Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


43. Hello Liam

Brook's Pov

We drove a bit further and then got out of the car. I was silent, Zayn was trying to be nice to me. I was just not looking at him. Harry was giving me worried glances. 'I'm fine' I whispered to him, he forced a smile, Zayn shot daggers. 'So how are we going to find Liam?' Louis asked, 'Why don't we spilt up' I suggested, my voice croaking. 'But you have the address' Niall pointed out. 'Well lets go and check then' I smiled as we all climbed back into the campervan. As we all sat there, the atmosphere was tense. We got to the house, and everyone got out of the van other than me and Zayn.

'Are you mad at me' he asked putting a hand on my leg, I shook my head 'then talk to me' he begged. 'What do you want me to say?' I asked quietly. 'Anything' he whispered to me, I turned to him 'You know it hurts the fact you compare me to her' I looked down at my hands, he got in front of me and grabbed my hands. 'I am sorry... I didn't mean it... I was just trying--Well I don't know I what I was trying to do, I was just sick and tired of you flirting with Harry' he confessed. 'I wasn't flirting' I told him, 'could have fooled me' he spat, I cupped his face 'you know you don't need to be jealous, I am yours and if I was flirting then you would know about it, sorry if it seemed like I was' I told him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him.

I pulled back up and stopped when his hand subconsciously moved to my arm. I looked down in a worry, 'What is it?' he asked, 'Nothing' I smiled pulling my arm away, and tugging on the sleeve. 'Brook?... Tell me' he whispered, 'Its nothing' I forced a smile, he grabbed my arm and pulled it to him, his eyes looked at me, but I avoided his glance. His gently rolled up my sleeve his fingertips grazing the skin, his hand stopped when he saw the cut. He looked up at me with Dark eyes, Anger, hurt, worry everything was visible. 'What happened?' he asked, I yanked my arm away. 'We should go and get the boys' I stood up, he grabbed me and pushed me back down. His eyes glared into me, 'Tell me' he boomed, I sighed and let a tear fall.

'I think you already know' I whispered, he fell next to me. 'B-because of me?' he asked in a husky voice, 'Maybe...' I whispered, his clenched fists went white. I went to touch him but he flinched away, 'Zayn I-' he stopped me, 'No don't be nice!' he yelled. Then the door opened, Niall appeared, 'We are going to spilt up and look for him no, answer at the house' Niall told us. I nodded at him, and he left. 'Come on then' I held out a hand for Zayn, 'Go... I will see you later... the group is splitting up aren't they?' he spat, I sighed. 'I love you Zayn' I whispered before closing the camper van door, and hearing a crash.

I sighed and walked down the street, I saw Louis and Harry go one way so I went the other. I walked down the street, and sighed looking around. I peered down an alleyway and saw a man, he was tall had a small brown quiff, and had brown eyes. I looked around there and he was beating up some one, the other person was brown haired as well but reasonably smaller than the other one. He was vigorously punching him, 'Hey get of him!' I yelled. The man turned around and looked at me, he stopped punching, 'Well aren't you lucky this young lady just saved you' he smirked at me, the boy stood up and thanked me walking off. I sighed and went to carry on walking before I got pulled back.

He pushed me against the alley wall. My breathing got faster, 'Calm down babe' he smiled stroking my cheek with his middle finger. 'What's your name?' I shuttered, 'Liam... who wants to know?' he smirked, 'Me' I stated. 'Oh your feisty aren't you?' he grinned, 'Liam Payne?' I asked, 'Yeah, but what's your name?' he asked, 'Brook' I stated. 'Well Brook, come with me' he smiled, he grabbed my hand and pulled me down the street. 'Let go of my hand' I struggled, 'Pretend to be my girlfriend for ten minutes, I have seen some old friends and they can't notice me' he stated, 'and how does that involve me' I asked, 'Cause when I see them I will turn to you' he smiled.

We walked down the street and I was following him down there. 'So why are you here?' he asked, 'I came with some friends' I told him, 'Loosen up baby' he smiled, 'Sorry but some could mistake this for kidnap' I sighed, 'Its not kidnap cause I will let you go' he grinned. We walked and then he stopped in his tracks when he met eyes with someone, 'Kiss me now' he ordered, 'What! No I-' he stopped me and pulled me close to him. He put a hand on the bottom of my back, pulling my body to his, the other hand was on the side of my face. I struggled at first, until I knew he wasn't letting go. Then I kissed back.

I heard loud footsteps behind me. 'Brook?' the familiar voice yelled. I pulled away from Liam, and turned 'Zayn!' I said shocked. I looked at Liam, and he scratched the back of his neck. 'What the fuck Brook?!' Zayn yelled, 'he kissed me!' I yelled pointing to Liam, 'You didn't look like you were putting up a fight' he spat angrily. Zayn looked up and found it was Liam... Payne. 'Liam?' Zayn asked, 'Hey up mate' he smiled, 'Is this bird  yours... you did well didn't you, she's nice' Liam licked his lip and looked me up and down, I moved away from his and stood by Zayn. 'Believe me' I whispered to Zayn, he put an arm around my waist. 'I do... sorry I over reacted again' he told me, 'Listen I hate to interrupt but I am going to go' Liam stated.

'NO!' Zayn yelled after him, 'we came here for you' he told Liam. 'Oh... Why?' Liam asked, 'Because, we need you...' he told him, 'Why do you need me? and who is we?' he asked, 'Me, Louis, Niall and Harry' Zayn explained, 'Why? There must be a reason' he sighed, leaning against the wall crossing his arms. 'Look I will explain later' Zayn told him, I am sure there is something I am missing here. 'Just come with us' he stated, '...What the hell Okay' Liam smiled and followed me and Zayn. Zayn intertwined his fingers with mine.

We got back to the van, and the boys were waiting there. 'Hey gu- LIAM!' they all yelled and ran over to him, and pulled the boys into a group hug. Zayn stayed with me, and kept me close. We stood there while they all talked and went for a coffee. Me and Zayn sat on a bench, he pulled me closer to him. 'Promise me if we ever break up but I don't plan on it, but... never get with one of them' he chuckled, 'I won't... well... Maybe' I smirked, he nudged my arm as I laughed, 'I will only ever love you Zayn' I whispered in his ear, kissing just beneath his ear, he moaned under my touch. 'Don't.... ' he groaned, 'I... can't promise anything' I grinned, kissing his collar bone. 'Lets get the boys... I want to take you home' he smiled, 'You have three hours to wait until you can have your way with me' I smirked, 'I don't think I can wait' he chuckled a throaty laugh, 'Well you just have too' I smiled.


What will happen with Liam?

Will Zayn do the fight?

Will Zayn and Brook be able to stop the jealousy?

Who should Brook have a fling with?

Will she find out about the gang?

What will the gang do?


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