Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


52. Playing With Fire

Brook's Pov

I sighed and looked at the time, 8:00pm. The ball was tonight, in half an hour and I hadn't even started to get ready. I pulled out the dress Josh bought for me, I looked at it and couldn't help but be reminded of yesterday seeing Zayn with that tramp. No matter what I will have a good time tonight,  me and Josh will have fun. Even if Zayn shows up, I will have fun. Josh went over to his parents last night, so he could catch up with them. He said he would meet me there. If there is one way to win a girl its defiantly to make her got to a party on her own.

I curled my hair and let it fall. I lightly did my make up, putting on red lipstick. Did you know Zayn likes it when I wear red lipstick? Enough, No, I am wearing it for me, not for him. I pulled on the shoes and walked down stairs. Jack was in the living room, with Andy. 'Well doesn't someone look pretty?' Andy called, 'Thanks' I spat. 'Be nice' Jack warned, 'I am not nice to people who try to kill me and my friends' I grimace. 'Look I am going now so-..' I was interrupted by a knock at the door, 'Who is it?' Jack asked, 'I don't know I can't see through doors' I told him, he rolled his eyes.

I walked over to the door and opened it. Louis? 'Hey Brook I was er-.... Whoa...' he spoke, his eyes wandering over me. I blushed, 'You look amazing' he smiled, 'Thank you, but what are you doing here?' I wonder, 'Oh... Josh told me you didn't have a ride, so I thought I would help a damsel in distress' he smiled, I knew when Louis was lying. He played with his left thumb, and rubbed the back of his neck, he did it when he was nervous too, 'Really?' I asked, he nodded and smiled. 'Okay, Let me get my purse' I told him. I turned, and reached for it. Andy stopped me, 'Tommo is here?' he whispered, to me. I looked over to  Louis my eyes full of panic, he noticed Andy.

'Get of her' Louis calmly spoke, putting himself in front of me. 'Sorry, didn't realise she was your property now?' He commented, 'she isn't, she is a friend and call me old fashioned but I don't like it when dicks like you piss around or hurt them' Louis spat forcing Andy to admit defeat. 'Have a good night Brook, I will see you when you get home, or before hand' he smiled. I rolled my eyes, Louis took my hand and pulled my forward out of my door. 'I hate that fucking guy! Is he living with you or something because if he is-..' I stopped him, 'Lou calm down, he isn't... he is just staying a few nights' I whispered more to myself than him.

'Does Zayn know?' he asked, 'He doesn't need too... Louis I don't ask much from you, I am only asking that you don't tell him!' I warned, he nodded 'Fine, but you call me if you need anything, if you need saving' he kissed my forehead. I did need saving. 'Come on, we should get going' he smiled. I nod and follow him to the car.

We drive in a silence, and speak one or two words. 'So that Jessica you were talking too? How did it go?' I asked, 'It didn't, turns our she has a boyfriend .. Ed I think his name was' he told me, 'Sorry to hear that' I told him. We pulled up outside, and parked up. We walked inside, I gripped onto Louis arm. It was only then I noticed he looked really hot. His hair was side flicked and the suit he hand on really complemented him. I smile at him, 'What are you staring at?' he asked, 'You... You don't scrub up too bad' I laughed, he smiled.

We walked inside and looked around. Fairy lights draped across the room, Candles were around everywhere. A large glass chandelier was centre of the large hall. We walked down the steps and reached the bottom. 'So are the others coming?' I asked, he nodded 'yeah they are around, they might be late though they had some er... Business to take care of' Louis explained. This whole thing was looking more and more suspicious. I sighed and walked over to get a drink. I wonder where Josh is.

Zayn's Pov
I dashed around the house. I pulled on my tie and fixed my hair. 'Just got a text from Louis, he just got to the ball with Brook... and apparently she looks hot' Liam told me. 'Okay, Where is Niall?' I asked, 'Gone to meet Josh' Liam spoke, 'Harry?' I asked, 'On his way to the ball' Liam told. I nod, 'This is going to work trust us' Liam reassured me. I nod, and grab my keys. 'Are you ready to go?' I asked, he nods.

We walk out to my car, and I receive a text from Niall.

Nialler : I have had a few unexpected visitors.

