Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


5. She's mine

Brook’s Pov

I woke up with Zayn wrapped around me, I looked up at him and smiled a bit, and then realised what I was doing. I took his arms from around me, he grunted. I left him there and walked down to the kitchen; I turned the kettle on and waited for it to boil. Zayn’s phone was on the side, and it began to buzz. I shouldn’t answer it but it could be important, ‘Hello?’ I answered, ‘ermm... is Zayn there?’ the man asked, ‘he is asleep, can I pass a message’ I asked, he chuckled down the phone, ‘you must be the girl that josh made a move on’ he said, ‘that is me why?’ I asked, ‘look just tell Zayn that it’s done’ he said, ‘I am not going to tell him anything, until I know what was done’ I said, ‘feisty’ he said laughing, ‘just tell me what zayn paid you to do?’ I said, ‘that josh guy, let’s just say he got a lesson taught to him’ he said laughing, ‘what kind of lesson?’ I asked, ‘listen sweet cheeks, you want the honest answer, he is in hospital on life support’ he said, I stayed silent ‘Happy now love’ he asked, ‘I-I have to go’ I stammered, ‘alright love... if you ever get tired of Zayn call me’ he said, I hung up the phone.

I ran upstairs, and flung the door open and Zayn was sat up in bed, I glared at him ‘Morning do...’ I stopped him, ‘don’t! I am going to go and I don’t ever want to see you again’ I said, ‘doll? What has happened’ he asked, ‘what has happened?! You paid that man to attack josh... I know he went too far, but you had hurt him enough’ I yelled, ‘how do you know about that’ he said getting up and walking over to me, ‘your friend the one that hurt josh and put him on a life support machine rang up this morning, I was told to pass a message on’ I said, grabbing my jeans from the corner, ‘look calm down... I did it for you’ he said, ‘I didn’t ask you too! I didn’t want anyone to get hurt’ I said, he turned me and pushed me against the wall, ‘listen to me... I am only trying to protect you... I can’t have you get hurt... and he needed to learn’ he said, my breath got faster ‘Zayn I can’t stay here if all your gonna do is hurt people, I don’t want to be here... you scared me... and the things you do scare me’ I said, ‘I will stop, or at least I will try to’ he said, ‘how do I know you really will?’ I asked, he inched his face closer to mine ‘trust me’ he said, I sighed and looked down he pulled my chin up ‘you do trust me?’ he asked, ‘I am not sure’ I said, ‘well you should’ he said.

He kissed my lips softly and I was so reluctant to pull away, he hitched my leg up around him, my arms threw themselves around his neck. ‘Jump’ he whispered, breaking the kiss. I jumped so my legs were wrapped around his waist; he walked over to the bed and lay me down. His kiss got deeper, I gave him access to he could slip his tongue into my mouth, he explored every inch of my mouth. I gasped and pulled away my phone was ringing, I leant over 'Hello?...Hey...ok ok clam down... I will be there straight away' I said, I put the phone down, and pushed Zayn off me, 'I have to go' I said, 'why?' he asked, 'Logan's dad has been taken into hospital I need to be there for him' I said, pulling up my pants, 'can't it wait' he asked, 'No it can't I have to be there for him' I said, he sighed.

Zayn gave me a lift to logan's apartment, I could tell that he was angry with me. 'Zayn is everything OK?' I asked 'I just don't get why he called you first' he said, the vain on the side if his neck was pumping hard, I know there is only way I will be able to make him forgive me.... But why do I want him to forgive me? I shouldnt care about how he feels about me,after everything he has put me through these past few days I should let him feel like this... I can't do it I need to make him feel reassured I don't know why but I think I might be getting feelings for him. 'Zayn I promised I was yours... So you don't need to worry about Logan' I said,he laughed deeply 'I am not threathend by him and I know it... I am just saying I want you to be with me' he said, 'well today I am spending it with Logan' I said, I regretted my words straight away, zayn tensed up, I reached over and put my hand on his thigh, I rubbed it softly, 'zayn  are you jealous of Logan?' I asked, he laughed 'why would I be your mine' He said grinning, I smiled at him.


