Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


58. Girls

Brook's Pov

I rolled out of bed, I heard Zayn down stairs. I had been thinking all night about what Louis said, about the girl Zayn and Harry fought over. I walked down stairs and see Zayn trying to cook, 'You shouldn't do that' I laugh, he turned around with flour on his nose. I chuckle and walk over to him, tapping his nose 'Why?' he asked. 'Zayn I love you, but you can't cook' I told him, he laughed and kissed me softly. 'You cook for me then?' he smiled, I laugh 'What makes you think I can cook?' I laugh, he shrugs. I laugh, 'come on we can go out for breakfast' he smiled, I nodded and walked out with him.

We just go down to star bucks. W sit in a booth and I dare to ask the question. 'So I was talking to Louis yesterday' I say, sipping my coffee. 'Yeah? What about?' he asked, 'About you, and Harry' I whisper, he looked up 'What about us?' he asked. 'Well... He told me, there was a girl' I began, he nods 'And you and Harry both liked her... and you nearly killed each other over her' I told him, he put his cup down. 'What's your point?' he spat, 'My point is, I don't want you two to fight, because of me... and neither does Louis... he made himself very clear' I told him, my voice, it turned into a whisper.

'What do mean he made it clear?' he asked, 'Nothing... It doesn't matter I shouldn't have brought it up' I told him, shrugging it off. He grabbed my arm, 'No... Tell me' he ordered, I gulp 'All he said was that... If it caused you two to fall out or hurt each other, he would make sure I was... er' I stopped, 'Make sure you are what?' he growled, 'I'm gone' I tell him looking down at my drink. 'He had no fucking right' he stood up and walked out of the shop. I threw money on the table and went out after him. 'Zayn What are you going to do?' I asked, 'Something I should have done a long fucking time ago' he growled.

Zayn got in the car, I sat in the passenger seat. Zayn sped off down the road. 'Zayn don't hurt Louis' I told him, 'Oh I am not going to hurt him... I am going to fucking kill him' he told me, I rolled my eyes. 'Zayn don't... If you love me you won't' I told him, 'Don't bring love into this, I am doing this because I love you' he told me, 'This won't do any good, he was looking out for you and Harry' I explain, 'No he wasn't... Getting rid of you would not be the right thing for me' he told me, I sigh 'Just don't ruin this... new start... that’s what you promised me, a new start' I whispered, he groaned. 'Fine... But there is one thing I am doing' he told me, 'What?' I asked. 'You'll see' he told me,

We got home, and all the boys were in the kitchen. Zayn let go of my hand, and walked right up too Louis. 'You had no right to say all that too Brook' he spat. 'Zayn...' I warned, he pulled back and let go of Louis collar. 'I want you all out' he spoke, 'What?' they all asked, 'I think if me and Brook are having a new start, that means just me and Brook... You guys need to get out of my house, and get your own place, you can stay in London I don't mind, we are all still friends, but we need to be alone for a while' Zayn explained, 'When do we have to go?' Niall asked, 'You need to be gone by the time we are back from California... So you can stay until we get back' Zayn told them.

Well the room was silent then. 'I will get a flat with Harry... he will still need looking after when he comes out of hospital' Louis told us, we nod. 'Niall? Me and you?' Liam asked, 'Yeah... I don't think I could live on my own... I would be bored... but one rule, if you bring any girl back, Shag her quietly, Minimal banging on the walls' he told him, we all laughed. 'Thanks Boys' Zayn smiled, 'We get it' Liam nodded.

'So Zayn... Who was this girl?' I asked him, 'She was just some girl... no one special' he smiled. 'Really?' I asked, he nodded. Liar I know him well. 'Louis, you have a big mouth, care to share the story' I asked, he nodded and laughed 'Take a sit this is going to be interesting' Louis laughed. I pulled Zayn over to the living room and sat on his lap, and the boys sat around us , all watching Louis as he told us the tale.

-----------Flash Back (Zayn's Pov)--------------

'Louis this Annie' I introduced her, 'I know, Harry introduced us the other day' Louis smiled at Annie. 'Can you give me one minute' I asked her, she nodded. I ran over to Louis, 'What do you mean Harry introduced you?' I asked, 'Harry took her out the other night on a date and I met her then' he told me like it was no big deal. 'Why are you with her?' he asked, 'I am taking her on a date tonight' I told him angrily. 'Ooooo Mate she is playing you both' Louis told me, 'She isn't like that' I growled.