'Shit... Niall has ran into someone' I groaned, 'Who? do you know?'  Liam asked. I shook my head, 'Call him?' he suggested. I nodded. I pull out my phone, and a woman answers the phone. 'Hello?' she asked, I know that voice. 'Courtney?' I yelled, 'Oh Zayn Hi! Er... Niall is just here let me get him for you' she sounded happy. The phone was passed, 'Before you say anything, I am sorry' he told me, 'SORRY?! Niall I needed you to stall Josh, One simple thing! You can't even do that... You just wanted to shag someone instead of helping me!' I yelled, 'Look Zayn, calm down, I am getting dressed now and I am on my way, this can still work out' Niall told me, I sighed 'Your so fucking lucky I am in a good mood Irish boy' I spat, 'Good? Pftt, later Zayn' Niall beamed.

Liam looked over, 'Should I even ask?' he spat, 'No you should, Lets go and pick up Lilly' I hit the foot pedal and sped of.

Andy's Pov

'Steve is on his way, get your shoes on we are going to crash a party' I announced to Jack. 'What are you on about dude?' he asked, 'Come on, we have a night to spare, that ball is on... come on we can so bring the party' I persuade, 'Okay, fine' Jack sighed. Perfect this was going to work.

Brook's Pov

Louis had left not long after, saying he needed to take care of business... WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL THI BUSINESS!

I looked at the time. 9:38pm where is Josh? I sighed and sat down, 'Care to dance?' asked a voice, I looked up, 'Harry? Hey' I smile, 'Well?' he asked, 'What?' I replied, 'You coming to dance with me or not?' he smirked his famous smile, I smiled and took his hand as the slow song began. 'Have you seen Josh? He should have been here ages ago' I told him, 'No sorry Love, but you can stay with me if you like?' he asked. I nodded 'Thanks' I smiled. I looked at Harry, his bow-tie was small and his white shirt was perfectly clung to his torso. I smiled at him.

I put my hands around his neck, and his arms were on my waist. We sway slowly making small talk, 'You look beautiful did I tell you that?' he asked, 'Only about 12 times' I smirked, 'You do, look amazing' he smiled, 'make that 13' I smile, making him laugh and reveal perfect dimples. I laughed, 'Come on lets get a drink' I told him. He smiled, and took my hand taking me away.

I looked around, 'this night blows' I sighed, 'What are you suggesting, we decided just friends' he fake gasped, 'I didn't mean I am giving you a blow job!' I laugh and nudge his arm. I look around, and see a familiar face walk through the door, but I can't quite make out who it is. I sighed and looked back at Harry, 'You having fun?' I asked, 'Yeah, I like it... Me and you spending time together' he smiled, playing with my finger tips, 'Harry... What did we say' I warned, 'I know, I know... You make it difficult though' he laughed.

When I am with Harry its a lot like being when I am with Josh... No drama. We can talk and joke with out taking anything to heart. We are... Best friends. This goes back to what I said to Josh, you can't turn friendship into Love. That is what I had been trying to do these last few days with Josh. What I had been trying to do all along with Harry. I had been leading them on after all.

That was when I realised, Harry trusted me. I know he wouldn't want to see me sad, so I could use this to my advantage. 'Harry, Can I ask you something? I need you too be honest' I told him, he nodded and grabbed my hand 'Anything' he smiled. 'What are you boys up to, tell me... I mean, Louis turning up saying he heard Josh couldn't give me a ride? He doesn’t speak to Josh and he hasn't spoke to me. You just turning up here. You boys never leave each others side when you are out, not unless you have something planned' I told him, 'You can read us like a book eh?' he laughed, I nod. 'Now tell me'.

He took a deep breath. 'When Zayn saw you yesterday, he didn't like the fact you were with Josh... You might have guessed that' he chuckled, I nod. 'He decided to come up with a plan. The plan was me distract you, keep you occupied, and... Niall and Louis... er..' he stopped, looking nervous. 'Why Niall and Louis what?' I asked, 'Josh... you noticed he is late right' he whispered, 'Harry? … Please tell me they haven't hurt him' I whisper, 'I don't think so... Not yet anyway' he confessed. 'What about Zayn and Liam?' I asked, 'Lilly... They have gone to pick her up' he told me, 'that tramp! What has she got to do with this!' I blurt out, 'And you... Why didn't you... go and get involved with them... I mean I know your helping but why are you like, hurting Josh or going to get Lilly' I asked, 'I didn't want to hurt anyone, at risk of hurting you' he confessed.

I sighed, and stood up. 'So where is Josh now?' I asked, 'I don't know, I know that he is broke down at the side of the road, Niall texted me saying he could see him' He told me, 'Give me your phone' I told him, he passed it me. I called Niall, 'Hey Haz I was-...' I cut him off, 'Listen to me you dick, Your not going to touch Josh okay? You can call of whatever fucking plan you having going on because I know now, and it isn't going to work, if Zayn though getting Josh out the way would make me want him... he was wrong' I yell, 'Brook... W-We can explain' he stuttered, 'You don't have to'  I spat and hung up the phone.

