Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


49. Promises Broken

Brook's Pov

I settled Courtney in her room and then went down stairs. I walked down stairs and Louis was sat there with Niall, Harry was now awake and sat with them. I sat down next to them, 'When will Zayn going to be back?' I asked, they all shrugged. I sighed and walked into the kitchen and followed my Harry. 'How are you feeling this morning' he asked brushing a my hair so he could see the cut of my face, I smile 'I am okay' I confirm, he nodded satisfied and walked over to the fridge. 'You want anything?' he asked, I shook my head.

The front door opened and then closed. 'Zayn is back' Harry told me, 'No shit Sherlock' I mocked, he laughed. I walked into the living room, and saw Zayn leaning on the door frame. I went and wrapped my arms around him, I went to kiss his lips but he diverted it so my lips only met his cheek. I pulled back shocked by this. 'Everything okay?' I asked, he nodded and didn't bother talking to me, rude much? He made me let go of him and walked into the living room and sat beside Niall. I leaned there for a while until I was getting angry at the fact he was ignoring me.

I sighed and walked upstairs to make sure Courtney was okay. I walked inside and saw she had fallen asleep, her phone was going off. I rolled my eyes and looked at the caller ID. Logan. I answered it but left the room, 'Hello?' I asked, 'Brook? Where is Courtney?' Logan croaked. 'That is none of your business anymore your a dick, and she is not going to be going near you, your going to stop calling and your going to forget about me, her, Zayn and the boys, and your just going to walk away, and I won't press charges' I explained, 'Okay your right. But may I be frank, I didn't mean for her to get hurt... she just got in the way. This is all your fault anyway, if you weren't here, Lola wouldn't have had to get Louis involved to win Zayn back, Josh wouldn't have left, Courtney would never had met me, and Lola wouldn't have died, its all your fault so instead of looking for someone to blame, Look in the mirror' he spat and hung up the phone.

I sighed in frustration and put her phone back. I changed into my pyjama's again and sat on mine and Zayn's bed. I pulled my knees to my chest, and looked down at my laptop screen in front of me. It was a little while later and Zayn opened the door, 'Hey Doll' he tried to smile, but I could see it was fake. 'Oh now you can talk to me' I scoff, 'Sorry' he mumbled, 'Are you going to explain why you ignored me?' I asked pissed off, 'Depends, are you going to explain what your doing with Liam?' he spat. I stopped dead. My breathing hitched. My pulse got faster. Palms got sweaty. 'Come on Brook I am all ears' he half shouted, I stumble over what to say.

'How do you know? I-I mean did Liam tell you? I didn't want to Zayn but I didn't have the choice! He would have told you about Harry, and I know your already protective over me and your friends, so if he had of told you I kissed Harry, you would have gone crazy!' I gasped, he stood there looking utterly shocked, 'You kissed Harry?!' he whispered angrily, My throat was dry 'I thought that is what you meant? I mean why else would Liam have told you?' I whispered, 'Liam told me nothing, he said you two were planning something, when I saw your text to him! HE SAID NOTHING ABOUT YOU KISSING HARRY!!' He yelled, 'Zayn he weren't together, it shouldn't matter!' I contrididcted, 'We hadn't officially broken up! You just saw it as an opportunity to get off with him!!' he shouted, 'No Zayn I didn't' I tell him, 'Really, I mean for fuck sake I should I known from the moment you met him you flirted with him!' he loudly boomed, 'No I didn't, Look he said he liked me and I thought that maybe... I don't know I thought maybe he could get over me!' I yelled, 'Get over you? HOW CAN HE GET OVER YOU IF YOU HAVE YOUR TOUNGE DOWN HIS THROAT!!' He screamed.

A silence fell and we looked at each other. 'What did Liam want you too do?' he whispered, Nothing... it doesn't matter now you know about Harry' I told him, 'TELL ME BROOK' He yelled, it was now I remember how truly terrifying he could be. I sighed and looked down, 'BROOK!' He yelled again. 'Okay! Liam said that if I... be his "dirty little secret" then he wouldn't tell you about me kissing Harry' I told him, he punched the wall, and I jumped 'So you thought, you would shag him instead of just telling me you kissed Harry! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!' He shouted, 'I am sorry okay, I didn't think, I knew you would be like this and I knew you would get angry' I told him, 'I AM PASSED ANGRY!! BROOK, I AM FUCKING FUMING' He yelled. I whimpered, 'I am so sorry Zayn' I whispered, 'Sorry isn't going to fucking cut it!' he yelled.

I looked at him, as he sat down near the door and slid down the wall. I turned to face him, 'What doing Zayn? I mean are we even worth this any more?' I croaked, 'I don't know what you mean' he whispered, 'Us? I mean is there any point? We keep on hurting each other and its not good for any one' I told him, 'Are you saying we should break up?' he looked up, I shrugged 'I don't know, all I know is that we always seem to get back to this point, we always end up shouting at each other, and breaking up, and then we realise we were stupid and we make up... but I don't know if I can keep on doing this, people always get in the way, they always seem to try and break us up, and sometimes they don't even know they are doing it' I explained, 'But... Brook... We can't break up' he stuttered, 'We can Zayn, and you know as well as I do we probably should' I sighed, he stood up and knelt in front of me taking my hands. 'No... I can make things work, I can be better' he stuttered, 'No Zayn, this isn't about you being better' I sighed and took my hand to his face, softly stroking.

'This time its my fault, I shouldn't have said yes to Liam, I should have just told you... I should have Zayn... and I am sorry, and this isn't about you needed to be a better boy friend or about caring more, because we both care enough... lets just take a break... and we can see if in a few months time, if we still feel the same then maybe we can try again... but it might be good to see other people' I explained, he looked up at me, with Dark eyes full of pain, lust, hurt, anger, every feeling. He knew I was right. 'I can't live with out you' he stated, 'You have before you can again' I told him, 'Where will you go?' he whispered, 'Home...' I sighed, 'this is your home' he stated, 'No this is your home, my home is with my brother' I sighed. 'One more kiss?' he whispered, I sighed and leant down, softly placing my lips against his, he pulled me closer, and pulled me up.

'Zayn...' I pulled back, he looked up at me, 'One more question?' I asked, 'Go on' he softly spoke 'Look after Courtney, she needs looking after, and because I am not here I think you should help her' I told him, 'Okay... I will for you... but I am telling you now that no matter how long it takes I will have you back... I promise, and you know I am not one to break promises' he whispered, I laughed 'I know... I have learnt that' I whispered, 'Have you noticed, its our six month anerversay tomorrow' he whispered, I nod. 'Yeah' I whisper, 'here you go' he sighed pulling out a box. 'Its a promise ring, it was promising you'll always be mine, but... Promise broken' he whispered sadly. I took it from the box, and it had a small crystal on the front and it was engraved with "Love Zayn" I smiled, and hugged him 'I will keep it, it is a promise, because I am always yours... but... We are just taking a break' I smiled, he nodded 'Want some help packing?' he asked, I nod 'Yeah. I would love help' I smiled, and hugged him.


Will Brook and Zayn get back together?
Will Logan be gone for good?
Will Liam still hold brook to her offer?
Can they all live with out each other?
What ever happened to Brook's brother?
How will Courtney react to being alone with Zayn?

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