Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


16. He won't do it if he loves me

Zayn’s Pov

I have been calling her all night, no answer. I don’t know where she has gone, I try her again ‘Hello?’ she answered groggily in the phone, ‘Brook where the fuck are you?’ I asked angrily, ‘I am just on my way home’ she said quietly, ‘where have you been all night’ I asked, ‘I ermm… I went out with Logan and some friends to a party’ I said, ‘and that stops you from answering my calls?’ I asked, ‘I turned my phone off’ she whispered, ‘where are you I will pick you up’ I said, ‘just outside the news agents’ she said, ‘don’t move I will be there soon’ I said.

Brook’s Pov

I woke up and looked over at Logan, ‘get up’ I yelled, I jumped out of bed and pulled on my jeans and shirt. ‘What is the problem’ he complained, trying to hide his face. ‘Have just forgotten what happened last night?’ I asked, he shot up ‘shit.’ He said, I shook my head. ‘Zayn is going to kill me’ I said, ‘kill you, he will kill me first’ he said, ‘no he won’t, he can’t find out’ I said, ‘I agree, it was just a mistake anyway right?’ he said, ‘yeah, it didn’t mean anything’ I said, Logan looked a little bit sad but I just shrugged it off. ‘I will call you later’ I said, he nodded and hugged me. I walked outside then got my call from Zayn.

Logan’s Pov

I could tell she was feeling bad, but I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I have a little crush on her, but I can see she loves Zayn, and I am not going to ruin that for her, if she is happy then I should be, shouldn’t I?

Brook’s Pov

I was stood outside the news agent and Zayn’s car pulled up. I sighed, and got inside. ‘Hi’ I said quietly, ‘I can’t believe you’ he said speeding off in the car, I sighed ‘I am sorry’ I said, ‘why did you turn your phone off’ he asked, ‘I just wanted some time away from everyone’ I said, ‘you mean from me’ he said, ‘no’ I said quietly, ‘don’t lie to me!’ he yelled, I quivered in my seat. ‘Where are we going’ he asked, ‘back to my house’ he said coldly.

The rest of the ride was just silent, as we got to Zayn’s house I walked straight in. I stayed quietly, ‘so where were you last night, who’s party was it?’ he asked, ‘my friend ruby’s’ I said, ‘where did you stay’ he questioned, ‘in ruby’s room’ I said, ‘with who?’ he asked, ‘Logan’ I said, his fists clenched and he slammed them into the wall, ‘Zayn … it wasn’t like that’ I said, I can’t believe I am lying to him. ‘What was it like then? Cause this doesn’t add up, you turn your phone off so I can’t contact you, you go to a party, probably got shitfaced, then you can spend the night in a bed with Logan… tell me I am wrong but this doesn’t sound great does it?’ he yelled, ‘well I am sorry if I have hurt you’ I said turning to walk upstairs.

I sat on the bed, I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms around myself. I sat there and cried, I felt guilty and terrible. I thought Zayn would be the first to cheat not the other way around, I have let him down. The door slowly opened, and Zayn walked in. I looked at him with watery eyes, he walked over and sat down next to me. ‘I am sorry’ he said, ‘don’t apologize, it’s me who needs to be sorry, you haven’t done anything’ I said putting my knees down, he put an arm around me ‘you know I only get jealous because I am afraid someone might make you happier than I will’ he said, I sighed. ‘I don’t think that is possible’ I said. He kissed me softly, and I smiled and kissed him back, ‘look I have to now, I have some training to do for a match coming up’ he said, I sighed and smiled ‘ok I will see you later’ I said, ‘keep your phone on this time’ he said, I smiled and nodded.

Zayn’s Pov

I walked into the abandoned warehouse, and saw the boxing ring and the training bag into it. ‘Zayn very nice to see you’ said Steve walking over to me, I sighed ‘yeah you too’ I said shaking his hand. ‘You ready to train?’ he asked, I nodded. I began to punch the bag hard, ‘so who is the guy I am fighting?’ I asked, ‘he is in the weight class above you, and he is very tough’ he said, ‘what’s his name’ I asked, ‘Russell’ he said, ‘you don’t mean Russell Jaxton do you?’ I asked, ‘the very same’ he said, ‘I am going to beat the shit into him’ I said, ‘you make sure you do, I have a lot of money on you Zayn’ he said, ‘I know you do, and I won’t disappoint’ I said.

