Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


23. I am on my way

Brook's Pov

I woke up in my old bed. I must have fell asleep at home last night, I walked down stairs and my brother was sat in the kitchen. 'Morning' he said, 'Morning' I replied 'how long has it been since you woke up here?' he asked with a laugh, I smiled 'I haven't slept here since you were in hospital' I said, he smiled 'so does that mean you will come back here now?' he asked hopefully, 'I don't know yet, Zayn can be very persuasive' I said, he groaned you don't say that to your brother' he said, I laughed 'really, are you sure you don't want to know about my sex life' I said, 'I don't and you shouldn't have one' he said, 'well I do' I said, he pushed my shoulder 'well don't tell me about it' he said.

He went upstairs to his room. I decided to call Zayn, 'Hey Doll' he said the other end of the phone, I smiled 'Morning' I said, 'where were you last night?' he asked, 'I fell asleep at home, when I was helping my brother' I said, he chuckled 'well I missed you, you coming over today?' he asked, 'do you want me to?' I asked, 'yeah, I am a bit busy tonight so you will have to leave at about six' he said, I was a bit confused 'why what are you up to Zayn? Are you in trouble?' I asked, 'no its nothing like that... its ... ermm... a surprise' he said, I smiled a bit 'really?' I asked not believing it, 'yes really' he said, 'what ever' I said, 'so should I come and pick you up now?' he asked, 'sure, I just need to get dressed' I said, 'ok on my way doll' he said, I smiled 'ok bye' I said hanging up the phone.

I ran upstairs and got dressed quickly, did my make up and put my hair down. I let the wavy hair flow over my shoulders. I heard a knock, 'Jack get that please, its Zayn' I said, whilst I finished my make up and got my bag ready. I was finally done and I ran down the stairs, and Zayn was stood at the door. 'So what is this I hear about you having sex with my sister' Jack said, I looked at him wide eyed, 'excuse me?' Zayn stammered, I laughed. 'Jack shut up' I said, he rolled his eyes. 'Hey doll' Zayn said kissing me, I smiled and kissed him back 'god get a room' Jack said, I pulled from Zayn and turned to jack and hugged him, 'call me if you need me' I said, 'I will don't worry I will be fine' he said, I smiled.

Me and Zayn left, 'What was all that about?' he asked, 'oh, I made him feel awkward' I said laughing, he joined in. 'So we have all morning what do  you want to do?' he asked, 'lets go out' I said 'shopping?' he asked, 'yeah why not' he said. We walked to his car and drove to the mall, 'how was Julia last night?' I asked, 'she was all over me' he said, I felt a bolt of anger go through me. 'What did she do?' I asked, 'she was just giggling a everything and then was trying to cosy up to me things like that' he said, I rolled my eyes 'she needs to go' I said, 'really, your actually going to tell her' he said, 'well I was hoping you would' I said putting my hand on his thigh, he looked down at my hand and smiled at me, 'you think you can get around me that easily' he said, 'I was hoping so yeah' I said he smiled 'you will have to do a lot better than that' he said.

We arrived at the shops and walked around for a while. Every so often Zayn would see someone he knew I smiled, as he kept tight hold of my hand. It was like he was showing everyone I was his. I smiled, we walked into nando's to go and get some lunch. We sat down and ordered, 'Hey Zayn' a girl said walking past him, he suddenly looked shocked and nervous. 'Who is she I asked, grabbing his hands. 'Ermm... old friend' he said, 'are you sure you look a bit shaky' I said, he nodded 'I am fine I swear' he said forcing a smile.

'Brook!' someone yelled, I turned 'Oh my god Liam!' I said, I smiled and got up and ran over to him and hugged him tightly. 'Where have you been!' he said, letting go at me. 'I have been so busy what about you I haven't seen in like eight months!' I said poking his stomach, he laughed 'I went away with my family for a while, god you look so well how have you been?' he asked I smiled 'I have been great actually, what about you' I said, 'I have been amazing, I have a new girlfriend' he said, I grinned 'oh what is she is like what is her name?' I asked, 'Victoria, she is amazing' he said, I smiled and hugged him tightly 'I am so glad for you' I said.

