Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


67. My Dark Side.

Brook's Pov

I had a call yesterday night from Zayn telling me he had met Liam and they were all on the plane back to California. I looked back over to Louis. 'How are you?' I asked, 'Pissed off, Angry, Frustrated, murderous... take any you want' he growled, his face was hard, and his fist were clenched. 'Louis...' I whispered, 'Don't tell me to be calm or it will be okay. because you don't fucking know that!' he yelled standing up. I moved out of his way. 'Louis... I am not going to say everything will be okay... cause I don't know my self if it will be... but you can't... hurt William' I whispered, he looked up at me.

'You joking right? I am not going to hurt him...' he stopped and looked down and sighed, '... I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILLING HIM!' He shouted connecting his fist with the wall. I gasped and stepped back, frightened. 'Brook just get ready your leaving soon. I don't want to scare you anymore' he told me, I nodded and walked to the bedroom closing the door.

I got dressed and tied my hair back. It was 7:30am. Jake would be here in half an hour to take me and Liam to the airport, so we could go to Spain and get Harry. I heard muffled voices. I opened my door, and Liam, Zayn and Oliver were all there. I smiled and walked into the room, and walked up to Zayn and hugged him tightly and kissed him. Then hugged Liam and he kissed my cheek, I didn't gun Oliver cause I didn't know him as well.

'How you holding up Louis?' Zayn asked, wrapping his arms around me. 'Don't ask' he growled. Zayn and the other looked at me for reassurance. I shook my head as if to say don't say anymore. 'Well, are your bags packed?' Zayn asked me, I nodded and looked up at Liam. I noticed a pool of blood on his shirt. I walked over to him, and pulled up his shirt and saw a stab wound. 'I thought you said you weren't hurt' I frowned, 'I'm not hurt... This is nothing' he told me, I dragged him over to the couch. 'Don't move' I told him.

I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a first aid box. I walked back to Liam. 'Take of your shirt' I told him, 'Brook please... your boyfriend is in the room' he winked, I rolled my eyes. 'Cocky as ever I see' I told him, as he took of his shirt. I began to clean it up. 'What are you going to do for clothes?' I asked, 'Its only a week... we will be done before that' he told me, 'You still need clothes... Zayn, lend Liam some of your clothes, put them in a bag' I told him, Zayn nodded came over and kissed me, just making sure Liam knew we were serious.

I laughed slightly. He walked away to get clothes for Liam. 'You know what the plan is for tonight?' he asked me, I nodded. 'Is Dominic bad?' I asked, I heard a laugh from behind me. 'Dominic has Harry?!' It was Louis, Liam nodded. 'Your seriously going let Brook go and "flirt" with Dominic, you know what he is like Liam!' Louis yelled, 'Liam?' I whispered. Liam stood up, 'Oh please you sound like Zayn' Liam groaned standing up. 'Wait Zayn doesn't want me going either?' I asked, 'Look Brook, I will be there, you will be find with me' Liam told me, I looked around unsure, 'Liam I'm not to-...' he stopped me, 'Brook have I let you down before?' he asked me coming to my face, I shook my head . 'No you haven't' I told him, 'And I am not going to let you down now' he told me, I Nodded unsure.

Zayn came back in with a bag full of clothes for Liam. I sighed and grabbed my own bag. 'Jake will be hear 10 minutes' I told them. I walked past Zayn and he pulled me back, 'You alright doll?' he asked me, I nodded reassuringly. 'Just need a minute' I told him, he nodded and I walked off into he bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, and dangled my legs over the bed. I ran my fingers through my hair, and sighed. I lay back and closed my eyes. Why can't I just have a normal life? I mean a normal boyfriend? Normal friends? Fuck Normal. Its boring. But I would take it over this.

I groaned and sat up. I thought of Harry. I never thought I would miss him this much. I am sick of having to worry about him, and the others for that matter. I just want to get rid of this Dominic guy, and then Steve and all his minions, and then maybe I can live a bit of a normal life? I thought of Harry. Again. I need to stop this. I need to stop this. I.NEED TO FUCKING STOP THIS. The thought of him being hurt though, hurts me. I close my eyes for a moment, his soft curls and green eyes just absorb my thoughts. 'Brook?' I heard, I looked up and saw Zayn.

I smiled softly as he walked over to me. He knelt down in front of me and held my hands. 'I know this is tough, but... we can do this' he smiled, I nodded. He reached up and caressed my cheek. Now I remember why I chose Zayn. I chose Zayn because his touch send chills through me every time. I chose him because when I am scared, he makes me feel safe. I chose Zayn cause when his lips touch mine, it feels right. I chose Zayn because I am in love with him. He leant into me and kissed me softly.

'I don't want you to go out there' he whispered, I pulled his collar and kissed him again. 'I will be safe, I have Liam and Jake' I told him, he frowned. 'I don't trust Jake, and I am still weary about leaving you with Liam' he told me, I rolled my eyes. 'Trust me... I don't need you to flip at Jake like Louis did' I told him, he looked me in the eyes. 'What do you mean Louis flipped at Jake?' he asked, I looked up at him and darkness flashed. 'I-I .. er... Jake came around the other day and Louis warned him not to hurt me and he said, its not you he needs to worry about its him' I told him, he stood up and didn't look at me.

