Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


20. Its Like Drama Follows Me

Brook’s Pov

I woke up in the arms of Zayn, I turned over and faced him, and I looked down under the sheets at his shirtless body that was covered in bruises. I sighed and then remember the mark on my own face, I ran my fingers over the three deep nail marks that with blemished on my face. I flinched as the pain ran through me, I sighed and unlocked myself from Zayn’s arms he moaned and groaned. I smiled at him and walked over to the mirror, I looked at my face. A scab had started but other than that it was open, and it was deep. ‘Morning doll’ I heard a deep sexy voice behind me, I turned ‘morning’ I said, he smiled at me ‘what?’ I asked, ‘you look beautiful’ he said. Was he seeing what I was, Pyjamas, hair a mess, no makeup and massive scratches all over my face… yeah… of so beautiful. I shook my head, and walked down stairs. My phone was flashing on the side, I unlocked it and I had three messages from Josh.

Message one: Morning can you call me when you get this? Xx

Message two: Brook! I need to speak to you xx

Message three: Answer me now... Please xx

I was confused what could be so urgent. I began to text back, when to arms slithered around my waist. I smiled to myself, ‘who are you texting?’ Zayn asked, I put my phone down ‘no one they can wait’ I said, I turned around plopped my arms around his neck. ‘No one important’ I said, well he was important, but Zayn would just get mad. ‘So what are we going to do today?’ Zayn asked, ‘well… I have a surprise for you’ I said, ‘what?’ he asked a grin tugging at his lips. ‘That would be telling… I am going to go home for a while... But meet me at the small café on the end of wells street at three’ I said, ‘do you have to go so soon?’ he asked, kissing my neck. I moaned slightly, ‘yes I do… I have thing to do’ I said, he sighed. I kissed him softly then ran upstairs to go and get changed.

I put on some black tights and some denim shorts, a USA vest top and a jacket. Then grabbed some black toms. ‘Zayn I am going now’ I said, ‘okay, wait a second’ he said, I stood there in the door way. Zayn came running out with a box in his hand, ‘what’s that’ I asked, ‘your surprise’ he said. I smiled at him ‘I didn’t need anything’ I said, ‘I know but I want you to have this’ he said. Zayn opened a small black box, and inside was a sliver ring with a small diamond on the top ‘Zayn, you didn’t need to do this’ I said, ‘it’s a promise ring’ he said , I smiled and slid the ring onto my finger, 3rd finger Left hand the only finger it fitted. ‘this means now that, we promise to be faithful… never hurt each other’ he said, I smiled ‘where’s yours’ I asked, he pulled out his car keys ‘right here’ he said, I smiled and kissed him ‘thank you so much Zayn, I love you’ I whispered in his ear.

I left not long after that I began to walked home, I pulled out my phone to ring Sara. Sara was the girl that had been helping me look for Zayn’s parents, she used to be his friend until they fell out but she did agreed to help. I called her ‘Hey Sara’ I said, ‘hey, is Zayn going to meet them’ she asked, ‘yeah, he is… are they defiantly going to be here’ I said, ‘yeah his mum and his eldest sister are coming’ she said, ‘thank you so much’ I said, ‘anytime, I do want to help Zayn’ she said, ‘well thank you, make sure you are there make sure Zayn turns up’ I said, ‘I will don’t worry’ she said, ‘ok thank you’ I said, ‘like I said anytime’ she said, ‘ok thanks again, bye’ I said, ‘bye brook’ she said. I hung up the phone and put it in my pocket.

I was on my way to go and get some groceries for the house. Tonight I and Zayn had dinner with my aunt and uncle at eight. So I still had plenty of time. I went into the store and bumped into someone, ‘Oh sorry…’ I mumbled, the person didn’t answer she just stood there shocked. The girl had brown hair and she had bright blue eyes, she looked kind off familiar, ‘do I know you?’ I asked, she smiled ‘Brook? Oh my god it’s me! Julia’ she said, I then remember she used to be mine and Hannah’s friend until she left for months on end, god knows where. She hugged me tightly, ‘hey how have you been, haven’t seen you in about three years’ I said, she smiled ‘yeah I have been travelling for a while but I am back now’ she said, I smiled at her, I barely remember her.

