Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


35. I Won't Give Up

Brook's Pov

'It's getting late where is he?' I asked Celic, he shrugged 'I don't know, he will be back soon' he reassured, I nodded. I feel so guilty, and bad. I love Zayn so much, Louis needs to stop tempting me.... I need to be strong here. The phone rang and I picked it up 'Hello?' I asked, 'So... I have been thinking maybe you want Zayn home?' Louis grinned into the phone, 'Louis shut up' I rolled my eyes, 'Well Zayn is with me and he isn't getting free until you come and get him' he wickedly said, 'Louis tell me your joking' I laughed 'I wish I could love but... no, he is here with me... come down to the old warehouse, and all will be clear' I felt him smile and he hung up the phone.

I ran out, 'where are you going-' before he could finish I ran out of the house. When I got out side, a hand went over my mouth and a strong sent of chloroform that filled my nostrils. I was bang out... darkness was all I could see.

Zayn's Pov

I was walking back and got pulled into a van, 'What the fuck!' I yelled, 'shut it Malik' a voice boomed, and a kick to the stomach came my way. 'Get the fuck of me' I yelled trying to escape the restrictions that were now in place. 'Just keep quiet... and your lady friend won't get hurt' one of them coldly spat. I took a deep breath 'what the fuck have you done to Brook?' I yelled, 'nothing yet... it all depends on how you behave?' he whispered, 'be a good boy and nothing will happen... misbehave and anything could happen?' he laughed.

Brook's Pov

I woke up in a large room, and opened my eyes fully and looked around. 'HELLO!' I yelled, 'Oh good your awake' a woman's voice echoed, 'Where am I?' I yelled, 'You are trapped... and your not getting gout unless you behave' she laughed. The girl then emerged, Lola? 'You are one fucking possessive Bitch aren't you?' I asked, she walked over and crouched down to my level 'just remember who has control of you at the minute... I would hate to see something happen to Zayn.. wouldn't you' she grinned, 'you leave him the fuck alone' I scream, she laughed 'you really think you can do anything about it?' she giggled, 'I fucking know I can... make it fair untie my hands and let me rip those fucking pretty little extensions out of your head!' I yelled, 'now now now! aren't we a bit moody' she teased.

'What do you fucking want Lola' I asked, 'at first... I wanted Zayn... then I wanted you to pay... now I just want you gone, and him...' she grinned, 'why can' you just leave us alone' I asked, 'because... its about time he chooses... me or you' she smiled, I laughed 'he chose me, why do you think I am the one who has him?!' I asked, 'you think you have him... but all those "meetings with his dad" he has been with me... and I am sure that he won't like what you and Louis have been doing?' she spat, 'h-he wouldn't near some dirty skank like you' I growled, 'but he as been... every night this week in fact... he might have had one or two real meetings but he was meeting the person that was targeting his family... me... I got his mum in hospital... I helped Steve set up the murder... and you thinking Courtney dating Loan was my Idea just helped to make you paranoid... she really loves him... you don't need to worry about that... at first she was all part of the plan but then she decided she loved him!' she spat, 'all this time it was you!' I yelled.

'Well done you cracked the code' she grinned, 'your a bitch' I whispered, then the door flung open and Zayn was thrown into the mix. 'Brook!' he yelled, 'oh look the rest of the gang is here' she smiled. Louis walked in behind him, 'take a seat Zayn... we could be here a while' he smiled throwing Zayn to the floor. Lola walked over to Louis and stood next to him, 'I knew you were part of this' I shouted, 'well done' he smiled. I was dragged my hair next to Zayn, 'WHAT DO YOU FUCKING WANT!' Zayn spat, 'You' Lola smiled, 'me?' he asked confused.

'Come on lets play a game, confessions is a good one... and if they deny the confessions, something happens to the other person' Louis smiled, they got two chairs and sat in front of us. 'I will go first' Lola smiled, 'Yesterday night, when Zayn was out, he came to my house and we had sex' Lola smiled devilishly, 'No we didn't' Zayn defended looking over and me, I knew he was lying, but he tried to spare my feelings. 'Wrong answer' Lola smiled, she walked up to me, and pulled on the back of my head and pulled it so I was facing up at her she got a knife, and ran it over my collar bone. 'STOP! OKAY! OKAY... I DID I CAME AND WE HAD SEX!' Zayn yelled, 'correct' Lola smiled, and threw me back down.

