Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


15. He won't find out

Brook’s Pov

I woke up to Zayn, a sight that was all too familiar now. I got out of bed, and walked into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and looked down my neck there were so many bruises down my neck. I sighed and walked into the kitchen. I wonder what Zayn did to get his hands dirty? I took a cup of tea, and walked back up stairs and looked at the empty bed, where had Zayn gone? I felt arms slither around my waist, shocked I dropped the cup on the floor, and it smashed. ‘Zayn!’ I gasped, ‘morning’ he mumbled into my neck, I pulled out of his grasp. ‘What’s wrong’ he asked, ‘nothing’ I said crouching down to pick up the pieces, ‘that can wait’ he said, ‘Zayn it won’t take long’ I said, he picked me up and lay me down on the bed, ‘Zayn stop’ I said pushing him off, ‘what is wrong with you’ he said, ‘I said nothing’ I said.

He sighed and walked over to me, ‘it’s not about last night is it, do you regret it?’ he asked, I laughed a little, ‘no, not at all’ I said, ‘then what is it, I know something is wrong’ he said, I sighed and stood up from the broken glass, ‘who is Paul?’ I asked, he looked up at me with dark eyes, ‘I don’t know who you’re on about’ he said, ‘don’t bullshit me Zayn, just tell me the truth’ I said, ‘he is just a friend of a friend’ he said, ‘well he needs paying for your mess apparently’ I said, he stood up and walked over to me ‘how do you know’ he asked, ‘I made the mistake of answering your phone again’ I sighed, ‘what have I told you about that’ he said angrily, ‘well I am sorry I won’t make that mistake again’ I said standing up and pushing passed him. ‘Brook’ he yelled, I ignored him and continued walked, and he came down the stairs. Zayn grabbed my wrists and pushed me hard against the wall, ‘why do you have to be so damn complicated’ he said, ‘me complicated?!’ I said, ‘yeah, you need to keep your nose out of my business’ he said angrily, I sighed and looked down. He lifted my chin up to meet his eyes, he went to kiss my lips but I moved so he kissed my cheek, he chuckled deeply ‘now now, no need for that’ he whispered, I pushed against his chest trying to move; but he was so hard to move.

‘Zayn move’ I said, ‘why?’ he teased with a grin tugging at his lips, ‘I need to get dressed, I need to go’ I said, ‘where do you need to go so fast’ he said, ‘if you have forgotten my brother is in hospital’ I said, finally moving past him. I walked back upstairs, I just pulled on some leggings that I had brought to Zayn’s a while ago, and I left his shirt on. I tied my hair up and walked down stairs. Zayn was leaning again the door frame, now stood in back skinny jeans and a jumper looking at me, ‘you ready now?’ he asked, I nodded ‘I will see you later’ I said walking towards the door, ‘where do you think you’re going, I am going to give you a lift’ he said, I sighed it’s pointless arguing.

We walked out to his car, and I sat inside there quietly. The fear I had once was slowly growing back; he looked over at me and placed his hand on my leg, I took a deep breath. ‘I am sorry’ he whispered, ‘what for?’ I asked, ‘not telling you anything, and for keeping secrets’ he said, I nodded. ‘Are you still mad’ he asked, ‘I wasn’t mad in the first place’ I said, ‘what were you then’ he asked, I sighed ‘disappointed’ I said. He pulled his hand away, and we sped off to the hospital. To think this time last month, I had never met Zayn, and now he is my boyfriend, is crazy… what if my brother and Logan were right, maybe he would break my heart. I was in a deep train of thought, when Zayn placed a warm hand on my thigh, I jumped a little and looked at him. ‘What were you thinking about?’ he asked, what was I thinking about? Thinking about you, and how you could break my heart so easily, and how you probably don’t care, but I will believe everything you say and it will all be lies? ‘I was just thinking about my brother’ I said, I wasn’t going to say the truth now was I?