I looked at Harry. His face was dark, and his fists were gripped tightly. 'Look's like we have got company' he spat.  I looked up to see, three faces. One Andy, Two Steve, and Three... Jack. They didn't look like they came to dance.

I saw Harry text Louis and Niall... MORE FUCKING DRAMA.

Josh's Pov

I locked my car door. Tonight was not my night, You name it and it went wrong for me. I sighed I knew I would have let her down now. I will get there, and she will have left. I sighed and continued walking.  I needed to get there and fast. 'Josh!' someone yelled, I turned two boys came over to me. 'Hey you don’t' know us... I am Louis this is Niall... we are friends with Brook and we … we really need your help... we just got a text and Andy and Steve just turned up at the party... and.. and we really need to get there, can you help?' Louis asked, I gulp 'Yes sure' I nod, I run of with the two strangers to save Brook.

Zayn's Pov

We got round the corner to Lilly's house. There were police outside, and ambulances. People gather behind, do not cross tape. I jumped out the car and ran over there. A body … Lilly's body was pulled from the house. I groaned, and stomped over to the Police Officer. 'Sir, if you don't mind what happened here? She is my... My friend and I came over to take her out what happened?' I asked, fake worry in my voice. 'The young lady fell down the stairs, and broke her neck... I use the word fell very loosely... she had to hand prints on her back, bruising' he told us. 'Oh my god... Excuse me officer' I whispered. I walked over to the car, and Liam looked at me. 'Well..' He asked, expectant of an answer, 'she is dead, someone murdered her... this really fucks up the plan' I spat, 'Come lets just go to the party before any more shit happens...' I roll my eyes, why do I have a feeling its going to get worse.

Brook's Pov

I gripped on to Harry tightly I know, and he knows, he is my only hope at the minute. With and Liam out with the Tramp. Niall and Louis, hopefully not touching Josh. Harry was what was left, and I am glad it was him, Zayn would go over board as would Liam. Louis and Niall have delayed reactions, and Harry would time it right, or just before things got out of his reach. 'Darling!' Steve screamed, and came over to me. I pushed him away, soon after Harry was there. His body was my shield. 'Back off' Harry warned, 'Sorry pretty boy' He mocked, the one thing I did know was Harry was easily wound up, he was like Zayn, he couldn't keep his cool for long.

I grabbed Harry's hand, it calmed him. 'Oh you have him as well... he isn't the one that picked up, you get around fast, might try my luck' Andy grinned.  I looked at Jack, he didn't even try and defend me. 'Is she yours Harry... can we not touch her' Steve growled at Harry. I stepped in front of Harry, 'No YOU CAN'T! You know why? Because, I am not yours or Zayn, or HARRYS!!! I am no ones... I say who touches me... and I sure as fucking Hell don't want you near me' I spat, he grabbed my neck, Harry went for him. Pushing him off me throwing him to the floor, he came back to me, an arm around my waist, 'You okay?' he whispered, I nodded.

Steve stood up, stumbling a bit. 'You want to watch out... Little girls that play with fire get there fingers burnt' he spat at me. I smirked, 'Well I am not a little girl' I rolled my eyes, 'Little enough to go over my knee so I can spank you' he smirked, I scoffed 'You want another tackle?' Harry asked, he chuckled, 'Watch out, things might just heat up later on' Andy purred. I rolled my eyes, 'Jack!' I called out, he looked up at me 'I will be gone by morning... Your no brother of mine' I told him.

I sighed and turned to Harry. I rested my head on his chest, he tucked my hair behind my ear. I sighed, 'Never a dull moment, in the life of Brook' I scowled across the room. 'Brook' I heard a call, 'Josh' I smile, and let go of Harry and run over to the arms of my best friend. Louis and Niall were stood behind him. I rolled my eyes, 'Josh go and stand with Harry... I need a word with these two' I folded my arms. Louis rubbed the back of his neck, and Niall kicked his feet along the floor. 'I can't believe you two' I scowled, 'We are sorry' Niall whispered, 'You should be, but... I forgive you, you were trying to help Zayn, but know if future this isn't the way' I warned, they nodded and both hugged me.

We walked over to the boys, and sat down. We all talked and laughed for a bit, until the mood was changed, by two people walking through the door. 'Here they come' Louis commented. I sat up straight,  they came over to us. Zayn looked at Josh and then at Niall and Louis with hatred. I stood up, 'Don't... Your in so much shit when this party is over' I whispered in his ear. 'You know?' he asked, 'Yes every single detail' I smirked hatefully.