I walked back to her, 'Sorry Annie... I need to call if of tonight, maybe another time' I told her, she sighed 'Alright... But defiantly another time' she told me, and kissed my cheek walking outside. 'HARRY!!' I yelled, he walked down the stairs. 'Was that Annie?' he asked, trying to see past me. 'Yeah it was and your going to back off' I told him, 'Why should I? I saw her first' he told me, squaring up to me. I push him, 'No you didn't... I saw her first' I yelled. Harry brought a fist up to my face and punched me hard, I tumble back and bring a hand to my face and wipe the blood from my lip.

'That's it' I whisper, and punch him back and one to the gut. We continue to punch, and kick each other. 'GUYS!' Louis yelled, 'LIAM NIALL GET IN HERE' Louis called, Louis pulled Harry away, and Liam pulled me with Help from Niall standing in between us, 'What is this all about?' Liam asked, 'He is a dick' Harry spat, 'Me? Your the one shagging my girlfriend!' I yelled back, 'No she was mine first!' Harry shouted back. 'Boys!!' Louis yelled. We looked at him, 'its only a girl' he calmly said.

--------------End Of Flash back------------

Brook's Pov

'Well I didn't that' I tell them, 'What part?' asked Zayn. 'The fact that you would go for such a bitch' I laughed, 'Girl speaks the truth she was a total bitch' Louis laughed, I laughed at him. 'Okay so I didn't have great taste back then' he laughed, 'Well you have good taste now' Liam smiled at me, 'Aww thanks, glad you approve' I smile. 'You are the best girlfriend has had so far' Niall commented, 'So far?' I asked, 'Yeah... I mean you know if you break up he might get a better one' Niall mocked, I hit him in the arm. Zayn cuddled me, 'I couldn't do better than you' he smiled, and kissed me softly. 'GOD PDA!! ENOUGH... GET A ROOM' Louis and the others yelled leaving the room. 'We are going to the pub' Niall told us.

I sighed and smiled at Zayn. 'Have you started to pack yet?' I asked, 'No, and I am not going too' he told me. 'What? Why?' I asked shocked. 'Not until I get something from you' he smiled, I rolled my eyes, 'Tell me what you want' I whisper in his ear, straddling him. He chuckled and ran his fingers down my spine, 'I want you' he grinned and kissed my neck. I ran one hand down his chest and the other hand in his hair. 'You already have me' I told him softly. He picked me up and took me upstairs, and lay me down on the bed.

He kissed me softly and lifted my shirt over my head. I smile, and take his off. 'I love you' he told me, 'Zayn I-...' he stopped me, 'You don't have to stay anything' he told me, and kissed down my neck. I smiled and rolled so I was on top of him. My hands travel down to his, belt and I unbuckled him. Slide his pants down, and my own. He kissed down, me and pushed me down. He rolled his hips against mine, 'Kiss me' he ordered and I did.

Zayn unclipped my bra, and rubbed my breasts, I moaned as he kissed my neck. My hands rubbed his crotch and he groaned against my neck. He lay down and lined himself off and pushed into me, he kissed and thrusted harshly. I moaned and smiled 'Zayn!' I cry out, 'Scream my name Doll' he smirked, I ran my nails down his back digging into his skin. 'I am so close' he whispered, 'Me too' I nodded. 'Same time' he told me, I nod. We climax at the same time, and both scream out each others name. His hands press firmly on my hips while he rocked me (I just had too XD) . We gasped and we finished he lay down next to me.

We breathlessly lay there in silence, holding hands. 'I can't wait for that lingerie' he grinned, 'You have to wait for California for that' I laughed, 'Hmm.... I don't think I can wait that long' he laughed and chuckled into my neck. 'You have too' I told him.




Sorry for the short update been really busy :/ But Will do a big update soon :D


Zook forever!

Where will the boys go?

How will Harry react?

Can Zayn and Brook carry on?

Will things finally be normal?



William and Oliver?


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