Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


70. Lost.

Zayn's Pov

Knowing Brook was okay made me relax. I walked up to Louis, 'They have Harry, and Brook is safe' I smiled, 'Good, now Niall' he replied. I nodded. 'I think I have a location' Louis grinned looking around at me. 'Your joking?' I smiled and walked up to him. I looked at the laptop and saw Niall's dot. 'You fucking genius' I smiled and patted Louis's back.

'Lets book our tickets then' I told him, 'good idea... We're off to China' he smiled. I walked off to the kitchen, and got a drink. I think I might ring, Brook just hearing her voice will make me feel okay.

Liam's Pov

We walked into the hotel room we had. We all sat down on the couch in silence. How are we going to be able to do this? I took a deep breath and looked down at the coffee table, Brook's phone. Harry was looking down at his hands, and Jake was in the kitchen just making a cup of tea. Brook's phone went off, me and Harry looked at each other. 'Answer it' Harry told me, It was Zayn.

I answered it. 'Hello' I asked, 'Liam? Where Brook?' he asked me, 'Er.. She fell asleep... You know she had a busy day' I told him, lies like and more lies. 'Well get her too call me tomorrow okay?' he asked, 'Yeah. Sure... Zayn Brook wanted you to know that she loves you' I told him, I heard him chuckle. 'Okay. Thanks, I love her too.. Speak to you later' he told me, hanging up the phone.

'Liam, we have fucked up' Harry spoke, 'Look just go and shower, and then eat, sleep.. Just... we need to get you better... so we can face Zayn, when he has found Niall' I told him, he nodded and walked up to me. 'Everything will be okay wont it?' he asked, I nodded. 'I know it will be Harry' I spoke, he smiled and walked off.  I lied. I didn't know it would be okay. I just had to hope. 

----Later That Night----
Harry's Pov
It was 1am now. I still hadn't slept, I couldn't. I was physically and emotionally broken. I walked into where Brook should be sleeping right now. Her room. I sat down on her bed, she hadn't used. I looked over to her half unpacked suitcase. I smiled seeing her favourite shirt on top of the pile. I looked around the room, I saw her jewellery on the side of the dresser. Her perfume, It smelt just like her.

I noticed one of my shirts hung in her wardrobe, I took it out and smiled. I remember when I gave her this, I smiled at sat back down on her bed with the shirt in my hand. Though it was mine and smelt like me, it had her on it. I lay back on her bed, I wanted to feel close to her. But that wasn't going to happen again. Not anytime. Never.

'Again take the same road two days in the same clothes
And I know just what she’ll say if I can make all this pain go
Can we stop this for a minute?'

I whispered to myself, soft Lyrics for her. Lyrics she would never hear.

-----------The Next Day------------
Zayn's Pov

I grabbed my suit case, and tugged it into the taxi. Me, Louis and Oliver were all on our way to get Niall back.  We were meeting Oliver at the airport. Me and Louis began to drive. My phone vibrated in my pocket. I looked up to see a text from Brook. 

Hey, thanks for calling last night, sorry I was asleep, I would call but Liam said you were on your way out, so know that I love you and keep safe. See you soon x - Brook

I smiled at the text and put my phone in my pocket. 'This is it... we are getting him back' Louis smiled. 'Louis just remember things like this don't always go to plan' I told him, he nodded and smiled, 'Well Jake's plan didn't fail, so ours shouldn't' he smiled. I nodded at him, he sighed and looked down. 'Things will be okay won't they?' he asked me, 'Of course they will' I smiled.

I need to tell someone. I need to tell Louis. I took a deep breath, 'Louis can I tell you something?' I looked up at him, he looked seriously 'Shit. Your never this serious, what's wrong now?' he asked, I chuckled. 'Its nothing like that' I whispered, 'Then what is it?' he asked, 'I was thinking. Now Steve has gone, Dominic, Josh, Logan and things are settling down....' I began, he smiled and folded his arms, 'Where are you going with this Malik?' he smirked, I laughed and looked down biting my lip. 