We were all stood, the lights went of few screams were heard, scared of the dark. A light came up, a lone figure stood there. I sighed and tried to see who it was... Logan. I gasped, he held a gun in his right hand and a microphone in his left. 'Hello everybody' he smirked,  my heart beat got faster and I started to breath heavier. But a familiar hand around my waist, stopped all that. I looked up a Zayn, 'he won't hurt you' he whispered.
'My Friends are hear this evening and they didn't invite me? Harsh isn't it' he asked, I had a feeling I knew what had happened. He had literally gone insane, he needed help. The whole room was silent, and no one dared move, I had to. 'Logan! Put the gun down it won't help' I told him, Zayn yanked my arm back 'Shut up' he spat. Logan looked over , 'There.... Those are my friends...' he said with a wide eyed beady stare. 'Boys!' Logan called, Andy, Steve and Jack stepped out.

'We are going to play a little game, answer wrong... someone dies' He laughed, 'Logan stop... Why are you doing this, they are all innocent... don't hurt them' I pleaded. They all looked over at me, and Logan stepped slowly. 'Would you rather me hurt you' he asked, I gulped looking over at Zayn, he gave a worried stare. 'I would... these people have done nothing wrong' I whispered. 'WRONG... ANSWER!' He yelled. Then a band came, and a fire blazed in the corner. Jack walked around filling the place with petrol, and Steve and Andy picked up the once perfect candles throwing them causing more of a blaze.

People screamed and fled, there was a single gun shot. I looked around to see the victim. 'We need to go' Zayn urged, 'Wait' I yelled, pulling my arm from his grasp. I looked to the floor, the smoke was filling the room, sights of Orange and red filled my eyes. I coughed under the smoke. I saw a body, a young boy about 7 lay there.. Logan had gone too far. Harry came over, 'You need to go' he shouted, 'not so fucking fast' Yelled Steve. 'Move Harry... don't try and be the hero, the sooner she dies we can go... an eye for an eye' he yelled, so he had a reason. 'No!...' Harry called, protecting my body with his for the second time. 'Have it your way' Steve grinned, bang.

'HARRY!' I yelled, his body fell to the floor in front of me, I crouched down crying and screaming his name. He didn't answer. Suddenly.

I felt a pair of hands grab my neck and push me to the floor, then another bang from the gun. I looked around, trying to see. But the hands on my neck dominated me.  I got them off, then I saw the face, Jack.

I pushed him off me. He leaned back and grabbed a knife and dug it deep above my hip. I screamed and fell back, 'If I am not a brother... lets make it true, so I DON'T HAVE A SISTER' He yelled, twisting the sharp blade, causing me to scream out. I fell back as he stabbed the other side matching. To wounds above the hips, the knife still in the left. I fell back. 'Help me JACK' I called out with my last strength. 'Sorry sis... I can't do that... I only look out for family' he whispered walking away.

I saw Harry's body and dragged myself over, I put my head on his chest, and listened for a heartbeat. But it was too loud, the flames were roaring at me, scaring me. I have a phobia of fire, this was not helping. I scream but no one hears. I am going to die, I tuck my self around Harry. I pulled him around me, If I am going to die, I want to die with him, the only one that has been my best friend since day one. I cry into him. I find it hard to breath, my heart slows, my pulse fades, my eyes close, and its black.

Zayn's Pov

I go in with them, the fire almost gone, to find her. I walk in and see her lying with Harry, I run over and they are lay with each other, no burns on them, the fire didn't touch them at all. The doctors are around them and they are pried apart. 'You know they saved each other' The doctor smiled, 'how?' I croaked, 'they say that if you die in the arms of someone you love, your brought back to life' she smiled, I looked down at my broken angel. 'I need her, will she be okay' I asked, 'she should be just fine' she smiled, 'And him?' I asked, 'I can't say... he is in a worse condition with her, the bullet punchered a lung we think... she has two bad wounds but they should heal, she might need physco, but she should be okay' she smiled, 'What about Harry?' I insist, 'all we can do is hope he is a fighter' she sighed and walked off with Brook on one stretcher, it was then I noticed, even when near  death, they hadn't stopped holding hands.




(been having serious Harry feels so needed to get it out)


Where did Logan go?

Will Harry be Okay?

Brook, Will she forgive Zayn?

Will the drama ever stop?

Can Zayn win back Brook?

What will happen to the boys?

Who was it that killed Lilly?

Will there be New boys in town?

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