Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


75. Letting Go.

One Month After Brook's Death.

Zayn's Pov

Everyone is sat around watching some programme they recorded last night. I heard a knock at the door, and the boys were all engrossed in a programme, so I stood up to answer the door. I opened it and it was Mai. Louis's new girlfriend. I sighed and opened the door fully for her to walk in, 'Hey Mai' I croaked, she flashed a smile and walked in and pranced over to Louis. I rolled my eyes, I just hated seeing all of them being so happy now. I hadn't been able to move on, they were all happy now. They had their moments.

Louis had been with this Mai about a week and a half now. Suddenly it was like all about forever with them. Niall had been out with Harry a few times. Liam was still all wound up with this Tina girl, we still haven't got to meet her. I haven't left the house. I think the boys all expected me to go off the rails, but I just didn't have the effort for it. What's the point anyway? I mean I know the first night, I did but that's different. I needed someone.

'So how's Tina?' Mai asked, as she sat on Louis's lap, his arms around her. Liam looked up, 'Fine' was all he said, I frowned as Liam stood up grabbing his car keys and going out. 'Harry are you going out ?' I asked, he shook his head. 'No why?' he asked me, 'I have to take some boxes to the charity shop' I told him, he stood up 'come on then' Harry stood up and came with me.

We grabbed a few boxes and put them to the car. 'So what's all that stuff?' he asked me, 'Brooks' I coughed, he looked at me 'Your giving it all away' he asked shocked. 'Well its pointless it all being there collecting dust isn't it' I spoke to him, as I pulled out of the drive. 'Well did you not want to keep any of it?' he asked me, I shrugged 'It's no use to me' I sighed. 'Is this your way of trying to forget her?' he asked me, 'This is my way of moving on' I spoke to him.

We pulled up outside the charity shop. I gulped and got out of the car, pulling down my sunglasses over my eyes. 'You sure you want to do this?' he asked me, I nodded 'Yeh' I croaked. I grabbed a box and so did Harry.

As we walked into the shop, the woman at the desk was stood there beaming with a smile. 'Er... I would like to make a donation' I spoke to her, 'Oh wonderful' she smiled. I placed the box down in front of her. She scrambled through the boxes, I sighed as her crinkled old hands touched Brooks things. 'Wait' I spoke, when I spotted something. Her shirt, the one she wore the day I first met her. She had never looked more perfect. I took it from her hand. I ran my fingers over the soft material. 'Keep it man' Harry sighed and patted my back. I clenched it tightly in my fingers. 'I remember this' Harry smirked and picked up an old piece of paper from a folder.

'She made paper planes all the time' Harry laughed, I nodded and smiled at the memory. 'You pick something Harry... to remember' I whispered. He looked through the box, and he picked up a necklace. 'Can I have this?' he asked, I nodded, he hooked it on his keys. 'Er sorry about that' I spoke to the lady, she smiled 'Its fine, really... Was that all?' she asked, we nodded and left the shop.

I walked out to the car, and looked down at the shirt I picked up. I heard a familiar sound of heels, and looked around in confusion. I looked up and my eyes scanned, and found a blonde girl stood in the distance talking to Liam?. Brook? No. Liam? Wait.

 I stood up straight and focussed on the girl who had Brook's beauty. 'Harry... I-Is... that Brook and... Liam?' I whispered pointing over there, he looked up. 'Bloody hell... that looks so much like he... and I-I think that's Liam' he looked as I did. 'I am going over there' I whispered, 'Zayn.... that's not Brook... maybe that's Liam's Tina' he told me. 'I know.. I know that's not Brook.. but.. maybe I can just.. I am going' I spoke.

I handed Harry the shirt. I walked over there, 'Liam' I yelled, he looked up sure enough it was Liam. They looked over. I stopped a few metres away from them, Liam was surly there. Brook was too. I know it's her. She looked shocked. I had almost forgotten what she looked like, but I am 100% sure that is her.

She quickly turned her back, and whispered something in Liam's ear. He nodded, and pushed her away, telling her to go and not look back. 'Wait!' I called, I ran over to Liam trying to pass him, he stopped me. 'Zayn. Stop' he growled, 'Was that Brook?!... That was her... It- It had to be... she looked like her... I would know her anywhere Liam' I began to yell. 'Zayn. Brook's dead... that was Tina' he spoke to me, 'Well Tina looked an awful lot like Brook' I snapped. 'Brook is dead, don't you get that! Gone. Okay get over it. I won't introduce you to her because she looks like Brook... and I knew this would be you' he yelled at me.

Harry came over, running with Brook's shirt in his hand. I froze where I was stood. 'Guys your causing a scene' Harry told us. 'Well according to Liam, I need to get over Brook right?!... I NEED TO FUCKING MOVE ON... So.. What's the point in keeping this?' I yelled, ripping the shirt from Harry's hand, and throwing it to the floor, into a muddy puddle. 'Zayn I-..' I stopped Liam. 'No... You know what... fuck you... I don't want anything to do with you anymore Liam... I am sick of it all... sick of your bullshit'  I snapped, and walked off from him.