‘Well I am sure he will be fine, I will come and pick you up whenever you need me’ he said, I smiled a little and kissed him softly, damn. ‘Ok see you later’ I said, getting out of the car. I stood there and watched him drive away. I walked into the hospital, and went straight into my brother’s room. The door was closed and I knocked quietly and opened it up. My brother was lay there smiling at the TV in front of him, I smiled at him. He noticed me and turned over to see me, ‘Brook!’ he beamed, I smiled and walked over and hugged him, ‘I am so glad you are ok’ I said, not letting go. ‘That makes two of us’ he said, I smiled and laughed. ‘What happened last night after I got stabbed’ he asked, ‘I don’t know, I wasn’t there’ he said, ‘where were you?’ he asked, ‘outside arguing with Zayn’ I said, his smile faded and he looked at his hands, ‘did you stay with him again last night?’ he asked, I nodded ‘yeah, auntie Leanne and uncle Toby came over to see you’ I said, he smiled ‘how are they?’ he asked, ‘they are fine’ I said, ‘so what were you and Zayn arguing about’ he said, I sighed and sat down at his bed, ‘look, I know you are asking because you care, but if I tell you, you will just go mental and get angry’ I said, ‘just tell me’ he asked, ‘fine, his ex-turned up at your party and she came over and talked to me and then he did something yesterday that he wouldn’t tell me, he told me in the end though’ I said, ‘what was it he did’ I said, ‘Jack…’ he stopped me, ‘seriously just fucking tell me’ he said, I sighed ‘he had a one night stand with this girl becca a while ago, and she has a had a baby, and thinks it is Zayn’s’ I said, he shook his head, ‘are you as stupid as you look’ he said, ‘excuse me’ I asked, ‘come on you seriously think your relationship with him will last? He is just using you, once he had fucked you he will move on’ he said, ‘really? Well if that is you being supportive… then I don’t want to see what you’re like if you disapprove’ I said.

‘I just don’t want to see you get hurt’ he said, I sighed ‘yeah well you are the one hurting me’ I said, I stood up and left the room. My aunt and uncle were sat outside, ‘Brook?’ they asked, I turned ‘oh… hi’ I said, ‘is everything ok?’ asked toby. I sighed ‘Ask him, he is the one that wants to spoil everything’ I said, I walked off. I remembered that Logan was here today, he was visiting his dad. I went down to his dad’s room, and Logan was outside. ‘Hey Logan’ I said, he looked up and smiled at me, ‘hey Brook’ he said walking over and hugging me. I let go of him, ‘how is your dad’ I asked, ‘getting better now’ he said, ‘good’ I said, smiling. He smiled at me, ‘we should go out tonight, just me and you like old times’ he said, and ‘you know what, that would be amazing’ I said.

-----Later that night----

Me and Logan were at the club.

28 missed called from Zayn

23 Texts from Zayn

I turned my phone off and put it away. We found a house party of one of our friends Ruby. The alcohol pumped through my veins, the high we were all on felt like it could never end. I looked at Logan, he was smiling widely at me his dimples on show. The party was crazy, no one would notice if me and Logan would snuck off would they? Was I crazy? Logan walked over through the crowd of people, and whispered in my ear, ‘you’re coming with me’ I blushed and grinned. He my wrist and tugged me upstairs to his room, he threw me in the room, and pinned me against the wall ‘Logan what you are…’ he cut me off by crashing his lips onto mine, he kissed me deeper. His tongue grazed my lips, asking for entrance I gladly obliged, his tongue entered my mouth exploring every inch. He pulled away and grabbed me by the corner of my shirt, he threw me onto the bed.

‘Oh the things I am going to do to you’ Logan whispered in a hushed voice, I smiled at him, and pulled him forward to meet my lips again, I entangled my fingers in his hair. Logan moaned as I kissed down his neck, Logan pulled back and gave me a devilish grin, ‘Take that dress off’ he said smiling, I grinned and blushed. Logan smiled at me again ‘or why don’t I do it for you?’ he said laughed. Logan sat up on top of me, and lifted the bottom of my dress revealing my pelvic bones, his fingers traces them sending shivers down me. Logan slid his hands up my curves, I shivered and Logan laughed, ‘do your worst’ I said.

All of our clothes were quickly removed by each other, Logan lay there on top of me our bodies touching, ‘You ready?’ he asked laughing, ‘yeah, teach me a lesson’ I replied. I felt his dick pressed firmly against me, he was rather large. He leant over to my ear, ‘how hard do you want this to be?’ he asked, ‘however hard you can give it’ I smiled, he laughed darkly and pulled back, so he was near my entrance. Logan forced himself into me, I gasped as he pushed in and out, ‘Ahh Logan!’ I yelled, ‘scream my name’ he encouraged, ‘Logan!’ I screamed, ‘Brook… I am so close’ he whispered, panting for breath. As his thrusts became more intense, the pleasure I received got more intense too. ‘Brook!’ Logan screamed out in pleasure, his hands around my hips thrusting deeply into me, his nails dug in, but I couldn’t feel a thing.

He smiled and pulled out, his body fell limp next to mine, I lay down in the bed, what have I done. I don’t like where this is going, Zayn is going to kill me. I can’t let him find out, he just can’t he would kill Logan.

He won’t find out.


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Harry’s Heartbreak J

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