Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


26. One More Night

Brook's Pov

'Start by telling me why you left me?' I said sadly looking down, 'I thought it would be the safest thing to do for you' he said, 'how?' I asked, 'cause when your with me, you only ever get hurt and I don't want that for you' he explained 'surely its my choice' I said, 'you would have made the wrong choice' he said to me, he sat down at the side of my bed and reached for my hand. I moved them, he sighed 'but I realise now... I was stupid to do that, can you give me one more chance' he asked, I stayed silent. 'Brook look at me' he said, I turned my head slowly and looked into his eyes. Darkness still covered them, I closed my eyes. Zayn took his hand and put it against my face, it was like when Josh did it but Zayn shot sparks through me. 'I don't much Brook... but I do know one thing for sure and that's that I love you' he said, I stayed silent 'tell me you don't feel the same and I will walk out that door right now and never come back' he said, I let a hot tear roll down my cheek.

Zayn wiped it with his thumb, 'tell me you don't love me' he said, 'I can't' I said quietly. Zayn pulled me forward and wrapped his arms around me and I cried, he kissed my forehead then I pushed him away. 'Get out' I said, 'w-what?' he asked shocked, 'go Zayn' I said again, 'why, I thought we were ok' I said, 'you thought wrong, Zayn I can't I just want to be normal again, I can't with you, you are right I get hurt and so do the people I love' I said, 'doll please' he begged, 'no... don't' I said, 'If you ever want to let me have a second chance, I would redo all this in a heart beat, can we try? Please?' he said, I looked the other way. 'BROOK!' he yelled, I covered my mouth 'Get out' I said, 'Brook listen to me... I am a strong person, but I need someone too. I just want you to be that one person who can tell me things are alright and stop me from doing stupid things' he said, 'Nobody breaks my heart and gets away with it' I said, 'Brook I love you' he said softly, 'Don't say you love me if you don't mean it because I might do something crazy like believe it' I said, 'you need to believe it because its true' he said.

'Zayn we won't work! Steve, Lola, Josh, You, me there is just so many reasons we won't work!' I yelled, 'stop thinking of all the reasons we won't work and start thinking of why we will' he yelled back, 'and why is that?' I said, 'because we love each other, you promised nothing would change how you felt about me' he said, I stayed silent 'so what changed' he asked. 'I can't wait for the day that I wake up and I am over you' I said, 'I know I am never going to be over you' he said, I blinked away the tears. 'I should never have cared, but I did. I cared a lot... and still fucking do' I said, 'then why are you sending me away' he asked, 'because its to much Zayn, I can't do this everyday for the rest of my life. I can't be scared that when you go out I am never going to see you again, I can't be scared that when I go out someone who has it in for you will get me, and then my family... I know what they are like now, I have been in hospital, so had my brother, Logan and Josh!!! Does that not tell you enough... I am scared Zayn... I have always been scared when it comes to you' I said, I fell against the wall and slid down to the floor.

Zayn slowly walked over to me, and crouched in front of me, and I cried into my knees. 'I though we had moved past the whole scared situation' he said, I laughed a bit 'what are we doing Zayn?' I asked, 'I don't know' he said helping me stand up. He stood in front of me and brushed a strand of hair behind my ear. I looked up at him with watery eyes, he put his hands either side of my face, and dried my tears. 'So where do we stand?' he asked, 'I don't really know... I think we should... take a break' I said, he looked down 'is the its not you its me talk' he said, I laughed and put a hand behind his neck. 'No this is a I think we should see other people talk' I said, he smiled at me 'I think we have some cooling down time, just friends?' I said, 'its hard being "just friends" with someone who you are in love with' he said, I smiled and wiped the remainder of my tears.

'Can we have one more night together?' he asked, 'Zayn... we are in a hospital... there is nowhere we can go' I said, 'there is a lock on that door you know' he said with a smile only he could pull off. 'Friends don't do that though' I said, he smiled 'just give me one more night' he said, I smiled. His arms slithered around my waist, and I smiled as my arms laced around his neck. Zayn pressed his lips against mine, he pushed me against the wall 'how is your leg?' he asked, 'a lot better now' I said, he smiled and went back to kissing me, Zayn put one hand on my thigh and rubbed it. I smiled and let him kiss down my neck, and  down my collar bone, I moaned under his touch.