I heard a cough behind me, I smiled and turned. Zayn slide his arms around me 'who is this?' he asked, 'Zayn this is Liam, Liam this is Zayn' I said, 'oh nice to meet you, are you two dating?' he said, I smiled and nodded 'yeah' I said. 'we need to catch up, and you need to meet Victoria' he said, 'Defiantly' I said, he smiled 'Wait who?' Zayn asked, 'Oh Victoria she is my girlfriend' he said, Zayn grabbed me 'we need to go' he whispered. 'Liam here is my number call me and we can meet up' I said, he smiled and took my number and I took his. 'Victoria!' Liam called. A girl came walking over, she was very pretty, she had long blonde hair it was straight and she had bluely-green eyes. 'Hey Liam-... Zayn hey' she said smiling. 'You two know each other?' Liam asked, 'something like that' Zayn said.

'Victoria this is Brook, we use to date but we decide to just be good friends' he said, I smiled. Liam was a good boyfriend, but we just didn't work out like that. 'Nice to meet you' she said, I smiled 'you too' I said, 'So how do you know Zayn' I asked her, I would get more out of her than Zayn. 'Look it was lovely to meet up but we really need to get going' Zayn said pulling me away. 'Bye Liam' I said, 'Bye babe' he said.

Zayn threw cash on the table we sat at and dragged me out. 'Zayn your hurting me' I said, he let go. 'What was all that about' I asked, 'nothing' he murmured, 'really cause it looks like something' I said. 'Just drop it Brook' he said, I followed him sadly to the car.

Later that night

Zayn's Pov

I drove Brook back to her own house. 'Sorry' I whispered, she got out of the car and walked to her front door. I got out and followed her, I grabbed her arm and twisted her to face me. 'Look at me' I said, she looked up. 'I am sorry, but I can't tell you everything' I said, 'I want you to be able to tell me everything' she said, 'maybe one day I will, but there are things you don't know about me, and things that will change what you think of me' I said, 'just because it changes what I think of you, doesn't mean it will change how I feel for you' she said sweetly. I smiled and kissed her, 'I need to go' I said, she nodded 'call me later?' she asked, 'I will do' I said. I kissed her once more and walked of.

I got home later and Steve was waiting for me. 'You ready' he asked, 'I just need to get my gloves and then we can go' I said, he nodded. I ran into the house and then went upstairs, and got my black gloves and my gun just in case. I came back down and went out with Steve. We drove down to an old field, near a lake. 'Why are we so far out?' I asked, 'I can't have people, see anything' he said, I nodded.

We got out of the car and he opened the trunk, Inside were guns, old clothes and a very large black bin bag at the back. 'We can't just dump it in the lake, it can still be found... we can burn it' Steve said, I nodded. He walked over and started a large bonfire, I looked through the stuff, I knew Steve would need to get rid of some stuff but I never thought this much. 'Zayn, start bringing it over' he said, I nodded. I picked up a handful of clothes. I threw them onto the fire, it blew up in bigger flames.

We put many things onto the fire, 'Zayn I need your help with the final item' he said. I ran back over to the car and it was the bin bag. 'On the count of three...1 ... 2... 3' he said, I picked it up 'what's in here' I asked, I continued to walk backward with it, but stumbled and fell back dropping my half of the bag. As it fell the bag ripped, and a body was revealed. 'Holy shit!' I said, backing away 'fuck Steve what did you do?!' I yelled, 'it wasn't my fault... like a say helping out a friend' he said, 'that's not help... THATS FUCKING MURDER' I yelled.

Sirens rang in the background, 'Fuck we need to go' I said walking to the car 'Steve lets go' I yelled, 'We are not going anywhere Zayn' he said. 'Steve stop shitting me man, be serious' I said, 'Zayn remember when you came around and hit me... well tis is revenge' he said, 'man come on, that was ages ago please' I said, 'no Zayn' he said.

The police came around the bend, and jumped out of the car with guns. 'On the ground!' they yelled, I dropped. 'Thank you for coming so quickly' Steve said, I was arrested then and there, I was taken in to the station. 'You have this all wrong, Steve set this up! I haven't' done anything' I said, 'Mr.Malik you have been charged with murder and preventing the cause of justice' the officer said. I sighed 'I HAVEN'T FUCKING DONE ANYTHING' I said punching the wall, breathing heavily. 'Can I have my phone call?' I asked, he nodded.

I rang Brook. 'Hey Zayn' she said brightly 'Brook? I have been stupid' I said, 'why? what's happened' she asked wordily, 'I have been arrested' I said shaking with anger, 'Zayn! What for?' I asked, 'Murder' I said, 'Zayn.. what did you do?' she asked on the brink of tears. 'Its a long story... how fast can you make it too the station?' he asked, 'I am on my way' she said.



Sorry not updated in a while enjoy and btw no hate please I need Zayn in Jail but something will happen and what do we think his link to Victoria is?





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