Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


25. No More I love You's

Zayn's Pov

I woke up the next morning in an empty bed. I hated the feeling of being alone, I dragged myself out of bed. I walked into the kitchen and made myself a cup of coffee, and sat down at the table. Julia then walked in I forgot about her, 'Morning hot stuff' she said, she walked over and put her hands on either of my shoulders. I shrugged her off, 'what's wrong?' she asked, 'just get lost' I said harshly, 'awww babe what is it?' she said, I jumped up and pushed her against the wall. 'Listen to me, you need to stop throwing yourself at me, I don't like you at all! you need to stop trying to get in the way of me and Brook...' I stopped remembering there was no me and Brook.

'Just pack your bags and go I don't want you anywhere near this house, and stay away from Brook too' I said, she gasped. 'It's your loss not mine' she said, 'Then I am happy for the loss... now go!' I said angrily. She walked up stairs and was packed and gone in half an hour.

Brook's Pov

I woke up and sat there watching the morning TV, Jack was at the side of my bed just reading a magazine. 'your very quiet this morning' he said, I shook my head 'I am fine' I said. He sighed and put down the magazine, 'what is it?' he asked, 'nothing Jack, just leave it' I said shaking away tears, 'do you want me to call Zayn?' he asked, 'he wouldn't answer' I said, 'why not' he asked, 'just leave it ok!' I yelled. We then sat in silence, then the door opened. 'Josh!' I said happily, 'Brook' he said running over to me, he hugged me tightly 'careful bruised and broken girl here' I said, he let go and laughed 'sorry' he said. 'I am going to go and get you some stuff from home' Jack said, I nodded and he left.

'Tension in the room' he said, I nodded 'yeah' I said, 'want to tell me why, you can lie to him but not to me' he said. Suddenly the feelings that had been trapped inside all morning, flooded out of me. I let the warm tears roll down my cheeks, Josh was instinctive by my side and I cried into his chest. I looked up at him and he smiled warmly, 'I am sorry' I said pushing up from his and wiping my eyes, 'god I look so pathetic' I said, he shook his head 'you are aloud to cry you know?' he said, 'I know but I just feel so stupid' I said, 'want to tell me what happened?' he said, 'I fell in love with the bad boy, and I was stupid enough to think he loved me too' I said sniffling, he put an arm around me 'he broke up with you' he asked shocked, I nodded.

'Why would he do that, who does he think he is?' he said getting angry, 'Josh, calm down' I said, Josh began to pace the room. Now was my chance to ask, 'Josh the other day, when I came over to your flat, I found a letter... I just saw it and picked it up' I said, he froze where he stood. 'You weren't meant to see that' he whispered, 'can you explain?' I asked, 'I am in love with you, is that simple enough' he said walking out of the room, the door banged shut behind him.

The nurse then came in and changed the bandage on my leg, 'how are you feeling today' she asked, 'Broken' I said to my self, 'Fine thank you' I said forcing a smile.

Zayn's Pov

I was sat in the living room, doing nothing imparticular just feeling sorry for myself. I heard a loud thud at my door, I sighed and got up, and opened the door, I opened it and someone instantly pushed me back into the wall. 'Who the fuck do you think you are?!' he yelled, it was josh. I didn't even put up a fight, I wasn't up for it. Josh pushed 'do you not understand what you have done to her?!' he yelled at me, 'that girl loves you with all of her heart you have just gone and broke her, she cried into me this morning and you weren't there to help her... YOU WERE THE REASON WHY!' he yelled, 'She broke down in front of me and I wasn't able to stop her crying, do you not realise what you have done!' he yelled, I screamed out 'YES I GET IT I AM A TERRIBLE PERSON! I HAVE BROKE HER DO YOU NOT THINK I FEEL BAD FOR IT!' I yelled, 'THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!' he said.

He walked into the living room and I followed, 'I love her Zayn... she is in love with you and I want to make her feel ok but I can't do anything, because no matter what she is in love with you' he said, I didn't look at him 'Zayn! Do you not understand this is killing her!' he yelled 'I did this to stop hurting her, she always gets hurt because of me and so do the people she loved, she will realise that this is what's best soon enough' I said, 'you really don't get it do you? she is in love with you! she doesn't care if she gets hurt as long as she has you! You don't get that this is hurting her ten times more than what that fucking gunshot did, she would do it again if it meant she could have you back' he yelled, 'If you love her so freaking much why don't you just go ahead and be with her, she can't be with me... she will fall for anything after all' I said not showing that this was killing me inside.

