Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


46. It's over... No its not

Brook's Pov

The day with Courtney was really good, until I realised I had to go home. I said good bye and walked miserably up the drive. I got to the door and braced myself. I stepped inside and the house was quite, until a head peered around the corner. 'Hey!' Louis smiled and walked over to me, I smiled. He was the only one that wanted the truth to come out. Niall then came thudding down the stairs with crisps in his hand. 'Hey love' he smiled and got his shoes on. 'Where are you off' I asked, maybe he would tell me. '...I am going out with the lads...' He told me, I rolled my eyes. 'I know where you are going, just go Niall' I sighed, he nodded 'Sorry Brook' he whispered, 'whatever' I mumble.

I looked at Louis, 'You know?' he asked as I begun to walk up the stairs. 'Yeah, and thank you for wanting to tell me, and not hide it' I told him, 'its no problem' he smiled and followed me into my room. I sat down and he stared at me, 'But you have me for the night' he beamed hopefully. I smiled at him, 'Awww yay sleep over' I smiled at him. He grinned and hugged me tightly, 'cheer up, I will make us some popcorn and we can choose a film yeah?' he suggested, I nodded. He turned back to me, 'Thank you Louis, your a good guy' I smiled, he blew me an over dramatic kiss and walked out.

Zayn's Pov

I was waiting in the back of the warehouse preparing. Liam was holding up his hands whilst I punched. 'So you really are trusting Louis to be alone with Brook eh?' Liam teased, I grunted and ignored him punching harder, 'No answer? ... Well think of it this way if you get hurt really bad, she is pretty girl... a lot of guys would want her' he chuckled, I pushed him back against the wall, 'they might want her but the won't have her! She is mine' I told him sternly, he chuckled 'Show this kind of dominance in the fight and your sure to win' he patted my shoulder and walked near Harry.

'Hey Zayn!' Liam asked, I turned and glared 'what?' I spat, 'Harry would be well in there wouldn't he?... I mean if something happened tonight, Brook would need a shoulder to cry on?' Liam smirked, 'What is your problem!!! Are you trying to wind me up!! I mean harry wouldn't go near Brook, Would you Harry' I yelled, I was expecting and answer from Harry, I didn't get one. I looked at him, 'Harry?' I encourage, he looked down at his phone scratching the back of his neck. Harry was always a bad liar even when we were younger, he couldn't Lie. 'Harry!!! You would??' I yelled, 'I wouldn't!! I would just be there if she needed a friend' he defended, 'and if she wanted more you would give it her' Liam added in, 'Shut up!' Me and Harry shouted at the same time.

Then Niall walked in, 'Oh Niall maybe you could help us here' I asked, 'If I got hurt tonight, would you make a move on Brook' I asked him, hoping he would prove he was loyal. '...Well... she is really fit, and I mean, I loved her first Zayn... she was with me before you' he told us, I looked a him feeling slightly hurt, 'well none of you need to fucking worry! I won't do the fight then! I will go home, have a evening with Brook and then no one will have to be her shoulder to cry on will they. I mean for fuck sake guys you are meant to be my friends and you would seriously make a move on her' I yelled.

'I can't believe you, I mean Harry you shouldn't do that to your best friend neither should you Niall!! And Liam, I don't even want to know!' I continued to yell. Liam chuckled, 'Oh you really don't want to know what I have in mind, you don't want to know what I would do to her, I could tell you I have it very well thought out' Liam smirked, I walked over to him and punched him in the face and he fell backwards, 'Next time, don't talk about Brook like that' I spat at him and walked out.

Brook's Pov

Me and Louis were sat on the couch in our pyjama watching a film, I don't know what it was it was boring. I threw popcorn in Louis face, I laughed at the face he pulled. 'Do you want to do that again?' he asked, I nodded and threw more, he laughed at me and grabbed my hips. He moved so he was straddling on top of me. I laughed as he put his warm hands on my stomach and started to tickle me, 'L-L-Lou-I-I-s Stop!!' I manage to laugh out, 'are you going to say sorry' he asked, I took a deep breath, 'No' I laughed, he tickled me. My arm flung out and hit him in the lip, I looked up and he was bleeding, 'Oh Louis I am so sorry but it was your own fault' I smirk. I stood up and grabbed him hand pulling him into the Kitchen, I stood on the side so I could reach the first aid kit.

