Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


69. Here's To Her

Don't hate me for this chapter just yet, but everything will make sense eventually :)



Brook's Pov

Liam was thinking, he looked so deep in thought, maybe I should stop him thinking. 'Liam?' I nudged him. He looked at me, 'Are you okay?' I asked, 'Yeah, just thinking is all' he whispered, I sighed. 'Everything is going to be alright' I smiled, I didn't know if things were going to be alright.

We arrived at the club where we were starting the plan. I sorted out my dress, 'You need this, put it in your tights' Jake told me handing me a knife, I nodded making Liam cover me when I put in in tights so no one could see. I had been shown a picture of Dominic so I knew who I was looking for. Liam looked down at me, 'Remember. Flirt' he whispered to me, I nodded and gulped.

It had only just dawned on me that this was real. This was actually happening, it was too late to stop it. I faked a smile and stood up straight. 'What do you say when he asks you your name?' Jake asked me, 'Hannah Martin' (One of the FA Contest winners) I smirked, he nodded and smiled. I took a step to the door, 'Promise you two won't leave' I asked Liam, he nodded 'I promise' he told me, kissing my cheek lightly.

We walked into the club, the music was loud. Liam and Jake went to spread out and not look suspicious. I hope those acting classes I took when I was six pay off now. I smiled and looked around. Then I saw him. He was stood at the bar. Dark Black hair, and a devilish grin. I took a deep breath, and plastered on my smile.  I gave Liam a look, and he nodded telling me to go.

I walked over there, sat a seat away from him. He looked at me, and raised an eyebrow. 'I love a lady in red' he growled from behind me. I turned to face him slightly. 'Do you?' I asked playfully, 'I like a man in a suit...' I whispered looking down at the boy in skinny jeans and checked shirt. 'I own a suit you know?' he spoke sitting down next to me. 'Really? I might have to see it sometime' I smirked, 'You move fast don't you?' he smirked, I nodded. 'I am not easy if that's what your thinking' I told him, 'I wasn't thinking that' he smiled. 'Allow me to buy you a drink' he told me, 'Cherry Vodka' I smiled. 'Heavy drink for little lady' he spoke, telling the barman to get me what I wanted.

'So do you have a name?' he asked, I shrugged 'Depends who wants to know?' I asked, 'I'm Dominic Granger' he spoke, I nodded 'Hannah Martin' Brook, I said in my head. 'Well Hannah, tell me about your self' he smiled, I have rehearsed this part. 'I am Collage graduate, planning to work in the photography business, My mum is a nurse and my dad died when I was 7. I have an older sister her name is Lisa, she is currently working in a business firm' I told him, I was told to sound clever and well rounded, that's what I sounded like.

'Your quiet something aren't you?' he cracked a half smile. I laughed and nodded, 'What brings you too Spain?' he asked, fuck. I hadn't prepared for that one. 'Well... As I am a photographer, I thought I could get some great pictures out here' I smiled, he nodded and grinned, the lie worked. 'Well... Your very interesting' he told me, 'What about you?... Tell me about you... Why are you in Spain?' I asked. 'I live here, I use to live in England, but... Work brought me out here' he smiled, 'What kind of work?' I asked, 'You ask a lot of questions don't you?' he spoke, 'You don't answer many do you?' I replied.

'I like you' he smiled, 'Your... Different' he told me. I laughed and sipped my vodka. 'I am many things' I told him, 'Maybe I could get to no more' he smiled. Was he seriously buying all this bullshit? I mean come on? No one is as perfect as I am sounding. 'How did your dad die?' he asked, I coughed a bit on my drink. 'Talk about getting to the point' I chuckled, not wanting him to ask again. But he did. 'Well... that's me... so come on how?' he asked.

I would tell him the story, I believe for a year. About how mum and dad "died" but use it loosely.

'I was in the car with him, and we were driving. I was sat in the passenger seat. Dad stopped at a cross road and a lorry came crashing into his side and, I got off lightly dad didn't... he took all the impact' I told him, 'You've been thought a lot' he told me 'Yeah, but you know worse could happen' I told him. 'Your strong, I like that' he whispered getting closer. 'I have had to be. Mum couldn't cope, she went down hill fast, me and my sister raised each other... then I got involved with some people, that I shouldn't have, five of them... but they made me who I am today' I told him. Finishing off the drink.

