Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


62. Nothing But Darkness

Brook's Pov

I left the room with Jake. We were laughing, actually laughing. As we got to the lobby, Zayn was stood there with Steve. They caught sight of us, and they marched towards us. 'That was more than two hours' Steve growled, 'Sorry we lost track of time' I smiled, Zayn didn't return my smile. 'So five days, we go to Spain' Jake smiled, I nodded 'I feel like an undercover agent' I laughed, he smiled 'Come on Brook' Zayn growled tugging on my arm. As we got to the doors, I yanked my arm away and looked back at Jake. 'You have my number?' I called, he nodded 'Yeah, I will call you, we can train more before you go' he smiled and winked, I heard Zayn sigh and he pulled me again.

We got outside, and Zayn grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. 'What is wrong with you?' he growled, 'What do you mean? I haven't done anything!' I defended, he chuckled deeply, 'You seriously don't see do you?' he asked, 'see what?' I asked, he groaned 'Jake is manipulating you... the more you like him, the more you do for him' Zayn explained, I shook my head 'No... besides, who said I like him?' I asked angrily, 'the look on your face' He told me. 'Just be careful, I have warned him not to touch you, and you can't touch him' he warned me, I smirked. 'What?' he asked, 'Zayn.. are you jealous?' I smirked again, he looked down at his feet. 'No' he whispered, 'You sure' I asked taking my hand up to his face, and stroking his cheek.

'Well... You are going to be alone with him, in a foreign country, and I know how manipulative he can be, and I know how easily persuaded you are... So... Yeah I suppose a little' he confessed, 'You think I a going to sleep with him?' I asked offended, he chuckled 'No... I just... Well... Maybe' he stuttered, I hut his chest hard, and he chuckled at my attempt. 'I am not going to sleep with him, he is just... a friend' I told him, 'so you do like him?' he asked, I sighed and laughed, I thought about this, lets test his jealously. 'Well, yes he is good looking, and he might know a thing or two in the bedroom, and his hair is nice, and his body... wow' I spoke, his eyebrows knitted together, 'Zayn I am kidding. I won't sleep with him, trust me' I told him, he sighed and managed a smile and kissed me softly, 'I have just got you back, now your going again' he sighed, 'Zayn its only a week' I told him, he sighed and kissed me again.

'Come on, lets do something... we have five days right?' he smiled, I nodded and intertwined my hand with his. We walked down the street. 'Let's go to the beach' I smiled, he nodded. We went back and got our things. We grabbed a taxi and went to the beach. We got down there, and found a small bit on the beach. 'See we can be a normal couple' I smiled, he nodded and put his arm around me. A small ball came over and knocked us, it was a small pink ball. A little girl stopped at the bottom of our towels. She had curly blonde hair, looked about four years old, and blue eyes. I smiled at her, 'Can I have my bawl' she spoke in a child like voice, Zayn picked up it, and crawled over to her, and was on his knees in front of her. 'Here sweetie' he smiled handing her the ball.

She thanked him, then stood there for a moment looking rather confused. 'Everything okay love?' I asked her, 'I don't know where my mummy is' she whimpered, I stood up as did Zayn. 'What's your name?' I asked her, 'Lucy' she whispered, 'Hey Lucy, I am Zayn... this is Brook' Zayn smiled, 'now come on lets go and find your mummy' Zayn spoke. We grabbed our bags and towels, and walked along with Lucy. As she was looking out for her mum. She kept tight hold of Zayn's hand, she looked like she was protected by him. I smiled at them. 'What does your mummy look like sweetie?' Zayn asked her, 'Ermm...' she stopped to think, her eyes wandered. 'MUMMY!' she called out, dragging Zayn over to her mum.

Her mum turned around, and looked at her opened her arms. 'Lucy! Where did you go?!' she exclaimed hugging her daughter, who had now let go of Zayn. 'I was playing, the I kicked my ball really far, and then Zayn and Brook helped me find you again' Lucy told her mum, who had now looked up at us. 'Thank you so much' she smiled at us, 'Mummy can I play with Zayn for a little bit before we go?' she asked her mum, I laughed and smiled. 'Only if Zayn doesn't mind' she told her. She looked up at Zayn hopefully. I smiled and let go of Zayn's hand and kissed his cheek, 'I will wait right here' I smiled.

I saw her tug Zayn along, and I sat down with her mum. 'He's your husband?' she asked me, I looked away from Zayn and Lucy. 'Oh no... He's my boyfriend' I told her, 'Oh right, well Lucy seems to like him, she doesn't like many people... so he must be nice' she told me, I nodded and smiled as I saw Lucy tip water all over Zayn with her bucket. 'Yeah he is nice... Great' I smiled, 'Lucy is a nice kid as well' I told her, she nodded 'Yeah' she agreed. 'Gina!' A loud voice called, the woman next to me turned, Her name was Gina. I turned as well, Annie walked over. Man I can't escape this chick. Gina stood up.

