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"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


41. Fun In a Campervan

Brook's Pov

I woke up to the nurse at my bed side doing my obs. I sighed and stretched, 'Can I go home today?' I asked, 'Yeah, I will just have the doctor in to make sure you can' she smiled and walked out. I grabbed some clothes that Zayn had brought me, I pulled them on. Zayn opened the door, and I smiled. 'You okay doll?' he asked smiling and kissing me softly, 'Yeah thanks, I can go home today' I smiled, 'Good' he smiled. The doctor gave me the all clear, and Zayn took me to his car. As we were walking, I saw three people stood outside it. Zayn had hold of my hand, and kept me close.

It was only when we were metres from the car, that I noticed the faces. Louis, Niall and Harry? I smiled, and looked up at Zayn making sure he wouldn't mind me running and giving Louis a hug. He sighed and Nodded. I kissed him quickly and ran over to Louis, and the other. I wrapped my arms around Louis's neck and hugged him tightly, he hugged me back even tighter. 'Louis' I smiled, 'Nice to see you again to love' he grinned, 'No hug for me' Niall asked, I looked at him and smiled 'Hey Ni' I hugged him, I looked at Harry. We both let out an awkward laugh, and gave a brief hug. By this time Zayn reached the car.

'So are you two going to Wolverhampton today?' Zayn asked Harry and Louis. 'Going to Wolverhampton?' I asked, 'Oh we are getting a friend of ours back down here' Harry smiled. 'Your not going?' I asked Niall and Zayn. They shook there head, I nodded satisfied. 'Well you can come to my house for tonight then set off in the morning' Zayn explained. 'Niall where are you going, you staying with your girlfriend or not?' Zayn continued to ask, 'I will come with you, her dad just wants family around' he confirmed, 'How do you two know each other?' I asked, 'Long story, we go way back' Niall laughed

We all got into the car and started to drive down to Zayn's house. I listened to them all talk. Louis was just being funny, Niall ridiculously laughing, and Harry was making sexual jokes. When we got to the house, I went upstairs to shower and change into some jogging bottoms and a tight fitting shirt. I let my long dirty blonde hair dry naturally and it fell into simple waves. I could see Zayn was enjoying him self with his mates, so I had an idea.

I walked down stairs and all the boys were in the kitchen, 'I have had an idea' I smiled, walking over to Zayn and leaning on him, his arms went around me. 'What would that be doll?' Zayn asked, 'So you guys are going to Wolverhampton right?' I asked, 'Yeah' Louis smiled, 'Well I know its only a three hour drive... but how about we make it into a road trip?' I smiled, they all looked at each other and smiled, 'So? You up for it... My brother has a campervan and well we can go in that' I smiled, 'Your crazy' Harry laughed, I laughed 'come on, I want to get out of here... and you guys would be a right laugh to travel with' I smiled, Zayn smiled and kissed my cheek 'I suppose it isn't a bad idea' he nodded.

'So you up for it?' I grinned, 'Yeah' Niall smirked, 'Really? Yay!' I jumped up. They all laughed, 'So why do you need your friend back' I asked, they all looked at each other 'We ermm... Kind of want a reunion, it could be good, but all we know is he is in Wolverhampton' Harry explained, 'What we are looking for someone and we don't even know his address' I chuckled, 'That is the plan, Liam Payne is his name, he has always been a difficult one' Louis nodded, 'Give me 15 minutes and I can find out' I jumped up and ran upstairs, leaving four confused boys.

I grabbed my phone, 'Sara?' I asked, you remember her right? The girl that helped me look for Zayn's parents. 'Hey Brook, Long time no see' she smiled on the other end of the line. 'Hey I need a favour' I told, 'What is it?' she asked, 'Liam Payne, Wolverhampton, Zayn's age?... Can you get me an address' I asked her begging, 'I can try' she told me, 'Okay Thank you... how soon can you get it' I asked, 'In ten minutes the scan will be done... I will text you the address when its done' she replied, 'Thank you so much, I owe you' I smiled, 'Its okay, happy to help' she sounding like she was happy.

I walked around my room, waiting for the reply. When my phone vibrated loudly, I jumped up to it. '15 Woodwalk drive, Wolverhampton' I smiled and ran down the stairs. They were all still in the kitchen, I walked in and they all looked up to me. 'One Liam Payne, 15 Woodwalk drive' I smiled at them showing my phone, in there face. 'How did you-' I stopped Zayn, 'I know the right people' I beamed, he pulled me close to him, 'Your amazing you know that right?' he grinned.

The rest of the day we packed and I went and got my brother van. When Zayn drove it back with me,  we pulled over. He looked at me, lust in his eyes. 'I am not fucking you in here' I laughed, 'Why not' he asked, 'I just won't' I smiled, 'Well how about that experimenting?' he laughed, running his fingertips up the inside of my thigh. ’Look Brook your first time of me doing this to you is always more important. Are you sure you want to do this? He asked concerned. 'Zayn I love you with all my heart, and I am going to have to trust you' That is all he needed to continue.

He kept sucking licking ,kissing and occasionally biting my neck. But there was one problem! I didn't really know what I was meant to do here, I know about sex, I know how to do that, and blow jobs, but not this. So he backed away. I gasped at the lost. ‘What?' I asked, 'Are you sure?' he asked again, I nodded unsure. He then resumes his previous actions by pulling me into the spacious back of the van where the couch was but say 'Doll I am just going to help you out a bit' I wondered what he meant by this, he pulled down my joggers and kissed my inner thigh, but without warning he pushed a finger in me, I gasp in response. Still pumping Zayn add another finger I moan loudly! ‘Zayn I am about to cu-’ He suddenly pulls out his fingers, 'Not to fast' he smiled devilishly and kissed me softly, I was breathless, I was unable to control my breath.

He gave me a kiss on the lips, then kissed down my neck and pulled up my shirt so he could kiss my stomach. He pulled my underwear down the rest of the way now, then spread my legs apart. I shut your eyes scared of what I would feel, but it was amazing and felt shivers travel down your spine as he flicked his tongue against the tip of your clit. He shoved his tongue deep into me, and he rubbed the insides of your thighs as he did so. I rubbed his hair, and moaned as his tongue explored my insides. His eye's darted up to me, 'Zayn don't s-stop' I groaned, I let go. I felt amazing, I took a deep breath, and Zayn came up. 'You taste perfect' he smiled, 'I will start driving while you get yourself together' he smiled, and kissed me before climbing into the front.

When I was dressed again, I sat in the front with him. 'How are you going to deal with not being able to do anything with me for the next two days or more if its the wrong address' I laughed, 'I will find a way' he grinned. I am looking forward to going on this road trip now, now we have learnt the fun we can have in a van.


Zook forever!!!

What has Liam been doing for years?

Will they find him?

Will any boy come between Brook and Zayn?

Will the gang reunite?

Will Zayn Tell Brook about his next fight with Andy?

Is Liam good or bad?


Sorry not a lot happened in that chapter, needed to kind of introduce the road trip and Zayn and Brook needed to have some alone time cause some people were requesting, I always look at requests and try to fit them in :D So any suggestions I will try and do for you :D x



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