Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


56. I Will Try

Brook's POV


-------- Four Days Later-------


I told Zayn to give me a few days to deicide, he agreed. I didn't know what I was going to do. I mean, I want to find my parents and I want Zayn to finally be able to prove himself, I want to give him that final chance. The again, I want things to be normal, I want to be with Harry and I want to feel him. I want him, and Zayn. I pulled back the covers of the bed, and walked down stairs Zayn was down stairs. I see him in the kitchen with Louis and Niall, and they are laughing and joking with each other, I smile leaning on the door frame.

I heard a knock at the door and walked over to it. 'Oh hey William' I smile, he grinned and walked in. 'Come on in' I mumble under my breath. He stopped, 'Is my brother here?' he asked, I walked in front of him, he knew to follow me. We walked into the kitchen and Zayn looked at me, 'When did you wake up?' he asked smiling, 'Just at the time we got company' I told him. He looked confused, and I pointed to the door frame where William was. 'Oh hey' Louis grinned at William, they gave a friendly hug. 'So you met my brother?' Louis asked, I nod and look at them both 'You two are so alike' I grin, 'Shush' Louis laughed, I chuckle and turn around.

I grab myself a drink and turn to walk out. Zayn toddles over to me though, and whispers 'Have you though any more about California?' he asked, I turn and nod 'But later yeah?' I told him, he nods and kisses my forehead. I walk upstairs frustrated with myself. I lay on the bed, and groan what am I going to do? I hadn't thought about it at all. I get dressed and grab a bag. I walk down stairs, 'Where are you going?' Zayn asked as I reached the door. 'I am going to see Harry' I smile, he looks a bit pissed but I needed to do this. 'Oh right, When will you be back?' he asked, 'I don't know' I try and smile, 'Well text me and I will pick you up' he told me, 'I can walk' I told him, 'yeah, I can drive' he grunted, I nod 'See you later' I smile.

I sighed and rolled my eyes walking down the street. I don't know how seeing Harry would help this, I mean he is part of the problem. But he can normally give a plan. I get to the hospital after about half an hour of slow walking. I walk up to the room, and Liam is in there with Harry. I walk in, and smile at them both. 'Hey' they smile, 'Morning Harry, Morning Liam' I greet, 'I will give you two some time to talk' Liam told us, I nod and so does Harry. Liam left the room, sensing we needed to talk alone.

'So...' Harry began, I stopped him needing to tell him 'Zayn wants me to go to California with him for two weeks' I puff, he looked up at me 'What?' he asked shocked. I sighed and sat at the bottom of his bed, 'He found my parents and he thinks if we get out of here then we can work out, if we get about from the boys, Steve, Andy... You' I speak slowly fading to a whisper, 'And your going?' he asked, I shrug 'That's why I am here, he said he will give me time to think about it, and I don't know what to do... Harry I need your help, but not as a boyfriend or as anything like that... I need help from a friend' I told him. He looked at me, 'I am your friend' he smiled.

'Then what do I do?' I asked. 'If I was you and I am talking as if I am just another guy. You are in love with Zayn and I can't change that, so maybe if you get stronger with Zayn then you can stop liking me... But that isn't going to change how I feel okay? I mean yeah you might love Zayn but I will like you too' he spoke, 'Do you think I should go?' I asked, 'I think you should do what's right for you' he smiled, 'That's the thing I don't know what the right thing for me is? I mean... What if being with you is meant to be, like being with you would be easier, and I know you would treat me right, you would never hurt me intentionally or none intentionally...' I whisper, 'What about Zayn?' he asked, 'Being with Zayn has its ups and downs, I love him, I really do but... there is always so much drama and I get hurt people I love get hurt and … I mean... Nothing will ever change how I feel about him though' I whisper again.

'Then I think you have your answer don't you?' he asked, I shrug 'What about you though?' I whisper, 'Who ever said love was easy' he asked. I nod, he smiled and grabbed my hand 'I will be fine, as long as your alright' he smiled, 'Your too nice Styles' I laugh, he nodded 'Probably' he agreed. Now I know what I did next was something I really shouldn't of done, 'How are you feeling, are you healed from the op?' I asked, 'If your asking can I move around and do things as normal yea' he nodded. I looked at the door 'when is the nurse next back?' I asked, 'Not for another two hours' he smirked, 'Well... I think you should have something to remember me by?' I smirk. 'Your with Zayn' he reminded, 'Yeah but Harry... He has hurt me many a time, I have to get even some how?' I smiled, this really isn't the way, I know Zayn had done some shitty things but I have wanted Harry for a while now, I deserver this and so does he.

'we are in a hospital... we can't do this'' he said laughing, 'there is a lock on that door' I remind with with a smile. 'Friends don't do that though' he smirked, I smiled 'I can give you one thing before I go' I grin. I smiled. His arms slithered around my waist, and I smiled as my arms laced around his neck. Harry pressed his lips against mine, I moved so I was straddling him, I kissed him hardly and pushed him to the back of the bed 'How is that chest of your?' I asked, 'a lot better now' he smirked, and went back to kissing me, Harry put one hand on my thigh and rubbed it. I smiled and let him kiss down my neck, and down my collar bone, I moaned under his touch. But he was no Zayn.

