Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


54. Protecting the Truth

Brook's Pov


It had been a week, and I was allowed to come out of hospital now. I still hadn't chosen. I mean who would be able too? I know I love Zayn that is positive, but what about Harry? I mean he is sweet and kind and hot, and urge FEELINGS ARE CRAP! Zayn walked in, 'Hey Doll' he grinned and kissed my cheek, I felt a bit guilty I don't know what for, I mean... I had nothing to be guilty for! I hadn't kissed Harry or anything.


I grabbed my bag, and walked out with Zayn. 'You ready for tonight?' he asked, 'What is tonight?' I asked. 'The first night back with me' he purred in my ear. 'I am still a bit sore from the accident' I told him, 'I will go easy' he growled, I couldn't help but smile. I love the idea of doing things with Zayn again, I have missed his touch. 'Okay... You have to go really easy' I reply, 'No problem' he smiled and kissed me.


I smile, and kiss him 'Can you go and wait in the car I need to see Harry' I smile, 'Okay, don't be long' he spat, I nod and kiss him before walking inside. I go up the stairs and find Harry's room. Luckily he is alone for a change. I smile at him, he sits up and flashes me that all too famous grin. 'Hey' I smile, 'Hi what are you doing here, aren't you meant to be going home?' he asked, I nod 'yeah but I wanted to talk to you first' I smile. 'Why?' he asked, 'We haven't been able to talk just you and me since the accident so...' I finished.


I sat down 'So you and Zayn are back together I see' he commented, 'Yeah.. but about us?' I start, 'I didn't think there was an us' he questioned. 'No... there isn't but... Am I the only one that has been feeling something when we are together?' I asked honestly, he chuckled 'No... I feel it too' he told me. I sigh, 'I don't know what to do Harry, don't get me wrong I am really starting to like you... but you'll never be Zayn I love him' I confess. 'I am not asking you to come with me or dump Zayn, you can think about it, but... I really like you, I don't know if I can be Zayn because... I am just me, I might not be as good as him but I can try to be' he smiled.


I hug him tightly. 'No you don't need to change' I smiled, 'If I do you will love me' he stated, 'No I won't... I do love you Harry, but I am not sure if its just as a friend or... as more' I tell him, 'I am not sure either, Why don't we just … give our self some time so we can see how we feel for each other?' he suggested, 'But... I am with Zayn now' I told him, 'exactly... you two carry on with life, he really needs you, more than I do... he can give you things I probably can't... so I am okay with it.. Maybe we are just better as friends' he told me, 'Maybe, but what if its more than that' I asked, 'Well... we can figure that out when we come to it, for now you need to be with Zayn, I need to get better then we will sort this whole mess out' he smiled, I nod and hug him. 'See you soon Harry' I smile and leave.


I walk back to the car and Zayn is stood there with two boys. I walk over and grab Zayn's hand, 'Who are these?' I ask Zayn, but look at the boys. 'I am William' said one of the boys. He was tall with Brown hair like Louis, and a similar build but different in his own way. 'and I am Oliver' he smiled, he had brown hair as well. But he was a little shorter than William, he had pale green eyes and a cute grin. 'Come on Brook' Zayn growled, 'Wait' I whispered, 'Who are you?' I asked, 'You know are names don't you?' William asked, god.. Sassy much? I rolled my eyes, I looked at Oliver to see if he could help. 'We are new in the area, we were just... Looking for a bit of help finding our way... and er your friend here was very helpful' Oliver smiled.


I look at Zayn. 'Okay, well... We should be going' Zayn commented, I looked up at him. Something was wrong, he was unusually shifty, like he didn't like the boys I could just tell. I sigh and get into the car with Zayn. 'Are you really going to explain what that was really about?' I asked, he shook his head. 'It nothing don't worry about it... You heard them they just new in the area' he told me, 'Zayn don't lie to me... This is where that trust thing comes in' I told him. He clenched his fists around the steering wheel, knuckles turning yellow.


'I am sorry but, this also goes back to what I said at the beginning of the relationship, there are things you need to know and things you don't... this you don't' he told me, 'But Zayn-..' he stopped me, 'Enough Brook... Leave it' he spat. I rolled my eyes and looked out of the window, 'Look Brook, I am sorry but the less you know the better, I can't have you getting hurt again' he reached across and out a hand on my thigh, 'I know that Zayn, but you can't just keep me in the dark' I told him, 'Fine... Oliver and William were there the night of the fire, they were trying to help us... they are tracking down Andy and Steve... that is all I am going to say' he told me.


We drove for a little while until we got home. I got out of the car and went inside, 'You need to get your clothes from Jack's' he stated, 'Can you go for me?...I don't want to see him' I told him, 'Why not?' he asked, coming closer and brushing my cheek with his fingertips. 'He is just.... We just had a argument and I don't want to face him again' I whisper, he nodded 'Okay Doll, I will be back soon... You settle back in' he told me, I nod. Zayn left the houses to go and get my things.


