Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


11. I can't say I love you

Brook’s Pov

I woke up on the couch, my brother was asleep next to me. I looked around at all the photo albums, I picked them up and put them gently into the cupboard. I went and got dressed, depression swept over me, this time last year I was sat alone in my room crying. Now I am here? I get dressed, into so sweat pants and a tight vest top and a hoodie, I pack a gym bag. I walked down stairs and get make myself a smoothie and put it in a cup and into my bag. ‘Jack, I am going to the gym’ I said, he nodded ‘ok’ he said. I walked outside, I walked slowly. I had known Zayn for almost two weeks, and things were moving very fast, my dad would have hated him, I think that is why jack does. But mum would love him, she had a thing for bad boys, I smiled to myself. I got to the gym and paid the woman at the front desk. I got up the stairs, and into the changing room, I left the shirt of but put some three quarter length leggings on, and took my hoodie off. I tied my hair back and walked into the fitness suit. I walked over to the rowing machine, and did 100m. Then the treadmill and bike. I was so tiered, I got my town and wrapped it round my shoulders, and I looked across the room and saw a boxing ring.

I walked over to there and looked at what was going on, the ring was empty. I stepped inside and looked around, ‘you want a quick lesson?’ asked a voice, I turned around and there was a man stood there, ‘oh no its fine I was just’ I was cut off, ‘seriously its fine, put these on’ he said throwing me some boxing gloves. I did as I was told, he stood in front of me, ‘right right left right’ he said, I cocked my head in a confused way, ‘that’s the order you punch’ he said I laughed, ‘oh right’ I laughed, I punched the pads on his hands, ‘you’ve got quite the left hook there?’ he laughed, ‘thanks’ I said. I heard a cough and turned around, Zayn was stood there in his own gym stuff, knee length shorts and a vest top that showed his tanned arms and the beginning of his chest, ‘hey Zayn’ I said turning around, ‘what are you doing here?’ he asked stepping inside the ring, ‘I come here once a week’ I said, ‘well never seen you boxing before’ he said kissing me softly, I smiled ‘well ermm… this guy here offered me a quick lesson’ I smiled, ‘sorry what was your name?’ I asked, ‘tommy’ he said, ‘tommy offer to give me a lesson, apparently I have a good left hook’ I said proudly.

Zayn smiled at me, ‘Zayn you want to finish up her lesson?’ he asked, Zayn nodded taking the pads from him, tommy walked off ‘thanks tommy!’ I yelled, ‘anytime’ he yelled back. I turned to Zayn, ‘so why are you here?’ I asked, ‘I am a boxer’ he said, ‘really?’ I asked, ‘yeah I train once a week too’ he said, I smiled at him. ‘Come on then show me what you got’ he said kissing my forehead, I laughed. Me and Zayn finished the training session, and walked out of the fitness suit. ‘How did you get here?’ he asked, ‘I walked’ I said, he grabbed my hips and pulled them into his ‘well I think you should come over to mine for the day’ he said, ‘I have plans, I am can this afternoon though’ I said, ‘why not now?’ he asked, ‘don’t be mad?’ I said, ‘tell me’ he whispered, ‘I am going out with Logan’ I said, ‘oh’ he said letting go of me, ‘Zayn’ I said tugging his arm back ‘you know he is only a friend’ I said, he rolled his eyes, I pulled his head to face me and kissed his lips softly, ‘he is only a friend’ I repeated, he smiled at me. ‘What time?’ he asked, ‘what?’ I asked, ‘what time shall I pick you up?’ he asked, ‘3:30?’ I suggested, ‘perfect’ he said.

He kissed me then walked over to the changing room, I walked over to the female one. I got changed and walked outside, as I was walking I got a text from Logan ‘I can meet up today, rain check? Xx’ he said, I sighed ‘sure, tell me when xx’ I sighed and put my phone away, I would just spend the day at home.

Zayn’s Pov

I walked into the changing room, and tommy was sat there. He walked over, ‘so she is what you have going at the minute’ he said, I smiled at him ‘yeah she is’ I said, ‘you seem rather smitten with her’ he said, ‘yeah she is … certainly something’ I said laughing, ‘your falling for her aren’t you?’ he asked, I laughed, ‘Zayn Malik doesn’t fall for anyone he makes them fall for him’ I said cockily, he rolled his eyes, ‘well whatever you are doing is working, she is a keeper Zayn’ he said patting my back.

