Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


55. I want you

Brook's Pov


'Tell me Zayn!' I yelled, he looked down. He walked towards me and I stepped back. 'Brook' he whispered, 'Zayn, don't fucking try and Lie to me or I am leaving right this minute and you'll never see me again' I spat, he sighed 'Look I knew, but I didn't tell you because it would hurt you more than you would think' he sighed, 'I don't care right now, all along you have known, I mean HOW THE FUCK DID YOU!' I yelled. 'Its a long story' he told me, 'I have all fucking day' I spat.


We walked into the living room. I sat down and he began to explain. 'Basically, before you knew me, I knew you. I had been living here for a while and I saw you, I saw that day I don't know if you remember you bumped into Andy?' he asked, I nod 'I remember?' I state, 'Well, I he was bad news, and I liked you as soon as I saw you... I knew he want to hurt you... I knew what he was like' he whispered, 'Carry on' I nod. 'I followed you for a while making sure Andy wouldn't hurt you, but when you were in the car crash your parents were sick but they got better' he told me, 'But Andy knew I was helping and he threatened to hurt you, and your family... so I tried to help, Your mum and dad I got them away, I promised them I would look after you, and that’s what I am doing... but along the way I fell In love you... That wasn't part of the plan but I did fall in love with you' he explained.


'Where are they now?' I asked, 'Somewhere in America' he told me. The silence was deafening. 'Well can you say something?' Zayn asked, 'I don't know what to say, for the past year I have thought my parents were dead and now... you tell me there not, you tell me they are off in America? What do you want me to say?' I asked, 'I don't know, are you okay? I understand if you don't want to be with me again, but I promised your parents that I would look after you, and weather we are together or not I am going too look after you' he whispered, 'I do want to be with you... I just don't know if I can be with you right now' I told him, 'you mean another break?' he asked, I shook my head 'No... I just need to think' I whisper, he nods.


I stand up and walk to the door, but turn to face Zayn. 'Can you do me one favour?' I asked him, 'Anything' he smiled softly, 'Find my parents... Bring them home' I whisper. He sighs, 'I don't know if it can be that easy' he whispered, 'Zayn if you want to me to even begin to forgive you, then... find them' I told him, before turning and grabbing my coat to go out.


I don't know where I am going but I need to go away. I walked down the road and deicide to go and see Harry again maybe he can make me feel better. I go down to the hospital, I walked to his room. I look through the door window, and there is a girl in there with him. I look carefully, she is pretty. Long brown hair and green eyes, I look at Harry and he is smiling at her. I knock on the door, 'Oh hey' Harry smiled looking at me, I walk further into the room. I smile at the girl, she waved 'hey' she smiled, 'Hi' I smile. 'Are you Okay?' Harry asked concerned, 'Er... Yeah' I whisper, 'You've been crying' he told me, 'Er, Yeh but you seem busy so its okay.. I will come back' I told him, 'Bye' I smile t the girl, she stands up 'No its okay, I can come and see him another time' she smiled and kissed his cheek, 'See you later Gemma' Harry smiled and she walked out.


'Now you... come here' he moved over on the bed slightly and made a small space for me. I walked over and sat next to him, and he put an arm around my shoulder. I sighed and burred my head in his chest. 'You going to tell me what is wrong?' he asked, 'My parents are still alive, Zayn knew, and made a deal with them, that if they leave so they won't get hurt, he will protect me' I sighed, 'Whoa' he whispered, 'Yeh, I know' I sighed. 'What am I going to do?.. I mean, I get that he was trying to protect me, but he has let me think that my mum and dad were dead for years' I sighed.


We sat and talked for an hour or two. I sighed and lay my head on his chest. 'You know that girl in here before, she was my sister, she wasn't like... anyone special' he told me, I felt myself smile. 'Why do I need to know?' I asked laughing, 'Just in case you thought that she was something more' he smiled, I laugh 'Well I am glad she isn't' I smile, 'And why are you glad?' he asked, 'Because... I don't want you with anyone' I state, 'I don't want you with you Zayn' he told me, 'Well don't you know how to make a situation awkward' I asked, he chuckled. 'I am sorry, I just really like you Brook, but I know you Like Zayn and I might just have to deal with the fact that-..' he stopped and I kissed him.


