Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


32. I Don't get you

Brook's Pov

I sighed and walked into the kitchen later that after noon, and saw Louis. I rolled my eyes, 'afternoon Love' he smiled, 'what did I say about calling me that?' I asked, he smiled and sat back down. I looked up and saw Zayn stood the other side of the room, 'what is he doing here?' I whispered, 'friends close... enemies closer' he whispered and kissed my neck, 'get a room you two I don't need to see that' Louis scoffed, 'No one asked you to stay a watch' I spat, he laughed 'you'll like me soon enough' he joked. I nodded 'yeah when pigs fly' I smiled flakily, 'Brook' Zayn warned, I sighed and turned around to the kettle. I glanced back and Louis and Zayn were chatting. Isn't it weird, I have never notice how hot Louis looks when he smiles. I turned back knocking me into reality, 'I didn't think that' I whispered to myself.

Zayn's Phone began to ring. I walked over and looked at the screen, 'its your dad' I smiled, he nodded for me to pick up. 'Hello' I beamed, 'Oh... Hi Brook' his voice was dry it was like he hadn't slept, 'is everything ok Mr.Malik?' I asked concerned, 'N-Not really... how fast can Zayn make it to the hospital' he stammered, I turned and walked out of the room. 'Mr.Malik... excuse me if I am being nosy but what has happened?' I asked, his breath was heavy on the road 'his mother was in an accident and I ... I just didn't do anything... I mean I-I could' he trembled, 'Its fine, you have said enough' I calmed, 'thank you' he said. I hung up the phone and ran into the kitchen, 'Zayn you need to go to the hospital! like NOW!' I yelled, he stood up 'why who was that?' he asked alert, 'Zayn your m-mum something h-has happened' I panicked, 'What! Brook what has happened?!' he yelled running to get his car keys, 'I don't know she has been in an accident that is all your dad told me' I rushed my words, they seemed to fall off my tounge.

Zayn left then are there. I was now alone with Louis. 'I like your thinking send him on a wild goose chase... so me and you can be alone, was that your plan?' he asked walking up to me, 'you are a pig, his mum is fighting for her life and you- erugg you are just horrid' I yelled, I went to stomp off but then turned 'Why am I leaving I live here... You go now' I yelled, he laughed and sat down 'that's not going' I spat, he laughed 'Listen love... I am not going anywhere until Zayn gets back, so get use to me... and something tells me he isn't coming back for a while' he smirked, I walked over to him and got down to his level, 'what is stopping me from phoning the police telling them your trespassing?' I asked, 'nothing, the phone is right over there... go ahead, I bet you won't' he smiled, 'Really? Well... watch me' I said pushing up and walking to the phone. I picked it up, but soon enough Louis was there, 'I don't think you want to do that' he whispered.

'Oh and why not?' I asked, he took the phone from me and put it on the side, he grabbed my waist and pushed me against the wall. I gasped, 'Louis' I breathed, he smirked and traced a finger along the inside of my thigh. 'Get off me' I gasped, he just laughed 'I think we both know that you don't want me to do that' he whispered, he moved my hair from my shoulder and kissed down my neck. I tried to bring my arms up but our bodies were so close I couldn't move. 'Love don't struggle' he whispered, I finally pulled my arms up and pushed him away from me. He stood with his back to me, 'soon enough love' he laughed 'stop calling me that!' I yelled.

He sighed and walked over to me, 'Look I know your going to give me the whole speech about how Zayn is the one for you, he's your prince, your soul mate... but do I look like I care about that... I have seen the way you look at me' he laughed, 'I wouldn't go near you Louis' I angrily spat, 'you might not be any good at reading body language but I am... your mind is saying no but your body is screaming yes' he said walking up to me. I stepped back but had no where else to go, 'do I make you feel uncomfortable?' he asked, I nodded 'good' he whispered kissing down my neck, I moaned under his touch then realised what I just did, I pushed him away. 'Come on love... I want to here you scream' he whispered to me, he picked me up and lifted me up to the kitchen side. His hands wondered over my thighs, as he kissed my neck. I moaned, 'Louis' I begged. What am I even doing? All I know is it feels so good.

