Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


12. How was your day?

Brook’s Pov

I work up next to a sleeping Zayn, I was used to seeing this sight now. I smiled at him, ‘are you done staring yet?’ he asked, I laughed ‘not quite’ I said, he opened his eyes and smiled at me and kissed me softly. ‘Zayn, you are going to behave tonight aren’t you?’ I asked, ‘I am always good’ he said, ‘yeah I will believe that when I see it’ I said. Tonight was my brothers work party, we were going. ‘What time is it again?’ he asked, ‘starts at eight’ I said, he nodded ‘well I have some things to do today, so can you live without me for a while?’ he asked, I laughed ‘sure, I am going to see Hannah today anyway’ I said, ‘Hannah?’ he asked, ‘my friend’ I replied, he nodded. We got up and got dressed, we were sat having breakfast, and Zayn asked the question I didn’t want to hear.

‘Brook? Last night when I said I love you, why didn’t you say it back?’ he asked, I sighed ‘brook?’ he said, I looked up to meet his eyes, his eyes looked a little bit hurt, ‘why did you say it back, do you not love me’ he asked, coming closer to me, ‘Zayn… it’s not that I don’t like you… it’s just… I don’t want to say it… because if you make it love it normally just falls apart’ I said softly, he laughed ‘you actually think I would let us fall apart’ he said, I smiled he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me softly. We went and sat in his living room, ‘so I was thinking, you don’t want to go all the way yet and I am fine with that… but we can do other things, as last night proves’ he says laughing. I laughed, ‘what did you have in mind?’ I asked wrapping my arms around his neck, and pulling my self onto his so we were straddling.

I moved my hands down his toned torso, his muscle were hard. Zayn took my hand and place it on his crotch, ‘someone is eager’ I said laughing. I rubbed my hand on his bulge, each time I rubbed harder. A moan escaped his mouth, he bit his lip. Then he slide back even further into the couch. Zayn’s breathing was getting heavier, I looked up at his face and he smiled at me, ‘brook stop teasing’ he whispered, I moved my hands to unbuckle his pants, as I pulled them down, his member was large and hard. I smiled and looked at him, ‘and what would you like me to do now?’ I whispered in his ear, he let out a small chuckle, ‘you know what I want you to do’ he bellowed. I laughed, I moved off him and got on my knees. I didn’t really know what to do, but I had a rough idea, ‘I will guide you through’ he said. I inched closer to his dick, I sucked hard on it, Zayn continued to moan throughout, he rolled his head back in pleasure, ‘Harder!’ he demanded, I did as I was told, he came in my mouth I swallowed and wiped my mouth. I looked up at Zayn who was breathing heavily, ‘Thank you’ he whispered, he pulled up his trousers and I sat next to him, ‘maybe you’re not as innocent as I first thought’ he said with a chuckle. I smiled at him, ‘I need to get going’ I said, ‘you want a ride?’ he asked, ‘No I will walk, you look like you still need to recover’ I said laughing. I kissed him good bye and went to see Hannah.

I think it might be about time we made up. I walked over to her house and knocked on her door, she opened it, and ‘what do you want?’ she asked, ‘Hannah can we just forgot what has happened and be friends again’ I said, she sighed and smiled ‘Sure, I have missed hanging out with you’ she said. We went inside, ‘so you’re dating Zayn Malik’ she said laughing, ‘yeah I guess so’ I said smiling, ‘how far?’ she asked, ‘what?’ I answered confused, ‘how far have you gone with him?’ she asked, and ‘I have given him a blow job’ I said, she laughed ‘oh naughty’ she said, I laughed at her ‘but not all the way yet?’ she asked, ‘no I have told him I want to wait’ I said,  she laughed ‘and he agreed’ she asked, ‘yeah’ I said, ‘I am happy for you and all but do you not think that is you make him wait to long him might go looking elsewhere?’ she asked, I sighed.

