Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


24. Goodnights and Goodbyes

Brook's Pov

I ran down the stairs, and grabbed Jack's car keys. 'Brook?! where are you going?' he asked half asleep. 'I need to borrow your car' I said panicked, 'you can't drive though' he said, 'well you drive me then' I said angrily. 'When do you need to go in such a rush' he asked, 'the police station' I yelled getting my shoes on. 'Why?' he asked, 'Zayn has been taken in' I said 'now come on' I said, 'I am not taking you to visit your convict boyfriend' he said, 'please! I need too' I said, he sighed 'why don't you listen to me, I told you he was trouble' he said, 'I don't care, I love him! I now I need you to go and take me now, or I swear I WILL DRIVE MY FUCKING SELF' I yelled, he sighed 'fine go' he said.

We got in the car and drove down to the station, 'Hello how can I help you?' asked an officer at the front of the desk, 'I am here to see Zayn Malik' I said, 'I am sorry visiting hours are over' she said, 'Look I have just got a call an my boyfriend has been taken in for murder, now I am in no mood to be fucked around with, let me see him, I have just been called about this and been told to come so no more fucking around... let me see Zayn Malik!' I said, she looked away 'I will see what I can do' she said calmly.

She walked to the back room, and I paced in the front. 'You can see him now' she said, 'Thank you' I said. I walked through to where she lead me, 'Zayn' I said, I ran over to him and hugged him tightly, 'you are an idiot' I said, 'I am so glad to see you doll' he said, I smiled. I sat down opposite him, 'can you explain' I asked, 'Steve set me up... he has me framed' he said, 'Zayn I told you to stay away from him! What am I going to tell your Mum and dad we are meant to be meeting them tomorrow' I said, 'I don't know! you need to get me out' he said, 'and how do I do that Zayn!' I said, he looked angry. 'Think of something, get something out of Steve' he said, 'what do I try and get out of him!' I said, 'you will figure it out doll' he said, 'Zayn how are you so fucking calm' I said, he looked a me and forced a smiled 'I have to be, you can't freak in here they will eat me alive other wise' he said, I smiled and kissed him 'I will get you out of here Zayn I promise' I said, 'I have no doubt that you won't' he said.

'You need to leave now' said the woman, I nodded and kissed Zayn. 'See you soon doll' he said, I smiled. I left the room and walked out, my brother was waiting. 'Where are you going?' he asked, as I charged out of the station. 'Jack go home, I have to go and see someone' I said, 'who?' he asked, 'a friend' I said, 'I know you it wouldn't just be a friend' he said, 'Jack trust me' I said, I kissed his cheek and left.

I ran down to the house Zayn drove to when he went to beat up Steve, I banged on the door. Steve opened it, 'Why hello there beautiful' he said, I pushed past him. 'Why the fuck would you do this to Zayn!' I yelled, 'he needed to be taught a lesson' he said, 'no he didn't all he ever does it what you say, why did he need a lesson' I yelled, 'Brook, Zayn has done things that would change your whole opinion of him' he said, 'I don't care no matter what I will still love him!' I said, he laughed 'Zayn doesn't want love... all he does is make girls fall in love with him and then he breaks them that's what he does best' he said, 'I don't care what you say, just get Zayn out' I said, 'has Zayn told you about Victoria?' he asked, 'who?' I asked. 'Take a seat' he said.

'I am not...' he cut me off. 'Zayn use to date her... She was a pretty thing, happy and had no cares... he made her fall in love with him, and she thought that he loved her... maybe for a short time he did. He was everything she thought she wanted... until... Zayn got her pregnant... and he didn't want it but she did... he asked her to have an abortion and she said no... he was young only just 16 and he got a girl knocked up... in the end... do you want to know what he did?' he asked, I thought and nodded 'because she wouldn't take the pill that would get rid of it, he spiked her drink and it made her lose the baby... and she has blamed herself, she didn't even know Zayn did it... he let her break down thinking it was her fault' he said, I looked ay him and shook my head 'no... Zayn would never do that' I said, 'that's what you thought I told you... there is things Zayn has done that will change your opinion... and that Victoria is the same one that is dating your friend Liam' he said.

'Look can you get Zayn out of prison or not?' I asked, 'I can' he said, 'then please do it... he won't bother you again' I said, 'well... I want something in return' he said, 'what is it?' I asked, willing to resort to anything to get Zayn out of prison. 'You' he said, 'excuse me?' I asked, 'I want you' he said. I was not willing to resort to that, 'did you really think that you, could get away with putting Zayn in jail just so you can sleep with me... that is just sick! what do you take me for?!' I said, he laughed 'Yeh I did, I wanted you, so I set it up everything.. Zayn getting arrested, the murder was just a coincidence' he said, I sighed.

That was all I needed to hear.

