Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


61. Never Let Your Guard Down

Brook's Pov

We spent the night with my parents. Then at about 11 we left for our apartment. 'Thank you' I smiled and hugged Zayn as we walked trough our door. 'Its fine... But why have you forgave your brother' he asked, slightly pissed off. I sighed 'Can we not talk about it' I asked him, he sighed 'If he ever hurts you agai-..' I stopped him, by kissing him softly. 'What was that for?' he asked, 'that was to shut you up' I smiled. He rolled his eyes, 'I am going to shower' he told me and kissed my cheek.

Now was the time. Whist Zayn went and got a shower, I went and got my present from Victoria's Secret. I slipped into it, and rummaged through the draws, there were a few candles and I lit them. I went and stood in the kitchen to get a drink. The shower turned off, and I heard Zayn's voice steps. 'Brook? Where are you? What's going on?' he called out. I smirked and toddled into the bedroom. I leant on the door frame, he had his back to me. I simply coughed. He turned and his eyes were wide, his eyes wandered all over me. A playful grin tickled his lips. 'Wow' he whispered.

I smiled at him, and walked over to him. I smiled as he pulled me close, 'You look... Amazing... it seems a shame that I will have to take it all off you' he grinned. I laughed, 'You don't have too' I teased, and playfully kissed his neck. He grabbed me and pushed me onto the bed. 'But you look so much better with it off' he teased. I laughed and he kissed down my neck. I smiled, and moaned under his touch. He playing with the lace on the hem of my knickers, and tried to pull them down. 'Not so fast' I told him, he rolled his eyes. 'Babe we have all night' I whispered in his ear.

He kissed me harshly. I pulled his shirt of him, reavling his body. I ran my hands down his torso, 'Hmmm.. Doll' he moaned, I smirk. He was always most vulnerable during sex. His hands rubbed my thighs, I groaned as he pushed me so my back was against the bed. I was now upright, he kissed down my stomach along my pelvic bones, and then gave to my panties again. He looked at me and pulled them down.

He left a trail of kisses from my inner thigh to my other thigh, soon enough flicking his tongue across my clit. I bit on my bottom lip as he continued to eat me out in a perfect way, soft moans soon  escape my lips, 'Zayn...' I moaned as he continued, I ran my fingers through his hair. After a while I was near my climax Zayn stood back up, taking his pants off and pumping his cock a bit to make it harder. My breath hitching in the back of my throat as my climax reached its high. The Zayn crawled between my legs, lining up to my entrance and slowly pushing in as he leaned back down to kiss me, 'You taste great' he mumbled. I gasped into the kiss, his teeth grazing, biting on my bottom lip and tugging on it lightly. He started thrusting into me, my moan echoing throughout his room. He sped up a bit more after a while, his member stroking my G-spot relentlessly. I honestly love the feeling. 'Doll... I am so close... I-I need you' he whispered 'Zayn! Please harder! Ah!" I pleaded through thrusts. He pounded into me harder.
My walls tightening around him harshly as he thrusted into me a few more times, his cock twitching and releasing his hot cum deep inside me. I screamed in pleasure, nearly drowning out his raspy moan. His voice a perfect chime to my ears, 'Scream for me doll'. He fell over next to me, pulling me close to his body. After a while of him brushing his fingers through my hair I drifted off into a sleep.

-----------------------The Next Day-----------------

I woke up on Zayn's chest. He was softly snoring. I left him there and got up I saw his phone was flashing, I looked at it. 'Steve?' I whispered to myself. I answered it, 'What the fuck do you want?!' I growled into the phone. 'Hello to you too' he smiled, 'Why are you calling Zayn?' he asked, 'He asked me too... we are associates' he chuckled, 'What would Zayn want to do with scum like you' I growled, 'If I were you I would what that pretty little mouth of yours' he growled back. 'What do you want Steve?' I asked, 'I want many things' he seemed to grin, 'I mean with Zayn' I spat, 'Oh... Did he not tell you?... We have made a deal' he spoke. 'What kind of deal?' I asked.

'Let's just say, his mummy and daddy might not be around for much longer... and sisters?... Gone... Well they will be if Zayn doesn't agree' he laughed, 'W-What?' I asked, 'Your dying to know the deal aren't you?' he asked, 'Tell me' I begged. 'Well... Zayn said he would think about it' he told me. 'THINK ABOUT WHAT!' I find myself yelling. 'You' he spoke simply. 'What about me?' I asked, 'I do hope you remember Jake... You might just be spending a bit of time with him' he told me. Jake? He was the one who came that night at the house. 'Why?' I asked, 'If you go with for a week or two, his family stay safe' he told me. 'When?' I asked, 'There was more than one reason he brought you too California love' he laughed, and hung up the phone.