Brook’s Pov

I got home and went up to my room, I check Facebook and had a message from Hannah.

From Hannah: I know that you like Zayn and everything but you need to see this…

It had a link to a news website, the newspaper was called ‘Bradford local’, ‘fifteen year old runaway… where is he now?’ I sighed and clicked the link.

In 2008 the lives of the Malik family were turned upside down when fifteen year old son Zayn Malik ran away with sixteen year old Lola Jane. Malik’s family have described him as ‘a well-mannered boy, he never did anything wrong’. Well where is he now? Weeks ago he was arrested for assault. He must have changed, his parents knew that the girl would be bad for him but he wouldn’t listen, he ran away and changed into a monster. His parent’s still want him home, his sisters even more. Safaa his little sister said ‘I miss my big brother, I just want him home. I remember we use to go to the park… I want him home so he can look after us again’ she said. So Zayn if you are reading this your family need you.

I closed down the tab, and popped up to her. ‘What is this meant to do?’ I messaged, ‘what if he leaves you like he did his family?’ she replied, I angrily typed ‘then that is my mistake to make’ I replied, ‘ok… I just want you to know what you get into’ she replied, ‘well thanks for the concern but I know what I am getting myself into’ I replied I closed my laptop. I lay down on the bed, it was 1:30 Zayn would be here in two hours. I walked down stairs and saw jack, ‘hey’ I said, ‘hey’ he smiled, ‘what you doing’ I asked, ‘just looking through the online store for a cheap suit, for that work doo, your still coming right?’ he asked, ‘yeah of course’ I said smiling. The work doo would be held in a music hall, all the people that he worked with at the recording studio, he was a musician so he was inviting record labels and other people that could launch his career. ‘is it a black tie event’ I asked, ‘yes, have you decided your dress yet?’ he asked, ‘no… ermm Zayn is going to help me choose’ I said, he forced a smile. I don’t know how I am going to get the dress I have no money since I paid off Steve.

‘Jack?’ I asked, ‘yes’ he asked, ‘can...ermm I bring Zayn?’ I asked, ‘sure, it will be nice to … get to know him’ he said, I smiled and hugged him ‘I know that’s a lie… but thanks you for trying to put the effort in’ I said, he smiled at me ‘well it’s only fair’ he said, ‘if he makes you happy there is nothing I can do’ he said.

Later that Night

‘Zayn you don’t have too’ I said, ‘I know but I want to’ he said, ‘thank you’ I said hugging him.  We bought a long silk purple dress, it was tight around the bust and then it flowed down past my hips. ‘Thanks again Zayn’ I said, he smiled at me. We went back to his place, I got into one of his shirts and walked back into his room. He smiled at me, ‘you look hot in my clothes’ he said, ‘thank you’ I blushed. He smiled at me, he was only in some bottoms his top was off, and his six pack was on show. ‘You like what you see?’ he asked, ‘very much’ I said laughing, he pulled me onto his lap so I was straddling him, he kissed my neck, ‘Zayn’ I moaned, he smiled at me. ‘How far you are will to go?’ he asked, I moaned ‘not as far as you want’ I said he laughed.

Zayn traced his fingers along the inside of my thigh. His fingers slid across the top of my panties, ‘is that far enough’ he whispered, ‘a little bit further’ I teased, he laughed. His fingers slipped into me, and pushed me so he was on top of me, he pumped his fingers vigorously. I gasped quickly, and struggled to control my breathing, ‘Zayn!’ I yelled, he laughed deeply into my neck.

I lay down next to him, ‘are you ok?’ he asked, I smiled up at him and kissed him ‘perfect’ I said laughing, he smiled at me and kissed me again. I have to something for him, maybe I could sort things out with his parents, and his family they miss him and I can see that he misses them, I will figure this out. ‘I love you’ he whispered, I smiled ‘yeah’ I said agreeing I couldn’t say it back now, not yet, I wasn’t ready... I can't say I love you.


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