'My turn' Louis smiled, 'This afternoon, things got really steamy didn't they Brook... so steamy that she just gave in to what I wanted... she gave me a blow job... isn't that right Brook' Louis laughed, I looked down feeling guilty. 'Brook its ok' Zayn hushed, 'yeah... I did...' I whispered, 'you did what?' Louis encouraged, 'I gave you a blow job! Happy' he smiled at me, 'very' he grinned.

'So.. here is the plan.. Zayn your going to choose... you can have me or Brook' Lola smiled, 'Brook obliviously! are you stupid, why would I choose you?' he yelled, she sighed 'I though you might say that... so... if you choose Brook... I kill her... simple... you choose me and she can leave... no pain nothing' she smiled, 'what do you get out of this' I asked Louis, 'the satisfaction, of seeing him suffer and you' he smiled, 'why do you want to me suffer, what have I done?' I asked, 'you don't remember me at all do you?' he smiled, 'what?' I yelled, 'you were fifteen... pretty, fresh and new... you came to stay with you aunt in Doncaster... I was there and we met... we were at a club, I got you in... and one thing lead to another and we were very drunk... the next day you didn't really remember and you were convinced I had raped you... so you go to the police and you got me  arrested for 18 months... then I come here and I see you... and you don't remember me... its a new chance, so I ignore you... but plan my revenge slowly... and it just became all too easy when you started dating Zayn... you were just a sitting duck... and he deserves it too!' he yelled.

'I knew you looked familiar' I whispered, 'yeah, you got me arrested for something I didn't do... 18 months inside changes a guy... I was wrong you were fifteen I was 19... now your 17 and I am 21... doesn't seem as wrong now does it... Zayn is the same age as me and if it was him you wouldn't have gone to the police' he yelled, 'I would have... I didn't know him then..' I sighed, 'you didn't go to the police when you first started dating... when he was stalking you' he whispered, 'it was never like that' I spat. 'Well how about me and you go and leave these two to think about there choice' Lola said dragging Louis out of the room.

' This is so fucked up!' I yelled, 'I will have to choose her... you'll die other wise' he sighed, 'no Zayn I would rather die than live with out' I begged, 'no... I won't, we will always find each other... its what we do best' he smiled. 'No!' I cried, 'Brook... please don't make this hard... its hard enough' he sighed. 'I DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITH OUT YOU!' I yelled, 'I am stupid to think that I can live with out you, it is so sad that I am not going to hear your voice for a while, I hate the fact that I will wake up with her, and not you. I am just so use to you being there with your arms wrapped around me and mine around you, I will just miss you, I need you, I am going to feel so fragile when your not here. I don’t know how long I can keep it going for, I don’t know how long I can live without you, I don’t how long I keep telling people I am OK  when I am breaking at the seems, but I will try for you... I will keep you safe and I promise you that. I might feel like if someone else asks me if I am ok then I will fall apart. Maybe it is time that let go for good because we always end up like this, you hurting me hurting. I can never let you go, but I promise you one day you will be mine again' he spoke softly, I let the tears roll. Then I felt the tie that was one my hands get loose. 'Zayn... my hands... I can get the tie off... then we can get out' I whispered. He smiled, 'all we seem to do is run, maybe we should just face it this time?' he asked, I looked up at him.

'You can't back down' I whisper, 'if you love me... fight for me... be the man that I know you are... show them, please Zayn... I never say fight, but this time I am telling you... fucking go for it' I begged, I smiled and he grinned at me. I got my hands free and undid  his. He took my hand, 'We can do this' he smiled, I nodded and kissed him hardly and hugged him. He held his hand out and I put mine in it, 'Forever Zayn.. I promise' I smiled, 'Good... cause that's how long your going to have me... I won't give up' he smiled, then the door opened. 'Well well well... what do we have here then?' Lola grinned, 'what a touching moment' Louis commented.



Will they escape?

Will Lola get her way?

Will Lola kill Brook?

Are Zayn and Brook strong enough?


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