Maybe he would, maybe if I didn’t give him what he wanted he would go looking for someone else, but he said he was ok to wait, maybe he was lying. ‘Brook?’ Hannah asked, ‘hmm?’ I said looking at her, ‘sorry, I didn’t mean to make you think he would cheat on you, he probably won’t go looking I mean he has you for god sake’ she said smiling, I smiled ‘no what if you are right, I mean he is Zayn Malik for crying out loud, maybe … maybe he will look elsewhere … I might just have to give him what he wants’ I sighed, ‘but you said it yourself you’re not ready?’ she said, ‘I know that but, I still don’t want to lose him’ I said, ‘how long have you known him’ she asked, ‘long enough’ I sighed, ‘you have to be ready this is not something you can just get out of the way’ she said, I smirked ‘really? Did you lose yours when you were drunk to some stranger’ I said laughing, ‘yeah but I have regretted it ever since, and I don’t want you to regret it too’ she said, ‘I won’t’ I said, ‘yeah you will’ she said, ‘look I know you are looking out for me, but I know what I am doing’ I said, ‘if you’re sure then do it, but I am telling you this, when you wake up the morning after you will think what have I done, then I will said I told you so’ she said, I laughed ‘well thanks for that’ I said.

I and Hannah spent the rest of the day just taking and catching up, I am glad we are ok again.

Zayn’s Pov

I was sat in Starbucks. I had just finished the things I needed to do today… the things Brook couldn’t find out about. I was sat having my coffee, when I black haired woman came over to me. Her makeup was heavily applied, and her perfume lingered, in the air. Her eyes looked familiar, where had I seen them before? ‘Hey’ she said sitting across from me, ‘ermm… hi’ I said, ‘you don’t remember me do you?’ she asked, I shook my head ‘No I can’t say that I do’ I said, ‘it’s me, Lola?’ she said. Lola? She had changed so much, she use to have a sweet smile and now it was a sickly one, her long brown hair was now short and black, her cute appearance was now similar to those of a prostitute, but her eyes were still the same a golden brown, the still had a flicker of innocence in them ‘Lola?’ I whispered, she nodded and smiled ‘miss me’ she said, I sighed. I remember all of the hurt she caused me, ‘no I haven’t, sorry to disappoint’ I said, she smiled at me ‘you haven’t changed a bit’ she said, ‘wish I could say the same’ I said, ‘look, here is my number, I think it is about time we caught up’ she said, handing me a napkin with her number on, I laughed ‘you can keep it, I don’t want to catch up… I have a girlfriend now’ I said, I smiled at the thought of Brook. ‘Just because you have a girlfriend, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun’ she said, she grabbed my hand and played with my fingers.

‘yes it does, now I get what my mum meant when she said you were a slag’ I said, she threw me a glare, ‘well, call me’ she said, she grabbed her coffee and left, I think she got the message.

Brook’s Pov

‘Zayn? Where are you?’ I asked into the phone, ‘I am on my way be there in two’ he said, ‘ok bye’ I said and hung up the phone. I walked home earlier on to pick up my dress that Zayn had bought me, ‘make sure you are there tonight’ my brother said, ‘I will be don’t panic’ I said, ‘does this suit look alright’ he asked, I walked over and looked at him, ‘yeah’ I said, he ran off to go and get his tie, I laughed. ‘BROOK!’ my brother yelled, ‘what!’ I called back, ‘I can’t do the tie’ he said running into the hall where I was stood, I walked over to him and tied it up ‘I am so nervous’ he said, ‘I wouldn’t be you’re going to be amazing a per usual’ I said, ‘thanks’ he said, ‘and besides you have me there, I will be like “he is such an amazing song writer” and “just wait until you hear him sing” see I have got your back bro’ I said laughing, ‘thank you’ he said hugging me.

Knock Knock

I walked over to the door ‘hey Zayn’ I said, he smiled at me and walked in ‘you ready?’ he asked, ‘yeah, Jack I will call you later make sure YOU make it on time’ I said, ‘I will make sure your there too’ he said, ‘we will be’ I said, grabbing Zayn, Zayn put an arm around my waist ‘come on then love’ he said, ‘Love you Jack’ I said, ‘love you too sis’ he said. We walked out the door and were on our way to get ready, ‘so how was your day?’ I asked, ‘ermm… interesting to say the least ... How was your day?’ he said.



Thank you guys you are all amazing, I want to give you all a hug!! So what was Zayn up to today that Brook can’t know about? Comment below what you think he was up to! I will update ASAP Luvvv you guys – Jeorgie x


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