'Hey sis' she smiled and opened her arms, sis? They were sisters? I stood up and grabbed my bag, 'Brook?' Annie asked, I turned 'Hey..' I whispered, 'You two know each other?' Gina asked, I nodded 'Yeah... I dated Zayn before her' Annie spoke, 'I thought he looked familiar' Gina spoke, 'Yeah... she dated Harry too... well both at the same time' I whispered, 'What was that?' Annie asked, I shook my head and smiled 'Nothing' I smiled. Zayn came up with Lucy on her back, as she giggled. 'What are you doing here?' Zayn asked Annie, lifting Lucy down. 'Nice to see you too' she smiled, I groaned and turned to Zayn and whispered to him. 'Can we please go?' he nodded and crouched down to Lucy. 'I have to go now, but I will see you soon sweetie' Zayn told Lucy. She flung her arms around Zayn.

---------------------Later that day----------------------

It was about 6pm. Zayn came out of the bathroom, and smiled at me as I lay down flicking endlessly through the TV channels. I sighed and rolled over as Zayn sat down next to me. 'Sorry today wasn't what you wanted' he told me, I sighed and sat up kissing him softly. 'I was good though, other than Annie... I actually had a good day. I mean seeing you with Lucy was like one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Your good with kids' I smiled, he laughed. 'Lucy did like me didn't she?' he asked, I nodded and kissed him again, 'You would make a good dad' I told him, 'You think so?' he asked, I nodded.

He got dressed and we sat down for a bit just talking and cuddling, like a normal couple for once. He told me more about himself, really the get to knowing each other part comes at the beginning of a relationship, not with us. 'Do you want a take out?' he asked, I nodded 'Indian? Chinese?' he asked, I shrugged, 'Surprise me' I told him, he nodded and kissed me before leaving to get our food. Just as I sat back down on the bed, I heard a knock at the door and walked over to get it. It was only going to be Zayn.

I got there and opened the door. I didn't expect to see him there.

Zayn's Pov

I couldn't help but smile. Things were going great for a change, we had no haste, no drama... only a little with Jake, but I know he will protect her. I smiled and walked slowly enjoying the walk to the shop. I heard my phone go off, 'Hello?' I asked, 'Zayn? Its me!' he announced. 'Louis? What's wrong?' I asked, 'Look, I don't have much time... All you need to know is don-t-... HEY!' I heard a voice cut Louis off. 'What are you doing!' I heard a loud voice boom. 'Zayn whatever you do... Don't leave Bro-...' The phone was rudely snatched away and a deep breath in the phone echoed out.

'Zayn is it?' he asked, 'What have you done to Louis?' I growled, 'Nothing. Yet.' he whispered darkly. 'Now I know your not so innocent Zayn. I think we all know that. But... the thing is. Your friends, well they have some trouble of their own.' he told me, 'I swear to god if you fucking lay a finger on anyone of them' I pronounce, 'Now, now lets not get violent...' he chuckled, 'Listen to me you motherfucker, I have took down pricks like you before, I will more than gladly do it again!' I yell into the phone. 'You know Zayn, you want to watch that mouth of yours' he told me, 'What do you want?' I asked, 'Well, you don't know me Zayn, I am Karl. I work for a friend of yours, who wants a bit of revenge on you and I hav-' I cut him off, 'this isn't a speed date... fucking tell me what you want?' I asked, 'I want you' he told me, 'excuse me?' I asked.

'I want you.  to join us, of course... if you say yes, then your friends go away un harmed' he told me. 'Why do you want me?' I asked, 'We need a man like you, strong, brave, willing... a fighter' he told me. 'I don't mean to burst your bubble but I don't do that anymore. I have enough to deal with' I told him, 'Well its all or nothing, no in-between' he spoke, 'There is always a way out, and you can't stop me, cause if you really had done your research you would know that, I don't back down, and you can't touch me' I told him, 'Yeah.... your right... We can't touch you... but we can your friends... and your girlfriend... Brook I think her name is? Very lovely girl Zayn, she is part of the reason why revenge is wanted on you' he told me, I went stiff. 'You lay a finger on her and I will kill you' I told him, 'Well... You might want to get your gun ready then' he told me, I hung up the phone and ran straight back to the apartment.

I ran as fast as I could, I ran up the stairs knocking people over as I do. I get to the room, and opened the door. Its silent, the only thing is the TV in the back ground, I sighed and looked around. I can't see anyone. 'Brook?' I called out. No answer. I clench my fists in worry, and anger. I sighed and heard footsteps. They were heavy foot steps, far too heavy for Brook. 'Look who it is?' said a familiar voice, but I couldn't quite place it. My back was turned, and before I could turn to meet his face. Something hard banged against my head, causing me to fall. My vision was burled and everything shaky. I tried to move but another painful blow was given, I fall once more this time, I close my eyes.

Nothing but darkness.

And a girls scream.

not just any girl.



OOOOooooo cliffhanger?!!!!

Who is it?

Who is Karl working for?

Will Louis get out alive?

What will happen to Zayn?

Will they make it out?

Where are the other boys?

MAJOR PART COMING UP SOON!! - I had an idea that can make this go on


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