I entangled my hands in his hair, he looked up at me and smiled. He pulled my close and kissed my lips. I ran my fingers down his back and felt his warm skin which was hidden with the shirt. 'Brook...' he pulled back, I looked in his eyes, was that a flash of guilt? I then realised what I just did. I jumped down from the side, and walked into the living room. I looked my phone 2 missed calls from Zayn? 'Heyya' I said brightly into the phone, 'Hi' he glumly spoke, 'Zayn... how is your mum?' I softly whispered, 'she is in intensive care... she fell pretty hard' he said with a crack in his voice, I sighed 'what happened?' I asked, 'they were robbed, and my mum was at the top of the stairs, and she fell backwards falling down them all... the robbers pushed her... I swear if I ever find them..' I stopped him, I could here the anger in his voice followed by sadness, 'I have just got her back brook, I can't lose her again' he whispered.

I looked over and saw Louis sat on the chair in the room, 'how are you anyway... Louis still there?' he asked trying to sound reasonable, 'yeah he is... he won't go until you come home' I sighed looked at a grinning Louis, I sighed and stuck to fingers up at him. 'If he tries anything Brook I swear-..' I stopped him again, 'he won't try anything... neither will I so don't worry' I reassured, 'good, Look I will be home later... I need to ermm go and see my mum' he said sounding broken. 'Okay babe... call me later?' I asked needing him to stay longer, 'of course doll, Love you' I felt him smile through the phone, 'Love you too' I said hanging up the phone, 'You will be the death of that boy' Louis laughed. 'You know nothing about me... you know nothing about him' I yelled.

I sat down on the couch opposite Louis, and it was silent. 'I have noticed Zayn calls you doll a lot... do you notice' he asked, I nodded 'yeah but I got use to it' I stated. 'Do you know why he calls it you' he asked, 'no... enlighten me?' I mocked. 'Because your his "doll"... a toy... someone who he plays with and uses... but then one day he will throw you out... no one ever keeps a toy.... do they? Do you get it, he is going to get his money's worth from you then get rid off you' he smirked, 'you don't know anything... you come in acting the hard man when really you are just lonely and that's because no one cares about' I stammered. Maybe that was too harsh?

'Sorry Louis I -..' he stopped me 'no I probably dissevered that' he sighed. It was silent again, 'Louis?' I asked, he looked up at me with piercing blue eyes. 'yeah?' he asked, 'why did you stop before... when we were ... you know... you pulled back and stopped it... why?' I asked, he sighed and came over and sat next to me. 'Me and you aren't that different you know? We both love Zayn... maybe not in the same way but I don't want to see him get hurt... especially at the hands of me... I am not going to break him, he is a friend... you don't hurt your friends... you keep them close right?' he asked, 'and your enemies closer?' I whispered to myself. 'What?' Louis asked, I shook my head and he continued... 'I stopped because I know that you would regret what we would have done, and I know you already regret what we have done don't you?' he asked, I looked 'Yeah' I lied.

I sat there with Louis, and my head fell on his shoulder. It was getting late, 'I don't get you Louis Tomlinson' I stated, he twirled a strand of my hair. 'Why don't you get me?' he asked, 'cause one minute like this... your actually sweet, but then the next its like your on a destructive path... you want to hurt everything and everyone around you' I smiled up at him, he sighed 'I am complex' he smiled, I laughed 'you got that right Lou' I smiled, 'did you just call me Lou?' he asked, 'shut up' I sighed.

Zayn's Pov

I walked through the door at 11:43pm and just wanted to have brook in my arms but I walked in the living room and she had fell asleep on Louis, I know I said keep enemies close... but geez not that close!



Poor Zayn :(

Is this part of Louis dark plan?

Will Brook find her self caught up in a love triangle?

will Zayn's jealously get the better of him?

Who was it that broke in to Zayn's mum's house... was it really just a "robbery"?


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