'Well those five people, I want to thank them' he smiled. Oh the fucking irony. 'Yah, there pretty great' I smiled. 'Can I get you another drink?' he asked, I shook my head 'No.. I should get going really, unless you want to move this party somewhere else?' I asked him, he smirked at me. 'Your a real tease you no that?' he asked, I leant over and whispered in his ear 'I have been told' ... Oh my gosh. I need a shower. No. Now. I touched him. Ew.

'Come on, I will show you my place' he smiled, I laughed and took his hand that was stretched to me. Liam was waiting by the door with Jake, they looked like to boys who had just come for a night out. NOTHING SUSIPICOUS. I smiled at Liam in the dark light, he nodded and nudged Jake, meaning it was time. Again, it didn't feel real. It felt like I would just wake up in Zayn's arms and that would be it, I would wake up. But this was no dream. This was a nightmare. And it was all too real.

We got in his car, and I was still doing a good job acting this. 'So Hannah?' he spoke, 'I know your not going to sleep with me, so why am I am bringing you home?' he asked, shit he knows. Fuck. That's it. Good bye Harry. We're both dead. 'I Er... I want to get to know you... not in some club...' I told him, making sure my knife was still there. 'That's a good reason' he smiled. 'So your family?' I asked trying to change the subject. 'Mum and Dad kicked me out at 16, Younger sister, wants nothing to do with me... I not nearly as interesting as you' he spoke, 'I doubt that' I laughed, looking in the mirror to see Liam's car not far behind thank god for that.

I took a deep breath. 'So... Boyfriends?' he asked, make conversation. Jake told me to do that, he said mention Harry, LIKE just the name. This will either kill me, or ... not? 'Yeah, I have never had much luck with them, but like I dated this one guy called ..Harry. He was perfect. But just too perfect... I knew it would be too good to be true. I mean... He ended up cheating on me... and it hurt. But I stayed with him... I though we could get through it you know, put it behind us? No. That didn't work. Not when I liked one of his friends... I mean... You can a girl... I have needs you know?'  I asked.

He laughed, 'Needs what kinds of needs?' he asked, 'Many. Emotional, Physical, ... Sexual' I told him, he gulped. 'Oh... I was right.. fucking little minx.. Your a tease'  he smiled, I laughed. 'So this Harry guy?... What was he like?' he asked nervously? I smirked to myself, 'He was charming at first, he still is, I see him from time to time... we pass every so often... but he was a flirt, he made woman want him... you could say he was irrisisable... he always did' I laughed, 'And his friend the one you liked?... Who is he?' he asked, fuck. Er, make up a name. 'Zen' what the fuck am I doing.

'Zen?' he asked, I nodded 'What was he like?'  he asked, 'Perfect' I whispered to myself. 'What?' he asked, 'Oh, he was ... Dark, Scary, mysterious, and I liked it... I fell for his bad boy look, his bad boy attitude... I fell for the bad boy' I told him, he smiled 'You like bad boys then?' he smirked, 'It depends on who he is I told him.

We got to his place. Liam's car was down the road. I sighed in relief. We walked up to his front door, and he opened the door for me. I looked around quickly scanning for any sign of Harry. Nothing. Like he would leave it all In plain sight. 'Nice place' I commented he smiled and thanked me. 'Can I use your bathroom?' I asked, 'Sure, upstairs, second door to the right.. I will get us some wine' he smiled, I fake a smile back 'Thank you' I walked up the stairs, I needed to text Liam.

Harry's Pov

I heard the door open. I heard muffled voices, but it was clear to me who's voices they were. 'Brook' I whispered to myself, I sighed and closed my eyes. She is going to get herself killed. I want out of here, she is my only chance. I just have to trust her, I do trust her, its him I don't trust. I shuffled uncomfortably. I was in the basement. I was tied up in the corner, of the cold, dark basement.

I hope they can make it out.

Brook's Pov

I walked down the stairs, and smiled again. 'You alright?' he asked me, I nodded and smiled. 'Just needed to bathroom' I smiled. I had text Liam.