I pulled him forward so he was stood in the middle of my legs. 'Oh what would Zayn say?' he giggled, I rolled my eyes. 'He keeps stuff from me' I laughed, I grabbed a wipe. I grazed over his lips softly, he winced a bit in pain. 'Sorry Louis' I whispered, he nodded understandingly. He took the wipe from my hand and played with my fingertips. His large hand rested on my thigh, and my hand moved up his arm slowly, all I could hear was us breathing. I looked down at my other hand that he held softly in his. I gazed up and met pale blue eyes, 'Louis I-..' he took a finger and pressed it against my lip, I stopped 'Shhh don't speak' he whispered. He cupped one side of my face in his hand, tucking my hair behind me ear. 'Your so beautiful' he whispers, I blush and inched closer to him, as he does to me.

I kissed his lips softly as the moved in time with mine, his hand rubbed up and down my thigh, and my tongue explored his mouth. My fingers entangled in his hair, he moaned against my lips. He pulled me closer and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He kissed down my neck, 'What about Jessica?' I asked, 'Hush' he whispered against me, what about Zayn? Almost on cue, a figure appeared at the door, 'Interrupting am I?' he asked, I turned gasping for air. 'Zayn' I whispered, 'yeah its me, weren't expecting me?' he asked harshly, 'Its not what it looks like... well it is but just let me explain!' I jumped of the side and pushed Louis chest away, I walked towards Zayn. I reached to him, but he moved away from me, 'Zayn?' I begged, '...Just get out' he told me, 'W-what?' I asked, 'Are you deaf? GET OUT!' he yelled at me. 'You can't just throw her out' Louis interrupted, 'did I ask you, my house my rules... now get your things, and go' he told me.

I let a tear roll down my cheek, I pushed passed him and ran up the stairs. Sobbing I put a bag of clothes together, I hear muffled shouts. I cry even harder, I change my shirt to one of Zayn's his black and yellow nirvana one. I grab his hoody and walk down the stairs. Harry is soon at the door next to me, 'Brook he is just mad, you know what he is like, he will calm down in a few days' he told me, 'No Harry... I have blown it this time, I shouldn't have kissed Louis, I just felt like he didn't care anymore, he didn't want to have to tell me, he doesn't trust me, and why would he? I mean, I kissed Louis in there, I kissed Liam and I-' I was cut of by a loud voice, 'You kissed Liam too?' I turned and it was Zayn.

'Zayn... No he kissed me' I cried, 'Liam!' I yelled, he came out. I stomped over to him, 'Tell him it was you who kissed me!' I yelled, 'Brook... I am not going to lie to him, I only kept it quiet because you said it was a mistake, but you have now kissed Louis? That is low Brook Zayn is my friend, I may joke about it, but I would never' he lied, but he was convincing. 'Oh please tell me your not believing this bull shit!' I yelled at Zayn, 'Boys can you give us a minute' Zayn whispered, I stopped now full on anger and sadness, Crying I brought my self to yell. 'No let them stay! All the times I should have dumped you Zayn I didn't because I believed you when you said sorry or it was an accident, I do one stupid thing  and you over react like this!! Liam kissed me, I am not lying about that...' I yelled, Zayn looked away from me, 'ZAYN MALIK FUCKING LOOK AT ME!!' I yelled, he looked up at me with tears threatening to fall.

'I am not lying, but I did kiss Louis.. and yes it was wrong, but I only kissed him because you weren't there you were out about to have a fight that you didn't tell me about, that you... kept from me !! You only ever lie!! Tell me the fucking truth Zayn!!... In fact you know what... I will tell you the truth' I shouted, there was a moment of silence, everyone apprehensive of what I would say. 'The truth is, I wish I had never laid eyes on you... the truth is your a monster... and you just hurt everyone you touch...' I growled, 'and you know what... my brother was right, everyone was right about you... you would only ever hurt me... and now Zayn, because you don't believe me... I am going to walk out that door just like you wanted, and you are never going to have to see me again... you always get what you want Zayn... you always win... and I always loose, tonight we both loose' I spat, and grabbed my bag. 'Oh and one more thing....' I said opening the door, he looked up almost hopeful, 'I am glad we didn't have that baby, cause it would have had a crap life with a father like you... have a nice life Zayn... cause you have sure as hell ruined mine' I spat slamming the door.

Liam's Pov

I left and sat in my room, Harry opened the door. 'That was your plan all along wasn't it?' Harry asked, 'what?' I asked, 'You would stop Zayn doing the fight, he would come back and see Louis and Brook... get mad and break her?' he spat, 'Well your sort of right, I was trying to stop him doing the fight but... them breaking up was a bonus, I was only out to cause tension ... but eh... I got them to break up, Zayn doesn't need a girl... the only hold you back, and hurt you... now if that's all I am going to go to bed so bye' I spat, Harry walked away, but stopped at the door. 'You have had your heart broken is that why?' he asked, 'I don't get broken... I am the breaker' I nodded, 'Who broke your heart Liam?' Harry smirked and walked out.

