Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


10. One Year

Brook’s Pov

I woke up and looked over at Zayn just like yesterday morning. I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. I decided to call Logan, ‘Hello’ I said smiling, ‘hey buttercup’ he said, I rolled my eyes, ‘so I talked to Zayn’ I said, ‘yeah what did he say’ he asked, ‘he promised me he wouldn’t go near you again’ I said sweetly, ‘you didn’t have to do that’ he said, ‘yeah I did, I care about you so I am not going to let you get hurt because of me’ I said smiling, ‘well thank you, look I have to go now, I am going to see my dad in hospital, so I will call you later’ he said, ‘Ok bye Logan’ I said, ‘bye love’ he said. I smiled and put the phone down, I turned around and looked to see Zayn standing there against the wall. ‘Morning’ I said, turning back around, ‘was that Logan’ he said, ‘yeah’ I said.  ‘Look I don’t want things to like this’ he said, ‘well maybe of you just listened to me’ I said, ‘enough… listen to me, you know I only do things like this because I care about you’ he said, I nodded ‘I know but just listen to me next time ok’ I said, he nodded and walked over to me ‘I promise’ he said, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up close, he kissed me softly.

‘Zayn’ I said in a whisper, he bit his lip and then smiled, his hand travelled up my hand thigh ‘you’re driving me crazy’ he said, ‘it’s a shame you don’t have the same effect on me’ I said in a hushed tone, he smiled at me ‘You know that is a lie just as much as I do, I have an effect on you, deal with it’ he said, I laughed ‘if it helps you sleep at night you tell yourself that’ I said, I pushed his hand from my thigh and stood up, he grabbed my arm and spun me around lifting me up onto the kitchen side, he kissed and sucked on my neck, I took a deep breath, he smiled and pulled back and kissed my lips softly, his hands found their way up my shirt, I ran my fingers through his hair, and I moved and his kissed neck, biting his collar, he moaned under my touch. I smiled, ‘Zayn, I need to go home’ I said, he pulled back and looked me I the eye, ‘I will give you a lift’ he said, I smiled. Zayn was stood in between my legs, his hands still on my thighs I smiled and kissed him once more.

We got dressed and got into the car. We drove down to my house, and we said a quick goodbye, ‘I will come and get you later and we can go out’ he said, I smiled ‘ok then’ I said, I kissed him once more then walked inside. I closed the door and hear my brother yell ‘Brook is that you’ I sighed, ‘Yeah’ I yelled back, he came out of the living room, and ran over to me he gave me a hug, ‘I am so sorry’ he said, I smiled ‘its ok’ I said, he pulled back and his smile faded ‘your eye’ he whispered, I avoided his gaze and looked down, ‘what happened to your eye?’ he asked, I think he already knew the answer though, ‘Brook answer me, did he do this to you’ he insisted, ‘not on purpose’ I murmured, ‘you can’t do something like this by accident’ he exclaimed,  ‘you weren’t there you don’t know what happened’ I said, ‘I know that he has hit you’ he shouted, ‘he didn’t’ I yelled, ‘you can’t lie for him’ he said, ‘I am not lying’ I said, walking up stairs.

‘Stop’ my brother yelled, ‘No’ I said. I ran upstairs and pull out a bag, I pack clothes in it, and I seriously can’t believe him he needs to stop getting so involved in my life. I walked down the stairs, ‘where are you going’ asked jack, ‘I am going, because no matter how hard I try and get you to approve of Zayn you won’t’ I said, ‘Brook don’t be stupid’ he said, ‘I am going’ I said, he grabbed me ‘no you’re not, just stay… I don’t want to be alone… have you not noticed what today is?’ he asked, ‘no what is it’ I asked sarcastically, ‘it’s the 4th of Febuary’ he said, my face dropped, ‘yeah, now do you get why I don’t want to be alone’ he asked, I nodded and walked over flinging my arms around him. ‘One year’ he said, I smiled at him ‘I am so sorry, I didn’t even notice’ I said, ‘you have been … busy’ he said.

One year today since our parents died in that car accident. ‘Let me just get changed and I will ermm… come down stairs’ I said. He nodded, I walked upstairs and got into my pyjamas. I needed to call Zayn and tell him I couldn’t go out with him tonight. I pulled by phone out, ‘Hey Zayn’ I said, ‘hey baby what’s up’ he said, ‘ermm… about tonight’ I said, he stopped me, ‘you’re not bailing on me are you?’ he asked, ‘no no it’s just that… well today is the one year anniversary since the death of my parents’ I said, ‘and why does that mean you can’t come out’ he said, ‘Zayn please don’t, my brother needs me now, and I need him’ I said, ‘what about tomorrow morning?’ he asked, ‘I don’t know yet Zayn, I just need sometime’ I said, ‘well maybe I can come over later’ he said, ‘Zayn’ I sighed, ‘I only want to help’ he said, ‘I know but please just for now give me sometime’ I said, ‘ok fine, I will call you later’ he said hanging up the phone.

I walked down stairs and sat in the living room with Jack, I leant against the door frame ‘what are you doing?’ I asked, he turned and smiled ‘looking at mum and dad’s wedding album’ he said smiling, ‘look here is me and you’ he said, I walked over and sat next to him. ‘I remember that morning’ I said smiling.


‘Mummy! Tell jack to stop pulling on my dress’ I said, ‘Jack stop’ my mother blushed ‘but Mum!’ he yelled, ‘no enough, can you two just stop! Jack go and help your daddy get ready’ she said, I pulled my tongue out at him, he ran off. After the wedding ceremony we were all taking pictures me and jack were playing tag, ‘Catch me if you can’ I yelled, he laughed. I was seven he was eleven, we were so happy on the day of the wedding, ‘Kids come and get your picture’ dad said smiling, we ran over together holding hands, ‘say cheese’ mum beamed, ‘CHEESE’ we smiled, the camera flashed.

End of flash back

‘that day was perfect’ he said, ‘yeah’ I said sitting down next to him flipping through the photos, there was one of mum and dad smiling next to each other. ‘I miss them so much’ I said, ‘me too’ he said, ‘who ever told us it gets easier?’ I laughed, ‘it will get better’ he said smiling, I hugged his arm, ‘yeah maybe in ten years’ I said, he laughed ‘maybe’ he said.

I looked at my phone and have one new message, ‘I will pick you up tomorrow afternoon, I have a special surprise for you xx’ the texts from Zayn, I smiled. ‘Jack, I know you don’t like Zayn but just know that no matter what I will choose you, your my brother and no one can replace you’ I said, he smield and hugged me ‘does that mean you will dump Zayn?’ he asked with a smiled, I laughed and shook my head, ‘No it means I will always choose you if anything happens’ I said, he laughed ‘it was worth a try’ he said laughing.

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