I jumped up and wrapped both of my legs around his waist, he pushed harder against the wall. 'Zayn...' I moaned, he walked over to the bed and lay me down, wow sex in a hospital original. He took of my gown slowly leaving me in my underwear. I took his shirt off, and looked down at his abs, I smiled at him he ducked down to kiss me again. As he kissed my neck, I unbuckled his jeans, Zayn pulled up and looked down at me and smiled. He moved further down, and started to kiss my inner thigh he kissed up and left his kisses all over, he then grabbed my other leg and did the same, he got to the hem of my underwear, and pulled them down with his teeth, I giggled. He came back up to my lips, and kissed them softly I bit his lip.

Soon we were both naked, his dark Brown eyes glared into my green. 'I love you Brook' he said, I smiled and pulled him back down to meet my lips. Then there was a knock at my door, we both looked over at the door. I laughed a little, Zayn smiled down at me, we ignored it. 'Where were we' he said, I smiled as he kissed down my chest. Soon enough Zayn pushed into me, I gasped and moaned. 'Zayn...' I said breathlessly, I dug my nails into his back. He continued to thrust, and I smiled and kissed Zayn's neck, he moaned deeply too.

Another knock came to the door but we were to involved. We both climaxed and tried to keep it quiet, I knew if I screamed then the doctors/Nurses would come over in a worry. As I climaxed, I gripped the sheets tightly and twisted them in my fingers. Zayn let out a breathless sight and held my hips. As we finished, Zayn towered over me and smiled. I kissed him softly.

I slid under the blanket with Zayn, his arms laced around me and pulled me into his chest. 'You got your last night' I said, 'can we have another last night?' he asked, I laughed 'Zayn I meant what I said... Just friends now ok?' I said, he sighed 'I know, but that doesn't mean you can stop me from trying' he said. It was silent for a while 'I can't believe we just did it in a hospital' I said laughed, Zayn chuckled 'there is a first for everything eh?' he said. I fell asleep under the covers with Zayn.

----The next Morning----

'Excuse me' someone whispered quietly shaking me. I looked up to see a nurse, I then remember I was naked and in bed with Zayn. I looked wide eyed 'I am so sorry!' I said, I looked over at Zayn and he was asleep. I hit him and he shot up 'what?' he asked, 'get up!' I said, he looked up and saw the nurse 'Oh right!' he said, he grabbed his pants as the nurse looked the other way, he threw me my underwear and gown. He walked over, 'I will see you later?' he said leaning in to kiss me, I smiled then remember what I had said about just friends, I went to pull away and then he remembered too 'Oh yeah... ermm bye brook' he said, I smiled and watching him walking out just sliding on his t-shirt.

The nurse turned back around, 'I am so sorry' I said, she let out a giggle 'its fine, its not what I expected to see when I walked in' she said, 'I can explain' I said, 'I am sure you can' she said, 'He was my boyfriend, and he dumped me then he said he regretted it and he explained why and I broke down and we agreed friends, but he wanted one last night and so did I' I said, she smiled 'that will be why when I knocked last night I had no answer' she said, I laughed a bit 'he loves you' she said, 'I know' I said, 'so why just friends' she asked, 'its complicated' I said.

Then there was a knock at the door it was Jack. I smiled as he came and sat down, 'I need to give you a new bandage for your thigh' the nurse said looking at it, I smiled and nodded 'I thought that it was suppose to last a week?' asked Jack, 'well after your sisters incident last night she needs one on' she said laughing, I smiled at her and laughed 'what incident?' he asked, 'her and her Boyfrien-' I tapped her and stopped her, then she got the message 'I will go and get that bandage' she said. I nodded as she left.

'What incident, you and your boyfriend?' he said, fuck... 'Ermm... yeah' I said, 'Zayn?' he asked, I nodded 'he came over' I said, 'and...' he asked, 'and that's all' I said, 'no its not... what happened? You wouldn't need a new bandage if you did nothing' he said, I sighed 'you want the truth?' I asked, he nodded 'Zayn dumped me then he said he regretted it and he explained why and I broke down and we agreed friends, but he wanted one last night and so did I so we ... yeah' I said, not wanting to tell my brother about it, 'you had sex with him here?' he asked, I nodded. 'Are you an idiot' he asked, 'I am' I said, 'Yes yo-... wait what?' he asked, 'I am an idiot... and its ok I needed to learn you were right, is that what you wanted to hear because now you have heard it' I said, he sighed 'no I didn't-' I stopped him, 'You love being right, and you know what well done me and Zayn are no more' I said, he sighed.

'I have the bandage' said the nurse walking in.

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