I ran my fingers through his hair, 'Wow sex in a hospital' Harry smirked, 'Its not the first time for some of us' I told him, I took his shirt off, and looked down at his abs, I smiled at him he pulled me to kiss him again, As he kissed my neck, Harry pulled up and looked up at me and smiled. He moved so I was underneath him, he moved further down, and started to kiss my inner thigh he kissed up and left his kisses all over, he then grabbed my other leg and did the same, he got to the hem of my underwear, and pulled them down with his teeth, I giggled. He came back up to my lips, and kissed them softly I bit his lip.

Zayn's Pov

I can't stand this is she going to come with me or not I hope she is, if she doesn't then it will kill me. But at the end of the day its her choice, not mine. If half of her choices were mine, she wouldn't be as close to Harry as she is. I love her, I know I screw up a lot but she needs to understand I love her so much, that it hurts. Right now I need her more than I ever did before. I am just afraid of losing her, I don't want her to think I am always going to hurt her. I mean I have changed since I met her. I don't fight as much, I don't get as angry or controlling... I just need her I hope its not too late.

Brook's Pov

I lay in the bed with Harry. We both lay silently, I groaned and got up. 'Maybe we shouldn't of done that' Harry commented 'I know, I mean what was I thinking' I asked, 'hey don't blame yourself' he told me, 'No I need to blame myself, Zayn doesn't deserve this does he?' I asked, he shook his head 'Yeah he has done some shitty thing, but he probably didn't' he told me. 'I can't believe I did that too him, did he feel this guilty when he did shit like this to me' I asked, 'Probably...' he nodded, 'Do I tell him?' I asked, pulling my shirt over my head. 'Tell him you shagged me?' he asked, I nod. 'I don't know, I don't want to die... but he does deserve to know' he told him, 'I know' I agreed. 'Tell him, I will be alright, and maybe now you are equal... you two can start a fresh... Will you be alright?' he asked me, I nodded and smiled 'I think I will, what about you?' I asked, 'I will hurt a bit about you but I will be alright' he nodded. I smiled and hugged him, 'I will always be here for you though' he told me, 'Thanks Haz' I grin and kiss his cheek. 'Now go and tell him' he smiled.

I quickly got home. I walked inside and Zayn was in the living room. 'Hey' I smile taking, him from his trance. He smiled, 'Hey Doll' he grinned. 'Are we the only ones here?' I asked, 'Yeah Liam is seeing Harry but you already know that cause you were there, Niall and Courtney are out, and Louis and William are hanging out' he smiled, 'Good, we need to talk' I told him 'Yeah, you decided yet?' he asked, I nod and sit beside him. 'But there is something you need to know first' I told him, 'Go on' he nodded.

'When I was at the hospital a few days ago, I kissed Harry' I whispered, his fist clenched, I took my small hands and wrapped them around his large fist. 'And?' he asked, 'And.. today when I went, I was asking him for some advice, and he told me to go to California with you... But, I wasn't sure... When I decided I was seriously still really annoyed at you, and well.. I took things to far' I whispered, he yanked his hands away. Zayn paced the room angrily. I sighed and looked at him, 'What do you mean you took things to far Brook?' he spat, I stayed silent looking at my hands. 'BROOK!' He yelled, I jumped back.

I looked up at Zayn and the Vain in the side of his neck was bulging, and he was deadly serious. 'What did you do?' he almost whispered. 'I had sex with him' I confess, he threw his head back in annoyance and groaned, running his fingers through his hair. He turned and punched the brick wall, 'Zayn!' I called out, he continued to punch. 'Zayn!' I yelled standing and touching his shoulder, he grabbed my hand 'What?!' he yelled in my face. He took his hand from my wrist throwing my arm back harshly, I backed away. The feeling of being scared of Zayn again was coming back.

I sat down, Zayn did too. 'California?' he asked, 'I want us to try again, a new place away from everything' he looked up at me, 'What about Harry?' he spat, 'We talked, we are okay... Look Zayn, I might like him but I love you.. and we both need to prove that to each other... and if that means getting away... having another adventure then I will try' I told him. He pulled me into his chest, and kissed me softly 'Brook I love you' he smiled, I smiled and kissed him back 'I love you too' I took his hand, and brushed my fingertips over his knuckles, they were cut and full of bruises. 'Come on I will clean you up' he smiled, I smile and take him to clean him up.


Zook forever of course

Can things stay perfect now?

What will Happen in California?

What will Harry do?

Can Zayn forgive and Forget?

Can Brook Forgive and Forget?


Andy and Steve?

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DARK (Liam Version)


Again I will change it and make it different but similar :D x

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