I kissed him slowly and softly. I pulled back and he smiled sweetly, 'What was that' he asked, 'That was my way of telling you to shut up' I laugh, he laughed and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. I felt myself blush, 'Your cute when your embarrassed' he laughed, I chuckled and rolled my eyes. I looked at my phone, I had a text from Zayn.


From Zayn <3 – Come home please, I have found them x


I stood up and looked at Harry, 'I er... I need to go' I state, 'Did I do something wrong?' he asked, 'No, I just got a text and er..' I stopped, 'Zayn?' he asked, I nodded. 'It's Okay I get it' he smiled, 'Thanks Harry' I smile and kiss his cheek. 'Come Tomorrow?' he asked, I nod 'I wouldn't miss it' I smiled, and was about to walk, 'Oh Brook, come here I forgot something' he smiled, I walked over to him, he sat up slowly and kissed me softly, 'Okay now you can go' he laughed, I rolled my eyes 'Bye Harry' I laughed and walked out.


Harry's Pov


She kissed me! I mean like I didn't have to make the first move, she made it. She has been gone about an hour and I am still thinking about her. I have though, if she loves Zayn and likes me then why can't she have both? I mean why don't we just have a fling? She dates Zayn, but has me on the side, that way at least I get a little bit of her. I get her, but then its just another affair... but with her it will never be just an affair.


Brook's Pov


I got home as soon as I could I walked through the door. I heard Zayn in the kitchen, I walked in there slowly. 'Hiya' I fake a smile, he looks up 'Your back' He smile, I nod. 'Where did you go?' he asked, should I tell him... Yeah I should, I might leave the kiss part out though. 'I went to see Harry' I told him, he stood up and looked angry. 'Why?' he spat, 'I needed a friends opinion' I told him, 'What did he say?' he asked, 'Look just forgot about Harry!... Tell me where my mum and dad are' I whispered, 'They are in California' he told me, 'Great so you have called them?' I asked, 'No... I want to make a deal' he whispered.


I sighed, 'Zayn I am not in a mood for any of you games' I told him, 'I am not playing games... I want you too listen to me' he told me, I sat down at the table. 'We were talking about getting away, just me and you for while... So lets go to California, we can get your parents, and we can try again... just for two weeks we can get away and focus on us' he smiled, 'Zayn, I can't just pretend none of this has happened, you have lied to me you knew my parents were alive, you let me cry about them being dead' I state, 'I know, and I know it was wrong, but please Brook just me and you for a while, the boys they won't be there, Josh, we can escape everyone for a while, and if when we are back you still want to break up, then.... I guess we will have to' he sighed, he walked over to me and pushed me against the wall. 'Don't let me down Brook' he whispered in my ear, in a rough tone. 'Brook, tell me you'll go' he growled, he was frightening me, almost like the early days of our relationship.


'I want you Brook' he growled, he didn't even let me answer. He threw me over his shoulder and took me upstairs. He threw me on our bed, and kissed my neck. I couldn't deny the fact he made me feel good but, I don't know If I want to do this now. 'Zayn? I whisper breathlessly as his lips attack mine, groaning in response, he continues to kiss my neck. 'Zayn' I say again. This time he stops to look at me. His eyes meeting mine, the darkness brewing. Those familiar eyes. 'Yeah doll?' he asks, gently. Biting my lip I take my eyes from his, 'I don’t know if I’m ready, to do this again... I mean I don't think I can' I say. Sighing, Zayn sits up. Following his lead, I sit up leaning against the back of the bed. Looking at him, I see he is annoyed. His sharp jaw line and soft lips pulled to a frown. 'Are you mad?' I whisper. Looking over at me he puts on a weak grin, 'Of course not, doll' he whispers, Leaning in, he kisses me tucking one of his hands under my ear, tangled into my hair. 'I love you… And if that means waiting. If that means I have to gain your trust again, I’ll do it. I will do anything to make you happy. Anything to keep you safe' he smiled, 'You can protect me from everything' I whisper, 'No... But I can try' he smiled.


We lay there for a minute, 'So California yes or no?' he asked, 'Think about your answer, I might have to punish you?' he smirked, making me laugh. The truth is I hadn't decided I don't know should I?





Will she go away with Zayn?

What will Harry do?

Will she have an affair with Harry?

Oliver and William? (thoughts?)

Where did the boys get too?

Where is Logan?


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