Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


36. No More Mistakes

Brook's Pov

I turned to Zayn, we stood up and he put an arm protectively around me, shielding my body with his. 'Zayn... you don't think your going to get out of here do you?' Lola whispered laughing. I shook my head, 'no... I know I will' he smiled at her. I saw Louis look over at us, he was trying to signal to me? 'What?' I mouthed while Lola and Zayn were still talking. 'Phone' he mouthed back taping his pocket. MY PHONE! I have my phone in my pocket, I put my hand on it. Wait why is he helping me, I looked at him confused, he just nodded. I pulled out my phone, it was hidden by Zayn's body. I dialled 999... 'police' I whispered, they put me through, I could hear someone talking but I couldn't say anything I just made sure the phone could hear Lola.

'You really think she is going to get out of here alive? You have to choose, she won't live if you make the wrong choice!' she yelled, Louis walked over next to her. He stood behind her, 'Lola... you take him, have a word then we will re group' he told her, she nodded and he turned and looked at me, I nodded. He kissed my head and walked out with her. I put the phone to my ear, 'did you hear that please... I need you to come now! an-...' Louis took the phone, and spoke the address into the phone.

'Why are you helping?... Minutes ago you wanted me dead' I whispered, 'I am not here for you... yeah you did get me arrested.. but, I just needed Lola to believe me... and it helped that you did too... I never had any bad intentions. At first, it was about getting back at Zayn for leaving and other stuff but... then when I saw him again I realised I missed him.... he was my best friend. So I wanted Lola to pay, she is going to go to prison... and she will pay for stealing Zayn' he explained, 'So all this time, you were tying to help...' I asked, he nodded 'I needed you to believe that all of this was a set up, you needed to hate me... and I am sorry for kissing you... and for making you... give me a blow job, I just needed to set all of it up' he continued, 'so your good? You are actually trying to help?' I said shocked, he nodded.

We stood in silence, 'I am sorry for putting you through all this' he sighed, 'its fine... I am sorry for getting you arrested' I laughed, he nodded. 'Wait! Louis when the police get here they are going to think you have had something to do with it, you'll go to prison!' I yelled, he nodded 'maybe' he sighed. 'Louis you can't' I sighed, he smiled 'I can... she is the one that will get it worse, I will be out in a few months' he told me, 'how come every time you go prison it is because of me?' I asked, he laughed 'your bad luck' he smiled.

Then the door opened, and Zayn walked back in with Lola. 'So I have had a word, and he has be-' she stopped, the flashing blue lights came through the window, and the loud sirens called. Zayn looked at me, I smiled and showed him my phone. He grinned, 'your going no where Lola...' I smiled walking up to her, she went to turn around but Zayn stood behind her 'not this time' he smirked, 'Louis grab her!' she screamed, 'no... its about time you learnt your lesson' he sniggered, I smiled at him. Zayn looked confused 'I will explain later' I stated, he nodded.

The doors flung open and the Police walked in, 'GET DOWN NOW!' they yelled walking up to Louis and Lola, and all of the guards, 'No' I whispered to the officer who had Louis, 'he was only helping us' I told, he looked up at me. 'I am sorry I can't do anything, he has to be taken... he is a key suspect in this hostage situation' he told me pulling Louis away. Lola yelled absurd things as she was dragged out. I walked up to Zayn and hugged him tightly, then let go. We went and sat down at the back in silence. I rested my elbows on my knees.

I need to take all this in. Louis turned out to be good, he was never really part of some whole revenge thing. Lola tried to make Courtney date Logan but she fell in love with him. I had cheated on Zayn with Louis. Zayn Had cheated on me with Lola. Zayn cheated on me with Lola. Zayn and Lola... cheated.

I looked at Zayn, 'you have been sleeping with Lola the past week?' I asked, he looked at me. 'It isn't as bad as she made it out to be... the first day nothing happened nor did the second day, but the third day... we had sex... and the fourth' he told me, I looked away with tears in my eyes. 'Brook... you can't act like you are innocent here either' he whispered. I stood up, 'I have a reason now... Louis needed to do those things with me as part of his plan, and you were never around... I needed someone' I yelled, 'so what's your excuse' I yelled. He looked up, 'I don't have one' he whispered, 'that's what I thought' I spat.

'Brook, you know... we always end up like this... one of us hurting the other... and I get that most of the time its me, but please can we not just admit that both of have had a busy week, and that things we have done have been out of ... I don't know... but please can we just put this behind us... lets just go home' he sighed, 'what about Celic what is he going to say?' I asked, 'he can go... he didn't do his job ri-' he stopped, 'what do you mean didn't do his job?' I asked, he sighed 'Zayn...' I asked. 'He isn't my cousin, he is someone I hired to protect you when I am out or away... I have people who want me, because of Steve, Lola and Andy from the fight... and they will come after you in they can't get me, he is just a precaution' he told me, I took in the information, 'so you have got me a babysitter?... Zayn I don't need someone too look after me! I am old enough to look out for myself... I get myself into these messes I can damn well get myself out' I  yelled.

I paced up and down the room, 'Brook listen to me! Everything I have done it has been for us' he told me, 'really? so you doing that fight was for us? You beating up Josh was for us? You beating up Logan was for us!? You leaving me in that hospital and dumping me was for us! you helping Steve was for us? You SLEEPING WITH THAT BITCH WAS FOR US!? FACE IT ZAYN EVERYTHING YOU DO DOESN'T HELP US! EVERYTHING YOU DO BREAKS US EVEN MORE!' I yelled breaking my own heart, 'It doesn't break us it makes us stronger. I can't live with out you, and yeah it may seem like everything I do breaks us but it doesn't... the fight, I needed to prove to you I could do it... beating up josh showed I cared about you... Logan was a step to far I regret that... in the hospital, it was wrong and I got a taste of what it would be like with out you and I hated it, that wasn't for me that I left it was for you... so you wouldn't get hurt, helping Steve would have got me in the clear, he said he would leave us alone, and Lola... she was just a another step to far' he told me, I sighed.

Zayn stood up and kissed me, 'now I know we are not perfect... I know we have bad times, and I know we haven't had many good but I will make more good times for us starting now... I want you to be mine forever, and I don't want us to keep going in circles because we just end up in the same place every time, and we just keep blaming each other but its not that... but not this time we won't make the same mistakes' he whispered, 'Your right, we can make it through this, we can be stronger than we were before... that what were best at anyway... making it through the difficult stuff' I smiled, 'good... so me and you.. I am yours if you'll have me' he asked, 'I will have you' I smiled.

He took a coin out of his pocket, 'its my turn' 'Head I am yours... tails your mine' he smiled, I smiled at him. 'Flip it' he smiled, I flipped the coin, 'tails... looks like your mine' he said pulling me closer and kissing me softly.


Will Louis get out of prison?

What else can Brook and Zayn overcome?

How many other things will they fight off?

Does Courtney really Love Logan or was Lola lying?


Enjoyyy x



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