Brook’s Pov

I went over to the hospital to see Jack. I walked into the room, and my auntie and uncle were sat around the bed, I smiled at them ‘Hey brook’ Leanne said, ‘Hello’ I said, ‘Sorry about yesterday Jack’ I said, ‘its fine, I am sorry too’ I said, ‘oh Brook, me and toby were wondering if you want to come and join us for dinner? Maybe we can get to know that boyfriend of yours a little bit better’ Leanne said, ‘oh sure when?’ I asked, ‘On Friday night?’ she said, ‘I will ask Zayn’ I said. I pulled out my phone, and rang Zayn ‘Hello?’ I asked, ‘Hey doll, what’s wrong?’ he asked, ‘what are you doing on Friday?’ I asked, ‘I have my match, why?’ he said, ‘oh, my auntie and uncle want to go for a meal, they want to meet you, can you move the date of your fight?’ I asked, ‘no sorry’ he said.

I don’t know if I want him to do this fight, in fact I know I don’t want him to do the fight, what if he gets hurt? I sighed into the phone, ‘do you have to do the fight, I mean what if you get hurt?’ I asked, ‘I will be fine, the guy has got nothing on me’ he said, and ‘I still don’t know if you should do it ’I said, ‘I have to, sorry Just see if your aunt will change the date’ he said, ‘is anything I say going to change your mind’ I asked, ‘no nothing, I have to do this’ he said, ‘ok then, I will see you in a bit’ I said, ‘ok, bye doll’ he said, I hung up the phone. I looked back at my auntie, ‘Zayn has a boxing match on Friday and can’t change the date’ I said, ‘oh well how about Saturday’ she asked, I nodded ‘I will make sure he doesn’t have plans’ I said, she smiled at me and hugged me ‘we will get going now, see you soon jack and you too brook’ said my uncle toby.

I sat down at the bottom of my brothers bed, ‘how are you feeling today’ I asked, ‘I am feeling better’ I said, ‘good, sorry about yesterday’ I said, ‘like I said its fine, and I am sorry too’ he said, I smiled and hugged him lightly, ‘so what did you do after you left yesterday’ he asked, ‘I went to a party’ I said, ‘who’s?’ he asked, ‘ruby’s’ I said, ‘oh right, how was it?’ he asked, ‘it was ok, it wasn’t the best’ I said, ‘what aren’t you telling me’ he said, ‘last night, I made a mistake’ he said, ‘and what would that be?’ he said, ‘it doesn’t matter’ I said, ‘come on it can’t be that bad, it’s not like you cheated on Zayn is it?’ he said laughing, he laughter faded when I began to look seriously ‘oh my god brook?! Who with?’ he said, ‘Logan… I had sex with Logan’ I said, ‘ermm… Brook’ my brother said pointing at the door, ‘Zayn?!’ I said jumping up, he looked at me with dark eyes, and turned walking away, I looked at my brother and he nodded.

I shouted his name ‘ZAYN!’ he stopped dead, and turned around ‘you promised me nothing happened!’ he yelled, ‘I know, it’s just… I knew you would be like this, and you would hurt Logan’ he said, ‘why did you do it?’ he asked, ‘I was drunk, it didn’t mean anything’ I cried, he shook his head and punched the wall. ‘Where is he?’ he asked, ‘who?’ I asked, ‘Logan’ he shouted, ‘I-I don’t know’ I said, ‘are you telling the truth or is that another lie’ he said, ‘it’s the truth’ I said. He grabbed wrist and tugged me into the car, ‘You are not to leave my house tonight, ‘Where is he?’ he asked, ‘who?’ I asked, ‘Logan’ he shouted, ‘I-I don’t know’ I said, ‘are you telling the truth or is that another lie’ he said, ‘it’s the truth’ I said. He grabbed wrist and tugged me into the car, ‘You are not to leave my house tonight, you don’t go anywhere’ he demanded, ‘but Zayn I-‘ he stopped me again, ‘no buts! Just listen to me for a change, I am going out and if you leave then I’ll… Oh just stay there and don’t move’ he said.

He dragged me inside and threw me on his bed, ‘you tell me that you can’t trust me, now who’s the one at fault’ he said, ‘Zayn it wasn’t meant to happen, one thing led to another and we’ he stopped me, ‘I know what you did, and you weren’t even going to tell me! You were willing to keep it a dirty little secret’ he spat, I took a deep breath ‘I expect you to be here when I am back’ he said, ‘Zayn where are you going? Please don’t hurt Logan, he isn’t at fault here!’ I said, ‘anything to protect Logan’ he murmured. ‘Just remember Zayn, I have stuck by you through Lola, Steve and Paul… and finding out you might be a dad… if you love me you won’t do this’ I said, ‘I love you… that is why I am doing this’ he said walking out slamming the door.

He won’t do it if he loves me.




Hope you all enjoy the next chapter... love reading your comments so please continue... and I know some people aren't happy about her cheating but I have had an idea of what can happen so please don't hate :( ... ANY WAY ENOYYYY :)




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