'What is it? Don't leave me hanging?!' He exclaimed. There was a moment of silence before I spoke, 'I am going to ask Brook to marry me' I whispered, he smiled from ear to ear. 'Zayn.. That... That's great!' he exclaimed happily. I laughed, 'You think she will say yes?' I asked, he nodded enthusiastically, 'Zayn she loves you too the moon and back, of course she will say yes!' he smiled brightly. 

We arrived at the airport. 'I am going to go and get a drink you want one?' I asked Louis, he shook his head. 'No go on... Get one for Oliver though you know what he is like' he smirked, I nodded and walked away. The thought of being Brook's husband was so many things. Daunting. That was the main one. But having her mine for the rest of my life, that is something I would happily do.

Louis's Pov

I smiled and saw an incoming call from Liam? 'Hey man, what's up?' I asked, 'Louis? Its me' I heard Harry croak, 'Shit dude, how are you?' I asked, concerned. 'I am alright... Look Louis, I need to tell you something... you can't tell Zayn... but I want you to know... you can help us break it to him then... your good at stuff like that' he whispered, 'Harry, Man your scaring me' I confessed. Oliver then appeared, 'Stay with the bags, just tell Zayn I have gone for some air' I told him, he nodded and sat down. 

I walked outside, 'Tell me what's going on?' I begged, 'Last night... Louis... Things didn't go well' he whimpered, was he crying? 'What do you mean? Zayn said that-..' he stopped me. 'Dead' he whispered, 'What?' I asked, 'Brook... She's dead' he gulped, holding in a sob. Was he messing with me, Zayn had a text from Brook, Liam had told us she was okay. 'Harry, tell me your fucking joking?' I begged.

He suddenly cried down the phone. 'I wish I could Lou. But last night, she just... she wouldn't listen, she got involved and then... she was gone.. Liam couldn't find her or Dominic... I was useless' he sobbed, 'Harry... I ...' I couldn't find the words to comfort him, I needed comfort myself. Brook was dead. He wasn't playing some sick trick on me... she was dead.

'Louis, Don't tell Zayn... Not until you have found Niall... Then he is focused' he told me, I coughed and stopped tears. 'I won't. But Harry... How?' I whispered, 'I wish I knew. She was there. Then she wasn't.' he sighed, then it dawned on me. Zayn wanted to marry her. He can't. He can't marry a dead girl.

Zayn's Pov

I sat down with Oliver just waiting for our plane. After about 10 minutes, Louis walked back. He was pale. 'You alright mate?' I asked him, standing up. He gulped and nodded, 'You sure?' I asked, he nodded again 'I just... Er... Feel a bit dizzy is all' he spoke and sat down beside us. 'Who was on the phone?' Oliver asked Louis, Louis suddenly went stiff. 'No one important.' was all he said, 'It looked pretty intense' Oliver commented, 'Just leave it okay.' he snapped back.

What is wrong with Louis?

We hopped on the plane to Niall. We were going to save him. One way or another.

No one's Pov

The reality was sinking in. The unthinkable had happened. Brook was dead, and she wasn't coming back anytime soon. Liam stayed strong, whilst Harry ripped at the seams. Liam faked a disheartened smile, whilst Harry sobbed for hours on end. Liam shed one tear, Harry shed 1000's. 

Louis was lost. Confused. He had so many questions, but no one to answer them. Because no one knew what happened to Brook. Only one person did. Liam.

Niall didn't know, Zayn didn't know. They wouldn't know for another 24 hours.

They don't have a reaction to this.

Liam couldn't shake the feeling off, it was the wrong thing to do. To take her out there, and let her loose. But that's what he did, now they all suffer the consequences.

Zayn's Pov

Hours later we all In china. None of us knew what was going to happen, none of us tell if we would all make it back, but we had to try. Louis was silent the entire plane ride working out a plan, making sure we will had Niall's dot. I was listening to music, Oliver was sleeping. We stepped of the plane and walked out to a taxi, making our way to the hotel.