I took a deep breath while it all sunk in. Zayn was going to hand me over. I get it was for his family but surely there was another way? He brought me here, too see my parents who he promised that he would look after me too, and then hand me over to a physco path. Well this I was not doing.

I grabbed his phone and stomped over to the bed room. I threw phone at him to wake him up, he opened his eyes and rubbed his face. 'What was that for?' he asked, 'You were going to give me over!' I yelled, 'What?' he asked, 'Steve... You promised me you would have nothing more to do with him! You said that this was a new start, a clean slate and I find out... Your just going to give me over?!' I yelled. 'When did you speak to stave?' he asked, 'Just then... I can't believe you Zayn!' I yelled, 'You have misunderstood' he told me, 'How! Tell me how! I mean...' he cut me off. 'He said he wanted you, I said no, he said he would hurt my family... So he said, if for one week you could spend with Jake. Then he wouldn't hurt them. I didn't say yes.... just know that I didn't say yes' he sighed and reached out to me.

I pulled  back. 'Why do they want me?... What am I doing with Jake?' I asked, 'Jake is going to Spain and he needs a female assistant.. he said she had to be beautiful' Zayn spoke, 'And they thought of me?' I asked, 'your beautiful... So that's what they though, and they knew you would have to if it meant my family would be safe' he told me. 'Let me just get my head around this... I spend a week with Jake in Spain... and your family don't get hurt' I asked, he nodded. 'I wouldn't do it... not if you weren't happy with it' he told me. 'What if he hurts me?' I asked, 'He promised he wouldn't... As long as you do as he say' he told me pulling me close to him.

'What will I have to do?' I asked, 'Undercover work... Your bait' he told me, that word bait, I hate it. 'Will Jake... look after me?' I asked, 'You don't think I am going to let you go with him alone do you, I will have Oliver and William out there... watching out for you' he smiled at me, that makes it better. 'This means the world to you doesn't it?' I asked, as we lay down, my head on his chest. He sighed and nodded 'I haven't long got my family back, I don't want to lose them again... I can't... but I don't want you to have to do something your not comfortable with' he told me, 'I understand if you say no' he told me, I sighed and propped myself up on my elbows. 'I will do it' I told him, 'What? Really?' he smiled, I nodded 'You have always tried to do things for me, to keep me safe, and you have kept my mum and dad safe, I think I need to keep yours safe' I told him.

---------------------Later that day-------------------

I sighed as me and Zayn walked to meet up with Jake and Steve. 'I am scared' I confessed, 'Don't worry they won't hurt you... When they make a deal... They stick to it' he tried to reassure me. We walked into a building. It was a old fashioned building, and had a lovely interior. 'Over here!' a familiar voice called. We turned and the two were there. Jake walked over with Steve not far behind. 'You were wise to say yes' Steve smiled, I rolled my eyes. 'You promise you won't hurt her?' Zayn asked, 'We promise... she will be safe with me' Jake told him. 'When do we leave?' I asked, 'five days... but before you go, you need to spend an afternoon with me... you need learn what we are doing and how to act' Jake told me.

This whole deal was starting to feel like a mistake, but I wasn't going to back down. 'Okay.. How about now?' I asked, 'Eger?' he asked, I gave a clearly fake smile. 'We will wait here... You can be and two hours, no more, no less' Steve told, me and Jake nod. I kiss Zayn passionately and then walked off with Jake this was going to be a long afternoon.

As me and Jake got to a new room. I took a deep breath before following him in. 'Now... Two things, your going to have to learn a bit of fighting and then I will cover how you have to act' he spoke, I nodded in agreement. He handed me a small knife. 'You ever held a knife before?' he asked, I shook my head. He smirked 'Your going to be a natural... I can tell' he whispered. I smiled slightly, he circled me 'Rule number one...' he spoke, and suddenly he was behind me. The knife a my throat. 'Never let your guard down' he spoke, I gulped as he moved to my front. 'Now forward attack, come at me with the knife' he told me, 'I don't know how' I replied. He demstrated, I did it back. 'Good' he told me.

He walked over to the table and called me over, I walked over and he sat right next to me. 'Okay, So your going to be acting a lot, your going to have to be flirty, and if anyone touches you, you have to use that to your advantage... or if he takes it to far, you'll have the knife, keep it under your dress... you'll be wearing a dress when you go out with me so it will by against your thigh' he told me, I nodded in understandment.

He stood up and walked over to the cupboard. I looked at the blade on the table picked it up silently, and crept over to him. I stood behind him and put the knife to his throat, I was stood on my tiptoes so I could reach around him. His breathing got faster. I whispered in his ear. 'Rule number one..... Never let your guard down' I whispered, he chuckled 'You got me'




Will she be able to go?

Could she do it?

Will Zayn let her go?

Can Oliver and William look out for her?

What will Harry say?

Where did Louis get too?

Old face will return?



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