Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


33. Resuced Me

Brook's Pov

I woke up the next morning and saw I was lay on Louis. I shot up and pushed myself away from him. I walked up stairs, and saw Zayn lying in bed. I smiled and walked over to him, I sat down next to him. His eyes fluttered open, I smiled 'Morning' I chimed, he sat up and rubbed him eyes. I put my hand on the back of his neck, 'you okay?' I asked, he nodded. 'Your quiet' I told him. 'You didn't come up to bed last night' he told me, 'no... I feel asleep next to Louis' I awkwardly laughed, 'you feel asleep on him correction' he snarled. 'Zayn?... are you jealous?' I smiled, he coughed 'no... I mean your mine, he isn't worth it' he sighed. 'Good, because I don't like him' I stated, then felt overwhelming guilt, I remembered what happened with me and Louis in the kitchen.

'So are you going to see your mum today?' I asked, 'no... I have some things I need to sort out with ... my dad' he told, 'well can I go and see her?' I asked, he turned and a grin pulled at his lips 'why do you want to go and see her?' he asked, I smiled 'I just want a chance to get to know her a bit more' I smiled. He turned and kissed me softly, 'your amazing you know that right?' he beamed, I looked down 'i'm not as great as you think' I whispered, 'oh and why would that be?' he asked in a tough voice, 'that's for me to know and for you to never find out' I laughed, he smirked 'ooo a girl with secrets?' he teased, I laughed at him. He grabbed my hand and kissed it, 'I love you Brook' he smiled, I sighed and smiled 'when did you get soft?' I asked, he laughed at me, 'I'm not soft, I just really want you to know' he beamed, I leant in a kissed him. 'Do you love me?' he asked, 'yes' I replied, 'will you love me forever?' he asked, I giggled 'yes I will love you forever' I laughed, 'good cause that's how long your going to be mine Doll' he smiled and kissed me.

Then I remembered what Louis said last night about Zayn always calling me Doll. I smiled up at him 'Zayn?' I asked, he looked at me with those dark brown eyes. 'Yeah?' he replied, 'why do you call me Doll?' I questioned looking down, 'what?' he asked with a chuckle. 'You have always called me Doll since you first met me? Just wondering why?' I tried to make it sound like a spur of the moment question, 'I don't know really? I think its cause when I first saw you, you were cute and your cheeks were red and your hair was curly... you reminded me off a doll' he laughed, I was taken back 'are you telling me I look like a piece of plastic?' I asked slightly offended, 'no I just... Your just like a doll... I thought you were fragile, but you weren't what I expected at all, you were a strong girl... you still are. I think I felt like I needed to protect you... cause when I was younger, I use to play with my sister and she had dolls and I was always the one that had to rescue them... and I just needed to recuse you' he said stroking my cheek, I smiled 'You did rescue me Zayn' I beamed and kissed him.

 'why did you think it was?' he asked, I sighed 'no ... I will just sound ridiculous' I giggled, 'nope go on tell me' he encouraged. 'Well... A doll Is a toy, and...  I though you just saw me as a toy... as something you can just throw away and get rid of whenever you want' I sighed, he lifted up my chin to face him. 'I would never throw you away... you are mine, and... your not my toy, I would never play with your feelings or hurt you...' he stated. It was an uncomfortable silence, but I needed to change that. I took a coin from the dresser, 'here' I passed the coin to him. 'Heads... your mine... Tails... I'm yours' I grinned, he laughed and looked up at me, 'okay deal' he smiled. He tossed the coin, 'look at that... Tails... I guess that means your mine?' he smiled, I nodded and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeply.

I got dressed and walked down stairs, I saw Louis sat in the kitchen with a brew in his hand. 'Morning Lov-... Brook' he corrected him self. 'Morning' I said emotionlessly, 'why are you giving me the cold shoulder?' he asked, 'I'm not... I just... can we talk later?' I asked, he smiled cheekily 'no! I don't mean have sex I actually mean talk!' I whispered to him angrily. 'Sure' he smiled, just then Zayn joined us in the kitchen. He walked over and kissed me, I normally wouldn't mind but... I don't like the fact it was in front of Louis. I smiled and pulled back, he looked briefly confused but was satisfied. Zayn grabbed his keys from the side, 'I will see you later Doll... or would you like to be called something else now?' he asked, I giggled and hugged him 'Doll will be perfect' I grinned.

Zayn turned to Louis, 'I don't mean to be rude mate, but I am out today and so is Brook so could you get going home soon?' Zayn asked, he smiled 'sure thing, can I just get a quick shower?' he asked, Zayn nodded. 'In a bit mate, Bye Doll' he called. Zayn walked out the door, 'fancy joining me in the shower?' Louis asked, 'pig! Just fucking going' I yelled. He grinned and walked upstairs. I rushed the dishes and walked up stairs, Louis was walking around in a towel.


I took a deep breath and walked past him, 'Love can I borrow some of Zayn's clothes' he asked, I nodded and he followed me. I had a half naked Louis following me, and if I offered he would fuck me now... but I will refuse. I love Zayn and he is all I need and all I want. 'Here' I said handing him some clothes, as I did my eyes fell to his toned chests and soft pelvic bones. I stared 'take a picture Love... it might last longer' he grinned 'I wasn't even looking' I defended, 'really?' he asked, I sighed. 'Go and get dressed' I ordered, 'can you not help' he teased, now he was testing me.

All I wanted to scream out was 'YES LET ME RIP THAT TOWEL FROM YOU AND THROW YOU ON THAT BED AND YOU CAN HAVE ME ANYWAY YOU LIKE,  YOU CAN KISS ME TOUCH ME DO WHAT EVER YOU WANTJUST FUCKING DO ME... JUST DON'T FUCKING TELL ZAYN THIS IS A ONE OFF' ... But I didn't... 'No Louis... I need to talk to you actually... I love Zayn and what we did yesterday is not going to come between that, that meant nothing yesterday! Okay' I told, he smiled and walked closer 'it meant something to me' he grinned, 'well good for you, but it doesn't mean anything' I replied, 'really well... what if I told Zayn?' he asked, I laughed 'who do you think he is going to believe, his girlfriend who he loves and who loves him... or he old best friend who tried to stab him the other day?' I asked, 'you play a dangerous game Brook... I like that' he whispered with a smile. 'Well nice to know what you like in a girl, now go and get changed and get out of this fucking house!' I yelled. 'Okay Love... call me later?' he asked, I rolled my eyes.


How Long can Brook resist Louis temptations?

Can Zayn and Brook fight for there love?

Why is Zayn mysteriously going out... who is it really with its not his dad?


Sorry I know its short not feeling very well!

But who has tickets to go and see One Direction in 2014 !! I got mine !!!

Love you all!


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