We shower and get changed ready for the night a head.

-----------------------The plan------------------
1.They all go to the house where Niall is being kept.
2.Oliver waits at the back of the house, look out.
3.Zayn and Louis break in.
4.Louis breaks into the basement where the keep Niall and take him out.
5.Zayn takes out William, Louis won't be trusted to do that.
6. William is hurt... Dead is a last resort.
7.They run.

We had gone over the plan so many times now. It was just getting the plan to work that was going to be difficult. I was unsure of how Louis would react. I was scared, he would take it all to far. Killing William. There was no knowing what would happen, but we just had to hope. We would all get out. We would all make sure that we all made it out, we aren't loosing anyone. 

------Later that night-----

We left the hotel sharp and ready to go. Louis still hadn't said much, 'You sure your alright Louis?' I asked him, he nodded 'I just want this whole nightmare over now' he spoke, I nodded 'It will be tonight' I smiled, he nodded and we walked to the car we had rented. 

As we drove down to the address we had found, tension was everywhere. 'Louis. No matter what happens, you stay away from William' I warned him, he snarled 'I don't see why you get to beat him' he frowned, 'Because Louis, I will stop, you'll fucking kill him' I chuckled, 'He fucking deserves it' he snapped, 'He is your brother' I reminded him, 'Not as far as I am concerned, I don't have a brother' he snapped. 

'Well either way, you should just get Niall and go' I told him, he folded his arms. I took a deep breath and looked at Oliver. 'You still alright waiting outside' I asked him, he nodded and we proceeded to the address.

When we arrived, there was two car's outside, both black. One was William's, the other I had no idea who. We stepped out the car, and Oliver went around the back of the house. 'This is it' I told him, he nodded. We walked up to the front porch slowly. I had a gun just in case, Louis had a knife. Shit this just got serious.

We opened the front door, it was already unlocked. I looked up and saw Louis was already inside, he screeched around, giving the room a quick scan. 'I will go and find Niall' he whispered, I nodded and he walked around to find the basement. I grabbed my gun, making sure it was loaded. I creped further into the house. The TV was on, and no one was in the living room. The worst thing that could happen now was that, William was with Niall in the basement.


I took a deep breath and found the stairs, walking up them to check up stairs. I walked into each room. Nothing. Louis, would fucking kill William. Or the other way around. I walked down the stairs, 'Looking for me?' I heard a voice, I turned around and William was there. I pointed the gun at him, 'Come on now. Let's not be irrational about this' he smirked, 'Put the gun down and we can talk' he smiled. 'Like fuck we will' I spat. 'Zayn... I am not the bad guy' he told me, 'YOU KIDNAPPED NIALL!' I shouted.


'You don't understand Zayn... lets just talk' he spoke, 'No!' I shouted, walking up to him throwing him against the wall, and pushing him up against it. Holding the gun to his neck. 'Give me one good reason why I shouldn't shoot you right now?' I growled lowly, 'Because... Liam hasn't been completely honest with you about Brook's whereabouts' he smirked, 'Your a fucking liar, why should I believe you' I hardened my grip around him. 'You shouldn't. But you might have to' he grinned.


'Oh look who has joined the fucking party!' William announced, seeing Louis near the door. With a weak Niall behind him. I frowned, 'William... WHY THE FUCK?!' Louis shouted, shoving me away from him, taking my gun and throwing him harshly against the ground. 'YOUR A FUCKING DISGRACE!' Louis yelled at him, kicking him harshly in the stomach, I stood up from where Louis had knocked me down. 'Come on now your not going to kill your brother are you' William smirked, I held Louis back. 'Don't fucking tempt me' he growled.


'Just ask Louis... ask Louis where Brook is... he knows' William laughed. Louis went tense, I looked at him. 'Lou?' I asked, 'This is no fucking time. Now let me tell you what's going to happen William' Louis frowned, throwing the gun near Niall's feet. Where is Brook? What's going on.


