Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


2. Plans

Brooks Pov

I crawled out of bed this morning; tonight face my date with Zayn. I got dressed brushed my teeth and walked down stairs. My brother was sat in the kitchen, ‘you were home late last night?’ he said, ‘Yeah I know’ I sighed pouring some milk, ‘where did you get to?’ he asked, ‘I was out with Zayn’ I said, ‘that guy at the door?’ he asked, ‘Yeh’ I said, he rolled his eyes and came and sat next to me ‘are you an idiot?’ I asked, ‘Excuse me?’ I said shocked, ‘That guy is bad news, you don’t want to get involved with him’ he said raising his voice, ‘Look I don’t have time for this, I can handle it’ I said stomping off.

I left the house and went over to Hannah’s, she opened the front door and I smiled at her, she let me in. ‘What was the sos, rescue me for last night?’ she asked, ‘Zayn’ I said sitting on the couch, ‘what about him’ she asked, ‘he won’t leave me alone, he keeps on following me, last night he made me go out with him I tried to run he got mad, and let’s just say he is very hands on’ I said smirking at her face, ‘wait ... did you two...’ I stopped her, ‘NO! He just wouldn’t keep his hands off me’ I said, she smiled, ‘for a second I thought that...  oh god never mind’ she sighed a breath of relive, ‘he is taking me out again tonight’ I said, ‘oh right’ she said, ‘What are you going to do?’ she continued, ‘I don’t know I was hoping you would come up with a plan’ I said, ‘Wait... don’t you have work tonight?’ she asked, I smiled ‘No’ I said, ‘well you do now?’ she said, ‘what?’ I asked, ‘[just tell him that you are busy with work’ she said, I smiled at her, ‘I can get out of my date... but I still have to tell him’ I sighed, ‘You can ring him?’ she said, ‘I can barely talk to him in person’ I said, ‘so it should be easier over phone’ she said. I sighed and pulled my phone out.

‘Hey doll’ he said, I rolled my eyes, ‘Hey, look about out date tonight’ I was stopped, ‘Yeah what about it?’ he asked, I took a deep breath, ‘I can’t make it’ I said, the end of the line of silent, ‘Why?’ he asked, ‘I have work’ I said, ‘That’s it?’ he laughed, ‘Yeh , I can’t get it off’ I  stuttered, ‘have you tried to’ he asked, I gulped and heard him laugh down the phone ‘I will sort it out, where do you work doll?’ he asked, ‘NO!...I mean... thanks but, I need the money’ I said, I looked over at Hannah who was laughed, I turned around ‘I am sure one shift won’t hurt’ he said, ‘maybe we can just meet up another time’ I said, regretting it straight away, ‘okay I will pick you up from work’ he said, ‘no its ok’ I said, ‘I am going too, so just tell me where you work’ he said, ‘HMV’ I said, ‘Okay, what time do you start and finish?’ he asked ‘I start at 2 and finish at 10’ I said, ‘Okay pick you up then doll’ he said, before hanging up the phone. I sighed and lay down on the couch, ‘well instead of seven it’s now ten’ I said, ‘it’s less time’ she said trying to see the best in the situation.

I and Hannah decided to spend the day shopping; we bought a new outfit for my date with zayn. It was about 3 and we were walking around, we stopped for some coffee. I looked around the shopping centre, shit! ‘Hannah there is Zayn!’ I whispered, ‘I have had an idea’ I said. I dragged over to HMV and gave her all my bags, I ran over to Dee the manager, ‘hey love what’s up’ he asked, ‘I trying to pull off a lie, can I be working here for a few minutes, until this guy has gone?’ I asked, ‘sure’ he said, ‘thank you, where do you want me?’ I asked, ‘go and help Logan, he is new’ he said pointing over to a boy. I ran over there, Hannah was just pretending to be a costumer. ‘Hey I am Brook’ I said, ‘I am Logan’ he said, I explained everything that was happening; he nodded and agreed to help.