I didn't  get my heart broke... I got ripped apart.

Brook's Pov

I walked along the street, I didn't want to see my brother, I just... I don't know what I want. There is one person, I could call him. I mean, I am not with Zayn any more. I pulled out my phone, it rang softly. I sniffled, 'Hey Josh' I whispered, 'Brook? Oh hey' he sounded happy. 'Where are you?' I asked, 'In Glasgow why?' he sounded curious, I knew there was no point in him coming down, I mean he couldn't get down. 'Just wondering, how is life, its been three months since you left' I stated, 'I am really good, I think I am better than ever actually, I mean... there is this girl and she is amazing Brook... I think I might love her' he told me, my heart sank slightly. 'Oh well that's really good to here' I tried to sound happy, 'What about up there you and Zayn?' he asked. I got a lump in throat, 'Ermm... We great, never better' I lied fighting tears, 'Good, you deserve to be happy' he smiled into the phone, 'I am going to have to go now, I better be getting back to Zayn' I lied again, 'Okay... well I will come and visit soon honey' he smiled, 'Okay Love you Josh' I told him, 'Love you too babe' he hung up.

I grabbed my bag and dragged it down the road. I walked to the local store, and bought a coffee. I walked down the street, and someone pulled me down the alley. 'Be scream' he boomed, with his hand over my mouth, I bit his hand so he would get of me. 'What do you want Andy' I spat, 'Why did Zayn leave the fight?' he asked, 'I don't know ask him your self' I glanced at him. 'You must know... Your brook right?' he asked, I nodded 'yeah but that doesn't mean I should know!!' I yelled. 'Your his girlfriend though' he stated, 'No. No I am not, we broke up! It is over with me and him, so you and your petty little gang, can just leave me alone, go and find someone else to play your games, cause I am fucking done!' I yelled. About to walk away, he stopped me by bending my arm behind my back causing me to struggle. 'No... I am going to have to go after Zayn now... You were insurance' he grinned, 'No!' I yelled, 'So you care about him still' he asked, 'Of course I fucking care' I yelled, 'Well considering your not together then... I am after him' he snapped my arm, and threw me against the wall causing my head to bleed and walked off. My arm is broke, this is shit.

I pulled out my phone, I need to warn Zayn. I called his phone but no answer, I called and called still nothing. I called Liam and nothing, then Niall and nothing. Harry I called and someone answered the phone, 'Louis?' I winced, 'Hey' he whispered, 'I-I ... Andy... he is on his way!' I panicked, 'Slow down' he calmed me, 'Look, Andy just came over to me, and he .... he told me that he is coming for Zayn because he can't have me... so he hurt me and I- I urggg... Just give the phone to Zayn' I rushed, 'he won't talk to you' he told me, 'I don't care... tell him it is someone else!' I yelled. He moved rooms, I heard him speak 'Zayn... You need to hear this... Brook is hurt' he told him, almost instantly he talked into the phone. 'Zayn?' I whispered, 'brook are you okay, what has happened, where are you, I will come and get you, I am sorry' he rushed all his questions. 'No Zayn listen to me, Andy is on his way to you, he just stopped me pulled to one side and tried to take me then, because I told him we weren't together he said I wasn't worth it cause I wasn't anything to do with you, now listen you need to either be ready, or get the fuck out of there' I panicked.

'You told him we weren't together?' he whispered, 'Zayn... This isn't the time for that!! Just hurry up and sort yourself out' I yelled, 'Okay, wait Louis said you were hurt?' he asked worried, 'Yeah... but I am fine' I whispered, 'Brook, stop being stubborn tell me where you are? and what he did to you?' he yelled, getting worked up. 'Okay he just... Wait! No... You need to sort yourself out, I will come back down there now, I can help' I told him, 'No! Brook if you are hurt, your coming no where near this house not if it is going to be dangerous' he warned, 'well sorry but you don't get the choice' I told, 'Be careful' he warned, 'I will' I whispered and hung up the phone.

I thought tonight I would never see Zayn again and now I have to help him. I tell my self its over... but its not.



Will Brook make it on time?

Will there be a fight?

Will Andy and the gang hurt the boys?

Will Zayn and Brook get back together?

Will Brook get hurt?

Can Zayn forgive his friends?

Can they put the past in the past?

Is this the real end of Zook?





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