'Because Zayn no matter what she doesn't want me, no matter how hard I try it will always be you she loves, I will always be second best to you' he said, 'I don't know what you expect me to do' I yelled, 'I expect you to go and show her you love her, prove to her she was right to fall for you, prove that you love her... make her believe' he said, 'she won't forgive me... you know what she is like' I said, 'yeah and I know she would kill to have you back she would kill for you too to be together again' he said, I stayed silent and looked at the floor, 'Zayn don't you get, she needs you and you need her' he said, after a moment of silence he spoke again, 'so are you going to go or not?'

Brook's Pov

Julia walked into the room, 'Hello' she said, 'what do you want?' I asked, 'Zayn kicked me out this morning' she said, I didn't know what to say to her 'well sorry I can't help I don't live there anymore, me and Zayn broke up' I said, 'really! why?' she asked, 'don't act like you really care' I said, she lost her smile and walked over 'does that mean I can try my luck with him' she said, I rolled my eyes 'No! I mean... He may not be my boyfriend but he is still mine' I said, 'Really? Was he ever your at all? I mean did he ever love you' she asked, 'just go Julia, there is nothing for you here anymore' I said, 'Why scared to no the answer?' she asked, 'just go Julia... no one need or cares about you here' I said, she smiled and walked away 'nice to see you again, lets not leave it as long next time' she said slamming the door.

Then another knock came, 'Hey Brook' it was Logan, 'Hi' I said, he walked in and hugged me, behind him was Courtney I wasn't in the mood to fight today, I just didn't have the energy, I didn't see the point in holding a grudge against her just because she was Lola's sister, and I am nothing to Zayn anymore so it shouldn't matter. 'Hello' she said, I smiled 'Hi' I said. 'So how are you feeling?' asked Logan, 'I have been better' I said, he smiled 'I heard about Zayn' he said, 'how?' I asked, 'Your brother told me' he said, I nodded 'you ok about it all' he asked, I forced a pleasing smile, even though it was killing me inside, ''yeah, I will be' I said, 'are you sure?' asked Courtney, I nodded 'I am sure don't worry' I said, she smiled. They stayed for a while and talked before leaving.

I was sat thinking when my door opened again, Josh. 'Hi' he said, 'Hello' I smiled. 'Sorry about before' he said, 'it's Okay, it was a bit of a tough situation' I said. He sat down at the end of my bed, and smiled at me. Then he looked down sadly, 'I am sorry' he whispered, I smiled 'don't be, its not your fault' I said, 'I fell in love with someone who I shouldn't have' he said, 'I have too, I shouldn't have fallen in love with Zayn... but I did... I wish I could love you in the way I do Zayn... it would be a lot less hassle' I said, he looked down sadly 'I wish you thought about me like I think about you' he said, 'I do think abut you... I think about our friendship... I even think about what it would be like to be with you... but then I use to look at Zayn and think... that's the boy I am in love with and nothing will change that... I wish something would change it' I said, 'I love you... and it hurts so much to see you with him' he said, I grabbed his hands. 'I am so sorry Josh, but I can't help who I fall in love with, and I may not have intended to fall in love with Zayn, but I don't regret it... but all that matters is I am in the right place with you, now' I said, he smiled at me 'you deserve so much more' he said, I smiled 'I am fine with what I have' I said.

I sat there talking to him, 'you have to promise not to fall in love with me' he said and smiled at me, 'how can I do that' I said, he started to laugh and so did he, as the laughter faded he brought a hand to my cheek. His hand was warm and it caressed my face, 'Josh I-' he stopped me 'please just give me this moment' he said, I sighed and closed my eyes, I let tears roll down my face, 'can I kiss you?' he asked, I opened my eyes 'Josh' I said, 'just this one kiss' he said, I nodded. He leant in, and kissed me softly. I pulled away, 'no more...' I said, he nodded understandingly, 'I will see you later' he said walking out of the room.

I lay back down and though about Josh, I could never be in a relationship with him or could I?

'Doll?' a familiar voice came through the room, I turned to see Zayn. His hands were buried deeply into his pockets, and his black shirt was crumpled against him, he looked tired, he looked like he hadn't slept in days, his hair was all over the place, and had a small bit of stubble just growing. 'If you have come to say sorry the-' he stopped me, 'I haven't... I came to say I am wrong, I still care and ... I love you' he said, 'you can't just break my heart and leave, then say you still care... no more I love you's Zayn' I said sadly, 'I do care, I am so sorry doll... none of this should of happen' he said, 'no it shouldn't off' I said. It then went silent, 'have you not got anything else to say?' he asked, 'well I am sure you do... your the one  that came to see me after all' I said, he looked down sadly 'Where do I start?...











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