Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


9. Not Tonight

Brook’s Pov

We got back to Zayn’s house, and I just ignored all of his questions. We were sat in his room, ‘Brook stop being fucking difficult and answer me’ he yelled, I ignored him ‘what do you want from me?’ he asked, ‘I want to go home’ I yelled, ‘well you aren’t going to go home until we have talked about this’ he yelled, ‘Zayn we both know it would be us talking it will be you’ I yelled, ‘ok I will be quite until you have said what you want to then I speak sound fair’ he asked, I nodded. He sat down, ‘I don’t get why you did that to Logan, he is my friend and even if he wanted to be more I would say no because I am with you, and it just feels like you don’t trust me… and I don’t know if I should trust you because I know that even when I kind of did, you did things to people like Josh, he was drunk and you still had to come out on top… and now you can answer why you scared me and the truth is you still do’ I said, he looked at me, ‘my turn’ he said, ‘I do things like this because I don’t trust them, not because I don’t trust you, but now it comes to it you are easy to persuade, I mean look at how easily I got you, I know what they think about, and the way they look at you’ he said, I sighed,

 ‘you seriously think you got me easy? You didn’t, you had to keep following me and pestering me until I said yes, and now I have said yes, I keep regretting it you keep making me regret it’ I said, ‘look baby, I swear I will stop’ he said, I laughed ‘no you won’t, you make promises you can’t keep’ I said, ‘ok so maybe I won’t stop but that is only because I want to keep you safe’ he said, ‘I can look after myself ok? If you really want me then listen a few rules, you don’t pay people to hurt anyone anymore got it? Next rule if I say you don’t do something don’t do it’ I said, ‘I get it’ he said, pulling me close playing with a strand of my hair, ‘are you going to follow my rules?’ I asked, ‘no promises, like you said I will only break them’ he said.

I sighed and pushed him away, ‘don’t be like that’ he said quietly, he slithered towards me and kissed my neck, then stopped looked at my neck and pulled away. Did I forget to mention that when I ran into Steve he gave me a love bite? When I yelled get of me that’s what he did, I didn’t say because this it would have come out when talking to Zayn, but clearly he found out on his own. ‘Who gave you that because it certainly wasn’t me’ he said, I stayed silent ‘BROOK!’ he yelled, making me jump, ‘I am going to ask you once more, who gave you that’ he said, I remained silent ‘was it Logan, is that why you were defending him so much’ he yelled, ‘No’ I whispered, ‘then who the fuck was it?’ he yelled, ‘Zayn I’ he stopped me, ‘seriously just tell me I am in no mood to be pissed around’ he yelled. He paced back and forth, the stopped dead, slowly turning his head to look at me, ‘you saw Steve today didn’t you?’ he asked, I nodded ‘you paid him off’ he said, I nodded again, ‘he said he didn’t lay a finger on you’ he shouted, ‘Zayn don’t go and do anything stupid’ I said, ‘you shut it, why didn’t you tell me huh? I can deal with him’ he said, ‘I don’t want you to deal with him! Just forget it, I am yours remember not his’ I said, trying to take his mind to other places.

‘I am going to hurt him’ he said, he walked out of the living room. I followed him, ‘Zayn wait!’ I yelled, he walked out the front door, ‘where are you going’ I yelled, ‘to see Steve’ he yelled back, I ran toward him and grabbed him and turned him around, ‘Please Zayn don’t’ I begged, he pushed me away, his eyes looked dark and his fists were clenched. He got in the car, and I hopped into the passenger seat, ‘get out Brook’ he said keeping calm but the rage as still there, ‘No, if you’re going to see Steve I need to be there’ I yelled, ‘no you don’t now get out’ he yelled, ‘No’ I said, ‘fine’ he said, he pressed down hard on the gas and we were racing towards Steve’s house. ‘Zayn slow down’ I said, he blanked me out.

We got to his house and Zayn stepped right out of the car, it took me a little bit longer. ‘Zayn think about what you’re doing’ I yelled ‘oh don’t worry I am thinking… thinking I am going to punch him in the face’ he yelled, oh what a dark humour he has. He was banging on the door, then a blonde opened up the door, ‘Hey Zayn are yo…’ he stopped her and pushed past her, ‘where the fuck is Steve’ he yelled, ‘in here’ a voice called. I followed where Zayn went, I walked into the room ‘Zayn how nice to see you’ he said standing up walking over to him, Zayn practically charged at him and punched him right in the face, ‘ZAYN!’ I yelled, he repeatedly hit him over and over, until Steve started to hit back, soon enough it was Zayn on the floor, ‘STOP!’ I yelled, Zayn stood up as Steve stopped, I went and stood behind Zayn, but as Zayn threw one final punch, his arm came back and elbow hit the corner of my eye, the bone. I yelped and turned my face, Zayn didn’t hear me, but as Steve went tumbling back, Zayn turned to see me.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes, he crouched down next to me. I stood up, ‘stay away from her’ Zayn said looking back a Steve how just laughed, ‘with friends like me Zayn you don’t want to go and make any more enemies’ he said, Zayn spun around and walked out pulling me behind. We walked into the car, I sat down, and we drove back to the house.

I walked inside and went straight up to his room, we sat on his bed. ‘I am sorry you had to see that’ he said, I shook my head ‘you have already broke the rules’ I said, ‘I am sorry’ he said, I turned to face him, my eye had swollen, ‘your eye’ he said growing concerned coming closer to me, I broke away. ‘Did I do that’ he said, I nodded slowly, ‘let me fix your eye’ he said, I let him. I saw his hand, ‘your hand’ I whispered, ‘forgot about that, let’s just sort you out’ he said, I sighed.

We fixed his hand and my eye and lay down on his bed. He tried to pull me close, but I pushed him away, ‘not tonight’ I whispered, ‘I am sorry’ he said, ‘I know you are’ I said, ‘but you’re scared again aren’t you?’ he asked, ‘Yes’ I whispered, ‘don’t be’ he said softly in my ear, ‘I can’t help it when you do things like that’ I said, ‘I know… but I am sorry… can you just let me hold you’ he whispered, ‘not tonight’ I whispered, but either way I always end up the same way, falling asleep in his arms.

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