I couldn't help but smile being back home, I really had missed this place. I make a cup of tea and sit down to watch TV. After about ten minutes there is a knock at the door. I walk over and open it, its Oliver and William. 'So much for being new in the area' I chuckle leaning on the door frame, 'he told you huh?' William asked pushing passed me to come inside. 'Yeah' I state, opening the door fully for Oliver.


We walked into the living room, 'So hoe much has our Zayn told you?' William asked, 'Enough' I state. 'Well give him this when he gets back' Oliver smiled handing me an envelope, 'What is it?' I asked going to open it. 'Ah ah ah... No... You can't open that' Oliver stated. I sighed and put the thing down. I looked at William, 'You remind me a lot of my friend' I told him, 'Yeah who is your friend?' he asked, 'Louis' I told him. 'That's because I am his brother.... he never mentioned me?' he asked, I shook my head.


'Well we should be going now, bye Brook' William smiled and walked out. 'A man of few words I see' I chuckle, 'Yeah ignore him, he isn't the greatest around new people' Oliver smiled, I nod 'I can see that' I laugh, 'So has Zayn told everything, like what we know about you?' he asked, 'No. What do you know about me' I questioned shocked, 'Oh. I thought he would have told you?... look never mind Brook' he stated, trying to go. I put my hand on his chest, 'Tell me' I whisper, 'I have said to much already' he told me, 'One thing then, tell me one thing you know' I ask. 'Okay one thing... Your parents... they didn't die in a car accident' he stated, 'W-What?' I asked, 'I was there, they died' I told him, 'That wasn't they didn't died, nothing happened to them in the car... it was what happened after the car accident they had to go... Now I have said to much, I need to go' he told me, leaving me stood alone.


Zayn's Pov


I got to Jack's house and walked up to the door. I knocked, the door opened. 'Oh its you, what do you want?' Jack spat, 'I just came to get Brook's things, and then I will be gone' I told him, he opened the door and I walked up to Brook's room. I grabbed all of her clothes and stuffed them in to her suit cases. I sighed and walked down the stairs. I got down stairs, 'your not even going to ask how Brook is?' I ask, 'Sorry... How is she?' he asked sarcastically, 'What happened to you and her?' I asked, 'She said I wasn't her brother any more, and then … well I didn't want a sister' he growled, 'what do you mean? You hurt her?' I asked, getting angry.


'Oh for god sake she had it coming!' he yelled, 'she is your fucking sister!' I yelled grabbing him and pushing him against the wall. I punched him hardly in the face and he fell to the floor. I grabbed him again, 'COME ON, YOU CAN HURT A GIRL!!! TRY AND HURT ME!' he yelled. Then Brook's words came into my head, 'The reasons I trust Harry is because he won't do anything, he knows will hurt me' I dropped him, 'I am going to leave it there' I spat, 'But... you stay away from Brook, and you never lay another finger on her or you will get it' I spat before leaving him there with out another word.


Brook's Pov


All of this is so difficult to get my head around. I was there when they died, what did he mean it happened after the car accident. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. If they didn't die in a car accident then how did they die. It was only a year and a half ago. My parents had nothing to do with anyone who could hurt them. So where have they gone? They didn't know any one that could get them into trouble. Then I thought back, I remember. I had met Andy before, only once....




'Go on go and get the drinks' Mum smiled handing me some money. I smiled, and walked over to get some drinks. I stood in the cue, and someone bumped in to me. I looked up 'Sorry love' he smiled, I gulp 'Its okay, my fault' I say. 'No my fault entirely' he smiled, 'Here allow me to but your drink' he smiled, 'No its fine, I have to get them for my mum and dad' I smile, he nods. 'Brook!' My mum yelled, I looked over at her, she came over to us. 'Who is this?' she asked, 'Sorry where are my manners? I am Andy' he smiled, my mum went white. She looked like she had noticed him, 'Come on Brook... we will go and get drinks somewhere else' she sighed puling my arm, 'Nice to meet you' I called, 'Yeah we will see you again sometime' he grinned.


End Of Flashback


Is Andy the reason my parents are “dead” … I looked over at the door. And almost on cue, Zayn walked through the door, 'Hey doll I am back' he smiled, I looked over and hand my arms crossed, 'Did you know my parent's aren't dead?' I asked, 'Brook I-..' I stopped him, 'Tell me Zayn!' I yelled.






Who are Oliver and William?

What really happened to her parents?

Did Zayn know all along?

Will Brook forgive Jack?

How will Andy and Steve react to Oliver and William?

What will happen next?



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