Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


21. In The Cafe

Brook's Pov

I woke to someone quietly whispering my name, 'Brook' josh whispered, I flutter my eyes open and smiled at him. 'Hey' I said, 'you fell asleep' he said, I laughed 'so did you' I said sitting up. 'What time is it?' I asked, '4:15' he said, I looked at him 'seriously' I asked, 'yeah why?' he asked, I shot up and grabbed my jacket 'I am late' I said, 'calm down, late for what?' he asked, 'I needed to go and meet Zayn, I found his family and they met up with him today I was suppose to be there' I said in a panic, and I grabbed my shoes and slid them on.

'I can give you a ride if you like?' he said, I shook my head, 'NO!... I mean Zayn is going to be pissed off as it is' I said, he nodded understandingly. 'Well I will text you later' he said, I nodded and hugged him 'thank you for this afternoon' I said, he smiled 'anytime' he said softly.

I ran out of his house, and ran down to the café on the corner. I looked at my phone and someone was calling 'Hello?' I asked, Hey is Sara where are you!' she yelled, 'I am sorry I fell asleep I am on my way though' I said gasping for breath, 'well hurry up' she said, 'Ok Ok I am nearly there' I said.

Julia's Pov

I walked down to Brook's house that she had with Zayn. I wonder what he looks like? If he is a bad boy then I bet he is going to be hot, most bad boys are. I love bad boys. I think I might have to have my way with him. Brook doesn't understand why I take everything from her, she will understand by the time I am done.

Zayn's Pov

I walked around my house in just my bottoms. I heard the front door open, I expected it to be Brook but it wasn't. 'Hey Doll' I said walking out to the front door to see a girl I didn't recognize. 'Hello to you too' she said with a grin tugging a her lips. 'Oh sorry... you must be Julia' I said, she nodded and walked over to me. 'So do you always walk around naked or is it just for special occasions' she said, as she got closer I laughed at her, 'Ermm... You do realise I am dating your friend right.. I am not going to cheat' I said, 'I wouldn't dream of it' she said.

I knew her game and I wasn't going to play. I love Brook and I don't think she realises that this girl is a complete... well she isn't what she seems. 'Well your room is upstairs on the left' I said, 'thanks' she said, 'are you not going to help me with my bags' she said, I laughed 'no... I have to get ready' I said, 'what do you need to get ready for' she asked, 'I am going out with brook.. can you be trusted here on your own?' I asked, she laughed at me 'I am nothing but good me' she said, 'yeah that I can believe' I said sarcastically. 'Well I am not naughty if that's what you think?' she said putting her hand on my chest playfully.

I knocked her hand away, 'Well I will leave you to settle in, I need to get ready' I said, I ran up to my bedroom. I pulled on my white shirt and got my leather jacket. I quiffed my hair up quickly, and made sure I was ok, the time was 2:50. I have ten minutes to get there. I walked down the stairs and slide on my shoes, I got my car keys but just before I left a voice called. 'Zayn?!' I turned around and Julia was stood there at the top of the stairs in just a towel. I gulped, I will not be tempted. 'Why are you in a towel?' I asked, 'I was looking for the shower' she said, 'its right next to your room' I said, she giggled 'oh silly me' she said, 'right well... I am going now' I said, 'thanks Zayn' she said.

I walked out to my car and drove down to the little café. I walked inside and looked around for Brook but I couldn't see her. I looked around the room, and then felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned expecting to see Brook, but it wasn't her it was my sister Doniya. She smiled at me, 'Zayn' she said, I took a step back 'no... don't go again' she said, 'what are you doing here?' I asked, 'your girlfriend... she set this up' she said, I was angry at her but I know she did this for the right reasons. 'Brook did this?' I asked, 'yeah' she said, 'Mum is here too' she said pointing to a booth in the corner. My mum looked up and smiled, she stood up and walked over 'Zayn!' she said, and hugged my tightly, I wrapped my arms around her. 'Mum' I whispered, they dragged me over to the booth.

'Zayn where have you been? How are you? Where do you live?' my mum asked, 'Mum' Doniya said laughing, 'give him a break' she said, 'sorry I just missed you' she said grabbing my hand. 'Why did you leave Zayn?' she said, 'I wanted to go away with Lola I thought we would be fine... it didn't work out' I said, 'and why didn't you come back' she asked, 'I thought you would hate me' I said looking down, 'I could never hate you, your my little boy' she said, I smiled at them. 'Brook said that you wouldn't hate me' I said, 'Brook?' my mum asked, 'yeah... she is his girlfriend' Doniya said, I looked at her and smiled. 'Is she nice, what is she like?' mum asked. 'Nice, sweet, dark blonde hair, Green eyes... she's perfect' I said, 'she sounds nice' my mum said, 'yeah she is' I said.

