doctor, I shook my head 'I have had other things on my mind' I sighed, 'would you like me to tell your boyfriend?' he asked, 'NO!... I mean... I will do it' I sighed, he nodded 'I will get him for you.

Should I be honest with him. I mean, I know Zayn now he will blame himself... he always does. I mean, we didn't know in the first place, does he need to know now? It would hurt him, and I know he would shut me out. I don't know what to do?

Zayn's Pov

I shouldn't have let her go in on her own, I am stupid! I paced back and forth, I can't believe this. The Doctor walked out, 'Mr.Malik... Brook is ready to see you now' he smiled, I walked past him and walked to her room. I looked for her room and found it and opened the door, she looked up at me 'Hey Zayn' she smiled, 'Hey Doll' I walked over and kissed her softly, 'So what is wrong, what did they say ??' I asked, she gulped 'They said that....


Will brook tell Zayn?

Will Zayn have to find out for himself?

What will happen next?

Who is Harry?

Is Harry good or bad?

What will happen to Louis and Lola?

Was he really good or has he always been bad?



A lot of new questions in this one isn't there, lets make the plot thicken ?? xxx

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