Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


65. Memories of Niall

Brook's Pov

I sighed and looked up. Louis hadn't slept, he was so focused on finding Niall. He had dark bags under his eyes. I sighed and walked over to him, 'Hey, you want a coffee?' I asked, he nodded. I took the laptop from him and wrapped my arms around him. I kissed his cheek, 'We will find him Lou I promise' I told him, he flung his arms around me. 'I know, I just... I need to find him' he groaned. 'This fucking tracker isn't working' he told me, I looked at it, and on the screen it read “Failed” I sighed. 'You just have to keep trying' I told him.

'Hey guys!' Zayn smiled walking into the room. 'I have booked me and Oliver our tickets to Australia, we go tomorrow' he told us. Oliver and William were called by Louis to help us. Oliver was helping Zayn, find Liam. William was helping Louis. I hadn't told anyone that I don't trust William. 'Louis, your going to have to stay here until she goes with Jake' Zayn told him, he nodded. 'Its not like I am finding Niall any time soon am I?' he frowned. I sighed, and grabbed Louis's hand, and smiled. He let go, and grabbed the laptop, again searching for Niall.

Zayn came and sat down beside us. I smiled at him, he wrapped his arm around me. 'Are you going to be okay?' he asked me, I nodded and smiled. 'Yeah, I will be alright' I told him. 'I am going to be fine, I have Louis here to keep me safe, and then I have Jake' I smiled, his grip got tense. 'I am still not sure I trust Harry on this one... I mean how do we know Jake is defiantly good' he asked, I put my hand up to his cheek. I ran my fingers along his jaw line. 'I know you still worried about me and Harry. I know you are scared your going to lose me, but you won't okay? I trust Harry on this, I mean I would trust him with my life, and if he says Jake is going to help us, then I will believe him, I am not asking you to, but... you can't change my mind' I told him.

He sighed and nodded. 'I know, I am just worried' he told me, I nodded and kissed, 'You won't lose me Mr. Malik' I smiled and kissed him. He pulled back, 'Well we better get packing, you want to help me?' he asked, I nodded and stood up, then turned. 'Louis where are your clothes?' I asked, 'In my room, but I am here now, so I haven't been to get them yet' he spoke, his eyes staying on the computer screen. I looked at him, 'You should probably go and get them' I told him, he nodded and looked at me. 'Don't take your eyes, of these' he said pointing to all the devices in front of him. I nodded, 'You have my word' I told him, he stood up and looked once more 'Thanks Brook' he smiled and kissed my cheek, before walking out.

I stood there for a moment. 'I haven't ever seen him like this before' I spoke, Zayn came behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist tightly, then buried his head in my neck, pressing his lips against my neck. 'He cares about Niall, its like his baby brother' Zayn spoke, 'Why does he blame himself though?' I asked, 'You want to hear the story?' he asked, I nodded and he pulled me onto the couch.

----------------------Flash Back Louis's Pov-------------------------

'Please just let me come!' he begged, I groaned 'Niall what don't you understand about No' I asked, sliding my shoes on. 'I don't see why I can't come' he groaned. Niall has been friends with me since he was seven, and I was ten. Our families knew each other. So he was like my baby brother. 'Niall if you get hurt, it will be my fault no' I told him. 'Why not, I AM 16!!' he groaned. 'Yeah, and I am 19, so I win' I replied. 'No this isn't fair. Liam and Zayn are 16. Harry is 15! I mean, he is younger than me, so why can't I COME!' He ended in a yell, 'because I said so, stay the fuck here' I told him, William pushed past Niall, 'you ready?' he asked me, I nodded and looked at Niall. 'You don't fucking leave this house' I told him.

When me and William got to the hide out, everyone was there. Liam was stood with Zayn, Zayn had a fag in his hand. Harry and Oliver were sat playing cards, and we slowly walked over. We went through our plan of attack, so we could go against the other gang that we were currently rivalling against. The plan was simple, and everyone agreed with it. Then we all heard a crack, we all stood up. All of us alert. Liam reached for his gun, and pulled it out. 'Calm down guys its me' Niall spoke, walking out from the bushes. I took a deep angry breath. 'Niall!...Long time no see' Harry smiled, High fiving Niall. 'Niall! I told you not to come!' I shouted, everyone backed away from Niall slowly. Niall stood there and stared down at his feet. I walked over to him, 'NIALL YOU FUCKING TWAT!' I yelled. 'Louis...' William whispered. 'I am sorry I was just...-' Niall stopped, Zayn cut him off. 'Shut up-... Did you hear that?' Zayn asked.