'Zayn where are you going?!' Harry called after me. 'Away from all of this shit' I yelled.


I sat on the grass next to Brook's grave. A bottle of whiskey in my hand was half empty. I leant my head against the rock. I have been here for hours. Its 9:30pm. The darkness was enclosing. I heard some one rustle in the distance. 'Hello again' I heard, I looked up in a daze. 'Brook?' I asked, hoping it was her. 'No.. Er... Tina' I heard. I looked to see a figure stood about 10 metres from me. 'About before... Liam... he doesn't want us to meet' she spoke, she sounds like Brook. It hurts.

'I know, he told me' was all I said. 'Well Er... I know you don't really want to be here' she spoke. 'How do you know what I want?' I snapped, she sighed, and knelt down on the grass now about 5 metres away. I still couldn't see her face. 'I know you so much better than you think' she whispered, 'How?' I asked sitting up straight. 'Liam.. Yeah... Liam told me a lot about you.. and I am good at reading people' she spoke.

'What do I want then?... Tell me' I asked, knowing she wouldn't get it. 'You want her back. You want her to be there telling you everything is okay. You need her to be there for you, you don't want to be alone here with out her. You need her she was your everything.' she spoke, I sighed. She was spot on. 'How did you know?' I asked her. 'Well. I have lost someone too. My boyfriend. Everything, I said to you. That's how I feel' she croaked. Her voice, was angelic. 'I just want her to miss me, like I miss her' I whispered, she laughed 'She misses you so much' she whispered, not intending for me to hear.

I took a mouthful from the bottle in my hand. 'Don't do that to yourself. It will kill you' she whispered, I looked at her through the now misty landscape. 'No One would care... Maybe then I can be with her' I whispered looking to the grave stone. 'Don't say that!' she yelled, then coughed awkwardly. I smirked at her, 'She wouldn't want that... She would want you safe... if it was the other way around would you want her to do that?' she asked, I shook my head and whispered 'No' I couldn't imagine that.


I walked home. Tina. Tina. Tina. I had her in my head. She was like Brook. Her voice, Her sense on humour, the way she speaks, everything. I opened the door of my house. The boys were quickly there. I rolled my eyes, and walked into the kitchen. 'You have been drinking' Louis sighed, 'I have' I confirmed. 'That's not th-..' I stopped Harry. 'You don't need to say anything, I have been told already' I told them, 'By who?' Niall asked. 'Tina' I whispered. Liam stood up, and looked at me 'Tina?... when did you talk to her?' he asked frantically. 'She came to see Brook's Grave, and we talked' I told him, he frowned. 'I am going to kill that girl' he mumbled, and stormed upstairs.

I followed him, a little bit drunk. I listened outside his door. 'This wasn't part of the plan... you have to stay away don't you get that!... he almost found out today... you really want to risk that again!... You no what I could have let you get killed for real, but I didn't... so for the next few months you keep your head down, you keep away from him, do you understand?.... I said do you understand?!.... Good, next time, we will both go down... So you know what... you need to move get out of here okay?... I will send you the money, you get out of here for a while.. then when its safe you come back... got it?... good.. bye' he groaned when he hung up the phone, I heard a bang and took that as my cue to leave.

Mia's Pov

Me and Louis were sat on his bed, He told another terrible joke and I laughed. ‘Eww Louis!!’ A loud voice called, it was Niall. He walked in, with Louis phone in his hand, and threw it at Louis. ‘Delete your texts before you let someone go on your phone’ Niall groaned. I chuckled, knowing what he found, ‘Why would you do that??’ Niall asked, ‘a boy has needs’ Louis winked, ‘and you Mia I expected better from you thats so rude’ he announced, I laughed and blushed. ‘That means you looked at my girlfriend in lingerie’ Louis chuckled, I looked down in embarrassment, that should be fun when you see Niall again.

Niall walked out, and I sat there smiling at Louis. 'So what is there deal with Liam and this Tina chick.. and Zayn?' I asked him, he shrugged. 'Its a long story' he sighed. 'Tell me' I begged, 'Mia I am not telling you about Brook' he whispered to me, damn. I want to know. I need to know. I can't keep this up for much long. How much longer can I pretend to love him. 'Baby... Please' I begged, running my hand under his shirt. 'Babe, I would tell you, but Brook is just a part of our life no one needs to know about' he whispered, 'Did you love her' I asked him, 'What?... We all loved her' he whispered, 'No. Did YOU love her' I asked, 'Er... Look babe, its late maybe you should get home' he told me, I sighed.

I will find out about Brook. One way or Another.


Who Is Mia? What is she up too. ONLY ONE CHAPTER LEFT NOW! I AM EMOTIONAL.

 Cough *sequel* Cough :) - Maybe I am debating.

I hope you like this chapter. I have one left of this one now.

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