Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


27. Last Chance

Brook's Pov

I was let out of hospital a few days ago. I hadn't spoke to Zayn in a week, and it was officially killing me! I don't know if he feels the same but I am practically dying. I haven't left my room, why was I so stupid to say "just friends" and "we should see other people" god I am an idiot. I heard a knock on my door, 'what?' I asked under the bed sheets, 'its me' Josh said, I pulled back the cover and smiled at him, 'hey' I said, 'are you ever going to leave this room again?' he asked, I shook my head. He laughed and dragged up out of bed, 'get dressed' he said, 'why?' I asked, 'we are going out, I am not having you like this' he said, I rolled my eyes 'fine, turn away so I can get dressed' I said.

I got dressed into some skinny jeans and a over sized shirt and one of Zayn's old hoody's... I miss him. Josh dragged me around the shopping centre, 'Josh...' I complained. 'come on we are meant to be having a good time' he said, I leant against Josh as we walked around. We came to the middle of the centre and sat down at a bench, 'being with you today hasn't been to bad... you made me smile' I said to Josh, 'I am glad I can' he said grabbing my hand. I rested my head on his shoulder, then I looked around and noticed someone very familiar. I looked closer, and there were those brown eyes, and that perfect face. 'Hey there is Zayn' I said pointing, Josh sighed but forced a smile 'come on lets go and say hello... I mean we are still friends' I said looking for any excuse to talk to him.

As we got closer I saw he was stood with a girl... move on fast much? I sighed and stopped 'maybe we should just go an-...' I stopped when I felt a hand on my shoulder, 'Brook hey' he said, I turned and smiled. 'Hey Zayn' I said and we hugged briefly, 'when did you get out of hospital' he asked, 'a few days ago' I said. 'So ermm... who is this?' I asked looking at the girl 'this is ruby' he said, I smiled at her 'hello' I said, she rolled her eyes 'rude' I said, I saw Zayn smirk 'did I say that out loud?' I asked, he nodded and laughed 'sorry' I said.

She rolled her eyes, 'Hey, Zayn baby' Ruby said and hugged him and gave him a kiss. Me and Josh exchanged looks. “Disgusting” I thought.' Ruby, this is Brook and Josh, my ermm... Ex girlfriend and well a friend' Ruby came closer to me and looked from my feet to your head and shook Josh's hand. 'Pleasure to meet you' Her smile was so fake. How can Zayn not see it. 'I thought you hung out with more classy people' Ruby said and looked back to me, 'No offense' she said. 'None taken. It’s  much better to hang out with people like me, than classy bitches like you' I showed a genuine wide smile. 'What ?' she asked, I could see Zayn laughing in the corner of my eye, and josh too.

'Oh , I’m sorry. Do you have mental problems too ? Too many fucks must have killed your brain' Zayn was in chock trying to contain his laugh. 'Oh I’m sorry. My mom always said to not talk about non-existing things. What Brain, right ?' I said, and Zayn gave up and started to laugh hysterically, so did Josh. 'Zayn are you not going to defend me' she said, I just laughed 'there is no need I am going now anyway, have fun Zayn see you later' I said, then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, 'you didn't think you were going to get away that easily did you' he whispered in my ear. 'Josh why don't you and Ruby sit down we can all hang out, we will go and grab some coffee's' Zayn said, I nodded and so did Josh.

We went and stood in a cue 'did someone get a bit jealous?' he asked, I laughed, 'I don't even know why I am jealous, I mean... your not even mine' I said, he smiled 'I am always yours' he said, I smiled 'What about you?' I asked, 'what?' he asked, 'how did you feel seeing me with Josh 'honestly... it killed me.. I don't like the idea of anyone else making you happy other than me' he said, I smiled again.

We got the coffee and spent the day just hanging around, I saw that dark look Zayn gave me when ever I was too close to Josh. I immediately changed the distance. Later on Josh got a text saying he had to leave, and we said goodbye. Then Zayn told ruby to go, I laughed 'she wasn't your type anyway' I said, he laughed 'I don't have a type' he said. I smiled, me and Zayn decided to go to his place and sit there for a bit, that's what friends do right?

I looked up at Zayn as we lay on the couch, the melted chocolate of his eyes was so soft, so pure and so dark, long eyelashes framed the brown orbs, creating a shadow over his sharp hipbones  was the lamp that flickered. His hand softly grabbed mine, as if it could break. Zayn took each fingertip to his lips, kissing them lovingly 'I can't get enough of you... I can't over that we aren't together anymore' He lowly confessed, letting me embrace him, hold him.


 His eyes now seemed wide and restless while mine were slowly dropping close, his hand mindlessly running through my hair as my head rested on his shoulder, his bare body warming mine, as his arms slithered around me“I’m going to miss you, you know that?” He spoke, and through his voice you noticed the pain he wanted so badly to cover up “I’m miss you every day and I hope you know that these last few days have killed me' I said. 'You are the only reason of why I still do this' He confessed, locking his dark brown orbs with mine, 'The only reason of why I did all of those things was to keep you safe, you do understand that don't you?' He softly said 'you are the reason I fought so hard' He paused only to let his lips reach yours, kissing you tenderly You’re what keeps me going doll, always' he said. I sighed 'I am so sorry Zayn' I said pushing away from his chest, 'I can't do this...' I said standing up.

Stay” he weakly pleaded as my head fell, my eyes meeting the floor, his arms wrapping around you almost instantly, as if it was an instinct “I’d do anything to stay with you' I muttered unable to hide the tint of sorrow, just resting my head on his shoulder 'But you know what we will be like Zayn, I love you so much... and I don't know if you love me... is it possible you the boy he cares about nothing can actually care about me?' I spoke slowly as I saw his eyes lightly water “I’ll be waiting for you” He kept quietly repeating. 'I know you will, Zayn what has happen to you? You use to be so bad, and rebellious and now you are letting your guard down' I said, 'I did all for you... I knew you didn't want me to be like that... and you taught me how to love again Brook' he said, I sat down next to him, and put my hand on his cheek 'I love you no matter what Zayn Malik... never change' I said, he smiled at me.

'All I want is one last chance' he said, I sighed and looked into the soft eyes, 'Zayn I-' I stopped and sighed, he lifted my chin so I would meet those eyes again, 'Doll... just one more chance?' he begged, I nodded slowly 'yeah' I said, he smiled and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me softly. He pulled me onto his lap and kissed me deeper, I am not going to lie this I have missed for sure.

Josh's Pov

I could see she was in love with Zayn, I just wish that it was me she loved. That's never going to happen now is it? Unless I can change her mind? Like she would choose me over Zayn, I was stupid to even try really wasn't I? I can't keep on fighting if there is nothing left fighting for. She is gone, I have no one really do I? I have family that I don't see, I just want someone to love I thought that could be her, but she isn't going to love me ever, not in the way that she loves Zayn... why do I even try? Ugh. I hate Zayn so much. I know he’s just going to break Brook's heart. I would treat her SO much better than him. All he does is just sit there, asking her to do stuff for him, and I’m here, getting annoyed. I hate that Brook doesn’t understand how much I love her... will she ever?



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