Julia began to walk around the store with me, ‘so what have you been up to lately? And … what happened to your face?’ she asked, ‘Nothing really… it’s a long story’ I said, it was pointless telling her she would just pretend to listen. ‘Really? Well Hannah tells me you have got yourself a boyfriend… Zayn? Apparently he is a bad boy around here’ she said, I blushed slightly ‘yeah I ermm… Yeah I and Zayn are dating’ I said, ‘classic the good girl falls for the bad boy’ she said, I gave her a grin ‘well if he is as bad as Hannah said I might just have to steal him from you’ she said laughing. Wait now I remember why I didn’t tell her anything! Everything I had she wanted, she wanted to have everything I had. Like in year eight, I had a boyfriend called Joey and after I dated him for two weeks, Julia was kissing him behind the bike shed.

‘You can’t steal him’ I said from nowhere, she looked at me ‘god it was only a joke don’t take it so seriously’ she said, I forced a smile at her. We walked around the shop and then bought the things and left. ‘Well I better be getting home’ I said, she grabbed my wrist, ‘wait! I have a question’ she asked, ‘what is it?’ I asked, ‘I know this may sound a bit pushy but can I have a place to stay please just for a few weeks’ she said, I sighed ‘I would say yes but I don’t really live at home anymore’ I said, ‘where do you live’ she said, ‘with Zayn most of the time’ I said, she smiled ‘what about your parents would they lend me your old room?’ she asked not knowing what had happened to them, ‘Oh… No… you see when you left… they ermm… they passed away’ I said, stood in her tracks, ‘oh I am so sorry’ she said genuinely.

I shook my head ‘its fine, it’s you were not to know’ I said, she smiled. ‘Ok then well I better go then’ she said sighing. She always knew how to twist my arm, ‘Julia?’ I said, she turned ‘I can ask Zayn if you can use a room at his house for a few weeks’ I said, she leaped on me ‘thank you so much’ she said a grin playing on her lips.

I called Zayn, ‘Hey’ I said, ‘Hey doll’ he husky voice said on the end of the line, ‘ermm… can I be cheeky and ask a favour’ I said, ‘sure go ahead, be as cheeky as you want’ he said, I smiled a bit ‘ermm… my friend Julia is back in town and needs a place to stay could she borrow a room for a few weeks’ I asked, he chuckled ‘you don’t do cheeky well do you?’ he said, I laughed ‘shut up… can she?’ I asked, ‘sure if it makes you happy’ he said, I smiled ‘thanks Zayn, I love you’ I said, I felt his smile ‘I love you too’ he said making me blush, ‘alright well I have to go now, but I will speak to you later’ I said, ‘yeah bye doll’ he said, I smiled and put the phone away.

‘Yeah you can stay’ I said, she grinned and smiled. ‘I can’t wait this is just like it used to be’ she said, ‘yep’ I said, I didn’t want this… why am I so nice? ‘Look… why don’t you go and get your stuff and go to this address Zayn should be there, he should let you in’ I said handing her the address on a piece of paper. She nodded ‘okay, here take my number I will text you when I get there’ she said, handing me her number on a small piece of card. I Smiled and took the paper, ‘see you later then’ I said, she grinned and walked off.

I took the bags home and decided that I would go and see Logan, he has been acting a bit strange lately. I walked over to his house, and knocked on the door. ‘Hello’ I said to him when he opened the door, ‘oh hey’ he said a bit startled. He just stood there, ‘you not going to invite me in?’ I asked, ‘ermm… well’ he was cut off by a girl voice ‘Logan who is it?’ she yelled, I looked at him wide-eyed and a smile played on my lips ‘do you have a girlfriend’ I asked, he looked away and nodded ‘why didn’t you say so’ I said punching him the arm playfully ‘I thought you would be mad’ he said, ‘why would I be mad silly’ I said, ‘you just…. Never mind’ he said. The girl appeared behind him, the girl had light brown wavy hair, and green eyes, and she was about 5ft 8” a little bit taller than me ‘oh hello’ she said, I smiled ‘hi’ I said, ‘ermm… I am Courtney’ she said, I smiled ‘nice to meet you’ I said, she smiled ‘I don’t mean to sound rude but who are you’ she asked, ‘oh sorry I am brook, Logan’s friend’ I said, she smiled ‘Nice to meet you too’ she said.

