Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


63. Not What It Seems

Brooks pov

I heard him, his heavy footsteps. Zayn's voice rang out, calling me. I couldn't answer the gag in my mouth, silencing me. The rope cut into my arms, and ankles. He walked back in, Josh. I had often wondered where he had gone. That night after the fire, we didn't see him. Not a lot anyway. I didn't expect it to be him that put me here.

--------------Flashback to earlier that night-----------------

I saw Josh there. I smiled 'What are you doing here?' I smiled, welcoming him in with open arm. He smiled and walked in. 'Where is Zayn?' he asked, 'Gone out to get some food' I told him, 'Anyway what are you doing here?' I asked him, he shrugged 'I was just passing through and thought I would come over and say hello' he smiled, 'Just casually passing through California?' I asked, he nodded. I smirked and walked back to the bedroom. 'So come on, I have known you long enough to know there is always a reason you stop by' I told him.

He took a deep breath. 'Look I don't mean to make this hard for you. Really I don't. I know you think, you love Zayn. But you should know you have other options. I didn't want to have to do this. But... Its me or him' he told me, I chuckled 'Your joking right' I asked, the laughter soon faded when I realised he was serious. I gulped 'I thought we discussed all this' I told him, he took another large breath, 'I have wanted you from day one, I let Zayn win, Now I see that is something I can't do... Zayn is bad news, the other gang there the good guys' he told me, I laughed 'Tell me your joking, Josh you saw with your own eyes what they have done' I began to yell, 'They have their reasons.... If you come with me now, I can keep you safe, you won't have anymore fights to deal with, the two gangs are fighting over you now' he told me, 'Why would they do that?' I asked.

'Zayn's gang is because, Zayn loves you... and from the looks of things so do the other boys. The other gang is fighting for you, because if they get you out of the way, the two gangs can finally become one' he told me, 'That makes no sense why can't they do that now?' I asked, 'Because, since you came along they don't trust each other, Zayn won't trust them with you... and they don't trust Zayn or the boys, they will stop at nothing to keep you safe' he told me, 'I am not going with you Josh' I told him, 'I thought that might be your answer... but here's the thing. Zayn has blown your parents cover now, they are in danger, if you don't come with me.... Then they actually die this time' he told me, I gulp.

'Your suppose to be my friend!' I yelled, 'I am, that's why I am doing this. Zayn is bad for you don't you see that! I can protect you, You can leave all of this gang shit behind!' he yelled at me, 'If that means leaving Zayn then no... I won't do it' I told him, he tugged me up from the bed harshly. 'Your so stupid!!' he cried out at me. 'Your working with Logan aren't you?' I asked, he gulped 'No... what makes you say that' he asked, I lifted his arm and looked on his wrist. A small black tattoo, With a red outline. 'Everyone who is in link with Logan... has that' I told him. I had figured out, all of the gangs has the same tattoo. That one was Logan's and Steve's gang. Zayn's gang all had, "S09" on there wrist. Thinking of the tattoos that's when I realised.

Oliver and William. Oliver had the "S09" tattoo, but William didn't. If he didn't have that one, what gang is he really with?

I put that thought aside, and focused back on Josh.

'Looks like we will have to change our symbol if people are figuring it out' he smirked, 'Its only me... and you know I think you should leave' I told him. 'I can't do that' he whispered, 'Logan told me I have to take you' he told me, 'you can just kidnap me' I growled, he sighed. 'look maybe what I told you then was a lie... not all of it was. Just the bit about the two gangs coming together was a lie, but all the rest is true, They can't calm down or be normal because of you. Me and Logan just want to keep you safe, and if that means kidnapping you then... I am sorry' he grabbed me forcefully. 'You'll have to wait here' he told me, 'You really keeping me hostage where I am currently staying?' I asked him, he shook his head. 'No... I am waiting for Logan...' he told me, I gulped.

He grabbed a chair and tied me to it tightly. 'You do know Zayn will be back any minute?' I asked, he nodded 'that's why Logan's coming' he told me. 'He will take Zayn, then one by one get your other friends, Liam, Niall and Harry' he told me, 'Wait! Louis has been missing for two days almost?... IT WAS YOU!' I yelled, he nodded and smiled 'yeah' he sounded pleased. 'You were meant to be my friend! and you know why wouldn't willing come with you?' I asked, he crouched down to my level. 'Why?' he asked, 'Because you may still love me and want to protect me. But I don't love you! You do things like this, and expect me to love you? GET A FUCKING GRIP! I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU JOSH!' I yelled, straight away, a strong hand gave me a slap to my cheek. 'Watch your fucking tone!' I called out.

