Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


73. She Never Could Dance.

Zayn's Pov

I walked back to the house, the boys were exactly where I left them. Niall and Louis still playing on the Xbox, Harry was asleep. And Liam? I don't know where he is. I said a brief hello to Niall and Louis, and then walked around the house looking for Liam. I sighed and looked around, I couldn't find him, I heard a few muffled shouts from Niall and Louis who still played the game. Liam was hiding something, I had to know what.

I wandered upstairs, and looked in the bedrooms. The peered out the window and looked outside, Liam was stood there on the phone, shouting something into it. I went swiftly to the back garden, I opened the door and Liam had is back to me, still yelling into the phone. 'NO!... I don't care you shouldn't have gone up to him!.. N-No! Shut up and listen to me... I am doing this to save your ass, and if you want to throw it all away then you can... but one way or another... your not coming again' he sighed in frustration. 'Look just try not to get involved, we had a plan.. stick to it... Now good bye TINA' he snapped and hung up the phone.

'Rough night?' I asked, his body turned around and he looked at me shocked, 'How long have you been there?' he asked, 'Not Long... you had a argument with Tina? Sounded pretty intense' I pondered to him, I wonder if it was the same Tina, I met tonight? 'No.. I ... look Zayn this .. me and Tina are none of your concern, so keep your nose out of my business.. you need to learn not everything is your problem... leave it alone Zayn' he growled at me, 'I was trying to help' I yelled back, 'Well don't... you get involved and this go wrong.. this one isn't your fight Zayn' he growled and pushed right passed me, not saying another word but I stopped. 'You know why I can't help?' I asked, he stopped and turned around, 'Why? Amuse me?' he snarled, 'Because you killed the good that was left in me... its your fault Brook's dead.. she was the only good' I barked back, and pushed passed him.

I walked upstairs, and fell into my bed. I want to just wake up and this whole thing have been a dream. I wish I hadn't fallen in love with her, in love with her smile, her eyes and he laugh. I wish that I had never laid my eyes on her, that I had never kissed her lips, I have never touched her skin. I wish she was here.

I showered quickly and checked the time 3am. Maybe now I should sleep. I walked back to bed and slide under the covers, I lay there for a moment staring at the ceiling, then my phone rang. 'Hello?' I mumbled in the darkness, 'Hey Zayn, its me' I heard, I rolled my eyes 'Hey Steve' I mumbled, 'What can I do for you?' I continued, 'I have a fight tomorrow, need a fighter, so at 10am I need you to be down at the gym to train.. okay?' he asked, I sighed. Brook couldn't stop me now, I had made a promise, and I don't brake them. 'Sure thing' I whispered, 'Will the lovely Brook be joining us?' he snickered, he didn't know. 'She's dead' was all I said, 'Whatever you say' he laughed, 'I'm serious... she died two weeks ago tomorrow' I spoke, 'How?' he whispered, 'Look I don't want to talk about it, I need to sleep see you at 10' I spoke and hung up the phone.

I lay there, and then suddenly Harry turned up at the foot of my bed. 'Can I talk to you?' he asked, 'At 3 am? Harry go to bed' I snapped, 'Zayn... I was...' I stopped him, 'I said go to bed Harry' I bit his head off. 'You know I have tried being nice to you, but your not the only one hurting Zayn we all are! So pull your head out of your fucking arse and listen to me for once' he whisper-yelled. I stayed there stunned, 'Brook left you this, it was in her jewellery box... she wrote it in Spain I think' he spat throwing a letter my way, I picked it up. 'Why do you have this?' I asked, 'I found it when I was in her room the night she died' Harry spoke and turned to walk out, 'You've had this for two weeks and didn't bother telling me?!' I whispered, Harry just rolled his eyes once and left my room, stopping an argument from erupting.

I looked down at the letter in my hand, "Zayn" was finely wrote on the front.

I opened the letter slowly.

Dear Zayn,

I don't know if I am going to make it back or not. If I do then, you won't get this, If I don't then... I'm sure one of the boys will find it and give it you. I am so sorry about everything, the way things have turned out, it's all just a big mess. I wanted to make you happy, and I did that right? I mean... now that I'm not there I want you to move on... not straight away give it time, three months at least. But find someone who can make you happy. Make sure the boys are alright, I know Liam will be. Louis will be okay soon enough, Harry will hurt for a while, but just give him time. Make sure you look out for Niall, he has never coped well with things like this. Make sure your okay too, make sure you look after your self. So Er... I never thought I would write this letter as if I was dead. I am still trying to wrap my own head around the fact I will be dead. It's weird right? Anyway, just remember I love you, don't forgot that. Also tell the boys I love them.

All my love, Brook.