Zayn's Pov

I don't know how Brook is going to get me out of here, I trust she will though. I can't stay in here, I need to keep her safe. Being with me is difficult, its going to put her at risk... I can't have her at risk. The door of my cell opened, 'your free to go Malik' they said, 'really? Why?' I asked, 'because your girlfriend had a wire on and the officers heard Steve admit everything' the officer said, 'wait she is at Steve's house' I said, the officer nodded 'we need to get there now, you don't know what he is capable of' I said. 'lets get down there then'

Brook's Pov

'Come on you only have to do one simple thing to get Zayn out of prison' he said, 'I already have him out of prison' I said, 'really?' he said, I nodded nervously. 'How do you think you have done that sweet cheeks' he said, 'I have everything you said on record... the police are on their way now' I said, he looked angrily at me, 'you don't understand what you have just done do you?' he said, 'I know that the police are going to arrest you and let Zayn of' I said, he laughed coldly, 'things aren't going to be that easy' he said, I nodded 'I think they are' I said. I turned and walked to the door, as my hand reached the door knob I heard a click behind me.

I slowly turned and Steve was holding a gun, 'things aren't as easy as they seem are they' he said, 'you won't do it... the police are on there way' I said, 'you think I won't do it?' he laughed. Then there was a loud band, and my thigh was shot. I screamed and fell to the floor, I held my leg tightly 'now do you believe I will do it' he said crouching down near my ear. He tucked my hair behind my ear, 'your a pretty little thing aren't you I can see why Zayn would want you' he said, I turned my head from him. He grabbed my chin and yanked my head towards him, 'do I make you uncomfortable' he said, I spat in his face. He threw me backwards, I slammed against the wall and I banged my head against the corner of a fireplace, the corner of my head started to bleed.

'You are a feisty one aren't you' he said, flashing lights shone through the window. I was struggling for breath, 'I told you they.... w-would be here' I said, he walked over 'shut it' he said, and kicked my stomach. I lay in a broken ball on the floor, the blood lost was now substantial. The door opened, and police came in. 'PUT YOUR HANDS UP' they yelled, Steve dropped the gun and put his hands up but a sickly sweet smile spread across his face. Zayn came through the door, and he walked in and rushed to my side. 'Hey doll' he said lifting me up, 'I told you I would get  you out' I said, he smiled 'yeah but at what cost' he said.

Later that night.

I woke up in a room which was white, and had a pretty nurse at the end of the bed. I sat up, but it hurt. 'Oh good your awake' she said, I smiled 'where am I?' I asked, 'you are in hospital' she said, I nodded remembering what had happened with Steve. 'Zayn, where is he?' I asked, 'Zayn?' she asked, 'my boyfriend' I said, 'oh he left you this' she said. The woman handed me an envelop, 'what is this?' I asked, 'I don't know, he just said to give it you went you wake up' she said, I nodded 'but your brother want to see you' she said, I nodded.

My brother walked in and came over and hugged me gently. 'Are you ok?' he asked, 'I am fine' I said in a croaky voice. 'Did you see where Zayn went?' I asked, 'yeah he left before, he said he  had to drop something of at our house' he said, I was confused.

Later on Jack had fell asleep in the chair, and I was sat with the letter in front of me. I opened it and it read....

Dear Brook, I am so sorry for what has happened tonight, I should have listened to you and not have got involved. Forever is a long, and I would love to spend it with you but I can't. You keep getting hurt, and I don't want this life for you. I want you to be safe and being with me isn't. Now we can't be together I just want you to be in my heart for ever, so can I be in your heart. I love your eyes, I love when you smile, I love when I hear your voice. my heart beats, when I look at you. and the thought that you’re not here, is the saddest thought in the world. And I know that this is going to be hard, but you need to stay away from me, I love you Brook but I am not what you think I am ... I am not what you really want. Your stuff will be back at your house tonight, I love you Brook, and I am so sorry that I have hurt you, I just hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. We won't forget each other, right? I will always love you Brook, but its not good for me and you... so good bye and I love you... forever and always yours Zayn

I put the letter on my lap and let hot tears stroll down my cheeks, did he not know that I didn't care about that... I didn't care... I just want him. I lay down and cried my heart out into the pillow that silenced my sobs.

Zayn's Pov

I sat next to her in the hospital room, I had to see her once more. I put the letter on the table, and said to the nurse 'make sure she gets this' I said, she nodded. I looked down at her and took her hand, 'I love you' I said, I let a tear roll down my cheek. This girl is changing me slowly, I never cry. I kissed her forehead softly, 'Good night and Goodbye doll' I said, I let go of her hand and walked out of the room, looking at her once more.



Sad right?! I know you all want them together but it needed to happen so something else could, don't worry... it will al be ok!! what do you all thnk will happen next ?! love you all loads <3 xxx

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