'You have your bag?' he asked me casually, I stood up. 'Er.. Yeah' I whispered. He took my hand and pulled me out of the bedroom. There was a knock at the door, and Jake walked in. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. 'You ready?' he asked me, 'Yeah WE are' Liam smiled at him, waving his hand. 'Your coming?' he asked, 'Yeah, Just so you don't screw things up' Liam bellowed, 'Boys! Stop... Look if Harry trusts him then so do I!' I yelled, 'Can we just go' I whispered. I let go of Zayn's hand but he pulled me back to him, I sighed and let his hug engulf me. He kissed me sweetly. I smiled and kissed him back, 'I love you' he whispered, 'I love you too' I told him, his arms dropped from around me.

I smiled, and looked back up at Louis. I walked up to him, and wrapped my arms around him. 'Stay Strong' I told him, he nodded and kissed my cheek, 'and you stay safe' he told me, I nodded and buried my face into his shirt, and his arms held me. Whoa. I pulled back. What was that? Since when did I get that feeling hugging Louis? When did I get butterflies? When did this shit happen? Never mind I have enough to deal with at the moment. I walked over to Liam, but kissed Zayn along they way. 'Stay safe Doll' he kissed my cheek, I nodded and walked out with Jake and Liam.

We left for the air port. Jake went over the plan about seven times, and I just nodded time and time again, I knew what we were doing. 'We get it dude!' Liam growled sick of him, that shut him up. I smiled at Liam. We walked over to the plane, I sat with Liam and Jake was busy flirting with the air hostess. 'You alright?' Liam asked me, I nodded and looked out the window. 'Not Nervous?' he asked, I shook my head again. 'Scared?' he asked, 'Liam I am fine' I chuckled. He put and arm around me, 'You sure?' he asked, 'You know its cute when you protective' I smiled, 'Well your like our sister now, and Zayn loves you... So does Harry and Lo-.. Er.. Shit' he mumbled, 'Yeah your like a sister want to keep you safe' he spoke, I smiled, I wasn't going to asked what he said before.

'Liam you mind if I sleep?' I asked him, he shook his head, and let me cuddle him close. I closed my eyes seeing him on his phone. All I am thinking is Whoa.

Zayn's Pov

Not long after Brook left, I saw down opposite Louis. His eyes staring back into mine. Oliver was sleeping. 'What?' he asked, Was he so blind? 'Brook?' I spat. He looked up at me, 'What about Brook?' he asked confused. 'God do I need to spell it out' I mumbled. 'Do you like Brook?' I growled, Clenching my fists. 'I.. No.. but Zayn what are yo-' I cut him off. 'DON'T FUCKING LIE TOMLINSON! Tell me the truth!' I yelled standing up. He stood up as well, 'What do you want me to say! You want me to say yes? You want me to say I would shag her?' he yelled back, 'Louis!' I spat.

'If you don't like her then why did you say it won't be me Jake has to worry about, why would he have to worry about you?' I bit, he looked up at me. 'He would have to worry about me, cause unlike you I won't stop. I will kill him' Louis growled, 'What makes you think I would stop?' I asked, 'Brook. Brook would tell you to stop and you would, But if she told me, I would Carry on... Unlike you' he told me, 'Brook has changed you dude' Louis told me. 'What?' I asked, 'You use to fight, you use to box, you use to stop at nothing, until you won. If the old you was here right now, none of this would have happened'

Was he right? Have I changed? I liked the old me though... Oh my god he is right. I need to go back to me. What choice do I have?

Louis pulled me to sit next to him. 'Look, I am glad you found a girl. I am glad you are in love with her, and we all like her, its great. But right now Zayn we need the old you back. We need you to be a fighter, we need you to be ruthless... we need you too be you!... We can't get Niall back if we don't have you. Brook has changed you, she brought your anger down, and your happiness up. I am all for you being happy but... Zayn we need you right now... If we get rid of Dominic, Andy and Steve, we will be okay' Louis spoke. 'You changed for her... So change back so you can protect her' he told me.

I looked down, he was so right. Where had my Dark side gone?  I had stopped all of these thing for Brook. But all of those things. They were the only things I had to protect her with. 'Louis?...' I whispered, 'Yes mate?' he asked, 'I have had an idea' I told him. He looked up at me with hopeful eyes. 'What? What is it?' he asked, I looked up at him. My former darkness returning. 'I am going to fight again... Boxing' I smirked, 'really?' he asked smiling. 'Yes. You know Steve needs a fighter for the next season, and if I do that then he will be off our backs for a while, and then all that's left is Dominic and Andy' I told him, he smiled, 'Zayn Welcome back! But you will need to get training then' Louis told me, I nodded.

I stood up and grabbed my jacket. I reach the door and saw Louis smiling at me. 'Louis?' I asked, 'Yeah?' he asked, 'Zayn Malik is back' I smiled before walking out the door.


Oh my god!! The tension. Btw guys can you all comment for me, love knowing your thoughts.


Will Brook and Liam get Harry back?

Bad Or Good Jake?

Zayn Dark again?

What is Louis up too?

Where is Niall?

Will Zayn fight again?

Will Brook he see Zayn the same way?







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