The letter flew sideways. I  couldn't hold back anymore, its like all the emotions from the last two weeks just burst out. But before I knew it I cried my self to sleep with thoughts of her.

Mystery Pov

I lay there, thoughts racking through my brain. I tossed and turned, this motel bed was so not comfy. I rolled over and looked at the clock 3:02am. Urggg how slow was this going, I looked around the bare room nothing to entertain myself with. I couldn't do this forever, and I am so glad I didn't have to.

Zayn's Pov

My eyes shot open, I groaned a thud of thunder rolled outside. I looked over at the clock, "9am" I mumbled. I pulled on some clothes, barely touched my hair, and grabbed my phone. I walked down the stairs, and looked straight for Harry. 'Thanks for the letter' I told him, and patted his back. 'What letter?' Liam asked instantly, I took it from my pocket and handed it too him, he skimmed over it, his expression unreadable. 'I have training today' I told them, 'I have a match tonight' I continued. 'The deal is off isn't it?... now you don't have to protect Brook.. you don't have to fight' Louis told me, 'I want to fight... I made a promise, and I kind of miss it you know, better to take out my pain on others that you guys right?... besides Brook's dead now, so we don't need to mention her' Zayn asked, half serious.

'Is that what Brook would want?' Niall asked, 'she's not here to stop me' I snapped back at him, maybe that was harsh. 'Just think about what your doing' Harry whispered, 'I know what I am doing' I moaned.

----At the gym---

I punched and punched the bag harder and harder. Wanting the hurt, pain, anger I felt all to just disappear. I wanted so much to just get rid of it all. 'Look sharp Malik' I heard a voice and turned around and saw Steve, I scoffed and turned back to the bag. 'I have money riding on you Malik, don't let me down' he chuckled, 'I never do when it comes to boxing' I bit back. 'I know I know... this match is against Xavier' he told me, I nodded and continued to hit. 'So where is dear Brook really?' he asked, Zayn put much more force behind his next punch. 'Dead' I spat, 'Dominic?' he asked, I grunted a yes.

Liam's Pov

Louis was looking at me, 'What?' I asked confused, 'Your keeping secrets Mr.Payne' Louis teased, but there was complete truth behind what he said. 'I don't know what you mean' I replied, 'Your never the secretive, what's going on... is it that Tina chick, you knocked her up or something?' Louis asked, 'No! I haven't. I just have stuff to do at the moment and with all you lads constantly questioning me I can't get to minutes to think' I exclaimed, 'Well then what is the stuff you have to do' Louis asked me, standing up and towering over me. 'I have to solve a problem, and keep everyone out of it' I snapped at him, 'Well if shit comes down then don't say I didn't offer my help' Louis spat. 'I didn't ask for your help' I snapped back at him, 'Well like I said, if this all comes back to get you, don't say I didn't help' Louis sassed and walked out.

Harry's Pov

I walked upstairs and heard light sobs. I frowned, and walked to Niall's door. 'Niall?' I whispered, pushing open the door, 'Go away' Niall cried, and turned around. 'Mate what's wrong?' I asked walking over to him, and sitting down beside him on the bed. 'Brook... Everyone seems to just act like she never excised, its like we can't even say her name.. Zayn avoids all talk of her, Liam acts like she was never here, Louis is just being himself, you seem to be doing just fine... and I am falling apart.. Harry I miss her' Niall sobbed into his hands. He was so right. Zayn didn't want to talk about her, Louis was trying to make it normal, I was trying to move on, and Liam... Why was Liam pretending like she didn't exist. 'Niall... You know I miss her too right? We all do... That's why Zayn isn't talking... We are all acting like this for Zayn... if we were all miserable, he would go of the rails you know that' I told him tenderly. 'That's not fair though... we should want talk about Brook, she shouldn't be forgotten' Niall whispered.

I sat facing Niall. 'Come on then. Me and You. Let's talk about her... What do miss the most about her?' I asked, the question killing me. Niall smiled at me, 'I miss her laugh... yeah... her laugh.. she always laughed at everything like me' Niall showed a crooked smile. 'I miss her voice... it was sweet... like she always made me smile when she spoke' I told him. 'What did you love about her?' I asked now, 'Her bad dancing' Niall chocked out a laugh, I nodded and chuckled in agreement 'she never could dance' I laughed. 'See... this is what it should be like' Niall whispered, 'I know but Zayn just doesn't do feelings' I sighed.

Zayn's Pov

I heard it all, I came back early. I  heard the conversation through the door. They were right she never could dance.



I can't believe there is like 2 or 3 chapters left! BIG PART COMING SOONN!!!!

Love you all so much , thank you all for the success with this. Please spread the word, keep the comments and favourites coming. I want to get this movella into the top 20 all time favourites, were on like 32 at the moment :)





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