'How is dad and the girls' I asked, 'They are actually outside in the car, we just wanted to see you first make sure you would turn up' my mum said. 'Really?' I asked happily. 'I will go and get them' said Doniya. She walked outside and they came running in behind her. 'Zayn!' Safaa said slowly walking up to me, 'yeah its me' I said, she came running and jumped into me, I smiled into her. 'I have missed you' she said, 'I have missed you too' I said, she let go and slid into the booth next to me 'Waliyha' I said hugged her 'Hey Zayn! oh I can't believe its you' she said, I smiled at her. My dad was stood behind her, he looked at me and smiled 'my haven't you grown into a handsome young man' he said, I smiled 'hey dad' I said he leant in a shook my hand 'oh you two just hug' my mum yelled, I smiled and hugged him, he patted my back.

I sat down in the booth, Safaa sat on my lap. Waliyha sat next to me, Doniya sat across from me, next to her my mum and next to waliyha was my dad. We talked for what felt like hours.

Brook's Pov

I finally got to the Café I looked through the windows, Zayn was sat there with all his family. He had a wild smiled on his face, laughing with what I think was his younger sister. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I jumped and turned around. 'Sara you scared me!' I yelled, 'sorry' she said, 'Zayn seems happy' she said, I nodded and smiled 'yeah I know, I haven't seen a smile like that in a while' I said, she smiled 'can you tell him I am sorry' she said, 'what for?' I asked, 'for ditching him when he needed me' she said, I nodded 'thank you, I will tell him you did this' I said 'no don't you did this not me' she said, I smiled. 'Go and join them, I am sure they want to meet you' she said, I hugged her. 'Thank you' I said, she smiled.

I walked into the Café and smiled at the family in the corner, Zayn's family. I walked over, I am about to meet Zayn's family. I smiled as I reached the table, 'hey' I said. They all looked at me and Zayn smiled 'hey doll' he said. His family all stared at me and then Zayn me and then Zayn. Zayn laughed 'this is my girlfriend ... Brook' he said smiling at me, I blushed and looked down. 'Oh so your brook' said his mum standing up, she pulled me into a hug. I smiled 'thank you for this' she whispered for only me to hear. I pulled back 'its so nice to meet you Brook' she said, 'nice to meet you too Mrs.Malik' I said, she laughed 'call me Patricia' she said, I smiled. 'I am Yaser... his dad' he said, I smiled 'nice to meet you.. I am Brook' I said. 'Doll, this is Doniya, my older sister, waliyha and Safaa' he said, I smiled 'hey guys' I said.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with them. I called my aunt and uncle we decided that we would have dinner with them tomorrow night. When we got home that night, we sat on the couch in the living room. 'Thank you for today' he said, as I was cradled into him. 'I thought that it would be a nice surprise' I said, 'it wasn't the surprise I was expecting, but... it was perfect' he said. 'Did your family like me' I asked, 'they loved you.. especially Safaa' he said, I smiled 'she is sweet' I said, 'and my mum loves you too' he said. I smiled, 'I love you so much' he said, 'I love you too' I said. He kissed me sweetly and lay me down on the couch, and started to kiss down my neck. I ran my fingers through his hair, 'Zayn...' I groaned, 'shh...' he said, as he made his way back to my lips.

'Hey guys your... Oh sorry!' said a girls voice... Julia. We both shot up, 'Julia' I said, 'sorry to interrupt' she said, 'I just thought I would come and say hello to see how your date was' she said, 'well it wasn't a date actually' I said putting my hand on his the back of his neck, he grinned and kissed me. 'Zayn your phone' I said, his phone was ringing. 'I need to take this' he said looking down at his phone, he kissed my lips 'I will be right back doll... Julia' he said not looking just walking past her. She smiled at me and sat down 'you know he is very nice' she said, 'I know' I said, 'I might actually have to steal him' she said, 'no you can't... he is mine' I said, 'just ask the last girl that tried to steal him' I said to her walking out of the room.

Zayn's Pov

'I told you no more!' I yelled at him, 'come on Zayn I don't ask much from you' he said, 'don't ask much! You saw what happened the last time... look I have just seen my family for the first time in two years! and Brook... I want it to last with her.. I don't want to have to upset her' I said, 'I get that turning over a new leaf or whatever... but you see... you will always be violent, aggressive and that won't change, you will always hurt the people around you... you always have... you always will' he said, 'fine... I will... when is it?' I asked, 'next Saturday' he said, 'fine... see you there' I said and hung up the phone what have I just got myself into.



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