Where are you? - Me
Round the back of the house, get him out of the living room so we can go to the basement- Liam
Okay, I will go upstairs with him - Me
Not a good Idea, Go in the dining room - Liam
Okay, Hurry! I don't know how much longer I can do this - Me
We are trying - Liam

I stood up taking the wine from his hand. I wandered into the dining room, and sat down at the table. 'You know the living room is a lot nicer' he chuckled leaning against the door frame. 'Well.. I like it in here.. there more space' I told him, 'Come on sit with me' I told him tapping the table. 'Your a stranger one you know that right?' he asked I nodded. Sipping my wine. I looked around the room, 'This is really nice' I told him, pointing to a painting on the wall.

'My own work' he told me, 'You paint?' I asked, he nodded. 'Not very well' he chuckled, I was astonished. 'Not very well. That's bull... your incredible' I told him, he laughed. I looked out the door frame, and saw Liam swiftly move through, Jake not far behind. I smiled to myself, and turned back to Dominic. 'So Hannah... Would you be up for doing this again?' he asked, I shrugged. 'I still haven't made my mind up on you yet' I spoke turning my back to him, leading him into the kitchen so there was no chance of him seeing Liam.

Liam's Pov

I heard them talking and we walked around the room. Through the living room we went, until we got to the door for the basement. I opened it slowly, and rushed down the stairs, still being silent. I looked through the dark room. 'Harry?' I whispered, 'Liam over here' I heard a voice call. I looked over to a corner, and used my phone for light. Harry was sat in the corner. I ran over, and untied his hands, he hugged me and stood up. 'We need to get Brook and go!' I whispered, he nodded and stood up.

Harry was weak though. 'Harry what did he do to you?' I asked, 'I am fine really.. Just come on lets go' he told me. I nodded and helped him up, and we walked up the stairs, 'Jake take him to the car, I am going to get Brook and go' I told him. He nodded, 'Make sure you save her Liam... Promise me' Harry whispered, I sighed 'I promise' I told him, and off he went. I shouldn't make promises I can't keep.

I crept up into the kitchen, standing behind the door. Brook caught sight of me, and smiled. I nodded, she walked around Dominic and ran towards me, standing behind me. 'Hannah what are you-..' he stopped him, he smirked, he laughed. 'I should have known better' he smiled, 'You were to go to be true...' he sighed, but laughed. 'The crazy thing is... I knew right from the start you would be no good... wasn't I right' he told us.

'Nice to see you again Dominic' I told him, 'You too Liam' he smiled. 'I don't want any trouble... Just let us both leave and that's it... no more, no police no nothing' I told him, 'Things are that simple Liam... I am guessing you have Harry... he is probably long gone... so one for another yeah?' he asked, I shook my head 'No... Are you stupid? You think I will come with you?' I asked, he nodded 'No you... Hannah' he spoke, smiling at her. 'Liam I-...' I cut her off. 'Your not touching her' I told him.

'But Liam, we were having such a wonderful time before you showed up and crashed the party' Dominic scowled. 'Brook, remember what we talked about?' I asked her, she nodded 'It might have to happen now' I told her, 'No.. Liam I-' she stuttered, 'Brook you promised' I told her, she sighed sadly. The thing is this isn't the run away thing we are talking about... this is something much bigger than that. 'So your not even Hannah Martin? Your names Brook?' he asked, she nodded beside me.

'Your a good actress girl... I will give you that' he smirked. 'Look just let her go... and take me' I spoke. 'Liam no!' Brook yelled, I turned to her 'Go' I growled. She stood her ground always playing the hero. I rolled my eyes, then a loud knock came at the door. 'Oh look just in time' Dominic spoke. I grabbed Brook and pushed her behind my back, as he walked passed us. 'BOYS! COME ON IN... OH MAKE SURE YOU GET THE GIRL' he called out of his door.

Through the door came four heavy looking men. Dominic came amongst them. 'Now you have one of two options... Try and run... be caught... stay still... be caught... its the same out come either way.' he told us. Jake came through then, and shot one of the people. Harry came behind him, 'Harry!' Brook called, and ran over to him and hugged him tightly. 'This is lovely but-..' Dominic was cut off my fist hitting his Jaw.