We all froze, everything stopped when from the forest in front, Aaron stepped out. 'Hello boys... Well isn't this just cosy?' he asked smiling, we all shifted, Liam reached for his gun, but I shook my head no. 'What the fuck do you want?' I asked him, he shrugged. 'Just passing through... Who is this?' he asked, looking past me and at Niall. 'That's no one' I told him, 'really?' he asked. He pushed me a side and looked Niall up and down. I went to go for him but William held me back. I took a deep breath. 'What's your name?' he asked Niall. Niall looked at me, and I shook my head telling him not to speak. 'You don't speak much eh?' Aaron asked, I looked him and violently shook my head. BUT NO! Niall being the person he is opens his gob. 'I'm Niall.' he spoke, I rolled my eyes. 'You won't last two minutes here, Niall. I am going to make sure of it.' Aaron spoke.

I looked at Liam and Nodded. He pulled the gun out and stood behind Aaron, Aaron looked down and laughed. 'Did you think I would come here alone?' he asked, we looked around and suddenly, three men appeared from the bushes. And it was all over so fast. Two gun shots were fired. Liam shot directly into the back of Aaron's head. Niall got shot in the abdomen. The three men stood shocked, and realised we were all serious. They ran off into the forest. I turned to Niall. Liam, William and Oliver went to go and get rid of Aaron's body.

I crouched down with Niall. 'Niall you fucking idiot!' I whispered, he looked up at me 'Your still insult me when I’m dying?' he chuckled lightly, before coughing. 'Niall stay with us. We will get you to a hospital' Harry told Niall. I threw Harry the car keys, 'I can't drive Louis, I'm 15' Harry exclaimed, 'Now's as good a time as any' I spoke, picking Niall up, and placing him in the back of the car. I sat in the back of the car, with Niall's head on my lap. He was covered in blood, and he was sweating. 'HARRY HURRY UP!' I yelled, 'Niall stay with us' I begged, his eyes were closing.

'I am trying Louis, but I don't know what I am doing!' he yelled back at me. I looked down at Niall. We need to hurry up.

We got to the hospital and Niall was ripped from my arms and took away. The boys showed up after about half an hour. 'How is he?' Zayn asked, I shrugged 'They aren't telling me anything' I spoke, my voice cracking. I needed him to be okay, I promised him I wouldn't let anything happen to him. 'Horan. Niall Horan?' the doctor asked stepping out. I jumped up 'yes that's... over here!' I told him, I walked over to him. 'Only two at a time' he told us, I looked up, 'You guys decide, I am going in now' I told them, they all nodded.

The doctor took me to his room. I walked in and Niall was hooked up to all the wires, and the machine did that horrid beep. I took a deep breath, 'Is he okay?' I asked, the doctor explained stuff, but all I heard was 'he is going to be fine, he is just sleeping of the antistatic' I smiled and he walked out.

I sat down on the chair next to the bed. 'Niall... Please be okay' I whispered, 'Your such an idiot... do you understand now?' I asked him, I sniffled. 'I can't lose you Niall. I won't lose you' I spoke again. 'You can join the gang. But I promise you I will keep you safe, I will make sure of it' I told him, 'I will look after you baby bro' I spoke, I heard a cough at the door, let go of Niall's hand. Zayn stood there, 'You heard all that?' I asked, I nodded. 'He will make it through' Zayn told me, I smiled and nodded. Looking back at Niall. I won't lose him again.

--------------------End Of flashback-------------

Brook's Pov

I took a deep breath. 'No wonder, he is worried' I spoke, Zayn nodded. 'He doesn’t want to lose him, none of us do, especially him' Zayn told me, intertwining his hand. 'You and Louis are the same' I told him, he raised an eyebrow. 'Well, Niall is just like me. You tell me no all the time, and I end up going to places when you say no. Louis told Niall no and he went to the places Louis said no. Louis almost Lost Niall. You almost lost me. Everything is just a like. I mean, you and Louis. Your so similar' I spoke, he laughed. 'Yeah, we are cause you know. After this Louis won't lose Niall again, and I will defiantly be keeping hold of you' he kissed my forehead, I smiled.




I looked at Zayn, eyes wide. Then I looked at the IPAD, with the tracking app on. I smiled as I saw it had a match. Me and Zayn went through all the processes. They were on the move, Niall was still in china, near Yunan. I looked through the credit card details and nothing was found. 'Look his dot has just froze!' Zayn exclaimed, 'The credit card is still moving' I spoke, pointing. 'That means, either. They have Niall's phone, and have thrown it. The person keeping him, Is out on his own. Niall has escaped, or they.... killed him' I whispered and took a deep breath. 'Don't think like that' Zayn told me I nodded.

The door opened and Louis walked back in. 'You found anything' he asked, we nodded. 'Great ! What?' he asked, 'We aren't sure' I told him, he looked confused, until we showed him the Ipad. All the thoughts passed through him. I knew he was worried. 'This is good right? I mean at least we have a starting point' I told him, he rolled his eyes. 'Yeah but, why are the dots going different directions' Louis yelled frustrated. I sighed and took his hand, 'You won't lose him, he will make it through' I told Louis, he looked up at me. 'Don't say that if you don't know its true' he spat, before turning away.



Will Louis find Niall in time?

Is Niall okay?

Will they find Liam?

Will they find Harry?

How long will they take?

Can Jake help?


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