----------------End of flash back---------------

I hadn't seen Josh for a good couple of minutes. Then I started thinking the worst. What had he done to Zayn? I found my self growing more and more worried. Until I heard him. I heard some fall. I heard someone laugh. The window behind me crashed, I felt my lips part and a scream come out. I looked and Logan was stood there. 'You dick! You could have used the door!' I yelled. He smirked, 'Always a pleasure to see you as well' he smiled, I fake grinned and turned my head. I looked to the door, so see Josh carrying Zayn over his shoulder. 'ZAYN!' I yelled, hoping he would wake up. He didn't.

'Untied me you bastards!' I yelled, 'Why? What are you going to do? True loves kiss or shit like that?' Josh mocked, 'Untie her.' Logan told him, 'What?' Me and Josh both asked in shock. 'Let her have a moment with him. He might end up like Louis' Logan smirked, 'What the fuck have you done to Louis?!' I yelled, 'he wasn't really up for a compromise so... I taught him a lesson' Logan told me. 'Well not me personally, I have a man for that. Karl' he told me. I frowned, 'I swear to god, if you hurt any of my friends, then... I will personally you' I growl. 'Feisty as ever' he mocked. Josh had finished untying me. I sprang over to Zayn. I hovered over his body, that was lying on the floor. 'Your monsters' I whispered, I put my hand to Zayn's head and he had blood coming out. I bit my bottom lip, and supressed a sob.

Logan's phone rang. He turned to answer it. I leant down to Zayn's ear. 'Babe wake up' I pleaded, and almost on cue, his eyes stayed shut but his lips parted 'Shh... I'm acting' he told me, I laughed quietly, 'do you have a plan?' I asked, he nodded, I kissed his cheek. I stayed near Zayn. 'So all your other friends are done now too' he told me, my head shot up to Logan. 'What do you mean?' I asked, 'Well... they have each been taking to a different place. And if you don't cooperate, they die.' he spoke, I gasped. 'What do I have to do?' I asked, 'Come with us and they are free to go. Me and Josh can look after you... no more drama' Logan spoke. 'What's the catch?' I asked, 'No catch... just two people wanting look after the girl they love... and to be honest the mine and Steve's gang needs a strong female now Lola has gone' he told me, I shook my head. 'No'

'Okay then, have it your, which friend goes first? The Irish one? Or the bad boy Liam.. What about your secret lover Harry?' Logan mocked, with a smirk. 'No... None of them... don't do this' I told him. 'That's not how it works doll face' Logan told me, 'Only Zayn can call me doll' I growl, 'He won't for much longer' he laughed. A long thud came upon the door. Josh left to go and answer it. There was a bang. All head turned a little even Zayn's. Logan went to see what had happened, and another bang came. 'Zayn, fuck your plan... come on' I growled, he took a deep breath and pulled himself up.

We slowly walked outside, and I stopped dead. Seeing the two boys, dead. I looked up and saw Louis. 'Louis?! What the fuck?! I thought you were dead' I cried running over to him, 'No I got out, Karl left the gates open, and I ran for it... turns out they brought me here' he told us. I let go of him, and ran over to Zayn. 'How's your head' I asked him, 'I'm fine, your wrists?' he asked me, I rubbed them slightly, 'Sore but I will live' I told him, 'I hate to interrupt. but if you haven't noticed, they have the others too' he told us, I nodded 'Do you know where they are?' I asked, he shrugged. 'I know Logan had all the deal tails on his phone' Louis spoke, grabbing the phone from the dead boys pocket.

He scrolled through the information and looked down. 'Liam is in Australia. Niall is in China. Harry is in Spain' Louis read out. 'We need to help them' I told. 'How?' Zayn asked, 'Well there is three of us, and three of them, we could go individually' Louis spoke, 'I don't want Brook on her own' Zayn told Louis, pulling me close. 'Yeah she is the mot vulnerable' Louis spoke, 'Hey! Right... Listen I had done so much shit in the past five month that I can fucking handle this, give me a gun and I will gladly shoot anyone' I yelled, 'its not that, its just people will be watching you' Zayn told me, 'Well I am sorry. But I am going to save one of them on my own.' I told them. 'I will take Liam, you can take Niall, and Brook you take Harry' Louis told us, I nod. 'I don't like the sound of that' Zayn commented, I knew he still wasn't fully comfortable with Harry. 'Look Zayn it makes sense, I am going to Spain in four days, we have time to plan and find everything out, then we go and we are back with in a week' I told him, he took a deep breath and sighed, 'Fine' he told us.

'What do we do about these two?' I asked, 'Its fine, I know a guy who is on his way to get rid of them for us' he told me, I nodded and we walked into the living area. All sat down. 'Where shall we start?' I asked. 'Oh Louis...?' I aksed, he looked up at me, 'You know William?.... I know he is your brother... but I think he is up to something. Something bad' I told him.



Will they find the boys in time?

Can Zayn trust Brook?

Who is William really?

Does Oliver know?

Who is Karl?




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