Louis's Pov


Niall stood aimlessly in the doorway, Zayn looked puzzled. 'Here is what's going to happen. We are going to leave now. Your going to fucking leave us alone for good... and we are going act like this never happened... am I clear?' I asked, William just laughed. 'I SAID AM I CLEAR?' I shouted, 'Your clear. But... Your not going to tell him about Brook?' he smirked. I frowned.


All heads turned to look at Niall, standing there. Gun in his hand. Williams body there on the floor. 'That dude was pissing me off' Niall coughed and threw the gun. 'Can we go' He asked, I laughed and hugged Niall, 'Good to have you back man' I smiled, he nodded 'Sorry about your brother' he frowned. 'Its alright... I have you' I laughed.


We walked Niall back to the car. Zayn didn't speak. We drove back to the hotel in silence. Niall got a shower, food and then came to join us in the living room. Zayn still hadn't spoke. 'Its so good to be back' Niall smiled and sat down, 'Well y-..' Zayn stopped us, 'What's happened to Brook?' he spoke, not looking at any of us, just staring at the floor.


'I-I..' I stuttered, 'Louis.. Fucking tell me' he growled lowly. 'Zayn... Brook... she.. she didn't make it' I chocked out the words, breaking my own heart. 'What do you mean? Liam said-..' I stopped him, 'I know what Liam said, they wanted you to find Niall and then they would tell you.. they wanted you to be focused' I whispered. 'Brook's dead?' Niall whispered, We both looked at him. Zayn on the verge of breaking.

'No... S-She text me' he told me, I shook my head 'Liam did. He wanted you to believe she was okay' I told him. '...Brook's dead' Niall repeated, 'YES NIALL. WE FUCKING GET IT!' Zayn shouted, punching his fist into the wall. 'It's not his fault' I frowned, 'Then who's is it? CAUSE I NEED TO BLAME SOMEONE?... NO... Its my fault.. I let her go, I told her she should go.. but she ended up playing the fucking hero.. and now.. she is... Dead' He pressed his back against the wall and fell down it, burring his head in his knees.

'The last thing she said to Harry was "Tell Zayn I love him" ... That means something' I whispered. Zayn looked up at me, 'YOU LET ME RAMBLE ON ABOUT HOW I WAS GOING TO PROPOSE!... YOU LET ME SAY HOW I WAS GOING TO MARRY HER... YOU KNEW SHE WAS DEAD AND YOU LET ME SAY ALL THOSE THINGS!' He shouted, standing up to face me. 'No Zayn. I didn't know when you said that.. I swear' I told him.

'I loved her Louis. Now she... she's gone... I need her.. I fucking needed her... I LOVED HER!... I love her' he shouted, he was broken. He was lost, he didn't know how to feel or how to think.


Zayn's Pov


Brook was dead.

This was no joke.

I stood up and grabbed my keys and jacket. 'Zayn where are you going?' Louis called after me, 'I am going to forget tonight. Forget that all this ever happened... I am going to drown my sorrows in a fucking bottle of whiskey... I am going to make sure I don't remember that Brook is dead... I would rather me think she is alive, than know she is dead' I told him and slammed the door.

Getting to the bar, women all around. None of them the woman I wanted. I couldn't survive with out her. I got to the bar, and ordered a round of shots, all for me. A girl sat next to me, no older that 18, long brown hair, brown eyes, and a face of make up on her. 'Hey darling' she smiled, putting a hand on my lap, I chuckled and looked down at the 7 empty shot glasses in front of me. I order 7 more.

'You look like your having a ruff night, want to talk about it?' she smiled flakily, just wanting sex. 'Yeh. My mate took my girlfriend to this place, and she died there. They kept from me and I just found out the girl I love is dead...' I told her, 'Want to take you mind off it?' she asked, rubbing my thigh, I rolled my eyes. I did want to take my off it. Just not the way she wanted too. But this girl was my only chance.


I had lost Brook. The girl I am in love with.




I hope you like, again don't hate me you will all love the ending, I promise :)

Worked really hard on this so tell me what you think, love you all.



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