I begun to stack the CD’s, I was talking to Logan, then I felt to arms around my waist, I didn’t need to think twice to know who it was. ‘Hey babe’ I turned around and looked at him; I forced a smiled, ‘Hey’ I said, ‘I thought I would stop and visit you’ he said, I felt uncomfortable and walked over to grab some more CD’s. I walked back over to Logan, ‘Hey can you stack these please’ I asked, he smiled at me and nodded, Zayn gave him a death glare, ‘Hey pretty boy’ Zayn said leaning against the stand. Logan looked over at him, ‘me?’ he asked, ‘yeah you, away’ he said, Logan looked at me in a protective way, I nodded ‘its fine’ I said to him. He walked over to the till, ‘that was a bit rude’ I said, to him ‘I am sorry I will never do it again’ he said, brushing my hair behind my ear, I moved his hand off me, ‘why are you not in uniform?’ he asked, I didn’t think off that ‘Ermm.... it is still in the wash’ I said, he looked at me with a raised eyebrow, ‘oh right’ he said, ‘when is your next break?’ he asked, ‘I don’t know’ I said, ‘how about now’ he said pulling me out of the shop, ‘Zayn, I can’t just leave’ I said, ‘yeah you can, because your not really in work’ he whispered angrily, I turned around and looked at Hannah, she just stood shocked.

Zayn pulled me around the corner and into the bathrooms, again flinging me in like his toy. ‘Why did you lie?’ he asked, ‘I didn’t’ I whispered, ‘STOP LYING TO ME’ he shouted, coming closer so I was pressed against the wall, ‘the truth’ he whispered in my ear, my breath got quicker he slammed his fists on the wall above me, and I jumped ‘FOR GOD SAKE!’ he yelled, I began to shake ‘What have I done?’ he asked again pressing his body against mine ‘you scare me’ I whispered, ‘still?’ he asked, I nodded, he gave a deep chuckle ‘why do I scare you’ he said seductively, ‘you just do’ I said looking into his eyes they were so dark, ‘I just do? Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you’ he whispered, was that truth or sarcasm in his voice? He moved my hair behind my neck and kissed my neck softly, then began to suck my neck, leaving love bites in ever place ‘Zayn’ I begged, ‘your mine now’ he spoke in a hushed tone, his reputation fooled what I saw. I pushed him off me, he looked up at me and smiled, I looked at him and rolled my eyes, I went to push past him but he grabbed my hand, ‘tonight 7pm’ he grinned a sickly grin, yanked my arm away from him, and looked at him disgustedly.

I walked back over to the shop and got Hannah, ‘come on’ I said angrily, and then went to walk out, Logan stopped me, ‘are you ok?’ he asked me, ‘I am fine’ I said, ‘I am sorry’ he said, I stopped and turned around, ‘why are you sorry?’ I asked, ‘I shouldn’t have left when he came and demanded you’ he said, ‘its okay... It was your safest bet to be honest’ I said with a cute chuckle, ‘well either way I shouldn’t have left you’ he said, I hugged him ‘Yeah you should have left me its fine, I swear’ I said keeping the hug, ‘Maybe I could take you out tonight to make it up to you’ he said smiling, ‘I would but I am going out with Zayn tonight’ I said sighing, ‘are you two like dating’ he asked, ‘No never... I don’t like him... he is just.... Just ... possessive’ I said, ‘well if you ever need a friend come and see me’ he said, I smiled once more, ‘Thank you and I will’ I said before walking away with Hannah.

We got to her car, and Hannah got in, I looked over and saw Zayn staring at me, I rolled my eyes and got inside the car, my phone went off.

From Zayn: Looking forward to tonight xx

I rolled my eyes, ‘Great plan Han’ I said, ‘sorry, and I thought it would work’ she defended, she dropped me off at home and I got ready for a date. My brother walked into my room, ‘hey’ he said, ‘What can I do for you’ I asked, ‘who are you getting all dressed up for’ he asked, ‘I am not getting all dressed up for anyone’ I said, ‘I know you, who is it’ he questioned, ‘no one’ I said, ‘who?!... It’s not that Zayn guy is it?’ he asked, ‘no..’ I said quietly ‘you are aren’t you! What did I tell you about him?’ he said angrily, ‘I can look after myself’ I said, ‘well when it all back fires don’t say I didn’t warn you’ he said walking out of my room, I rolled my eyes. I put my heels on and went down stairs. There was a knock at the door, and I opened it in front of me he was stood; black skinny jeans, a white shirt and a leather jacket thrown over the top, leaning against the door frame, his hair perfectly quiffed. His arms were crossed over his chest, and a smile formed on his face; his lips parted as he begun to speak, ‘Hey beautiful, you ready to go?’

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