I looked at Logan, he invited me inside. ‘You want a drink?’ she asked, ‘yes please’ I said, she walked off to the kitchen, ‘she is nice, why did you think I would be mad’ I asked, ‘because… of her sister’ he said, I laughed ‘why would that bother me… unless her sister is Lola then I don’t mind’ I said laughing. My laughed faded as soon as he starched the back of his neck, ‘please say that isn’t Lola’s sister’ I said, he looked at me ‘LOGAN!’ I said in a loud whisper. ‘See I knew you would be like that’ he said, ‘yes with good reason! Lola has probably told her to date you to get to me and Zayn! She is using you’ I said quietly so she couldn’t hear, ‘No she isn’t, she said she isn’t like her sister! Brook five minutes ago you were saying you liked her what changed’ he asked, ‘the fact that she is Lola’s sister is a big contributor’ I yelled quietly.

I stood up, and grabbed my bag ‘why are you being like this?’ he said grabbing my wrist, ‘because I don’t want to see you get played or get made a fool of! I am sorry for caring… call me when you realise I am right’ I said walking to the door, just then Courtney came out of the kitchen with a mug of tea for me, ‘oh your leaving?’ she said, ‘yeah… something came up’ I said looking at Logan ‘oh… well maybe you can come round here another time, I would love to get to know Logan’s friend’ she said, ‘I don’t think that is a good idea’ I said, she looked confused ‘why?’ she asked, ‘because…. Ermm…. Well me and your sister don’t have the best track record… as you can see my face’ I said, she smiled ‘oh come on! I know that but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends’ she said, ‘it does… I… Look I just can’t I am sorry’ I said walking out of the place.

I walked home slowly, then checking the time. It was half one, I needed to make it too wells street at three to make sure Zayn was there with his mum and sister. I don’t know how he will react yet, I will go in at about 3:30 after they have talked for a bit.

I looked at my phone and remember the texts from josh. I rang him, ‘Hey Joshie what’s up?’ I said, ‘Brook! Why haven’t you answered my texts’ he said, ‘sorry been busy, can I come over I need to like… urgg… just get away from everyone’ I said, ‘yeah sure come over now, I will have a cup of tea waiting for you’ he said, I smiled ‘see you soon’ I said.

I walked over to josh’s house just as I go there it began to rain. I knocked on the door and he opened, ‘hey’ he said hugging me, ‘hello’ I said, ‘oh my god your face’ he said, ‘thanks make me feel pretty’ I said laughing, ‘no you still look beautiful’ he said, I blushed a bit. We walked inside, I took my coat off and sat down on the couch. Josh handed me my drink, ‘so did you know that Lola’s sister is dating Logan?’ he asked, ‘yeah I went round there before’ I said, ‘and what did he say’ josh asked, ‘that she wasn’t want I thought she was…. Or some crap like that’ I said, he laughed.

‘What do you want to do then?’ he asked, ‘I have two hours until I need to meet Zayn, we can watch a movie?’ I asked, he nodded. ‘The last song?’ he said, ‘sure’ I said. We sat there on the couch cuddled up because it was warmer that way I smiled as his arms were around me, they weren’t like Zayn’s, Zayn’s were perfect. Zayn was hard, and just perfect to cuddle with, Josh was similar but not the same, his arms weren’t as muscly as Zayn’s.

Josh fell asleep half way through the movie, I let him sleep. I looked down at the table and a piece of crumpled up paper lay there, I picked it up. It was a letter to me, it had crossing out and other things.

Dear Brook,

I don’t know how to start writing this letter. I need to tell you something, I have liked you for a while now.  It’s so hard to pretend to be friends with someone so special, when every time you look at that person all you see is everything you want, but everything you know you can’t have. I just want you to be happy I just want to be the reason you smile, but I know you love Zayn and I can’t stop that. I am sorry if this causes any trouble. I am sorry for putting in this position, but I just thought you should know, as soon as I saw you I wanted you.  I know as soon as we met it wasn’t great but I wish you could just see that I did it because I wanted you as soon as I saw you. Do you ever wish you had a second chance to meet someone for the first time? ….

I couldn’t read anymore, I put the paper down and lay down on the couch next to josh. I can’t believe he feels this way, how did I miss it? I lay next josh who was softly sleeping, I need to go soon. But for now I can just stay here away from the drama… HA! Like I can escape this.

Its like Drama follows me everywhere! I wonder how Julia got on at getting to Zayns house? I hope she doesn't try anything, Zayn is week when it comes to pretty girls... I fear I am too with cute boys... Like the one lying sweetly next to me and the one who is dating Lola's god damn sister!



I know I said tomorrow but I had some left over time tonight so hope you enjoyed !!!!!






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