Zayn  POV

I knew I could win her over, I need her more than you might think. I dropped her off and went out to see Steve the guy that got Josh for me, I knocked on his door, a blonde girl opened it 'hey zayn ' she said, this was Steve's wife Lucy, 'hey is Steve in' I asked, 'in the lounge' she smiled. After spending the morning with Steve and talking about how he was going to keep Josh quite and about what has happened, I thought maybe I should pay Josh a visit at the hosptial.

Brook's POV

I was sat in the hospital with logan , we had spent the morning with his dad, he was getting better now. I walked over to ICU (intensive care unit) I wondered if Josh would be there I think maybe I should apologize, after all zayn  did it because of me. 'excuse me is Josh devine here' I asked, the woman at the front desk nodded 'room 26' she said I smiled at her 'thank you' I said I walked down the coridor, I opened the door and walked in. Josh was covered in bruises and cuts, guilt swapped over me, I walked over to his bed. I sat down next to him, his eyes fluttered open, he sat up and looked at me 'hey' I said 'what are you doing here?' He asked, 'I wanted to make sure you are okay.... I felt a bit guilty because if everything that has happen to you' I said, he laughed a laugh like zayn does all the time, 'well that is nice of you but its probably safer for the both of us if we don't talk and if your not here' he said, in smiled a bit 'sorry but considering you haver no company and my friend is busy with his dad... Your stuck with me'  I Said smiling, he smiled back.

We talked for a while, and he was actually really nice. He said a sorry for everything that had happened, I was sat on the end of the bed and checked the time 'I better be going' I said, 'thanks for coming' he said, I stood up and hugged him, 'its okay I enjoyed it' I said 'me too' he said, I smiled and waved walking out of the door. I stepped out and was greeted by a very angry Zayn, 'zayn !' I said shocked 'what are you doing in here' he asked.

Zayn  POV

What the fuck is she doing in there ? I told her, and she is the one that expects me go change when she does stupid things like this. 'What are you doing in here?' I asked her, she stumbled her words 'I was just....just' I stopped her 'you were just what?' I asked angrily, 'look I just thought that maybe I should apologise' she said, 'why the fuck should you e the one apologising' I yelled, 'zayn I just thought.....'I cut her of again, 'well try not to think next time... He is bad news' I spat 'that's what people said about you' she said.

Brook's pov

'Look just stay away from him please' he begged his tone soften 'you don't own me... I can talk to who I want' I said, he pushed me against the wall, 'your mine' he whisper in my ear, I pulled back and looked at him 'I have to now... I need to go home' I sighed, 'why' he asked, 'my bother will be worried and I can't leave him waiting' I said, 'don't come back here' he said, 'what to this hospital or to the room' I asked,he laughed 'you know what I mean' he said in raspy voice . I turned away from him and walked home.

Zayn  POV

I walked into Josh's room, 'zayn ' he said shocked 'I swear she came in Here I don't invite her' he defended , I know,but now you know what will happen if you mess with me or if you ever go near brook again she is mine... Your not going to touch her' I said 'well she is the one who wanted to stay she wanted to see me and she wanted to hang out again... And well I like the sound of that too' he aid smugly, I clenched my fists ,your not going to go anywhere near her and she knows not to go near you' I said angrily, 'maybe you need go make it a bit clearer to her because she seems quite content with me now' he said,I walked over to him and grabbed him by the throat 'stay away you get it' I said, I left go of him and he coughed gasping for air, maybe now he gets the picture. I walked down the corridor and got to the desk the woman whispers to her friend 'he is bad news, watch out for him' I smiled, and walked to the front of the hospital and lit a ciggerette and leant against the wall.... Maybe now he gets the picture she's mine.


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