The fight began.

Brook's POV

'Harry are you okay?' I asked, he nodded 'Come on,... lets get you out of here' he told me, holding my hand. I didn't move, I couldn't I needed to do what me and Liam agreed on. No one knew expect me and him. 'Don't Brook ... Come on...' he tried again, I batter back tears. 'Tell Zayn I love him, if I don't make it' I told him, kissing his cheek. Running to help Liam and Jake.

So many people were fighting I lost track of it. Soon enough, I couldn't move. I couldn't run. Because I was gone. Nothing was there. No turning back. Gone.

Liam's Pov

We all ran outside, they were taken car of. We were all panting for breath. 'Where's Brook?' Harry asked, I looked up and my head shot around. Shit. This wasn't happened, she actually-... No. That wasn't... Oh my god. 'Where's Dominic?' Jake asked, I looked around the house quickly before joining the boys, 'He's gone' I panted, 'He has Brook...' Harry gasped looking to he floor. I shook my head. and fell next to him. 'No.. I saw Dominic... he took a body to the woods... he took her dead body to the wood.... Brook is...' I couldn't bring myself to say it... 'Dead' Jake croaked out.

I looked back at the house. 'How are we going to tell Zayn?' I asked, 'Leave it until he finds Niall... he can't think about this now... I can't fucking this about this now!' Harry shouted, looking away from us. 'ALL THIS SHIT! YOU THINK IT WOULD HAVE A GOOD ENDING, BUT NO WE GET FUCK ALL AND NOW THIS? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!! I TOLD HER TO RUN, I KNEW SHE WOULD DO THIS! ZAYN SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET HER COME... NOW SHE IS DEAD AND THERE IS FUCK ALL WE CAN DO!' Harry burst in to tears, standing up. 'Harry pl-' he stopped me, 'DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN! CAUSE THATS NOT GOING TO HELP. BROOK IS DEAD! OKAY? AND ITS MY FAULT... WE NEEDED HER... ZAYN NEEDED HER... I FUCKING NEEDED HER... NOW WHAT ARE WE MEANT TO DO?!' He continued to shout.

'Mate we tried' Jake croaked, 'Yeh we did.. and WE FUCKING FAILED! ... Your going to be fucking dead meat when Zayn sees you, we all are... we lost her.... we needed to protect her... we got her killed!' he yelled. Tears feel freely down his cheeks, he cried into my shoulder. 'Were all going to miss her Harry... We are all going to miss her' I whispered to him, 'I loved her Liam... I really loved her' Harry cried harder into my chest, as we sat there in the front garden.

'I will go and start the car' Jake whispered walking away leaving me and Harry. 'What are we going to do Liam? T-Things will never be the same' Harry coughed. 'We will get through it, like we always do... Like a family' I told him. My phone went of. I looked a text from Zayn.
I looked at Harry and he gulped wiping tears away.

How did it go? Did you get Harry? Is Brook okay? - Zayn

'What do I say?' I asked Harry, he shrugged sadly.

It went great. We got rid of Dominic, Harry is safe now, Brook... she is perfect, she can finally be happy now :) - Me

'That's not a lie' Harry whispered, 'What do you mean?' I asked, 'She is perfect, now she doesn't have to worry about all this bull shit, she can be happy' he sighed, 'Come on Haz... let's go... its been a difficult night... and its not going to get any better if we just sit here' I told him, I helped him up to the car. 'Did you love her Liam?' Harry asked me, 'I loved her yeah' I spoke, 'She loved you too. She loved us all... Here's to her' Harry tried to smile but didn't pull it off, he was hurting, breaking, falling apart. There was nothing I could do to stop it. There was nothing I could do. Not yet anyway.


Did you like? Did you all expect it? Like I said don't hate me just yet, I will make it all make sense and better:)


What was it Liam and Brook had planned other than to run?

What Will Zayn do?

How long will Harry and Liam keep it from Zayn?

Where is Brook's body?

Will Zayn and Louis get Niall back?

How will they find out?

What will Zayn do?

What will happen when Zayn calls Brook?



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